"Please, don't hurt me."
"We're here to protect you."
―Mona Lee and Trish Walker[src]

Mona Lee is a GT Agrochemical employee and alleged target of Gregory Sallinger.


"Then there's a goddamn serial killer after you and we're gonna save you, whether you like it or not."
Jessica Jones to Mona Lee[src]
Mona Lee worked at the GT Agrochemical Office in New York City where the security guards were confronted by Jessica Jones and the masked vigilante. Hiding behind the truck, Lee attempted to attack the vigilante, only to be disarmed by Jones. The vigilante told her that they came to protect her, so Lee asked who is going to hurt her. Jones then showed her the picture of her made by Gregory Sallinger which Lee recognized, and Jones said that she is Sallinger's next target. Jones told Lee that they will protect her no matter what and then informed the NYPD about the possible attack.[1]



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