"These guys are badder. Bigger, far more dangerous. And you just handed them dominance."
Brigid O'Reilly to Tyrone Johnson[src]

The Money Hustle Gang is a group of criminals operating in New Orleans.


"Who are you with? You Block? I said "You Block?" We look like dumb punks you can just take from?"
―Gang Member to Cloak[src]

The Money Hustle Gang was one of the crime gangs operating in New Orleans, and they were considered being much more dangerous than their rivals, the Uptown Block Kings. In his attempt to make New Orleans a safer place, Cloak attempted to steal drug and money from the gang, but they caught him and beat him up, accusing him to be a member of the Uptown Block Kings. However, Cloak was saved from the gang by Dagger.[1]

The heads of the Money Hustle Gang later took part in a meeting at the Rougarou Club with the leaders of the Uptown Block Kings in order to find an arrangement. However, all those who attended the meetings were massacred by Mayhem. Among the members of the Money Hustle Gang who were killed was Brett Latour, who drew a vévé on the floor before passing away.[2]

The new boss of the Money Hustle Gang was later told that Cloak wanted to confront the gang leaders once again. Both the leaders of the Money Hustle Gang and the Uptown Block Kings were kidnapped by Cloak, who threatened to throw them from a roof if they did not agree to his terms, which included stopping selling drugs to people who planned on forcing others to use said drugs, and giving him information regarding the whereabouts of D'Spayre. Both reluctantly agreed to follow Cloak's instructions.[3]


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