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"This world will soon be ours."
―Morgan le Fay[src]

Morgan le Fay is a powerful enchantress and an adversary of King Arthur who was trapped in the Dark Dimension for centuries. The leader of a coven of witches, she sought to take control over Nico Minoru and the Staff of One in order to conquer the world. She managed to escape from the Dark Dimension after inciting Minoru to use the correct spell as she initiated a plan to merge the Dark Dimension and Earth, which she then intended to rule over with an army of slaves created through the Corvus WizPhones. To that end, le Fay enthralled Robert Minoru and took over Wizard, and repeatedly tried to have the Staff of One given to her by Nico. However, le Fay's plans for a world domination were finally foiled by an alliance between both the Runaways and PRIDE, and le Fay was then banished back to the Dark Dimension by Tina Minoru.


Early Life

"It was that fear that had me betrayed and banished to the Dark Dimension."
―Morgan le Fay to Nico Minoru[src]

Morgan le Fay lived during the Middle Ages and became notable for her bouts with King Arthur, cementing her in Arthurian legend.[2] At some point, she was trapped in Dark Dimension and resided there for centuries. During her imprisonment, she made contact with the sorceress Tina Minoru whom she befriended to steal the Staff of One, but her plan fell through when Minoru took the staff for herself and sent le Fay back to the Dark Dimension.[3]

Escape from the Dark Dimension

Manipulating Nico Minoru

"You have the power to save your friends right now. You just have to let it in."
―Morgan le Fay to Nico Minoru[src]

In 2018, Morgan le Fay tried to take control of Nico Minoru and the Staff of One. She appeared in Nico Minoru's dream, where she stated that she has helped Minoru. Later, Le Fay used telepathy to communicate with Minoru while Minoru was struggling to defend Alex Wilder to decrypt the Abstract at the Stein Mansion. Le Fay told Minoru to let the Dark Dimension energy in, but Minoru refused because she's scared that she'd hurt people. Later after rescuing Karolina Dean, Minoru burned the Staff of One. But before she burned the Staff of One, Le Fay used telepathy to communicate with Minoru. Le Fay told Minoru to master the Staff of One, Le Fay asked Minoru for her to be Minoru's mentor. However, Minoru refused and burned the Staff of One right away. When Minoru went inside the Minoru Mansion to find inhibitor pods, Le Fay created an illusion of Robert Minoru to ask Nico Minoru about the Staff of One. Later in the Hostel, Le Fay appeared in a mirror to tease Minoru that the Staff of One resides inside Minoru. Later when Nico Minoru, her friends, Stacey Yorkes, Victor Stein and Tina Minoru are trapped in the Dark Dimension, Le Fay sent a recreation of Nico's dead sister as an emissary to turn in Nico Minoru to Le Fay. However Le Fay's emissary stated that she refuses to take Nico Minoru in to Le Fay because she's afraid that Le Fay would do something bad to Nico Minoru. Le Fay's emissary mentioned a spell that could bring Nico and her friends out of the Dark Dimension. The mention of that spell led Tina Minoru and Nico Minoru to use it and escape with the others, leaving Alex Wilder and the emissary. Because the gate to the Dark Dimension is open, Morgan le Fay is able to escape.

Taking over Wizard

"She's, working at Wizard?"
"After your mom almost blew up that plant disappeared, Wizard was in crisis. But Morgan, marketing genius that she is, turned it all around."
"We do it together, your father is a marvel"
Nico Minoru, Robert Minoru and Morgan le Fay[src]

Wizard was struggling during the disappearance of Tina Minoru, the CEO of Wizard. Morgan le Fay healed Robert Minoru and gave Robert Minoru a Crow Necklace to keep him under her control. Le Fay used Robert Minoru to take become the CEO of Wizard. Le Fay used Wizard to make Corvus phones and distribute them everywhere and give the phones away for free as part of her plan to take over Earth. Later during a party Le Fay and her coven initiated a ritual to Nico Minoru to make Nico a member of the coven.

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"Poverty, disease, hunger. Corruption. These are the very reasons people turn to spirituality and religion. And yet the world still suffers. Some things will need to be razed to the ground. But only so we can rebuild, and the new world we build will be greater than you could ever imagine. Or you can live a life of endless torture. Your choice."
―Morgan le Fay to the Runaways[src]

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Powers and Abilities


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"I don't need my followers to destroy you all!"
―Morgan le Fay to the Runaways[src]

Le Fay using her magical powers

Master Sorceress: Morgan le Fay is an extremely powerful sorceress, able to cast various spells for any number of purposes. Her prowess in sorcery allowed her to gather a whole Coven of witches who were entirely devoted to her cause. Among le Fay's abilities brought by magic was the ability to enthrall people to do her bidding, as she did to Robert Minoru or Geoffrey Wilder, a power she intended to extend to the whole world through the use of the Corvus WizPhones. Her powers allowed her to simply deflect attacks from the Fistigons or Karolina Dean's light beams with little effort. Even after she was deprived of a significant part of her powers when the Corvus were down, she single-handedly and effortlessly held her own against the Runaways, including Nico Minoru with the Staff of One, even causing the death of one of them in battle (Gert Yorkes or a future Chase Stein depending on the timeline). However, her magic could still be contained, at least temporarily, with a circle of salt imbued with a more traditional magic than the one le Fay practiced.

  • Telepathy: Le Fay communicated with Nico Minoru by directly speaking into the latter's mind, without those around Minoru being able to hear le Fay's voice. Le Fay notably used this on several occasions to convince Minoru to give in to the powers provided by the Staff of One, and one final whisper was enough for le Fay to give Minoru the formula of a spell which enabled le Fay to escape from the Dark Dimension.
  • Illusion Manipulation: By the time she was still trapped in the Dark Dimension, le Fay created an illusion of Robert Minoru she had interacting with Nico Minoru in an attempt to know what had happened to the Staff of One. Prior to that, she had also transformed a photograph in the Minoru Mansion to make Nico believe that Tina Minoru and le Fay had known each other.
  • Mental Manipulation: While being asked to sign in to a hospital to visit Robert Minoru, le Fay used her magic to make a receptionist forget that she had to sign in. Through her Crow Necklaces, she could also force people to do her bidding without them being unable to resist, thus taking control of Wizard through Minoru and enthralling Geoffrey Wilder as well. Le Fay was also able to manipulate others thanks to the Corvus phones, which continuously emitted a recreation of her voice when activated, so that the users felt compelled to increasingly use them, unknowingly giving power to le Fay.
  • Healing: Using her dark magic, le Fay was able to fully heal Robert Minoru from a coma he had been plunged into due to the severe injury he had suffered from a confrontation against his daughter. However, the healing was only active as long as le Fay wanted it to be, and as such Minoru promptly began dying again when le Fay withdrew the energy she had given him.
  • Portal Creation:

    Morgan le Fay appears through a portal

    Le Fay was able to create a portal to enter the Hostel and arrive in front of the Runaways.
  • Scrying: Le Fay used mirrors as means of communication between the Dark Dimension and the Earthly Plane, although she could not use them alone to escape from the Dark Dimension. Thus, she was able to communicate with Nico Minoru while she was still trapped in the Dark Dimension. Le Fay was also able to show Nico Minoru a glimpse of Alex Wilder imprisoned in the dimension once she had been liberated by using the surface of a mirror.
  • Teleportation: Upon sensing that Robert Minoru was touching the Darkhold she possessed, le Fay immediately teleported to his location without even creating a portal, disappearing and rematerializing in a puff of smoke.
  • Energy Manipulation: Le Fay was able to easily transform beams of energy from Karolina Dean and Chase Stein's Fistigons into clouds of smoke.
  • Fire Generation: Le Fay was able to cause several candles to spontaneously ignite.
  • Telekinesis: Le Fay's powers enabled her to remotely manipulate objects, including living organisms. As such, she was able to draw Robert Minoru to her by dragging him through the Crow Necklace le Fay had him wearing. During the Battle at the Hostel, she easily repelled Molly Hernandez as she attempted to sneak behind her, and violently projected glass shards towards a future Chase Stein to kill him.
  • Matter Absorption:

    Le Fay absorbs Nico Minoru's dagger

    Le Fay absorbed Nico Minoru's dagger, made of a combination of a Lightforce dagger imbued with Minoru's magic, into her own body, claiming that it rendered her stronger.


  • Gifted Intellect: To be added
  • Expert Tactician: To be added



  • Ceremonial Blade: To be added

Other Equipment

"This book is mine, Robert. Sacred. A part of me. Did you think I wouldn't notice when you violated it with your dirty, mortal hands?"
―Morgan le Fay to Robert Minoru[src]
  • Darkhold: Le Fay possessed the Darkhold, an infamous grimoire containing a wide variety of dark spells. She planned on using the knowledge contained in the book to merge the Dark Dimension with Earth. Le Fay was also able to sense whether a stranger touched the Darkhold.
"She enchanted him using a necklace, but I broke the spell."
Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]






Appearances for Morgan le Fay

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  • In the comics, Morgan le Fay is a powerful half-human, half-fairy sorceress, who occasionally fights against the Avengers.

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