"Black Bolt was just as dangerous, but he was given far more oppertunities than I was..... I was immediately locked in that cell!"
―Mordis to Karnak[src]

Mordis was an Inhuman of Attilan, considered to be the second most dangerous Inhuman of the city aside from Black Bolt. Imprisoned by Black Bolt, he was freed by Maximus in order to aid the Royal Guard in the chase of Gorgon. Upon finally being defeated in battle, Mordis refused to be locked away into his cell again and attempted to destroy himself and his enemies: However, when he was stopped by Gorgon, Mordis was presumed killed.



Imprisoned by Black Bolt

Sometime after his own Terrigenesis, Mordis emerged with the powerful yet uncontrollable ability to fire powerful energy blasts from his face. This is hinted to have resulted in the accidental deaths of many. Seen as a threat to all of Attilan as a result of his new abilities, King Black Bolt had Mordis imprisoned within Attilan until his abilities could be controlled.[1]

Freed by Maximus

Following Auran's Orders

Maximus releases Mordis

Given that Auran failed her mission to singlehandedly kill the Inhuman Royal Family, the Royal Guard asked Maximus to send reinforcements. Maximus consulted Bronaja for advice on whether he should release Mordis from his cell, to which the young Inhuman responded that he didn't know. The King did so anyways, and sent Mordis along with Locus, Flora, Sakas, and Pulsus, much to Auran's dismay.[1]

Hunting Down Gorgon

Reinforcement arrives on Earth

Shortly after their arrival, the group began to hunt down Gorgon, a member of the Inhuman Royal Family. Once Auran's forces reached Gorgon's location, the assassins were ambushed by the Inhuman and his new found allies, the Makapu'u Surfers, which lead to the death of Pulsus. During the fight, Auran called upon Mordis to aid in fighting Gorgon, and he fired his energy beams at his enemies. Once Gorgon saw Mordis, he quickly escaped with the remaining surfers.[1]

Showdown with Black Bolt

Shortly tracking down Black Bolt and Medusa, Mordis challenged Black Bolt to a fight. He fired a shot at the Inhuman King, but missed and hit a gas tank instead. This caused an explosion that rendered Mordis, Flora and Sammy unconscious, and seemingly killed Auran and Sakas, although only the latter of which was actually killed. Locus was captured by the Inhuman Royal Family in this event. Mordis and Flora took Sammy captive and fled the scene.[3]

Battle in Declan's Lab

Mordis and Flora

Later, the duo learned of Auran's survival along with the fact that Sammy was an Inhuman. With this information, the remaining members of Auran's force regrouped in Evan Declan's laboratory. Maximus sent in Loyolis as backup for the impending showdown with the Inhuman Royal Family.

Mordis moments before his death

Mordis had an encounter with Karnak, who taunted the former using the fact that he's lived in isolation for years, where Black Bolt did not. Karnak lied to Mordis, claiming that he begged the Genetic Council to keep him alive in the wake of his Terrigenesis, before knocking the powerful Inhuman unconscious with the aid of Gorgon.[4]

Mordis' dropped mask is found by Black Bolt

Mordis was later tied up as he recovered his consciousness, thought the restraints didn't hold him for long. He attempted to kill the entirety of the Royal Family in one blow, but was stopped by Gorgon. The hoofed Inhuman attempted to restrain Mordis, and eventually brought down the entire laboratory on both himself and his enemy. This resulted in Gorgon's death, although all that was found of Mordis was his mask.[2]


Mordis has been shown to be a witty, sarcastic man using cynical humor in tense situations. He also harbors hatred towards the Genetic Council for keeping him in isolation although they gave Black Bolt a chance to live freely. The very thought of freeing Mordis frightens the likes of Black Bolt, Auran, and Maximus, and the usually fearless Gorgon ran away from him at first sight.

Powers and Abilities


"Don't send Mordis. He's not a fighter. He's just... death. We'll be better off without him."
"Next to Black Bolt, he's the most powerful weapon in Attilan."
Auran and Maximus[src]

Mordis is an Inhuman who achieved his genetic potential upon undergoing Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman powers.

Mordis unleashes his energy from his face

  • Energy Blasts: Mordis has the ability to shoot powerful beams of energy from his face. It appears to be uncontrollable, as he has to wear a mask. According to Maximus, this makes Mordis Attilan's second greatest living weapon, right after Black Bolt. Even Maximus had his reservations in releasing him and Auran was visibly fearful in the prospect of including Mordis as part of the back-up that Maximus will be sending to her on Earth, likening Mordis as death itself. It seems that his powers only work when he is conscious, as indicated by the "eyes" of his mask lighting up.
  • Superhuman Durability: Mordis is able to withstand various attacks, such as seismic waves generated by Gorgon or explosion he accidentally caused by shooting a gas tank, without suffering serious wounds.





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