"Space is now full of unexpected threats."
"Always was full of threats. And allies."
Tyler Hayward and Monica Rambeau[src]

Captain Monica Rambeau is the daughter of the late Maria Rambeau. During her childhood, she befriended Carol Danvers, a friend of her mother, and refused to believe the reports that Danvers had died in a mysterious plane crash. Rambeau was amazed and happy when Danvers returned six years later with considerable abilities and convinced her own mother to join Danvers in a mission to help Talos to save Skrull refugees from Kree forces. Before the mission, Rambeau helped Danvers to choose the colors of her outfit which she would later on use as Captain Marvel.

After Danvers returned to space, Maria founded S.W.O.R.D. on Earth. Rambeau eventually followed in her mother's footsteps by joining S.W.O.R.D. in her adult life. In 2018, Monica was killed in the Snap while accompanying her mother for cancer treatments. She returned to life five years later, but discovered her mother had already perished to complications from cancer.


Early Life

Losing Aunt Carol

"You didn't get along with your parents so Mom said we became your real family."
―Monica Rambeau to Carol Danvers[src]

Rambeau stargazing with Carol Danvers

Rambeau was the daughter of Maria Rambeau. She came to consider her mother's friend, Carol Danvers, as her own family since Danvers did not get along with her parents and spent a lot of time with the Rambeaus. Rambeau and Danvers were very close, to the point that Rambeau called Danvers "Auntie Carol," while Danvers nicknamed her "Lieutenant Trouble." Danvers would stargaze with Rambeau at night in her backyard, telling her stories of the constellations. Over time, Rambeau collected various objects of Danvers' life, including photographs of different moments in Danvers' past.

Rambeau was very saddened when she learned that Danvers had disappeared in a mysterious plane crash. However, she refused to believe that Danvers had died and remained convinced for years that her friend had somehow survived the crash and would return soon. Rambeau preciously kept all the memorabilia of Danvers' life, including her leather jacket, although she was forbidden to wear it after spilling ketchup on it.[1]

Alien Conflict

Carol Danvers' Return

Rambeau being reunited with Carol Danvers

"Mom, it's Auntie Carol. I knew it, everybody said you were dead but we knew they were lying."
―Monica Rambeau to Maria Rambeau[src]

In 1995, while hanging out in a plane owned by Maria Rambeau, Rambeau saw a woman approaching and immediately identified her as Carol Danvers. Overjoyed to see that her friend had indeed survived the crash, Rambeau rushed to Danvers, only to figure out that Danvers did not recognize her. Rambeau was even more surprised when Danvers told her and Maria her story involving extraterrestrials shapeshifters, but she was amazed when Danvers demonstrated her powers by boiling water by mere contact with a kettle.[1]

Meeting the Skrulls

Rambeau discovers the existence of Skrulls

"You have the chance to fly the coolest mission in the history of missions. And you're gonna give it up to sit on the couch and watch Fresh Prince with me? I just think that you should consider the kind of example you're setting for your daughter."
―Monica Rambeau to Maria Rambeau[src]

In an attempt to bring back Carol Danvers' memories, Rambeau, helped by Nick Fury, went in her bedroom to pick up all the objects connected to Danvers she had kept. She then detailed several of them to Danvers, hoping that something would match in Danvers' mind. Having forgotten the leather jacket, she briefly left to get it, and on her way back was approached by her mother. Rambeau then returned into the house, only to find her mother already there with Talos, as Rambeau had actually encountered Norex, disguised as her mother.

Rambeau telling her mother to join the mission

Rambeau was ordered by her mother to wait outside when Danvers, Maria, Fury and Talos listened to the black box recordings of Danvers' plane crash. Later, as Danvers planned on getting into space and asked Maria to be her copilot, Rambeau insisted that her mother should go, arguing that working with dangerous technology was what Maria used to do. Rambeau jokingly concluded on the example Maria would give to her daughter, which convinced Maria to join in the mission, much to Danvers' delight.

Rambeau redesigning Carol Danvers' uniform

As they prepared for the mission, during which Rambeau would remain with her grandparents, Rambeau was approached by Danvers, who praised her determination and asked her to choose the new colors of her Starforce Uniform. In the end, the colors were based on the United States Air Force T-shirt Rambeau was wearing, giving the uniform the red, blue and yellow colors Danvers would later permanently use.[1]

Captain Marvel's Farewell

Rambeau bonding with Talos' daughter

"I'll be back before you know it."
"Maybe I can fly up and meet you halfway."
"Only if you learn to glow, like your Auntie Carol."
"Or maybe I'll build a spaceship. You don't know."
Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau and Nick Fury[src]

Rambeau was reunited with her mother Maria and Carol Danvers as they successfully returned from their mission against the Kree Starforce. During the following dinner, Rambeau played Uno with Talos' daughter, and then suggested that the Skrulls could remain with them.

Rambeau watches Captain Marvel flying away

However, she was told that it would not be safe, and that Danvers would find a new home for them. Rambeau then claimed that she could meet with Danvers in space, and when Nick Fury remarked that she would have to gain superpowers, she quickly retorted that she might be able to build a spaceship some day. Upon Danvers' departure, Rambeau shared a loving farewell hug with her friend before watching her taking off in complete amazement.[1]

Agent of S.W.O.R.D.


"You disappeared."
Harley to Monica Rambeau[src]

Many years after Carol Danvers accompanied the Skrulls on their search for a new homeworld, Rambeau continued her life on Earth, while her mother, Maria Rambeau, founded S.W.O.R.D.. Rambeau grew up to become a S.W.O.R.D. agent, working directly under her mother. Eventually, Maria was diagnosed with cancer. In 2018, Rambeau accompanied her mother to the hospital Parkside, where she underwent surgery. On the day her mother was scheduled to be released, Rambeau sat by her mother's hospital bed and fell asleep, thinking back on memories with her from 1995. Rambeau then died in her sleep as the Snap occurred, unaware of what had transpired.[4]


Rambeau getting resurrected in the Blip

"I've been in that room since she came back from the surgery. I mean, I might have fallen asleep, but no longer than twenty minutes. Where's my mom?"
"Your mom? She died, honey."
―Monica Rambeau and Harley[src]

Five years later, in 2023, Rambeau was resurrected in the Blip, and woke up believing she had been asleep for twenty minutes. However, she was taken aback when she saw that her mother was not in her bed. Rambeau left the hospital room to find other civilians being resurrected, and Parkside's capacity doubling. Rambeau frantically rushed to find a nurse for her mother's whereabouts, but all the staff were overwhelmed with the return of the Snap victims.

Eventually, Rambeau found Doctor Harley, who survived the Snap and was still working at Parkside. When asked about her mother, Dr. Harley explained to Rambeau that Maria had passed away in 2020 from cancer complications after it came back, two years after Rambeau died in the Snap. Initially confused, Rambeau had little time to grasp and comprehend this information, as she realized that she herself had been dead for five years.[4]

Back at S.W.O.R.D.

"Lost half my personnel in the Blip, and half of those remaining have lost their nerve. The program hasn't been the same since you've been up there, Rambeau."
Tyler Hayward to Monica Rambeau[src]

Two weeks following the Blip, Rambeau had returned to the S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters and met Tyler Hayward, who had taken on the role of director of S.W.O.R.D., in the wake of Maria Rambeau's death. Rambeau was told by Hayward that the Earth and S.W.O.R.D. had been different since Rambeau's temporary death, due to the Snap.[4]

Investigating Westview

Rambeau investigating alongside Jimmy Woo

"What is it?"
"Some sort of... energy field."
"Careful, Rambeau. Captain Rambeau! Watch it. Rambeau!"
Jimmy Woo and Monica Rambeau[src]

Having been grounded at S.W.O.R.D., Rambeau was sent on a missing persons case by Tyler Hayward. Once she arrived at Westview, Rambeau met FBI agent Jimmy Woo, who approached her and explained the situation. He exclaimed that according to the Eastview Sheriff's Office, the place had never actually existed. Rambeau walked up to the two cops sitting nest to a Welcome to Westview sign and, when she asking the cops about Westview, Sheriff Miller exclaimed that it never existed, despite the fact that they were from Eastview. Rambeau and Woo then walked over to the energy field to check out, as Rambeau then touched the field and was sucked into a strange reality.[2]

Strange Reality

Town Committee Meeting

Geraldine introduced to Wanda Maximoff

Once she was trapped inside the Westview Anomaly, Rambeau, having been mind-controlled by Wanda Maximoff, took on the identity of a woman named Geraldine. While a group of women of Westview attended a meeting for the small town talent show, Geraldine and Maximoff began to get closer, although heavily annoying Dottie Jones.[2]

Small Town Talent Show

Geraldine witnesses all Vision's breakdowns

Later on, Geraldine hosted the talent show and got caught up by the consequences of Vision's gum problem, as Vision forgot to put Maximoff inside of the Cabinet of Mysteries. As a result, Maximoff, desperate for the town's approval, teleported Geraldine inside the cabinet. After that last act, Maximoff fixed Vision, and attempted leaving without noticing.

However, Dottie Jones surprisingly gave them the award and, while she was receiving this, Geraldine asked Vision how he managed to get her inside the cabinet, to which he claimed that a magician never revealed his secrets. Vision left that to his assistant to which Maximoff replied that she would not be talking.[2]

Wanda Maximoff's Pregnancy

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Ejected from Reality

Rambeau is thrown outside by Scarlet Witch

"I'm a twin. I had a brother. His name was Pietro.
"He was killed by Ultron, wasn't he?"
"What did you say?"
Wanda Maximoff and Monica Rambeau[src]
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Secretly, Wanda Maximoff used her powers to eject Rambeau out of Westview through her unbridled fury. She is thrown out through an invisible barrier protected by towering pylons shielding Westview from the rest of the world, hurling through the air and landing in a field outside the S.W.O.R.D. Response Base. As she drifts in and out of consciousness after being blasted outside, several S.W.O.R.D. SUVs and trucks with armed soldiers, and a helicopter, arrive and tend to her.[5] She later told the S.W.O.R.D agents that Maximoff is the one who created the barrier.[4]

Returning to Work

"Wanda's not a terrorist."
"By your own account, you described the experience of being under her mind-control as 'excruciating, terrifying, a violation.'"
"My point is, I don't believe she has a political agenda or any inclination toward destruction."
―Monica Rambeau and Tyler Hayward[src]

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Confronted by Maximoff

"Wanda, I didn't know the drones were armed. But you know that, don't you? A town full of civilians. And you, a telepath, brought a S.W.O.R.D. Agent into your home. You trusted me to help deliver your babies. On some level, Wanda, you know I am an ally. I wanna help you."
―Monica Rambeau to Wanda Maximoff[src]

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Relieved from Duty

"Clearly antagonizing her is only making things worse. If Wanda is the problem, she has to be our solution."
"Captain Rambeau, you have become an impediment to this mission. Constantly advocating on behalf of super-powered individuals. Yes, I know your history with Carol Danvers."
―Monica Rambeau and Tyler Hayward[src]

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Gaining her Powers

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Confronting Wanda

"You and Hayward differ. He's gonna burn Westview to the ground just to get what he wants. Don't let him make you the villain."
"Maybe I already am."
"I'm not afraid of you, Wanda. I lost the person closest to me, too. The worst thing I can think of has already happened to me and I can't change it. I can't undo it. I can't control this pain anymore. And I don't think I want to, because it's my truth."
―Monica Rambeau and Wanda Maximoff[src]

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"I know what Wanda's feeling and I won't stop until I help her."
―Monica Rambeau[src]

During her childhood, Rambeau was a very lively and mature person, despite her age, which impressed most people who encountered her. She remained convinced that her friend Carol Danvers had survived, refusing to believe in her death since no solid evidence of it existed, and was proven right when Danvers came back to her six years later. Rambeau did her best to bring back Danvers' memories, nostalgically going through all the memorabilia she had gathered and kept for days to remember her friend. Rambeau could also be quite witty, such as she teased her mother about the example she was setting for her when refusing to leave for a dangerous mission, or when she claimed to Nick Fury that she could be able to build a spaceship to meet up with Danvers in space.

Powers & Abilities


"You've gone through the boundary twice already, Monica. The energy inside has re-written your cells on a molecular level twice. It's changing you."
Darcy Lewis to Monica Rambeau[src]
  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: After going through the Hex surrounding Westview twice, Rambeau's DNA was rewritten. After going through the barrier a third time, the Hex rewrote her already altered cells, giving Rambeau superhuman abilities.
    • Spectral Vision:

      Rambeau seeing Westview with her spectral vision

      After having her cells altered three times, Rambeau gained the ability to perceive the electromagnetic spectrum beyond the capacity of a regular human, and was able to use this spectral vision to detect energy running through Agatha Harkness' cellar.
    • Energy Absorption: While going through the Hex, Rambeau gained the ability to absorb energy, which causes her eyes to glow blue when in use. After being attacked by Wanda Maximoff, who hoisted her into the air and let her go, Rambeau used this power to absorb the impact of her fall.


  • Expert Combatant: Rambeau is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as she was able to take down multiple S.W.O.R.D. agents during her infiltration with Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis.



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Other Equipment

  • S.W.O.R.D. Uniform: To be added



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  • In the comics, Monica Rambeau is a lieutenant in the New Orleans Harbor Patrol who gained superpowers after being bombarded by extradimensional energy and took on the title of Captain Marvel before changing her name to Photon and eventually Spectrum.
    • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Rambeau shares some similarities to the character Katherine "Kit" Renner, a young girl who was a big fan of Carol Danvers. Danvers affectionately referred to Renner as Lieutenant Trouble due to her tendency of getting into trouble.

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