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"What are the odds of me getting a seven or less?"
"Any dealer caught giving odds is fed to Mister Kitson's Vrellnexian."
Leo Fitz and Montalban[src]

Montalban is an enforcer at the House of Games, who notably came across the path of Leo Fitz, Enoch and Jemma Simmons during their time in space.


S.H.I.E.L.D. Encounter

"Guess you don't need much muscle when you have a sizable brain."
―Montalban to Leo Fitz[src]

Montalban worked for Mister Kitson at the House of Games. He notably presided over a game where people bet their own lives to win colossal amounts of money, with the risk of being sold into slavery should they lose. One day, Montalban was approached by Leo Fitz and inspected him, allowing him to play while his friend Enoch stayed in the back. Montalban quickly noticed that Fitz won very easily in the game, unaware that Enoch actually used his Chronicom computational abilities to rig the game.

Another player was not as lucky as Fitz, and Montalban had him executed since this was the punishment for getting fourteen in the game. Montalban then asked Fitz whether he wanted to place more bets in the game, and noticed that Fitz seemed to be stalling. Montalban's attention was then caught by Enoch, who had fainted and emitted a strange noise due to being momentarily deactivated, alerting Montalban of his true nature. As a result, Montalban had Fitz and Enoch captured.[1]

Despite Fitz and Enoch having escaped from the House of Games, Montalban remained vigilant should they ever return, which eventually happened. Providing them with a false sense of safety by removing the guards from the doors of the House of Games, Montalban intercepted them along with Jemma Simmons, and took them in chains so they could be confronted by Mister Kitson. When Mister Kitson threatened to have Fitz's and Simmons' heads removed, Montalban burst into laughter.

Montalban subsequently joined in the game in which both the lives of Fitz and Simmons, as well as Wayne's, were gambled: the three of them were put on guillotines set in motion by Montalban, and they had to hold back the Veroovian Steel blades from decapitating them. During the game, however, Montalban noticed Mister Kitson being approached and threatened by Izel, but he was instructed not to interfere. Eventually, Wayne lost the game due to Mister Kitson rigging it, and Montalban removed the blades threatening Fitz and Simmons.[2]


  • House of Games: Montalban worked as an enforcer and dealer in the House of Games ruled by Mister Kitson, making sure that players did not cheat by using synths or other methods to fraudulously win any game.