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"I love you 3000."
―Morgan Stark to Tony Stark[src]

Morgan H. Stark is the daughter of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, who was was born a year after half of the planet's population disappeared.


Early Life

Raised in the Stark Residence

"I got something on my mind."
"Was it juice pops?"
"Sure it was. That's extortion, that's the word. What kind do you want? Great minds think alike. Juice pops... exactly what was on my mind."
Tony Stark and Morgan Stark[src]

Stark wearing her mother's Rescue helmet

Morgan Stark was born after the Snap and the Ambush on Thanos, to Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, who named her Morgan after Pepper's eccentric uncle. The young Stark grew up on the Stark Eco-Compound, where the three of them had a happy life together.

In 2023, Stark was in the play-tent outside the house when her father came outside to call her to come get some lunch. Tony called out for her, but she didn't answer; when he called her full name with mention of lunch, she came out of the tent with an Iron Man helmet, telling him to "define lunch or be disintegrated". Tony told her not to wear the helmet since it was an anniversary gift for her mother, before taking the helmet off and asking her if she was hungry for lunch. She then told her father that she found the helmet in the garage when he asked her where she had gotten it.

Stark seeing the Avengers arrive

Tony then began to carry her inside until suddenly, he was approached by Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Scott Lang, who proposed their idea of traveling back in time to acquire the Infinity Stones from the past in order to reverse Thanos' actions in the present. Tony then went to go put Stark back inside the cabin before he discussed Lang's theory outside. Seeing that Tony wasn't interested in helping them, Potts sent Stark to "save him". Stark did so and told her father that his wife told her to come save him. The family then returned to their lunch.

That night, after Tony had finished solving time travel, Stark was sitting on a staircase watching him when he let out a swear, which she did also. Tony noticed Stark sitting on a staircase and told her that she can't swear around the house and should go to bed. She then asked him why he was up, to which he told her that he had something on his mind. She said she had something on her mind and wondered if she wanted juice pops, much to her father's agreement on getting some after his discovery on time travel.

Stark is put to bed by her father

After they finished their juice pops, Tony told her to go to bed and sleep. She then asked him to tell her a story, to which he told her a quick story about going to bed. She then told him that was a horrible story before he kissed her goodnight. Tony then told her he loved her tons to which she then told him that she loved him three thousand, much to his loving surprise. Her father would then leave to join the Avengers for the Time Heist. Before he left, Tony recorded a final message to his family in the event that he would die under any circumstances.[2]

Tony Stark's Funeral

Stark attending her father's funeral

"But then again, that's the hero gig, right?. Part of the journey is the end. What am I even tripping for? Everything's gonna work out exactly the way it's supposed to. I love you 3000."
Tony Stark to Morgan Stark[src]

During the Battle of Earth, Tony Stark heroically sacrificed himself in order to defeat Thanos. At his funeral in 2023, Stark watched a holo-recording that her father had made in the event of his death, telling her that he loved her. Exiting the Stark Eco-Compound, Stark witnessed the funeral for her father, crying into her mother's arm.

Stark sitting down with Happy Hogan

After the service concluded, Stark sat with Happy Hogan, where she asked for a cheeseburger, as she felt hungry. Hogan comforted her, telling Morgan that her father had liked cheeseburgers as well, recalling when he returned to the United States in from Afghanistan after being kidnapped. Hogan promised he would get Stark as many cheeseburgers as she wanted.[2]


Morgan Stark is a loving and kindhearted child, soft spoken in her voice and quick to give a hug. She is a playful sort, as when she took her mother's helmet to play with her father when he called for her for lunch. She is also a mischievous child, as when her father solved Time Travel, she repeats his jubilant expletive and extorted a popsicle for her silence.


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  • In the comics, Morgan Stark is the name of Tony Stark's cousin, who resented him for his fortune.
  • Morgan Stark is the sixth character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be depicted as a different gender from their counterpart in the comics, following Jeri Hogarth, the Ancient One, Fenris, Ghost, and Mar-Vell.

Behind the Scenes

An adult Morgan Stark in a deleted scene


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