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"Quill said he stole the Power Stone from Morag."
"Is that a person?"
"No, Morag's a planet. Quill was a person."
Rocket Raccoon and Bruce Banner[src]

Morag is an oceanic planet located in the Andromeda Galaxy at the Eclipsing Binary Star M31V J00443799+4129236. Some inhabitants of this planet were the rodent-like Orloni and aquatic crocodile-like creatures.


Quest for the Orb

"Father's found an Infinity Stone."
"On a planet called Morag."
Gamora and Nebula[src]

Thousands of years ago, Morag was the home of an advanced and flourishing civilization, that was wiped out by a global warming catastrophe. Sometime prior to their demise, the inhabitants of Morag built a temple to guard the Orb, an artifact which contained an Infinity Stone. Following the warming, Morag became entirely covered in oceans. However, every three hundred years, the sea lowers and the Temple is made accessible.[1]

In 2014, Star-Lord landed on Morag and entered the Temple Vault. He obtained the Orb, but was immediately surrounded by Korath the Pursuer and two others. After identifying himself, Star-Lord ducked as Korath fired upon him, destroying a temple wall. Star-Lord activated his helmet and quickly exited the Temple Vault with Korath and his men in pursuit. Star-Lord raced to the Milano and took off. Korath and the Sakaarans fired on the Milano, but Quill dodged the blast and left the planet. Shortly after Quill left, Yondu Udonta came for the Orb, only to find it and Quill gone.[2]

Alternate Universes

Theft of the Power Stone

War Machine and Nebula arrive at the Temple Vault

"Where is this other Nebula?"
"In our solar system. On Morag."
Thanos and Ebony Maw[src]

Almost a decade after the Quest for the Orb, the Avengers initiated a Time Heist, using time travel to amass the six Infinity Stones from the past. Creating an alternate 2014 timeline, War Machine and Nebula were dispatched to Morag shortly before the Battle of Morag to retrieve the Orb containing the Power Stone, which was located inside the Temple Vault. After having rendered Peter Quill unconscious and stolen the Infinity Stone, War Machine returned to his timeline. However, Nebula, whose consciousness was linked to 2014 Nebula, remained on Morag, and attempted to inform Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton about the situation, only for Thanos and his army to abduct her from the Temple Vault moments later. Steve Rogers later used the Quantum Realm to travel to Morag to return the Power Stone.[3]

Visited by T'Challa

"Yondu and I will pose as sellers looking to unload that Orb you recovered on Morag."
Nebula to T'Challa[src]

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Behind the Scenes

  • In the original short storyboard that James Gunn used to pitch himself as director for Guardians of the Galaxy, Morag was originally referred as "Mazar".[5]
  • The Binary Star System where Morag is located really exists. It has been discovered in 2005, and it was used to calculate the distance of the Andromeda Galaxy from Earth.[6]
  • The first draft of Avengers: Endgame had the Avengers retrieving the Power Stone from Morag long before the Quest for the Orb, back when Morag was actually flooded.[7] Anthony Russo later noted that the sequence may have involved a "giant sea eel" and that it was an early idea.[8]


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