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"I can’t tell the difference between my waking life and dreams."
―Marc Spector[src]

Marc Spector is a former United States Marine with multiple different personalities including a cab driver named Jake Lockley and a playboy millionaire named Steven Grant. He became the vigilante known as Moon Knight after an alleged meeting with the Egyptian God Khonshu.[4]


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Marc Spector's Personality

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Jake Lockley's Personality

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Steven Grant's Personality

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Moon Knight's Personality

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  • In the comics, Moon Knight joined the Defenders, the West Coast Avengers, and other groups, but always left due to his inability to play well with others.
  • One of the comic Moon Knight's personalities in Moon Knight Vol 8 is a movie producer named Steven Grant, who perceives Moon Knight's actions as scenes in an MCU movie about Moon Knight that Grant is producing.
  • Moon Knight was referenced in Doctor Strange, where one of the relics in the New York Sanctum is a white mask with an ankh next to it.

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