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"I always thought you guys had people hiding on the Moon."
Yo-Yo Rodriguez to Phil Coulson[src]

The Moon is the only permanent natural satellite that orbits around Earth. It is also the home of the Inhuman city Attilan.


Home of the Inhumans

Centuries ago an Inhuman community abandoned Earth and colonized a small area of the Moon. This community named their society Attilan.

Since the 20th century, humans were using their technology to study the Moon and succeeded in sending a team of astronauts to the surface. During the 21st Century, humans were relying on robotic drones to study and map out the surface unaware of the Inhuman inhabitants.[1]


Appearances for the Moon

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  • In the comics, the Moon was used as a base of operations for the Watcher Uatu, who resided in a citadel within the Blue Area of the Moon, an artificial Earth-like environment created by the Skrulls in the Luther Crater to serve as a testing site for the Cotati and the Kree.


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