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"Your mom's lucky, when they were handing out kids they gave her the toughest one ... Lieutenant Trouble."
"You remembered."
Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau[src]

Monica Rambeau is the daughter of Maria Rambeau. Rambaeu befriended Carol Danvers, a friend of her mother, and refused to believe the reports that Danvers had died in a mysterious plane crash. Monica was amazed when Danvers returned six years later with considerable abilities and convinced her own mother to join Danvers in a mission to help Skrull General Talos. Before the mission, Monica helped Danvers to choose the colors of her outfit which she would later on use as Captain Marvel.


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  • In the comics, Monica Rambeau is a lieutenant in the New Orleans Harbor Patrol who gained superpowers after being bombarded by extradimensional energy and took on the title of Captain Marvel before changing her name to Photon and eventually Spectrum.
    • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Monica shares some similarities to the character Katherine "Kit" Renner, a young girl who was a big fan of Carol Danvers. She affectionately referred to her as Lieutenant Trouble due to her tendency to get into trouble.


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