"Why we gotta come here all the time? We need to think about eating healthy."
Tamar to Darius Davis[src]

Momo Korean Restaurant is a Korean restaurant located near the PRIDE Construction Site.


Darius Davis spent a lot of time in Momo Korean Restaurant, as its location near the PRIDE Construction Site made it ideal to enjoy some meals while remaining close to the dig site which he watched hoping to discover whatever his enemy Geoffrey Wilder was up to. His wife Tamar often joined him there, although she was clearly annoyed by his obsession as she wanted to eat something else. During a meal, Darius recalled everything he had seen since his path had crossed the Runaways', but Tamar had a hard time believing him and eventually left the restaurant for a Steak 'n Shake.[1]


The Runaways and Geoffrey Wilder at the restaurant

Days later, the Runaways, accompanied by a blindfolded Geoffrey, went to Momo Korean Restaurant to prepare their mission on the dig site to stop Jonah's plans once and for all. While in the restaurant, Alex Wilder used his computer to hack into the incoming Church of Gibborim vans and redirected them to the desert so they would not be disturbed. The Runaways and Geoffrey then left the restaurant in order to infiltrate the construction site.[2]


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