"Shoot him! Shoot him now!"
Mitchell to Moore[src]

R. Moore was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood. Having just participated in the theft of a mysterious box containing Lucy Bauer, Moore was hunted down by Ghost Rider and, having failed to kill him with a rocket launcher, Moore was brutally killed when the Hell Charger crashed into their car and Ghost Rider crushed his skull with his bare hands.


Aryan Brotherhood

Hunted by Ghost Rider


Moore tries to destroy the Hell Charger

Scott and his Aryan Brotherhood crew members were hired by the Chinatown Crew to steal a box from the Momentum Labs facility in Pasadena. Despite their racist ideology, the Aryan Brotherhood agreed to work for the Chinese in exchange for a lot of money. They stole the box and loaded it onto a large truck which they parked in a warehouse, leaving it there. However, Ghost Rider started chasing them to punish them for their crimes and eventually caught up with them.


Moore is murdered by the Ghost Rider

At the same time they were attacked by Quake, who was tracing the sale of a weapon to the Watchdogs, who also hired the Aryan Brotherhood. Moore fired a rocket launcher at the Hell Charger. The explosion briefly launched the car into the air and engulfed it in flames, but this only caused him to transform into the Ghost Rider and attack the gunmen, smashing the Hell Charger into them. Moore was then brutally killed when the Rider crushed his skull.[1]


  • Airtronic RPG-7: Moore carried this rocket launcher when he and other members of the Aryan Brotherhood attempted to escape from Ghost Rider. As they saw him approach, Moore fired the rocket against the Hell Charger, but the missile had no effect on the vehicle, as it continued charging against them.






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