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"I serve Khonshu. I'm his Avatar. Which means you are, too. Sort of. We protect the vulnerable and deliver Khonshu's justice to those who hurt them."
―Marc Spector to Steven Grant[src]

Marc Spector is a former United States Marine and mercenary with dissociative identity disorder. During his childhood, Spector's brother Randall drowned in a cave while they were playing, starting a strenuous and spiteful relationship with his mother, who frequently abused him. To find comfort within himself, Spector's psyche formed an alter known as Steven Grant, who had no memory of Spector's trauma. While he was on a mission in Egypt, Spector was shot by his partner Raul Bushman, but he was saved by Khonshu, who transformed him into his Avatar and the vigilante Moon Knight. Soon after, he fell in love and married Layla El-Faouly. After his mother's death, the Grant alter resurfaced and relocated to London to become a museum worker, with Spector occasionally taking over the body to operate as Moon Knight.

Grant found himself in the middle of a conspiracy where a cult led by Arthur Harrow intended to release Ammit, so he teamed up with his wife and Spector to stop him. Whenever Grant summoned his suit, he took the form of Mr. Knight. During their search for Ammit's tomb, Grant had complications with Spector, with the latter wanting to disappear after they would defeat Harrow. Arriving at the tomb, Spector was shot and killed by Harrow, after which he was transported to the Duat. As Grant discovered Spector's traumatic past, he fell into the Duat, resulting in Spector being able to pass on to the Field of Reeds. Spector was able to rescue Grant by sharing his balanced heart with him, and returned to life through the Gates of Osiris. Reuniting with Khonshu, Moon Knight and Mr. Knight, along with El-Faouly and help from their mysterious third alter, managed to defeat Harrow and prevent Ammit from enacting her judgment worldwide. In exchange for defeating Ammit, Harrow and his disciples, Spector and Grant were freed from Khonshu's servitude. However, the third alter, Jake Lockley, continued to serve Khonshu and killed Harrow.


Early Life

Childhood in Chicago

"Keep an eye on your brother. Okay?"
"Laters, gators."
Wendy Spector and Marc Spector[src]

Marc Spector was born into a Jewish household, to Wendy and Elias Spector on March 9, 1987 in Chicago, Illinois. He later had a younger brother Randall. Whenever Spector said goodbye to his mother, he often said "Laters, gators". Growing up, Spector and Randall maintained an amicable relationship, and would frequently masquerade and enact scenes from the adventure film Tomb Buster, with Spector usually playing the role of the film's protagonist, the explorer Dr. Steven Grant.[1]

Death of Randall Spector

"You were supposed to keep him safe! You let him drown. This is all your fault!"
Wendy Spector to Marc Spector[src]

Spector spends quality time with his family

One day, during a family barbecue, Spector mocked Randall's drawing of a goldfish for having only one fin. While Elias Spector was building a shed, Spector urged his brother to explore a nearby cave before dinner, which they frequently visited in order to enact more scenes of Tomb Buster. They received permission from their mother Wendy Spector, who reminded him to look after his brother before saying his signature goodbye.

Spector and Randall Spector go explore further

Walking to the cave, they continued to act in character as Steven Grant and Rosser from Tomb Buster. Before entering the cave, it started to rain; Randall expressed hesitation to go into the cave due to their mother warning them not to go when it was raining, but Spector ignored him. Unfortunately, as they entered the cave, the rain only intensified, and further escalated into a heavy downpour. The cave began rapidly flooding with rainwater, trapping the children; while Spector was able to escape, Randall helplessly drowned, with Spector unable to save him.[1]

Abused by his Mother

Spector is furiously berated by his mother

"We will fix this."
"You're supposed to fix this. I mean... Why haven't you?"
Elias Spector and Marc Spector[src]

During Randall Spector's shiva, Spector went downstairs to join the other mourners, but when the grieving Wendy Spector saw him, she immediately blamed him for his brother's death. As she furiously yelled at him in front of their other family, the upset Spector ran back upstairs. This began a strained relationship between Spector and his mother, as she initially grew reclusive from Spector, blaming him for Randall's death, and later deluding herself into thinking Spector planned it out, causing Wendy became abusive over time.

Spector with his father on his 10th birthday

On Spector's tenth birthday, Elias Spector gave him a cake and sat down with him. Spector asked if his mother was coming, but his father told him that she was not well, but promised she would get better, making an excuse to justify her refusal to celebrate. Spector blew out the candles on his cake, missing one, and simply sat in sadness as his father blew out the remaining candle. As the years went by, the relationship between Marc and his mother escalated to domestic abuse, both verbal and physical, which was only made worse when she resorted to substance abuse.

His trauma resulted in Spector developing dissociative identity disorder, forming an alternate personality named "Steven Grant", after the character from Tomb Buster, to find comfort within himself. Grant was created as a British boy who remembered joyful memories with his mother, being unaware of her abuse towards Spector or his brother's existence. Whenever Spector wanted to evade his painful emotions surfacing from Randall's death and Wendy, he allowed Grant to front.

Spector being harassed again by his mother

On Spector's twelfth birthday, a drunken Wendy sat next to Spector, claiming that he had always hated his brother and that she should have known that he would kill him. Spector then left the table and ran up to his room, frightened. He locked his bedroom door to keep his mother out, but she followed him and started banging on the door, demanding that he open it in a drunken fit.

Spector allows Grant to front for his mother

Fearful of his mother, Spector was crouched into a corner, where he began telling himself that Wendy was not his mother. Wanting to find comfort, he allowed Grant to front. Grant told himself that the room was a mess and that he should clean it up for his mother. Eventually, Wendy pushed open the door, telling "Spector" that he should be punished, grabbing a nearby belt to whip him. Spector then began fronting again, so that Grant would not be the one that was punished and would have a chance to live a normal life, taking the physical abuse from his mother. Since Spector fronted to shield Grant from his mother's abuse, this convinced Grant that their mother was kind of loving, contrary to the reality that she was abusive and always hated him.

Spector decides to leave his father alone

As Spector grew into a teenager, he immediately took the chance and left home. On the neighborhood street outside their home, his father begged him to stay, saying that his mother would get help, and that he could not lose another son. Spector expressed his anger at his mother, stating that Elias should have helped her years ago, and explained that was why he had to leave.[1]

Becoming Moon Knight

Making a Deal with Khonshu

Spector preparing himself for his own death

"Do you swear to protect the travelers of the night and bring my vengeance to those who would do them harm?"
Khonshu and Marc Spector[src]

Upon leaving his abusive family home, Spector had no need for the others to front and thus was able to keep front under control. Spector went on to join the United States Marine Corps. However, Spector entered a fugue state causing him to go AWOL, leading to him being discharged. With limited options, Spector decided to become a mercenary, working under his former commanding officer, Raul Bushman.[1]

Spector making his deal with Khonshu

During his time as a mercenary, Spector worked alongside Bushman and Abdallah El-Faouly on a mission at a dig site in Egypt; however, Bushman became greedy and executed all the archaeologists with them. Spector attempted to save them, but he could not, and he was shot by Bushman.[4] Having been left for dead by Bushman, Spector dragged himself to a nearby temple, laying at the foot of a statue. Wishing the pain to end, Spector prepared to shoot himself, however, he was stopped by Khonshu, the Egyptian God of the Moon.

Spector reborn as Khonshu's Moon Knight

Speaking to Spector, Khonshu said that it would be a waste to throw his life away like that and offered Spector to be his avatar, to punish those who had done evil, stating that he was intrigued by Spector's mental state. Seeing himself as nothing more than a killer, Spector agreed to Khonshu's terms and was granted the powers and abilities to transform into a suit, as he became the vigilante known as Moon Knight. As Moon Knight, Khonshu had Spector go after awful people like murders, predators, among others, causing Spector to amass a humongous body count, which waged on his conscience.[1]

Marrying Layla El-Faouly

Having a guilty conscience for what happened at the dig site, Spector met Abdallah El-Faouly's daughter, Layla El-Faouly, and tried to tell her what happened on the night her father was killed, but could never bring himself to do so.[4] Eventually, Spector married El-Faouly, and they went on many adventures to find Egyptian relics, such as the Scarab of Ammit. Spector also informed El-Faouly that he no longer spoke to his parents, specifically his mother, although he did not tell her why.[2] In 2018, Spector survived the Snap, and in December of that year, was issued a new passport. Spector later realized that Khonshu was interested in choosing El-Faouly as his new Avatar, and decided to abruptly leave her, leaving unsigned divorce papers to her.[2]

Mother's Funeral

Spector fails to attend his mother's funeral

"Heya, Mum. Hey, you all right? Yeah, um... Would you believe it? I am totally lost again. I don't know where I am. What an absolute muppet! No, I know I did it again, but I don't know."
―Steven Grant[src]

In 2025, Spector's father contacted him and told him that his mother had passed away, asking him to come to her shiva in Chicago. Spector traveled to Chicago, but stood outside his house drinking, unable to bring himself to enter his old house. His father saw Spector and gestured for him to come in, but Spector shook his head before taking a swig of his flask and walking away, muttering that he would not give his mother the satisfaction of having him mourn her.

Spector breaks down crying in utter agony

Despite this, Spector proceeded to have a breakdown over the passing of his mother, while also cursing her for abusing him when he was so young, and knelt on the street, hitting his kippah to the ground and then cradling it as he wept. Spector's emotions recalling his trauma caused Grant to start fronting. Grant found himself wondering why he was on a random street and picked up his phone, thinking he had called his mother, and told "her" that he was lost "again" and that the cars were driving on the 'wrong side' of the road.[1]

Living as Steven Grant

"I work at a gift shop. Um... My name's Steven Grant."
―Steven Grant to Arthur Harrow[src]

Grant eventually relocated to what he believed was his hometown of London, England and gained employment as a gift shop worker at the National Art Gallery. He moved into an apartment with a pet one-finned fish named Gus, and during his time at the museum, Grant was often mistreated by his boss Donna Kraft and neglected by the security guard J.B.. Grant desired to be a tour guide, but Kraft disregarded those factors. He also made acquaintances with the street performer Bertrand Crawley, having conversations with him from time to time.

Unbeknownst to Grant, Spector would take front when he fell asleep to operate as Moon Knight at night before returning to the apartment, which would leave Grant feeling tired when he woke up. Additionally, Grant would occasionally regain control of the body before Spector could return home, leading Grant to believe that he was suffering from sleepwalking. These strange occurrences led Grant to strap his ankle to a wooden post whenever he went to bed to prevent him from leaving, as well as applying a sand circle around his bed and tape on his door so that he could verify in the morning whether he had left.[6] Spector, however, was aware of Grant's actions and removed the ankle restraint and the tape on the door, as well as avoiding the sand, to continue performing tasks for Khonshu, although he would reapply the tape and the restraint in order to prevent Grant from discovering the truth.[2]

Peaceful Life

Steven Grant's New Day

Grant wakes up for the day

"Morning, Gus, my little one-finned wonder."
―Steven Grant to Gus[src]

One morning, Steven Grant woke up from bed in his apartment. Looking around at first, Grant flipped over his sheets, seeing his ankle restrained to his bedpost. Grant undid his restraint and got out of bed, looking at the sand ring around his bed to see if anyone moved through it. Seeing no new footprints, Grant walked through the ring to the front door, checking if anyone disturbed the tape on the crevasse of the doorframe.

Grant feeds Gus, his pet fish

Grant took off the tape and threw it into a nearby trashcan before feeding his pet goldfish Gus. Grant tried to call his mother Wendy Spector, though he ended up on voicemail. In his ensuing message, Grant mentioned receiving her postcards, placing them on Gus' tank while jokingly claiming that Gus was upset he could not go anywhere special. Grant freshened himself up, mentioning to his mother that he still woke up feeling like he got hit by a bus before leaving his apartment.

Exiting the apartment building, Grant stopped his voicemail message to briefly comment on an old man still selling his brushes and brooms in front of Grant's doorway. Grant ended his voicemail as he walked down the street, spotting his bus passing by, forcing Grant to give chase. On the bus, Grant was awoken by a man whose backpack he was resting his head on before awkwardly watching a woman read a newspaper, much to her annoyance.[6]

Working at the Art Museum

Grant talks to a girl about the model

Grant arrived at his job at the National Art Gallery, spotting a girl sticking her discarded chewing gum in a hole in a model of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The girl responded that there was nothing inside the pyramid, prompting Grant to direct her toward a sarcophagus, though not before removing the gum from the model while she was not looking.

Grant talks about the sarcophagus

Grant explained that a metal hook would suck out all of the organs of a person inside a sarcophagus apart from their heart, saying that it was left there for judgment in the Underworld to see if it was worthy to pass through the Field of Reeds. The girl asked if it sucked for Grant to have been rejected himself, though Grant said it would not make sense since he was not dead. Grant slowly began pondering it he truly was dead, as his boss Donna Kraft got his attention to help her carry some boxes over to a counter.

Grant clarifies his name to Donna Kraft

Grant was reprimanded by Donna for trying to be the tour guide again, calling him "Stevie", though Grant clarified his name as he put on his nametag. Donna told Grant to do his job, to sell gift shop merchandise to children, before walking away, leaving Grant alone to set up a display of items.

Grant is reminded of his date with Dylan

While he worked, Grant was approached by Dylan, who inquired if Grant was still available for their steakhouse date tomorrow night at seven. Grant, confused, asked if she was asking him out, much to Dylan's amusement, telling him she would see him later. Donna, impressed by his apparent date, inquired what a vegan like Grant would do at a steakhouse, though Grant told her that he would eat salad and bread, much to her annoyance as she left.

Grant points out an error in an advert

Grant later began helping Donna with inventory in the back room when he reminded himself about an error in the advertisements outside the museum, causing Donna to ask if that was why he was once again late before telling Grant that he was on inventory duties for the week for being late so often.

Grant shuffles out of the room

Grant tried to explain that the banner was missing some members of the Ennead, prompting Donna to remark that he wasn't going to be a tour guide if that was what he was trying to do. Briefly heartbroken by this, Grant continued by stating that the Ennead had nine gods rather than seven, though Donna became fed up by him, ordering him to just leave her be. Complying, Grant left the room, fumbling with a poster on the way out.

Grant leaves work for the night

At the end of his shift, Grant headed for the exit of the museum, bidding the security guard J.B. goodnight. J.B. replied back to Grant, calling him "Scotty", much to Grant's bewilderment, who corrected him by stating that that his name was Steven with a "V" in it. Steven then left the museum for the night.[6]

Bonding with Bertrand Crawley

Grant confides with Bertrand Crawley

Grant, while eating a snack, met up with Bertrand Crawley, a street performer posing as a golden statue on a bench. Grant confided with Crawley about his constant sleep problems, mentioning he would actively try to stay awake at night to circumvent them before tipping him a package of pralines in his hat. Grant would bring up his upcoming date with Dylan that he did not recall setting up, when a pair of tourists asked Grant to take a picture of them with Crawley.

Grant says his farewell to Bertrand Crawley

Grant politely complied to take their picture, reminding them to tip Crawley after taking it. Grant resumed his conversation once the tourists left, saying that if he was going to have a girlfriend at some point, he would stop having to wear ankle restraints in his bed, noting it was a red flag in a relationship. Finishing his snack, Grant thanked Crawley before bidding him farewell, placing a tip in his hat as he walked away.[6]

Staying Awake

Grant reading books on the Ennead

Returning to his apartment, Grant prepared himself for bed. Grant first filled in the footstep he made in his sand ring around his bed, before placing a piece of tape on the crevasse of his doorway and locking the door firmly shut. Grant then went and studied various books regarding topics related to the Ennead, including the rift between god and man.

Grant tries to stay awake

Afterwards, he entered bed, where he put his right ankle in a restraint locked to the bedpost. Grant turned on the Staying Awake audio program, switching frequently between fiddling aimlessly with a Rubik's Cube while lying in bed. While in bed, Grant at some point fell asleep.[6]

Identity Struggle

Hunting for the Scarab

Grant waking up with his dislocated jaw

Without any warning, Grant suddenly awoke amidst a meadow in the Alps of Austria with a broken jaw. Grant, caught aback by the situation, attempted to fix his jaw, which mysteriously healed nearly instantaneously. Getting up from the ground, Grant looked around in confusion and panic, spotting a nearby village when a voice demanded he go back to sleep, retorting Grant wasn't supposed to be here.

Grant senses a presence right behind him

Grant agreed with the voice, asking where he was, though the voice told Grant to surrender his body to Marc, much to Grant's confusion. The voice lamented that "the idiot" was still in control, prompting Grant to feel around his jacket until he uncovered a mysterious scarab in his pocket. Looking at the scarab, Grant felt a presence behind him, and when he turned around, he found himself staring at a castle directly behind him.

Grant witnesses the guards aiming at him

Grant spotted a guard looking down at him from a window higher up. Grant awkwardly waved toward the guard, who returned the gesture. Another guard then peered out of the window with a rifle, admonishing the first guard for his hesitance while startling Grant. The two guards opened fire on Grant, prompting the voice to tell Grant to run.

Grant trying to hide in an Austrian village

Running through the meadow, Grant was chased by additional guards on the ground as he then entered the nearby village. Grant narrowly avoided another pair of guards in an alley, before finding himself entering a crowd of people assembling in a nearby square. Grant quickly pulled the hood of his sweatshirt over his head as he passed by another guard, narrowly avoiding detection.

Grant walking into the village square

At the square, Grant witnessed the arrival of Arthur Harrow as the crowd parted for him to walk through. Harrow stood at the front of the crowd at the base of a statue, while Grant watched as he requested people to come up to be judged by the Staff of Ammit and the tattooed scale on his arm. Grant observed a young man step forward, who was thanked by Harrow for volunteering to be the first, as he was then judged to be a good person.

Grant observes Arthur Harrow's judgement

Several guards began to appear from behind the crowd, forcing Grant to enter deeper into the crowd and closer toward Harrow. An older woman stepped forward next for judgement, and Grant watched as she was judged negatively, despite her insistence that she had been good her whole life. Harrow apologized before absorbing the woman's life force from her body, killing her instantly while shocking Grant as her body was promptly carried away by other followers.

Grant being outed from inside the crowds

A guard informed Harrow that someone interrupted their exchange and that the perpetrator was potentially still nearby. Harrow announced to the crowd in ancient Egyptian, who responded by kneeling, though Grant was outed as a result of his hesitance to comply. Harrow recognized Grant, calling him a mercenary, though a confused Grant assured him he was Steven Grant, a gift shopist from London.

Grant attempting to relinquish the scarab

Harrow requested Grant to hand over the scarab, and though Grant was willing to comply, the voice impeded his attempts to surrender the scarab to Harrow. After several failed attempts to hand over the scarab, Grant was forced by the voice to walk away as Harrow ordered his followers to subdue him. Grant was wrestled through the crowd toward a storefront, where a few guards and a shopkeeper ripped the scarab out of his grasp. Grant suddenly found himself blacking out as Spector or Lockley took front, killing his attackers around him.[6]

Chased through the Alps

Grant regains control around dead Disciples of Ammit

Grant then regained his senses as he stood over the bodies of his attackers while the voice remarked that the idiot was back. Grant realized he now had the scarab back in his blood-soaked hand, and began to run away as Arthur Harrow and his followers approached him. The voice scolded Grant not to drop the Scarab of Ammit, who complied as he hijacked a parked cupcake delivery van nearby and raced out of the village.

Grant fleeing in a cupcake van

After racing out of the village using his delivery van, Grant was ambushed by Harrow's followers and eventually, temporarily overwhelmed. Just as Grant blacked out, Spector or Lockley took front and defeated his assailants using his powers. However, as soon as his enemies were defeated, Grant temporarily took control over the body as he was unable to escape his enemies.

Grant holding a gun to his shock

This forced Spector or Lockley to take control over the body again, with Spector or Lockley managing to defeat his enemies once again to drive back to safety. However, before he could do so, he was once again taken back over by Grant, who irresponsibly threw his own weapon to his enemies, in attempts to not cause any more carnage.

Grant surrenders himself

After being cornered by Harrow's followers, Grant tried to peacefully surrender to them. However, before that could happen, trees from the mountains fell down at them, and eventually, they attacked Grant. However all of a sudden, Grant blacked out.[6]

Returning to Steven Grant's Life

Grant wakes up believing he had a dream

Grant woke up in his apartment and laughed to himself, believing he had just had a nightmare and that he was not in harms way. He then got himself up out of bed and ready for the next day. However, his preparations came to an abrupt stop when he noticed that Gus, who originally only had one good fin, suddenly had two. Upon taking the fish to a pet shop to ask about the anomaly, he was told by an annoyed clerk that he had already been there looking for a one-finned goldfish not long ago, much to Grant's confusion.

Grant calls Dylan at the restaurant

After remembering his date with Dylan, he quickly got changed into nice clothes and cleaned himself up. When he arrived at the restaurant, she didn't show. After a waiter came to get his order, he decided to call her and found out that he had missed his date with her two days ago.

Grant has dinner alone

Dylan told him to lose her number and hung up abruptly. Grant then asked the waiter what day it was and was shocked to learn she was right that he had missed their date completely. Saddened, he stayed and ordered steak, despite being a vegan.[6]

Marc Spector's Secret

Grant returns to his apartment

After eating, Grant returned to his apartment, and ate the chocolates that he had bought for his date. He then fed Gus and commented how he still couldn't believe he had missed his date.

Grant discovers something hidden

Grant then found something hidden behind a plank of wood that was sticking out. There, he noticed a key and a cellphone, which sparked Grant's curiosity as he never remembered to own those items. Hence, the suspicious Grant, opened the phone to see whose it was. Upon inspection, Grant discovered that the phone had been used to interact with a woman named Layla El-Faouly and a man named Jean-Paul Duchamp.

Grant talks to Layla El-Faouly

Eventually, Grant received a call from El-Faouly, who angrily told him that she had been contacting him for months, however, upon discovering Grant's different accent, Grant was asked about why his accent was different. This made a confused Grant ask Layla who she thought he was, through which he discovered that Layla knew him by the name of "Marc." Grant then heard the voice calling for him, but he did not find anyone at his apartment, although he noticed how his reflection in the mirror almost moved on its own.

Grant gets scared of Khonshu

Grant then heard the voice get louder and so he ran out of his apartment into the hallway. He ran to the elevator and watched as a beaked mummified creature came towards him and tried to open the elevator. However, Grant then saw that it was an elderly woman. He greeted her, awkwardly, and was surprised that they were back on the fifth floor when she got off. When he turned around, the creature was behind him.[6]

Found by Arthur Harrow

Grant wakes up on a bus

Grant screamed in fear only to wake up on a bus. Embarrassed that he was caught screaming in front of the passengers, he got off at the next exit, not before seeing the same creature on the sidewalk. When Grant got off, he saw that Arthur Harrow was in the bus as well and that what he had experienced wasn't completely fake.

Grant asks J.B. to look out for suspicious people

He went to his job at the National Art Gallery and then asked his coworker, J.B. to watch out for anyone sketchy. Grant then noticed someone who was on the bus with walking into the Egyptian exhibit, leading Grant to follow the man, ignoring his boss, Donna Kraft. A few moments after Grant entered the exhibit he was approached by Harrow who was surprised that Grant actually worked there.

Grant is confronted by Arthur Harrow

Scared by Harrow's arrival, Grant attempted to escape, only to be stopped by more Disciples of Ammit, after Grant just stood still for a moment, Harrow attempted to read Grant's scales only to be shown that there is chaos in him. After Harrow said this, Grant left being let go by Harrow telling the disciples to stand down.[6]

Ambush on Steven Grant

Grant wanders around the museum exhibits

That night, Grant restocked the gift shop's inventory alone in discontent. Later, the lights of the National Art Gallery turned off and Grant prepared to leave for the night, though he stopped when he heard the sound of a howling dog echo through the halls of the building. Grant wandered through the museum to try and find the dog, paying no attention to various phenomena occurring around him.

Grant realizes he's not alone

Before long, Grant found himself in an open hallway, where the shadow of a monstrous creature on the wall could be seen closing in. Terrified, Grant hid behind a display case when Arthur Harrow got onto the museum loudspeakers, ordering him to give up the Scarab of Ammit or else he would be torn apart. Grant took off his satchel and threw it away from him as a distraction, prompting the creature to lunge out and attack it.

Grant attempted to sneak away, though he accidentally bumped into a vase on display. Grant managed to catch it before it fell, though the sound he made alerted the creature, which gave chase to Grant as he ran through the halls of the museum in terror. Grant ran into a side hall, where he threw down a shelf to distance himself from the creature, though the creature simply leaped over it.

Spector speaks to Grant from the reflection

Grant frantically used his badge to try and open a locked bathroom, and though he couldn't open the first one in time, he managed to enter the second one adjacent to it, locking himself in it as the creature relentless tried to break down the door. Spector began to converse with Grant as his reflection in the mirror began to act independently from the rest, telling him to let him take control.

Grant begins to transform into Moon Knight

Grant at first refused, too panicked to do anything, though Spector managed to get his attention, saying that he wasn't going to die and that he had to let Spector save them. Grant finally agreed to Spector's request as the lights of the bathroom began to flicker and hieroglyphics flashed on the walls. Grant began to transform into Spector and summoned his suit when the jackal creature finally broke down the door and tackled him.

Moon Knight kills the jackal

Unfortunately for the creature, Moon Knight had successfully emerged and proceeded to ruthlessly beat the creature into submission, dragging it back into the bathroom when it attempted to flee. After pummeling the helpless creature with his fist, Moon Knight stood victorious over its body before exiting the destroyed bathroom.

Spector leaves the National Art Gallery

After beating the jackal, Spector left the bathroom and walked through the museum. He then noticed a security camera and glared at it, before leaving to go back to Grant's apartment. When he returned, he gave the body back to Grant.[6]

Getting Let Go

Grant wakes up in a panic

The next morning, Grant woke up in his bed in a panic, alarmed having heard the fight in his dreams. He ran out of bed, only to fall on the floor having forgotten his ankle was chained to the bed. He then went to his bathroom and demanded that Spector talk to him from the mirror, but didn't receive any response.

Grant is fired from the National Art Gallery

Grant then got ready and went to the National Art Gallery, finding it under criminal investigation due to the bathroom being destroyed. He went to see J.B. who showed him the security footage and Grant saw Spector looking at the camera before leaving. Grant then was called into meet with the Gallery's director, Dornfeld, learning he was fired for what happened. He then gave over his name tag and left the Gallery.

Grant speaks with Bertrand Crawley

Grant then went to speak with Bertrand Crawley and explained his predicament to him. Afterwards, Grant gave Crawley a hug thanking him for listening and walked away.[2]

Joined by Layla El-Faouly

Grant goes to the Central London Storage

Determined to learn more about Spector, Grant went to several storage units throughout the city and was unsuccessful in finding Spector's unit. The last one he went to was the Central London Storage and he was fortunate to have found it. The clerk led him to the unit and gave him access to it.

Grant finds the Scarab of Ammit

Inside, Grant saw a cot, a gym bag, and a mirrored wall. He looked in the bag and found Spector's passport, another hand gun, and the Scarab of Ammit. He realized that what he experienced was real, but was still shocked.

Grant talks to Spector

He then looked at the mirrored wall and spoke with his "reflection", which was Spector, who introduced himself as an American mercenary and the current avatar of the Egyptian god of the Moon, Khonshu. Not believing this, Grant told Spector to leave him alone. Spector told Grant to lay down on a cot that was there and let him handle the situation, but Grant refused and snatched the bag.

Grant runs away from Khonshu

He then left the storage unit, and saw the lights in the building hauntingly coming towards him. Grant ran away terrified into another hallway only to be confronted face to face with Khonshu, who told him to hand over the bag. Grant screamed in fear and then found himself outside the building.

Grant meets Layla El-Faouly

Grant was then met by Layla El-Faouly, who told him to hop onto her scooter bike. She told him she was Spector's wife who was unaware of Grant's existence. Grant was surprised he was married and El-Faouly interrogated him for his accent.

Grant speaks with Layla El-Faouly

Grant led her back to his apartment, but Spector told him she shouldn't be there. As she looked at Gus, Spector looked at Grant through the tank's reflection. El-Faouly then showed Grant the divorce papers that he had wanted, but Grant responded that he would never do that. Confused, she continued to press on why he was using an accent and what was happening, before she found the Scarab.

Grant speaks with Bobbi Kennedy and Billy Fitzgerald

Before they could finish, they were interrupted by two Metropolitan Police Department officers Bobbi Kennedy and Billy Fitzgerald. The two barged their way inside and interrogated Grant on his identity, telling him he was a thief.[2]

Taken to Arthur Harrow

Grant is taken into Arthur Harrow's custody

The officers took Grant into custody and drove him to an abandoned part of the city, while telling him about Spector's actions. Once they parked, they revealed that they were Disciples of Ammit. Alarmed, Grant called for help, but was then met by Arthur Harrow, who told him to walk with him. Khonshu appeared behind him and told Grant to kill Harrow.

Grant speaks with Arthur Harrow

Grant was led by Harrow into the village consisting of his disciples. As they walked, they passed various people who Harrow talked too. Grant looked up and saw Khonshu sitting on a rooftop watching them.

Grant having dinner with Arthur Harrow

Grant was then led by Harrow to a dining area, where Harrow introduced him to Victor, who had cooked the soup. Harrow revealed that he was Khonshu's former avatar until he chose to follow Ammit instead, in the hope of preventing future harm rather than simply carrying out vengeance. He explains that he wants to use the scarab to find Ammit's tomb and resurrect her, so she can purge humanity of evil by wiping out everyone who has or will commit evil deeds.

Grant questions Ammit's true intentions

When Grant pressed Harrow on how that seems not right, as that would include children getting killed, Harrow threatened him with the Staff of Ammit. The disciples present walked closer in to interrogate Grant, making him feel uncomfortable. Harrow repeatedly pressed him on the location of the scarab in which he was unable to answer.

Grant getting help from Layla El-Faouly

To his surprise, Layla El-Faouly arrived and revealed she had it. El-Faouly then told Grant to summon the suit, in which he didn't understand what she was referencing. She then told him to follow her, and Harrow summoned another Jackal to go after them. After being trapped inside an upper room, Grant was thrown out of the window by the jackal.

Grant is transformed into Mr. Knight

As he fell, Khonshu told him to summon his suit and he did, landing on the ground as Mr. Knight. In a reflection, Spector asked Grant what he was wearing. Grant then was attacked by the jackal who overpowered him and El-Faouly, who had come outside to help.

Mr. Knight readies himself to fight the jackal

As Grant was thrown against a car by the jackal, El-Faouly learned that he needed help. She tried to help, but the jackal attacked her. Grant hit the jackal with an object, but the two were both knocked to the ground. After he got up, Grant managed to punch the jackal away temporarily, excited about doing so. However, he was suddenly hit by a car. As Grant recovered and used a nearby bus for support in getting back up, Spector urged him to let him take over.

Moon Knight tricks and kills the jackal

Grant gave in and Spector became the Moon Knight. He turned around and pulled out his Crescent Darts. He got the jackal's intention and forced it to chase him on top of rooftops. He then leaped onto another rooftop and tricked the jackal to jump on a steeple, killing it instantly.

Spector argues with Steven Grant

Spector watched it disintegrate, before learning he didn't have the scarab, much to his frustration. He then told Grant in a reflection that he would take control for now, before angrily smashing the mirror to get Grant to stop talking.

Spector making his plans with Khonshu

Khonshu arrived and approached Spector. He threatened to claim El-Faouly as his next avatar should Spector fail to stop Harrow. Spector told him that wouldn't happen and Khonshu promised that he would protect him. He then sent Spector to go to Egypt.[2]

Going to Egypt

Spector drinks alcohol in Cairo, Egypt

"Where are we going?"
"Where the hell do you think?"
―Marc Spector and Khonshu[src]

Spector was brought to Cairo, Egypt by Khonshu so that they could find the tomb of Ammit before Harrow could. He woke up shirtless on the floor laying next to his bed and finished off a bottle of beer.

Spector looks out at the Great Pyramid of Giza

He stood up and proceeded to go to the window. He opened the blinds, and found himself staring at the Egyptian pyramids.[2]

Skirmish in Cairo

Spector chases after Disciples of Ammit

"You killed him? I needed to talk to that guy. About a dig site. Guess I'm gonna have to talk to you instead."
―Marc Spector to Alpha[src]

Spector then went exploring Cairo and found Disciples of Ammit spying on him. He ran after them over rooftops until he caught up to them. He asked them what they were doing whether fighting or dancing, as one of them made a movement with his feet on the ground.

Spector fights the Disciples of Ammit

Spector then engaged in a hand to hand combat with them, kicking away their weapons in the process. As he fought, he caught sight of Grant in one of the men's knives' reflection who told him not to kill them.

Spector finds himself in a taxi

However, he then suddenly passed out. When he regained consciousness, he was inside a taxi down in the streets. Confused, he saw two of the disciples staring at him through the window, and ran upon seeing him. Spector ran out of the taxi, with the taxi driver yelling at him to pay, and chased after them through an alleyway.

Spector is taken over by the third alter

He grabbed the man and demanded an answer, before losing his control again. When he woke up, he was on top of another rooftop, with the young punk looking frightened at him, while his friend was lying dead on the floor. Spector asked Grant what he had done, but realized that they did indeed have a third alter.

Spector threatens the Young Punk

Spector looked at the young punk, and was told by Khonshu that he would talk. Spector grabbed him and took him to the ledge, holding him by his scarf. He demanded to know where Arthur Harrow was, but the young punk didn't tell him and used his knife to commit suicide, much to Spector's shock. Khonshu told him he thought he would have talked.

Spector speaks with Khonshu

Spector then spoke with Khonshu, asking him if he had any good ideas on what to do next regarding Harrow. Khonshu told him he had a bad one, in which he would send out a signal to the Ennead that they wouldn't ignore. Spector watched as Khonshu then teleported to the Moon and created an eclipse in the broad daylight.

Trial of Gods

Spector learns about the Ennead Council from Khonshu

Spector then met Khonshu down in the streets and was told by him about the Ennead Council. Khonshu told him that despite being scattered all over the world, they would be able to attend the Council. Spector asks how that worked, and Khonshu told him a portal opened up anywhere in the world so they could enter. A portal then opened up behind Spector and Khonshu walked away, telling Spector he would be there.

Spector enters the Great Pyramid of Giza

Spector then entered the portal and found himself entering the Great Pyramid of Giza. Grant expressed his excitement that they were there. As Spector entered the Chamber, he looked around and saw various seats on a ledge above.

Spector meets Yatzil

Spector then was met by a woman named Yatzil, who recognized him as Khonshu's avatar. She told him that she was Hathor's avatar and that she and Khonshu were friends, as he liked her music. She then told him what to do when the Council began.

Spector becomes possessed by Khonshu

Spector watched as various people walked into the room and were introduced as avatars of Horus, Isis, Tefnut, and Osiris. As Hathor began the Council meeting, Spector then became possessed by Khonshu, who spoke through him, presenting his purpose. He called upon the judgement of Arthur Harrow for conspiracy to liberate the deity Ammit.

Spector, as Khonshu, stands before the Ennead

The Ennead then summoned Harrow to the Chamber of the Gods. Harrow explained to them that he was just visiting the desert and that it was Khonshu, who had been searching for Ammit's tomb since his own service to the god. When Khonshu tried to punch Harrow, he was stopped by Osiris. Harrow also reveals to the gods that Khonshu's avatar didn't even know his own name — he has a marriage certificate under the name Marc Spector, but employment records under the name Steven Grant.

Spector admits he is not well

Solidifying his case, Harrow states that Khonshu is taking advantage of a deeply troubled man, the same way Khonshu abused him and the way he conspires to abuse this court. Harrow implores the gods to take action against Khonshu. Horus released Spector from Khonshu and asked if what Harrow said was true in which he agreed.

Spector receives help from Yatzil

With that the Ennead concluded the meeting letting Harrow leave. Afterwards, only Spector and Yatzil were left in the Chamber. She walked up to him and gave him advice on how to find Ammit's tomb. She told him to look at a black market to find Senfu's sarcophagus.

Meeting with Anton Mogart

Spector asks Egyptian locals for help

Spector went to the black market in Cairo and approached a local man, asking him for Senfu's sarcophagus. The man seemed to not understand what he was saying, and Spector was then met by Layla El-Faouly, who told him since he wasn't Egyptian, he wasn't having success in asking questions. She told him that she knew where they could find it and told him to come with her.

Spector speaks with Layla El-Faouly on the boat

Spector then sat across from El-Faouly on an Egyptian boat that took them to the place that had the sarcophagus. As they rode on the boat, El-Faouly told him she could have helped him with his dissociative disorder and he apologized for pushing her away. When he recognized the music being performed, he smiled and told her it reminded him of their wedding.

Spector and Layla El-Faouly approach the estate

When they docked, Spector and El-Faouly noticed that another boat had spied on them. They deduced that the people on board were Disciples of Ammit. They proceeded to ignore them and walk forward. El-Faouly told Spector that his fake alias would be Rufino Estrada and that they were back from the Maldives.

Spector meets Anton Mogart

They were then met by Bek, who was pleased to see El-Faouly and was introduced to Spector. Bek took them up to the arena where they saw Anton Mogart jousting on horseback. Mogart then ended the practice and came over to see them. He reacquainted with El-Faouly and met Spector.

Spector looks at Senfu's sarcophagus

Spector and El-Faouly were then led to the sarcophagus and both examined it. However, Spector and El-Faouly were unable to decipher the translations. When Mogart asked them what they wanted there, Spector told El-Faouly he needed time, and she went out to distract them.

Spector argues with Grant

When she had left, Spector spoke to Grant, who told him he wouldn't help since he wasn't in control. Spector urged him to help and ignored Grant's arguments about their deal. Fortunately, Grant gave in and looked at the translations. However, due to the awkward nature of what had happened earlier of Spector seemingly arguing with himself, Mogart entered.

Spector chooses not to fight

Spector immediately grabbed a gun off of one of Mogart's men, but gave it up after they had aimed guns at him and El-Faouly. As they stood in Mogart's custody, Mogart told them that they had company. Spector then watched as Arthur Harrow and his followers approached.

Spector glares at Arthur Harrow

Harrow confronted them, and taunted Spector by speaking to El-Faouly. He told her that Spector was keeping a secret from her that was about her. She looked at Spector, who shook his head, and glared at Harrow. He then watched as Harrow walked up to Mogart and showed him his Staff of Ammit, before revealing its powers, destroying the sarcophagus. Harrow then left them.

Battle at Anton Mogart's Estate

Moon Knight surveys the situation

Spector, at Khonshu's urging, became Moon Knight, and descended from above an upper building to confront Anton Mogart's men. They were startled at this and began firing their guns.

Moon Knight protects Layla El-Faouly

Moon Knight then shielded Layla El-Faouly within his suit from the gunfire. When he deemed it safe, he let her go, and fought off the men. As she ran out of the arena area, Moon Knight proceeded to engage in a fight with the men.

Moon Knight fighting Anton Mogart's men

Moon Knight fought them in the arena, coming out victorious. He used his Crescent Darts on them, kicked and punched them, and broke one man's arm. As more men entered armed with weapons, Moon Knight continued to fight.

Mr. Knight attempting to call for a timeout

During the fight, Moon Knight changed suddenly into Mr. Knight. He then held his hands up and called for a ceasefire, as Grant didn't want to continue to fight. This was unsuccessful as the men took this to their advantage and impaled him in the back with their jousting sticks.

Moon Knight being repeatedly impaled

Grant then immediately let Spector take control as Moon Knight. As Moon Knight fought off the men while trying to get the sticks out, he used them to his advantage and stuck the men with them, knocking them to the ground. He then snapped the sticks in half and walked away.

Moon Knight defeating Anton Mogart

Moon Knight then saw El-Faouly enter the arena, and ran to her, as Mogart was attempting to run over both of them on horseback. He ran to her in time and threw a Crescent Dart at Mogart, causing him to fall off his horse.[3]

Turning Back the Sky

Spector riding away with Layla El-Faouly

After escaping, Spector and Layla El-Faouly escaped into the desert. With El-Faouly driving, Spector changed his shirt for another one. He was pressed on the secret that he had been keeping, but he brushed it aside stating that it was just cause for division. She thought that he had not been telling her everything and he told her not to worry about it, as she didn't need to do know everything.

Spector attempting to assemble the map

They stopped in the sands of Siwa and began inspecting the map. As they did, Spector became frustrated and El-Faouly suggested he summon Grant for help. Initially, Spector didn't, but gave in and tore the side mirror off and walked away to do so.

Grant managing to analyses the star map

They switched quite easily, and Grant then assembled some of the sarcophagus fragments into a star map, revealing it to be two thousand years out of date. El-Faouly approached him and smiled that he was able to help them.

Mr. Knight and Khonshu turn back the sky

Khonshu then appeared and told Grant to follow his lead. Grant was then transformed into Mr. Knight as Khonshu used his powers to briefly turn back the night sky to the correct night, allowing Grant and El-Faouly to find the location of Ammit's tomb. However, Khonshu paid the price and was imprisoned in stone.

Grant passes out from the exhaustion

Due to Khonshu being imprisoned in stone, his powers given to Grant and Spector were stripped away. This impact of losing the superhuman powers had an effect on Grant, who fell to the ground and became unconscious.[3]

Escaping Harrow

Grant witnesses Layla El-Faouly's explosion

Some minutes later, Grant regained consciousness and found Layla El-Faouly looking at an armored truck that had just exploded by way of flare. Not knowing what had happened, he approached her, and she turned around to see him, dismissing what she had just done to save them.

Grant rides with Layla El-Faouly

In the morning, they set out again to the location of the tomb. As El-Faouly drove them, Grant spoke to Spector from the side mirror, who told him that he remembered their deal about going away once Khonshu was. El-Faouly interjected stating to Grant that she needed to have a voice in the matter since Spector was her husband. Grant then became startled as she stopped the vehicle suddenly as the path had become too narrow ahead.[4]

Finding the Tomb

Grant sees the empty camp of the Disciples of Ammit

Grant and Layla El-Faouly then walked on foot through the narrow gauge and made it to a larger opening. They found an abandoned campsite that the Disciples of Ammit had used, along with their camels. Grant said hi to one of them as they explored the camp.

Grant ignores Spector's threats

El-Faouly told Grant to look into the tents for anything helpful. As she went in one, he went into another and looked around. When he came across a small mirror, Spector got onto him, telling him that he noticed Grant and El-Faouly's growing affection. He told Grant that she was his wife and that if he did anything, he'd throw their body off a cliff.

Grant tells Layla El-Faouly the secret

While preparing their harnesses to descend down, El-Faouly remarked that Grant smelled like Spector and moved in to kiss him. Grant interrupted her by revealing that the reason Spector abandoned her was because Khonshu threatened to make her his next Avatar. She told him that it wasn't Spector's choice to make.

Grant kisses Layla El-Faouly

Grant then proceeded to lean in and kiss El-Faouly. She smiled and then as he made a joke, she jumped down. As he looked down, Spector punched him in the face in retaliation for him kissing his wife.[4]

Exploring the Lost Tomb

Grant meets with Layla El-Faouly inside the tomb

Grant then stumbled and fell into the tomb. He approached Layla El-Faouly and as she spoke about her father, complimented her that he would have been proud of her.

Grant deduces where Ammit's ushabti is

As they walked further into the tomb, Grant deduced that it was built in the shape of the Eye of Horus and from that figured out where Ammit's ushabti was most likely located.

Grant hides from the Heka Priest

While moving forward, Grant noticed that a hallway was filled with bones and viscera, and decided to jump on the rafters to look for an alternate route. Before El-Faouly could follow, a Heka Priest brought Billy Fitzgerald into the room and sacrificed him, forcing El-Faouly and Grant to run from the creature in separate directions.

Grant finds Alexander the Great's tomb

Grant approached the resting place of the pharaoh, and noticed Macedonian writing, revealing that this is the lost tomb of Alexander the Great. Grant opened the sarcophagus and, figuring the ushabti would be hidden from looters, reluctantly forced his hand down Alexander's throat to recover the idol.

Grant holds Ammit's usabti

Shortly after the ushabti was recovered, Grant looked at, proud that he had found it before anyone else could. As he prepared to figure out what to do next, he was met El-Faouly. Upon seeing her, he held up the ushabti and told her that they had succeeded.

Spector is confronted by Layla El-Faouly

El-Faouly ignored this and angrily demanded to speak to Spector. This caused Grant to be confused and for Spector to jump to front, who tried to get El-Faouly to run before the Disciples of Ammit arrive, but she wouldn't leave until they talked. Eventually, he told El-Faouly the truth about her father Abdallah El-Faouly and his own role in his death.

Killed by Harrow

Spector faces the Disciples of Ammit

Before they could continue, Arthur Harrow and his followers came inside. Layla El-Faouly told Spector to come with her to leave, but he held his ground and told her to go. Knowing that he had no powers, he still tried to fight. He picked up Alexander the Great's axe and defeated two men.

Spector is shot by Arthur Harrow

In response, he was shot in the chest twice by Harrow, and stumbled backwards into the water. He looked up at the ceiling as he felt as if he was drowning and couldn't come back to the surface.[4]

The Duat

Waking Up in the Afterlife

Spector sees Layla El-Faouly playing bingo

Spector woke up and found himself inside the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital, heavily sedated. He was then approached by Layla El-Faouly, who was wearing the same clothes as him and appeared unstable. She told him she was worried that she startled him, but excitedly tells him that they've won bingo.

Spector falls to the floor

He noticed his reflection, and saw that Grant was not there. He called out Grant's name before throwing himself from the wheelchair onto the ground, only to discover that he's bound to it. Billy Fitzgerald helped him back up and told him that he can't keep doing this.

Spector meets Dr. Harrow

After the sedation began to wear off again, Spector woke up in the office of Dr. Harrow, who was a psychiatrist attempting to ask questions about the film Tomb Buster and the delusions that Spector was seemingly suffering from. As his head started to clear up, Spector mistook Harrow as the same Arthur Harrow who shot him.

Spector trying to avoid being restrained

Spector then attempted to flee, but was restrained again by Fitzgerald and Bobbi Kennedy. However, he managed to bite Kennedy and break free from them and escaped down the hall.

Spector evades being captured

While fleeing from the orderlies, Spector noticed the hallway turning sideways momentarily. This further confused him as the lights flickered. However, he saw a door and ran to it, closing it as Fitzgerald and Kennedy ran past.[4]

Meeting Taweret

Spector finds Grant

Inside the room, he saw a blue sarcophagus and heard someone inside calling for help. Spector removed the casket to reveal a physical form of Grant, and the two overjoyed alters hugged each other. Grant questioned how this was possible, but Spector did not know and only cared about escaping the hospital.

Spector and Grant search for a way out

While on the run down the hallway, the pair noticed a red sarcophagus in another room with something pounding on the inside. However, they walked past it choosing not to open it.

Spector and Grant run into Taweret

As Spector and Grant looked for a way out through the hospital to escape, they ran into Taweret. She happily greeted them by waving and saying hello, but Grant and Spector both screamed at the top of their lungs in fear.

Spector wakes ups

Suddenly, he found himself back in Dr. Harrow's office. Harrow asked him about his favorite animal character that he had previously mentioned and thought he liked rhinoceroses, but was corrected and told it was a hippopotamus.

Spector gets injected

When he started acting strangely, Harrow had Billy Fitzgerald and Bobbi Kennedy come inside. They then restrained him and injected him with another sedative as he attempted to stab himself in the eye with an object from Harrow's desk.

Spector meets Taweret

Spector woke up in the hallway screaming as he saw Taweret standing before him. She walked up to them and introduced herself, stating it had been awhile that she had people there. She told him he was in the Duat, an astral dimension. Grant knew it as the Egyptian underworld. Taweret told them that they had indeed died. She then noted that it was strange that Spector had chosen a psychiatric hospital as his place to be, in which he stated it was because he was insane.[4]

Exploring the Past

Spector and Grant on the Egyptian ship

Initially, Spector refused to believe that he and Grant were dead. However, upon entering a door he found himself on the deck of an Egyptian ship sailing through sand, which convinced him that the Duat was real. Taweret then removed Spector and Grant's hearts and placed them on the Scales of Justice to judge if they were worthy of the Field of Reeds. However, the scales began fluctuating wildly. Taweret told the pair to travel through the Duat and reconcile their past before they reached the afterlife, or else they would be condemned to the sands of the Duat for all eternity.

Grant watches Randall and Marc

They returned to the interior, the doors of which now contained memories from Spector and Grant's life. Spector attempted to convince Grant to help him kill Taweret and steer the boat themselves, but Grant refused. Grant followed a child's voice to the hospital cafeteria, which was filled with the bodies of all the people Spector had killed as Moon Knight. Even though he assured Grant that they were all criminals, he remembered each and every one of them. Grant then saw a child at the end of the room, who he followed into another door, locking Spector outside. Inside the room, he relived the memories of his brother Randall Spector drowning and his mother Wendy Spector becoming abusive. Before he could enter his childhood room, Spector pulled Grant into a new memory of Spector leaving his house as a teenager then his memory of becoming Moon Knight.

Tawaret attempts to redirect the ship

The duo were suddenly startled by the sound of baboons, and followed them back to the deck of the ship. Taweret watched in horror as souls began pouring into the Duat without being judged, revealing that Ammit had returned. Spector asked Taweret to return them to life to stop Harrow, but she told him that even if she resurrected them, they would die again of their wounds without Khonshu's healing. Spector asked Taweret to send a message to Layla El-Faouly to free Khonshu, and she agreed to steer the ship towards the realm of the living so long as their scales were balanced.

Dr. Harrow advises Marc

Returning to the interior, Spector refused to let Grant see what was behind that door in his room, eventually breaking down and pounding on his head. He suddenly found himself back in Dr. Harrow's office, who informed Spector that he had not been injected with anything. Harrow told Spector that he needed to reconcile with Grant.

Grant tearfully says, "My mum is dead."

Finding himself back in the Duat, Spector and Grant entered the room, where Grant witnessed a moment that either caused his split or was very common for them. As his mother broke into the room, Spector pulled Grant away before he could see her beating him. Spector told Grant that he had let Grant live a happy life believing that his mother loved him and was still alive. Grant was incredulous that his mother was dead, but he suddenly appeared in Dr. Harrow's office with a start. Harrow said he was happy to see Grant, since he was worried he would never see him again. Harrow offered to call Grant's mother on the phone, while Grant tried to think of excuses to make him stop. Finally, Grant accepted that his mother was dead after hearing nothing on the line, but a dial tone.

Steven reassures Marc that it was not his fault.

The two watched one final memory, of Spector refusing to attend his mother's shiva. Grant reassured Spector that it was not his fault that Randall died, and the two hugged before they suddenly felt the boat stop.[1]

Fight in the Duat

The lost souls board the ship

Once Grant had noticed that the ship had stopped, Spector and Grant ran back to Taweret. She informed them that the Scales of Justice have not balanced, and now the lost souls would be coming to claim their soul. She sadly told them that she was rooting for them, but there was nothing she could do now. Spector and Grant watched on, as the lost souls started boarding their ship. Spector desperately attempted to fend off the intruders, but was losing and was pushed against the railing of the ship.

The death of Steven Grant

Scared, Grant attempted to assist his alter by turning the ship's wheel, briefly giving Spector some room. However, it was short-lived, as the latter was hit over the head with a metal pole, stunning him. Giving himself a confidence boost, Grant attacked the souls with the metal pole, pulling them off Spector and beating them to death. Spector looked at Grant awestruck, but was then immediately attacked again by an attacker hanging off the ship. Attempting to help Spector, Grant rushed the soul, but he was inadvertently dragged off along with the soul. Spector immediately got up and told Taweret to stop the ship, but was unable, and watched on helplessly, as Grant fell over and slowly turned to sand.[1]

Arrival into the Field of Reeds

Spector arrives at the Field of Reeds

In the wake of the sacrifice of Grant, Spector's scales had finally balanced against the Scales of Justice making him worthy to enter into the dimension of the Field of Reeds, a version of heaven after death. This made Spector transport from the ship into the beautiful dimension at the last moment, as he peered out into the fields in complete awe of the beauty of the place, yet feeling extreme sadness for the loss of his comforting alter.[1]


Moon Knight is resurrected

Spector, still saddened by Grant's death, refuses to accept peace in the Field of Reeds, and leaves to save Grant, despite Taweret's warning that he won't be able to return. Spector finds Grants frozen body, and says to him that he is the only superpower he has. He gives him his heart before he is frozen as well, but both are saved when the Gates of Osiris are opened. They both hug each other, but they notice a sandstorm coming towards them and they run towards the gates. Before they get trapped in the sandstorm, Taweret saves them from being consumed. They finally reach the gates and return to life, though their body is weak due to the bullet holes.

Khonshu detects Spector and Grant's presence in the living world and strikes a new agreement, repairing their body and resurrecting Moon Knight. Spector and Grant request that their agreement be reviewed, stating that they are free to leave once Ammit is no longer a threat. Khonshu is shocked that they are willing to bargain right now, but he has no choice, and accepts their terms.[5]

Battle of the Gods

Final Battle with Harrow

Moon Knight fighting against Arthur Harrow

Harrow sends his newly-granted armies into Cairo, while his disciples evaluate the inhabitants and send the souls of the unworthy to Ammit to eat. Moon Knight (and Mr. Knight, as well) confront him, as Khonshu fights the monstrous Ammit. She invites Khonshu to join her once more, but Khonshu claims that he only punishes those who choose evil and gives them the option, whereas Ammit just takes it away. Spector and Grant, joined by El-Faouly, continue to combat Harrow and his cult members, but fail, while Khonshu is defeated by Ammit. Harrow attempts to kill Spector once again, but Lockley re-emerges, killing many of Ammit's followers and horribly beats Harrow in an attempt to kill him, but Spector retakes control and drops his body, with Spector and Grant realizing that neither were responsible.[5]

Confronting his Psyche

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Moon Knight decides not to kill Harrow

"I don't think you know as much as you think you do."
"And while it is tempting to accept your diagnosis, Doc..."
"We'd rather go save the world. Laters, gators."
―Steven Grant and Marc Spector[src]

After bringing Arthur Harrow to the Chamber of the Gods, Spector and Layla El-Faouly recite an old magic spell to confine Ammit inside Harrow's body. Khonshu instructed Spector to kill Harrow so that the two of them are no longer a threat, but Spector refused, claiming that Khonshu and Ammit are nearly identical and asked the moon god to kill Harrow himself. Khonshu agreed with Spector's order and had to keep his end of the bargain by releasing Spector and Grant in exchange for losing their service to the former. The pair are later transported at the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital with Duat's Harrow, being undisturbed by the moon god for now.[5]

Return to Normal

Spector wakes up in Grant's bed

"I can't believe you live in this fricking mess."
―Marc Spector to Steven Grant[src]

Waking up in Grant's bed, Spector asked Steven if he was there. Steven confirmed his presence to Marc. While Spector was getting out of bed, he told Steven he couldn't believe that he lives in the apartment, calling it a dump, before accidentally tripping on the foot restraint and landing on his face.[5]

Assassination of Arthur Harrow

Lockley finds Arthur Harrow and takes him

"Marc Spector truly believed that after he and I parted ways, I wanted his wife to be my Avatar. Why would I ever need anybody else when he has no idea how troubled he truly is? Meet my friend, Jake Lockley."
Khonshu to Arthur Harrow[src]

Sometime later, Jake Lockley retook control of the body and tracked down Arthur Harrow to the Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital in London. Lockley would travel to the hospital and kill some of the staff there. After finding Harrow, Lockley, keeping out of Harrow's sight would take his wheelchair with Harrow in it from an orderly, saying that he had him. Confused, the orderly asked what he had meant, but Lockley told her to calm down, before escorting Harrow outside the hospital.

Lockley killing Arthur Harrow inside his car

Reaching his limousine parked outside, Lockley shoved Harrow in the backseat and kicked aside his wheelchair, leaving Harrow to speak to Khonshu, as Lockley waited in the front seat. After Khonshu told Harrow that he never wanted El-Faouly as Spector's replacement, but instead he wanted Lockley, so he would still have Spector under his command. Rolling down the visor blocking Harrow's view, revealing himself to the shocked Harrow. Lockley told Harrow that it was his turn to lose, pulling out a gun and aiming it at Harrow. Harrow vainly tried to stop Lockley from killing him, but Lockley, with a smile, proceeded to mercilessly shoot Harrow multiple times, killing him and Ammit for good. With his mission finished, Lockley proceeded to drive him and Khonshu away from the hospital.[9]


Marc Spector's Personality

"You ruin people's lives. Everything you touch, you ruin. You hurt people, you abandoned your wife. You left her stranded."
"I did not. I am protecting her. You don't know what you're talking about."
―Steven Grant and Marc Spector[src]

Marc Spector used to be an incredibly happy person as a child, who was confident, smart, and not afraid to face his fears. However, over time due to his extreme guilt over his brother's death, the extreme childhood neglect and beatings he used to receive from his mother, Spector started to develop a fractured mind, resulting in him developing dissociative identity disorder. Wanting a happy life, and a happy childhood, Spector developed his alter, Steven Grant, a socially oblivious man who lived a happy life with a loving mom, in order to guard himself against the pain of his life.

Spector eventually managed to get some form of control over the system after moving out of his family's house to become a US Marine as soon as he could. However, despite this, due to his extreme trauma other alters continued to show up at some points of his life, which forced him out of the Marines. He was so ill due to his trauma that it was even acknowledged by the likes of Khonshu, who used his moments of weakness to manipulate him into becoming Moon Knight, the avatar of Khonshu who serves vengeful justice.

Due to the nature of their system, Spector is highly prone to aggression and is internally anguished to the point of being driven to tears after being asked by the gods, about his pain due to the system and Khonshu. As a result of his psychological rifts, Spector became a bitter, rageful, and ultimately lonely person who had developed anger issues over time, as shown when Spector shattered everything around him after Grant started fighting against him. Despite all of his pain he had gone through, Spector is a brave and courageous man who is able to think rationally in high stress situations, as he was able to talk and explain to the panicked Steven what he should do while the latter was being followed by the jackal. Spector has a tendency to be brutal and ruthless with his enemies as he had brutally killed many of Arthur Harrow's men with his hands and weapons, which attributes to him being trained as a mercenary.

As a result of his trauma due to the various events in his life, Spector became a very pessimistic and socially inept man, who always hesitated to communicate his emotions against the world because he always feared the worst out of people, as shown when he was unable to express his feelings of love towards even his own wife Layla. This resulted in him becoming a dishonest person who tried to hide from tough situations, despite having noble intentions. This was demonstrated best when Spector chose to abandon Layla rather than communicating to her about his tough past with his mother, his dissociative disorder, and his situation with Khonshu, in fear of endangering her or hurting her feelings.

Nevertheless, despite all he had gone through, he continued to possess a strong moral code, such as refusing to punch or kill a child who was part of Arthur Harrow's cult, slapping him instead. He does care about the well-being of others such as his wife Layla. Spector displays incredible resilience as he chooses to do the right thing to help others, through continuing to deliver out his justice, regardless of what his actions has given him. Due to having committed extreme acts of violence, under the name of Khonshu's vengeful justice, Spector was deeply pained by the burden that his actions had placed on him, feeling extreme feelings of guilt due to his actions, as shown when he remembered each and every person he was forced to kill as a servant of Khonshu and his vengeance.

Despite managing to gain a form of balance after finding love in the form of his wife, Layla El-Faouly, Spector continued to develop a greater self-hatred over time. When Spector had discovered that his mother, the woman whom he had hated for being abusive to him, had died after years of not talking to her, Spector became absolutely devastated as he blamed himself for causing his mother's pain, falsely blaming himself for his brother's death. His pain grew to be so severe that Spector was unable to stay in control, which brought Grant out, in order to shelter himself from confronting his mother's death's effect on him. Only this time, his self-hatred grew so big that he lost nearly all control over the system, making Steven Grant the host for a while.

Steven Grant's Personality

"I know being on the right side of things is important to you. Khonshu always tries to ensnare those with a strong moral conscience."
Arthur Harrow to Steven Grant[src]

In comparison to Marc Spector, Steven Grant is a meek and shy person, with many people pushing him around for that reason. Despite being frustrated with people constantly mistreating him, Grant rarely stands up to them and instead passively accepts the abuse. Additionally, Grant is extremely lonely; he has no friends or family members in his life that he can talk to. This has made him quite socially oblivious, as he often vents all of his frustrations to a local performer acting as a living statue, who, quite obviously, does not respond to anything Grant says. However, despite his lack of social skills, Grant appears to have a great deal of care for other people's well being. He is disgusted to find out about the people Marc Spector killed using their body and also allowed the latter to regain control in order to protect civilians from a jackal.

Steven Grant is an incredibly anxious and jumpy person. This is not only reflected in his day-to-day life, where he shows signs of anxiety in social interactions, but also whenever he's confronted with the dangerous aspects of Marc Spector's life bleeding into his own. Whenever Grant is put into a dangerous or horrific situation, he is absolutely terrified and will do little more than try to run away or hide. After transforming into Mr. Knight, Grant seemed to gain more confidence than usual due to his newfound strength and was even willing to help Marc and Layla more often when Marc was still in control. However despite this anxiousness, he does have a strong sense of morality. After being told by Arthur Harrow's plans and killing innocent people and children in Ammit's name, he is visibly disgusted wanting nothing to do with Harrow and Ammit's cult.

Due to being a walking personification of Marc's grief upon losing his mother and his desire for a loving one, Grant became a loving son who was highly close with his mother who only remembered a loving childhood due to his mother's love. This manifestation came to existence because Marc had to avoid grieving his mother's death due to the sheer amount of pain that it bought him. Despite, struggling when realizing that his life was all a manifestation of Spector's fears and intense dissociative amnesia, Grant came to terms with himself as he realized that he and Spector came from the same trauma, the same brain. They were a team, and Grant was not alone. As a result, Grant become far more confident and vocal, becoming strong enough to help Marc understand that his mother was wrong about him, and he should forgive himself for his mistake as a child.

Jake Lockley's Personality

"Hoy te toca perder.[10]"
―Jake Lockley[src]

Jake Lockley is shown to be an extremely shrewd man who is willing to do anything to accomplish his goals, as seen throughout his various murders in his serving to Khonshu. Lockley is the most rageful alter of Spector, who is willing to cross nearly all limits in his animalistic rage, who never hesitates to kill anyone to serve his purpose.

Lockley possesses a far more brutal disposition than Spector or Grant, as shown when he had killed Alpha and Beta in Cairo when Spector was not in control. His hyper-aggressive nature is suited perfectly to Khonshu's vengeful agenda. Khonshu uses this alter's unbridled loyalty to serve his "justice" on those he views as evil, as shown when he made Lockley kill Arthur Harrow, which he did without hesitation or remorse. In fact, Lockley carried out the murder with a smile, enjoying the moment he shoots Harrow.

The sheer rage in Lockley left him susceptible to manipulations by Khonshu, who manipulated him into being his loyal servant under the offering of immense power and a purpose for serving justice. It also appears as though, Lockley serves as the most loyal servant to Khonshu, who never questions his methods, due to his own brutal nature. He is also fluent in Spanish and it is seemingly his default language, as he speaks it even when someone doesn't understand him.

Powers and Abilities


"Then rise. Rise and live again. As my fist of vengeance. As my Moon Knight."
Khonshu to Marc Spector[src]
  • Divine Empowerment: As the Avatar of Khonshu, Spector or Grant were able to achieve many superhuman feats as Moon Knight or Mr. Knight respectively. However, when Khonshu was imprisoned in stone, he was unable to access his powers until Khonshu was rescued. Even though Spector and Grant were released from servitude, Lockley continues to operate as Khonshu's Avatar.
    • Transformation:

      Spector transforms into Moon Knight

      Spector and Grant were able to summon a suit of ceremonial armor over themselves. The armor's appearance can be altered, as Grant manifested it as a business suit by mistake.
      • Superhuman Strength: Moon Knight was able to completely overpower the jackal, who was strong enough to knock down a metal museum bathroom door, with him beating it to death with only a few hits. While fighting another jackal, Mr. Knight dented a car bumper when he squeezed it tight and pulled it out from the car with ease. When Mogart's henchmen riddled his cape with bullets, Moon Knight returned them with force and accuracy by flourishing his cape in their direction. He was able to send one man flying with a punch, as well as break other men's arms and legs with ease. He also quickly broke free of the spears impaled into him.
      • Superhuman Durability:

        Moon Knight withstanding intense gunfire

        Moon Knight can withstand a great deal of damage. Moon Knight was able to land on his feet after falling down several stories and withstood numerous attacks from the jackal without any injuries. He was also able to take bullets with no issues.
      • Superhuman Speed: Moon Knight outran the jackal that was chasing him, running extremely fast across rooftops in order to best the fast creature. He quickly did parkour between the buildings to outmaneuver the creature.
      • Superhuman Agility: Moon Knight was able to run across rooftops while performing acrobatic moves and leaping from one building to another.
      • Superhuman Stamina: Moon Knight was able to scale buildings and jump across rooftops while chasing the jackal, without being worn out or tired. He performed many acrobatic moves while jumping from building to building, also without showing any sign of needing to stop.
      • Superhuman Reflexes:

        Mr. Knight dodging an energy blast

        Moon Knight can react and dodge attacks or objects traveling at high speeds.
      • Regenerative Healing Factor: Spector is able to heal from any external wounds he's received, even when he was not Moon Knight. Grant was able to heal his jaw very quickly when it was knocked out of place. However, his healing factor is tremendously increased upon wearing the suit. Khonshu suggested that Spector put on the suit so that he could heal. He was able to immediately heal himself after being impaled by several spears.
      • Flight: During the Battle of Cairo, Moon Knight was able to fly to the pyramids to stop Arthur Harrow from killing more people. However, only Spector has this ability as he utilizes his cape to do so.
      • Weapon Summoning: Whenever summoning the ceremonial armor as Moon Knight or Mr. Knight, the transformation also allows for the conjuration of weapons such as crescent darts or truncheons, with the former demonstrating the ability to return to Moon Knight's hand after being thrown.
      • Power Augmentation: Mr. Knight was able to be empowered by Khonshu in order to alter the sky to how it was 2,000 years ago.
        • Sky Manipulation:

          Mr. Knight and Khonshu changing the sky

          Mr. Knight, with the help of Khonshu, was able to alter the night sky to reveal what the stars had looked like 2,000 years ago. Doing this comes at a price, however, as the other gods disapproved and banished Khonshu, due to the stars changing being visible to everyone, not just Mr. Knight. When he alters the night sky, the stars appear to be spinning so fast they become blurred lines.
        • Deity Imprisonment: With a spell, Moon Knight and Scarlet Scarab were able to imprison Ammit inside of Arthur Harrow's body.


"I am the god Khonshu, in search of a warrior. To be my hands, my eyes, my vengeance. To be my final word against the evildoers. To bind your very being to me and eradicate only the worst, those who deserve it."
Khonshu to Marc Spector[src]
  • Master Martial Artist:

    Moon Knight fighting against Arthur Harrow

    Spector is an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, having trained extensively in both Marine and CIA. He was chosen to be a warrior by Khonshu, who deemed him to be "a worthy candidate." As Moon Knight, he brutally subdued a jackal creature in the museum restroom. He later took on several Disciples of Ammit and defeated Anton Mogart's men. His fighting style includes Boxing, Krav-Maga, Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling, Taekwondo, Karate, Kung-Fu, Kali, Escrima, and Muay Thai. Grant later displayed some combat mastery during the Battle of Cairo.
  • Knife Mastery: Spector is extremely skilled at using knives in combat, demonstrated when he took on several knife wielding followers of Ammit. This skill also extends to using his Crescent Darts as melee weapons and throwing weapons. His third alter, Jake Lockley, is also proficient with a knife.
"Hey, I'm really jazzed about showing you these new skillsets we have."
"All right, show me what you got."
―Steven Grant and Layla El-Faouly[src]
  • Staff Mastery:

    Mr. Knight fighting disciples with his staffs

    Grant is innately skilled with using stick-type weapons in combat, as his Mr. Knight armor is equipped with truncheons rather than crescent blades. He was able to take down Harrow's disciples alongside Layla with his truncheons. In the Duat, he used a baseball bat to kill three souls and save Spector.
  • Spear Mastery: Spector is highly skilled at using a spear in combat, being able to use a broken El-Mermah stick to fight and kill three of Anton Mogart's security guards at once.
  • Axe Mastery: Spector is highly skilled at using an axe in combat, demonstrated when he took on three armed men within a few seconds. He is also skilled at throwing them with great accuracy. While Spector and Grant blacked out, Lockley also briefly used Harrow's Staff of Ammit against him, before Spector took back control.
  • Master Marksman: As a mercenary, Spector is highly proficient with pistols, as well as Jake Lockley, who executed Arthur Harrow with a silenced pistol. Spector is also capable of throwing his crescent darts with great precision and can even throwing multiple of them simultaneously. He managed to hit Anton Mogart with one of his crescent darts as the latter was escaping on horseback.
  • Master Acrobat:

    Moon Knight swiftly traversing rooftops

    Spector is highly skilled in parkour and freerunning, as demonstrated when he led a jackal away from the public by traversing rooftops.
"So, what? Am I, like, meant to be some sort of mad secret agent or something?"
―Steven Grant to Marc Spector[src]
  • Master Spy: Spector is a secret agent and is thus highly skilled with spycraft.
"You killed all of them?"
"They were criminals. Murderers. Predators. The worst of the worst."
―Steven Grant and Marc Spector[src]
"Marc, we need Steven. He understands all of this. I really think it's worth giving him a shot."
Layla El-Faouly to Marc Spector[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Spector and Grant are two highly intelligent men, with Spector specializing in spycraft and Grant in history, mythology and astronomy.
"Egyptians invented modern navigation. There's not a lot of landmarks in the desert. So they came up with a way to get about using the sun and the stars."
―Steven Grant to Layla El-Faouly[src]
  • Master Scientist:

    Grant assembles fragments into a star map

    Due to his passion for ancient Egypt, Grant is extremely knowledgeable in the fields of history, archaeology, astronomy and Egyptology. He knows much about ancient Egyptians' practices, rituals and way of life, which came in great help during the search for the tomb of Ammit. Due to his knowledge, Grant could not contain his excitement when he figured out that his pursuit of the Disciples of Ammit had led him to the lost tomb of Alexander the Great.
  • Master Investigator: Grant was able to find the location of Ammit's ushabti only with a few clues and drawing a picture in the sand.
  • Expert Thief: Spector was able to successfully steal the Scarab of Ammit from Arthur Harrow.
"So, you're learning French and hieroglyphics?"
"Yeah, well... that's not that impressive, really."
Layla El-Faouly and Steven Grant[src]
  • Multilingualism: Spector, Grant, and Lockley are all fluent in their native English. In addition, Spector is fluent in Arabic, Lockley is fluent in Spanish, while Grant is fluent in French, as demonstrated when he recited Marceline Desbordes-Valmore's poem "Les séparés". Grant can also understand ancient Egyptian in order to read hieroglyphs, and had some familiarity with Mandarin as he recognized Jamila and Harrow speaking the language. Grant also understood Macedonian writing when he entered the tomb of Alexander the Great.



  • Moon Knight's Suit: A ceremonial suit of armor granted by Khonshu to Marc Spector. He wears the suit whenever fighting crime as Moon Knight. The suit can appear differently depending on which alter is in control. It gives Marc the use of the Crescent Darts.
  • Mr. Knight's Suit: Steven Grant's ceremonial suit of armor granted by Khonshu. Worn by Grant while operating as Mr. Knight. It gives Steven the ability to summon Mr. Knight's Truncheons.


  • Crescent Darts: Spector wielded the Crescent Darts as he fought a jackal, pulling one out of the emblem on his suit, which acts as both an emblem and a weapon. He later threw them with great skill at Anton Mogart and his thugs.
  • Truncheons: Short metal poles which are Mr. Knight's primary weapons, and can be summoned from what looks like nothing.
  • Glock 17: As a mercenary, Spector carried a pistol as his sidearm. After he was injured by Bushman, he attempted to commit suicide, but was saved by Khonshu.
"Did he just throw the gun?"
  • Glock 19: Spector wielded a pistol in the Alps, but was quickly discarded when a confused Grant took over.
  • Beretta 92FS Inox: Grant found another pistol in Spector's gym bag.
  • Colt Government Model: Spector swiftly disarmed Bek of his pistol, but was encouraged by Layla to return it as they were temporarily outnumbered.
  • AK-47: Spector disarmed one of Harrow's followers of his rifle.
  • Alexander the Great's Axe: Spector grabbed Alexander the Great's axe in the latter's coffin to hold Harrow and his men back in order to buy Layla some time to escape. He later lost the axe when he threw it at one of Harrow's men.
  • Baseball Bat: Grant grabbed this bat that was dropped by a sand zombie from the deck when he decided to protect Spector from being tossed overboard. He later discarded the bat when he saved Spector from being pulled into the dune sea, albeit at the cost of his own life.
  • Silencer Gun: Lockley utilized the pistol in order to kill Arthur Harrow and Ammit.


  • Limousine: Lockley drives around in a limousine that has a license plate that reads "SPKTR".


  • Steven Grant's Apartment: The apartment in London is occupied by Grant and his goldfish, Gus. It is a large apartment within a multi floored complex, equipped with ankle restraints to combat Grant's sleeping disorder. Spector also hid a key to his storage hideout and a cellphone to contact Layla El-Faouly at the apartment.
  • National Art Gallery: Grant used to work at the National Art Gallery as a gift shop employee, after being denied of a position as a tour guide. However, when Arthur Harrow sent a jackal to attack Grant, it was killed by Moon Knight, during which a museum bathroom was damaged. Grant was let go from his job at the museum after he is blamed for the damages, in exchange for not pressing any charges against him.
  • Khonshu's Temple: Marc met Khonshu in his temple after he was shot by his former ally Raul Bushman, where he was offered a second chance at life, in exchange for his servitude to Khonshu as his Fist of Vengeance.







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