"I love you 3000."
―Morgan Stark to Tony Stark[src]

Morgan H. Stark is the daughter of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.


Early Life

Raised in the Stark Residence

"I got something on my mind."
"Was it juice pops?"
"Sure it was. That's extortion, that's the word. What kind do you want? Great minds think alike. Juice pops... exactly what was on my mind."
Tony Stark and Morgan Stark[src]

Morgan Stark was born after the Snap and the Ambush on Thanos, to Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, who named her Morgan after Pepper's eccentric uncle. Morgan grew up on the Stark Residence, where the three of them had a happy life together.[1]

Tony Stark's Funeral

"This time travel thing we're gonna try and pull off tomorrow, it's got me scratching my head about the survivability of it all. Then again that's the hero gig. Part of the journey is the end. What am I even tripping for? Everything's gonna work out exactly the way it's supposed to. I love you 3000."
Tony Stark[src]
James Rhodes & Happy Hogan

Morgan at her father's funeral

At the funeral in 2023 after the Battle of Earth, Morgan watched a recording that her father had made in the event of his death, telling her that he loved her. Exiting the Stark Residence, Morgan witnessed the funeral for her father, crying into her mother's arm.

After the service, Morgan sat with Happy Hogan, where she asked for a cheeseburger, as she felt hungry. Happy comforted her, telling Morgan that her father had liked cheeseburgers as well, recalling when he returned to the United States in 2009 from Afghanistan after being kidnapped, and that he will get her as many cheeseburgers as she wanted.[1]


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  • In the comics, Morgan Stark is the name of Tony Stark's cousin, who resented him for his fortune.
  • Morgan is the fifth character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be depicted as a different gender from their counterpart in the comics, following Jeri Hogarth, the Ancient One, Ghost and Mar-Vell, with the sixth being Gabriella Rosetti.

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