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"People need our help. I can't just sit around and do nothing."
―Molly Hernandez[src]
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Molly Hayes Hernandez is a young girl with enhanced strength, a power she gained after being exposed to the Gibborim Rocks prior to and during the explosion that killed her biological parents, Gene and Alice Hernandez, when she was a child. She was adopted by Dale and Stacey Yorkes, the parents of Gert Yorkes. Upon reuniting with her childhood friends, they discovered that their parents used PRIDE to cover up ceremonial sacrifices of the Church of Gibborim. She teamed up with her friends and formed the Runaways, although Hernandez struggled to tell them about her newfound superhuman strength. She also made the mistake of accidentally revealing to Catherine Wilder that she knew about PRIDE's rituals. This caused her to be sent to live with her second cousin Graciela Aguirre, but it also enabled her to find evidence of PRIDE's potentially catastrophic plans.

Hernandez was forced to run when the Runaways were suspected of having abducted her. Following the death of Aguirre, Hernandez decided to use her powers to become a masked vigilante fighting crime on the streets of Los Angeles, despite facing criticism from her teammates. She heavily insisted that Topher should stay with the Runaways as she was fascinated that he displayed similar powers to hers and was devastated when the Runaways were forced to abandon him. Hernandez and her superhuman strength were put to good use during the Runaways' various missions, including when she was captured the corrupt LAPD strike team. During the Chase of the Runaways, Hernandez managed to escape from her adoptive father and returned to the Hostel, only to discover that she was among the only three Runaways to still be free with Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder.


Early Life

Losing her Parents

"I always thought it was a miracle that Molly survived that night."
Dale Yorkes[src]

Hernandez playing with a Gibborim Rock

Molly Hernandez was born in 2003 to and Gene and Alice Hernandez. When Molly was four years old, while she was playing in their lab, she saw her parents worrying around the room. Her mother, Alice, approached her and told her that she loved her. Observing her parents, Molly noticed a rock on the desk that her mother had brought back, which moved by making light. Amused, she moved the stone until a door knocking noise drew her attention again, as well as that of her parents.

Hernandez gains her powers

While her parents discovered that they were locked up in the lab, Hernandez went back to playing with the stone. Seconds later, an explosion blasted the lab. Clinging to her stone and her soft toy, Molly went to hide under a table, watching the remains of the building following the explosion that has just killed her parents. Hernandez did not immediately realize what had just happened to her and remained calm to wait for someone to pick her up. As she looked at the sky, the color of her eyes turned orange, indicating that she had gained her powers.[3]

Adoption by the Yorkeses

Hernandez at her parent's funeral

"You know that we loved your mommy and daddy very much, and we know how much they love you. And..."
"We know that they would want you to have a good home, so we were wondering if maybe you'd want to come live with us."
Dale Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes[src]

Later, Hernandez attended the funeral of her parents being pampered by Stacey Yorkes who collapsed in tears understanding the suffering of it. Hernandez looked attentively at the burial of her parents, without crying once. Hernandez then went to the Yorkes Residence with the other children of the members of PRIDE, remaining sitting alone and playing with her stuffed elephant toy.

Hernandez is adopted by the Yorkeses

Later, Hernandez was approached by Stacey and Dale Yorkes who asked her if she wanted to eat. Hernandez told them that she was not hungry but that her stuffed animal would not say no to a little food. The discussion turned to the fact that Hernandez dreamed of being an elephant and the Yorkes' finally offered her to come live with them, which Hernandez accepted without hesitation.[11]


Powers Discovery

Hernandez in the nurse's office

In 2017, Hernandez and Gert Yorkes were taken to Atlas Academy by Dale and Stacey Yorkes. After an awkward conversation about menstruating, Hernandez told Gert that she wanted to audition and join the school's dance squad. However, during the audition, she experiences what seemed to be bad menstrual cramps, and was left unable to continue the tryout, causing Hernandez to ask Eiffel for a reschedule. Hernandez headed to the nurse's office, where she was given meds. When the nurse stepped out, her powers suddenly emerged as she inadvertently used super-strength to accidentally crush her chair. This relieved her discomfort, the repression having been the true source of her pain.

Hernandez practicing her enhanced strength

Back home, Hernandez decided to further try out her powers in the garage. She tried to pull a van but failed, instead of going to bend a crowbar, just as the van began to roll towards her from behind. Hernandez noticed and turned, causing her powers to suddenly activate to stop the vehicle. Hernandez cheered at her success, before suddenly becoming very tired and slumping against the wall. She was then awakened by a text from Gert asking her to feed their parents' pets.

Hernandez meeting a dinosaur

Hernandez went down into the basement to feed the pets. However, she also heard noises from the heavily secured vaulted room, and approached its window. As she looked through, she managed to see some kind of creature - actually a genetically engineered dinosaur, prompting her to flee in terror. She called her sister, saying that she wanted to leave the house. Hernandez was later found by Gert, who took her to the Wilder Mansion, as Alex Wilder had previously invited all of his former friends over.

Once all the group of former friends was gathered, they asked for suggestions on what to do next. However, the conversation quickly went wrong as they began arguing with each other, although no one had a peculiar grudge against Hernandez herself, since most of the resentment was directed towards Wilder. The group then followed Chase Stein as he headed over to Geoffrey Wilder's office to find some alcohol, although he refused to give some to Hernandez.

Hernandez witnesses a Rite of Blood

The group was then surprised when Wilder accidentally activated a secret mechanism which triggered the opening to a mysterious passageway leading in the mansion's basement. They arrived at an underground hall and were confused as to what was happening as they saw their parents in red robes preparing for some sort of ritual and apparently unreachable behind a mysterious energy barrier. Hernandez was then pushed back by Yorkes as a young girl, Destiny Gonzalez, was being brought for what appeared to be a human sacrifice. However, Hernandez refused to be the only one not to see anything and used her phone to take a picture, thus alerting PRIDE with the flash. Figuring out that they could be discovered having seen something they were not supposed to, Hernandez and the others fled back to Geoffrey's office.[1]

Avoiding Confession

Hernandez and the group entering the guesthouse

"You think I'm lying, don't you? Nobody ever believes me. Not my parents, not the other kids. I'm just the adopted girl who everyone got stuck with."
―Molly Hernandez to Catherine Wilder[src]

While Alex Wilder briefly left the group, Hernandez and her friends hid in the guesthouse. Exhausted by her recent efforts, she fell asleep on a couch while Wilder returned and explained that he had cut the power in the Wilder Mansion so that PRIDE would believe that to be the cause of the flash. Hernandez was then awakened by her friends and they all pretended to be playing Twister when Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder arrived to check on them. Once the Wilders left, the teenagers discussed about what they had seen: Hernandez showed them the picture she had taken, but it was blurry and actually did not display anything.

In order to act normal, Hernandez and the group returned to the lobby to meet with PRIDE, and she spent some time discussing with the Wilders and Janet Stein. Hernandez and Gert Yorkes were then taken back to the Yorkes Residence. Unable to sleep after what they had witnessed, Hernandez went to Yorkes' room and asked if she could sleep next to her, which she agreed, and asked her to sing a lullaby to comfort her.[12]

Hernandez meets with the other Runaways at the beach

In the next morning, before she and Yorkes went to find the group at the beach, Hernandez looked through her stuff to find a hairpin that she lost, which had been given to her by her mother. She also attempted to explain to Yorkes that something weird was happening to her whenever she felt anxious, but eventually chose not to reveal the whole extent of it. They then went to the beach, where the Runaways attempted to organize their investigation. Hernandez mentioned that they could investigate the basement of the Yorkes Residence, claiming that a mysterious creature was living in it, but her suggestion was met with doubt, causing Hernandez to angrily leave.

Hernandez manages to escape

Hernandez went to the Timely Coffee to spend some time alone. She was approached by Catherine, who explained that she had found her hairpin in Geoffrey's office. Hernandez pretended that she had been looking for the bathroom and, sensing that she was in danger, claimed that he had to go to the toilet. Locking the door, she looked for a way to escape, but the window had bars, forcing Hernandez to resort to her enhanced strength to escape by ripping off an entire part of the wall. Although she successfully left the café, she suddenly felt drowsy and fell asleep.

Hernandez woke up in Catherine's car. She confessed that she had lied to Catherine and claimed that the other kids had actually made her sneak into Geoffrey's office to see whether they could use the liquor cabinet. As she felt that Catherine did not believe her, Hernandez complained that no one trusted her and that she was a burden to the people around her, but Catherine disagreed, claiming that no one felt that way. Hernandez then explained that she wished to know more about her real parents and Catherine offered to give her information about them whenever she would feel ready to hear them.[11]

Cretacean Encounter

Hernandez joins a WizTalk conversation

"We... have... a dinosaur! When were you gonna tell us this?"
"Well, there's a, um, a time and place for that kind of stuff."
"I'm available now."
Gert Yorkes, Stacey Yorkes and Molly Hernandez[src]

In the following night, Hernandez joined a WizTalk conversation between the Runaways to discuss the thin results of their investigation, once again trying to mention her enhanced strength which activated whenever she was afraid, but could not tell much as Gert Yorkes interrupted her. On the next morning, Hernandez heard her parents Dale and Stacey Yorkes discussing about a missing animal in their lab, and figured out that they were talking about the creature Hernandez had seen, despite the Yorkeses claiming that they were looking for a hedgehog. Once they left, Hernandez and Gert commented on how poor liars their parents were.

Hernandez is attacked by a dinosaur

Hernandez spent the day at the Atlas Academy. Once she returned home, she went to her bedroom and prepared a series of questions to ask Catherine Wilder about her biological parents. However, before she could send it, she heard strange noises in the house. Believing it to be a prank from Gert, she opened a door, only to be attacked by a small dinosaur. This activated her superpowers, and she kicked the dinosaur to the ceiling before running downstairs. However, the dinosaur jumped in front of her, arriving between Hernandez and the door. Hernandez prepared to punch the dinosaur, but it stopped as Gert suddenly arrived and ordered it to calm down. Hernandez then watched as Gert confirmed that the dinosaur obeyed her.

Hernandez and Gert Yorkes ask for explanations

Once Dale and Stacey returned and locked the dinosaur back into its room, Hernandez and Gert asked for explanations regarding its existence. Dale and Stacey started to explain that they had engineered this dinosaur for their protection, but before they could explain further, they were interrupted by Tina Minoru ringing the bell at the door, prompting Dale and Stacey to ask Hernandez and Yorkes to remain in the basement and make sure that the dinosaur did not make too much noise.[13]

Kidnapping of Alex Wilder

Hernandez and the Runaways chasing down the Crips

"You try lifting an SUV with your bare hands. It's exhausting! At least you guys finally got to see what I can do."
―Molly Hernandez to the Runaways[src]

Hernandez was informed by Gert Yorkes that Alex Wilder had been kidnapped by unidentified abudctors. Hernandez and Yorkes joined Nico Minoru and Karolina Dean in front of the Timely Coffee. Using the Staff of One, they managed to identify the heat signature of the car in which Wilder had been taken away. Before going, Hernandez tried to inform her friends of her strength, but Yorkes once again told her that this was not the right time. They then all got into Dean's car to find Wilder. Despite Dean's dangerous way of driving, Hernandez actually enjoyed it, finding it to be fun.

Hernandez and the Runaways confront Darius Davis

The Runaways arrived to see Wilder being held hostage by Darius Davis, who took him back into his car and drove away. The Runaways followed him until Davis stopped at a red light. As Minoru was unable to stop the car with the Staff of One, Hernandez ran out of Dean's car and used her enhanced strength to prevent Davis' car from going further. As Davis arrived to see what was happening and pointed his gun at Hernandez, she was protected by Dean, who revealed her own powers to attack Davis, much to Hernandez's amazement.

As they confronted Davis, the teenagers were joined by Chase Stein, who attacked Davis with his recently complete Fistigons. Minoru then used the Staff of One to protect Hernandez and the others from Davis' bullets, causing him to flee. Exhausted by her recent effort, Hernandez fell asleep on Dean's car's hood, and the Runaways decided to head back to the Timely Coffee to recover from their emotions, except for Wilder, who briefly left them.

Hernandez and Gert Yorkes hide from their parents with their dinosaur

At the Timely Coffee, Hernandez expressed relief at the idea that her friends had finally witnessed what she was able to do. However, as Wilder returned, he explained that they had to save Andre Compton, one of his kidnappers, from PRIDE, as he feared that he would be sacrificed just like Destiny Gonzalez. Hernandez and the other Runaways rushed to the Wilder Mansion, but PRIDE was nowhere to be found, meaning that they had failed to save Compton. Hernandez and Yorkes then returned to the Yorkes Residence to see their dinosaur. Hernandez then asked Yorkes about their parents' motives, and Yorkes replied that their parents apparently were horrible people.[14]

Misguided Confession

Hernandez and the Runaways discuss their new mission

"There's nothing, I swear. I just want to know about my parents. I didn't see a thing."
"What did you just say?"
"Nothing. Just some weird robes. It must've been a party. I don't know."
―Molly Hernandez and Catherine Wilder[src]

Hernandez went to the Timely Coffee to meet the other Runaways and discuss their plan to infiltrate the Wizard Headquarters during a fundraising gala held by PRIDE and retrieve a video file which could incriminate their parents. Although Hernandez agreed to this plan, she asked the others whether they had questions and suggested that they could try and talk to them. Hernandez then left the coffee and later went to the Dean Mansion with Gert Yorkes, where they joined Karolina Dean and Nico Minoru to get ready for the upcoming party. During the drive to Wizard Headquarters, Hernandez noticed how uncomfortable Yorkes felt when seeing Dean and Chase Stein acting close to each other.

Hernandez sends a message to Catherine Wilder

The teenagers arrived at the party, where they saw their parents being applauded and cheered by the crowd. As they discussed PRIDE's possible arrest, Hernandez worried about the fact that this could mean she would fail to ask Catherine Wilder about her biological parents, and texted her that she was running out of time. Later, once the Runaways prepared for their mission, Hernandez, who remained at the party, noticed that Dean left to the flight of stairs leading to the building's roof with a bottle a vodka, shortly followed by Stein. Hernandez decided to follow them as well to see what was happening and arrived just in time to see Stein kissing Karolina. She then went back downstairs.

Hernandez discusses with Catherine Wilder

As the party was ending, Hernandez was approached by Yorkes and she decided to confess what she had seen on the roof, aware that Yorkes had feelings for Stein but being unable to keep him kissing Dean a secret from her sister. She then went to see Wilder and demanded answers regarding her birth parents, which puzzled Wilder, who did not understand while Hernandez was so upset. When Wilder suggested that they talked in her car, Hernandez accidentally revealed that she had seen PRIDE in their ceremonial red robes, implying that she knew about the sacrifices. However, before Wilder could interrogate her, Stacey Yorkes arrived to check on Hernandez, who left the gala with her, realizing that she had made a huge mistake.[15]

Sent Away

Hernandez confesses her mistake to the Runaways

"I don't want to live somewhere else. Why are they doing this to me?"
"Because they know you saw."
―Molly Hernandez and Gert Yorkes[src]

In the next day, Hernandez went to Atlas Academy to prepare for the upcoming open house. She and Gert Yorkes joined the other Runaways and they began discussing whether their parents knew that the Runaways were aware of PRIDE's secret. This caused a panicking Hernandez to drop the double helix model she had made for the open house and she confessed that she might have revealed to Catherine Wilder that she knew about the rituals. Hernandez was blamed for being too honest and when Karolina Dean tried to comfort her, it only made things worse and Hernandez angrily left the group.

Hernandez tried to befriend the school's dance squad led by Eiffel, but it only went to humiliation as Eiffel only gave her menial tasks to perform. She was then approached by Dean who once again tried to comfort Hernandez, and the two teenagers bonded over their common point of having enhanced abilities they were forced to conceal. During the open house, Hernandez remained at the dance squad's booth, although it only led to more humiliations from Eiffel.

Hernandez discovers the Yorkeses' intent to send her away

Back at the Yorkes Residence, Hernandez was surprised to find Dale and Stacey Yorkes in her bedroom, packing her stuff. When she asked them about what was going on, Hernandez was told that they intended to send her to Montebello to live with her second cousin Graciela Aguirre, allegedly so that she could know more about her birth parents. However, Hernandez categorically refused to leave and, as Gert arrived and failed to convince her parents to change their mind, Hernandez nearly revealed enhanced strength because of the unbearable level of stress.

Hernandez was taken by Gert into her own bedroom, where she was warned that she could not use her powers in front of the Yorkeses. Hernandez burst into tears, claiming that she did not want to leave. Gert hugged her to comfort her and swore that she would protect her, but insisted that Hernandez still had to leave for her own safety. Hernandez, still crying, reluctantly accepted to go along with the Yorkeses' plan.[2]

Hernandez with Graciela Aguirre

Although she agreed to go to live with Aguirre, Hernandez was still extremely upset by the Yorkeses' choice and did not hesitate to let them know, despite their attempts to convince her that it was for her own good. Hernandez refused to let Stacey hug her when they had to go after receiving a text message and insulted them before angrily leaving. However, once she remained alone with Aguirre who had prepared dinner, Hernandez managed to calm down. She was then given an envelope left by her parents to Aguirre, who had waited for the Yorkeses to leave. Inside, Hernandez found a key and a note requesting her to find her stuffed elephant Elian.

Hernandez opens a safe containing a VHS tape

Hernandez did not understand what this meant, as she had not lost the plush. However, she recalled a time when she did forget it on a train, causing her and her parents to go to a train station to retrieve it. Hernandez was then told by Aguirre that they could go to the Metrolink station in the next morning to investigate. Nevertheless, Hernandez could not wait and snuck out through a window in the middle of the night. Arriving at the station, she located the safe which matched the key and opened it, thus retrieving an old VHS tape.[16]

Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site

Hernandez watches the message left to her by her parents

"We're a family."
"And we'll fight you if we have to!"
Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez to PRIDE[src]

Hernandez managed to return to Los Angeles by herself and went to Atlas Academy, where she was reunited with her fellow Runaways. She explained her discovery to them and they headed to a room where they could find a VHS reader. It turned out to be a video recording from Hernandez's parents, who warned her against the potential consequences of PRIDE's activities, which could cause massive earthquakes in California. Hernandez was deeply upset by the message, believing her parents to be as evil as the other PRIDE members, but the others comforted her, stating that they had tried to warn her, and perhaps others as well, and that this could be why they died.

Hernandez encourages Gert Yorkes to find Chase Stein

Hernandez and the others discussed their next move in light of the Hernandezes' reveal and they resolved to meet in the evening, at the school dance, to gather before going to infiltrate the PRIDE Construction Site. Hernandez waited for the night until Gert Yorkes arrived for the party, having taken her dinosaur with her. She joined Yorkes in the car, and told her that Chase Stein had already arrived and had trusted her with the Fistigons and the X-Ray Specs. She then encouraged Yorkes to find Stein while she would remain with the dinosaur.

Hernandez moving a truck

Hernandez was later joined in the car by Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru and Karolina Dean, but Minoru and Dean briefly left to see why Yorkes and Stein did not come. Once everyone was present, the group headed to the PRIDE Construction Site. They were briefly stopped by Carl, a member of the Church of Gibborim providing security, but he eventually let them in. Once inside the site, the Runaways found a gigantic hole. Hernandez went with Wilder and Dean to find a truck to be pushed down into the hole by Hernandez, which she successfully carried out under her friends' encouragements, revealing the significant depth of the hole.

Hernandez confronts the PRIDE

However, as Minoru attempted to fill the hole thanks to the Staff of One, Hernandez and the other Runaways realized that their parents had all come in an attempt to save their plans and stop the teenagers. As Stacey Yorkes assumed that PRIDE and Runaways belonged to the same family, Hernandez activated her enhanced strength and claimed that they were willing to fight PRIDE, which made all the PRIDE members stop and step back upon seeing her eyes.[3] The confrontation was engaged by Dale Yorkes, who fired a tranquilizing bullet at Gert's dinosaur. As Dean attacked PRIDE with her powers, Hernandez offered to help her by throwing barrels at their opponent. However, she was attacked by Jonah, who had arrived as well and shot a light burst at her.

Hernandez and the other Runaways face Jonah and the PRIDE

Although quite stunned by the attack, Hernandez managed to stand back and returned with the other Runaways, ready to confront the PRIDE. However, they were then told by Dean to flee from battle, as Jonah was only interested in her, so she would hold him off while they left. Hernandez reluctantly agreed to leave, witnessing the dramatic effects of the confrontation between Jonah and Dean. After a powerful surge affected all electric systems, the Runaways discussed their options and decided to retreat in the forest to devise their next move.[4]

Rescue of Karolina Dean

Hernandez hiding with the Runaways

Once hidden in the wood, the Runaways debated over what they should do next: leaving Los Angeles to prepare an elaborate plan to fight PRIDE, or immediately trying to save Karolina Dean. Hernandez advocated the second option, stating that Dean sacrificed herself to protect her friends, and that they had to do the same for Dean. In order to go incognito, Hernandez went to a thrift shop with Nico Minoru and Chase Stein to get new clothes. They then returned in the woods and prepared for their rescue mission, but before they went, Hernandez convinced Gert Yorkes to leave her dinosaur, who she called Old Lace, behind for everyone's safety, including Old Lace's.

Hernandez and Chase Stein are helped by Vaughn Kaye

Hernandez and the other Runaways went to the Timely Coffee and ambushed Vaughn Kaye, a member of the Church of Gibborim. They explained that Dean was in danger and that Jonah had taken leadership over the Church, but he refused to listen to them and left. Thus, they decided to go without him: Hernandez and Stein posed as typical runaways to be picked up by Frances and Aura, who brought them into the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. Once inside, Hernandez and Stein were approached by Kaye, who offered to help them - as he had been secretly instructed to by Leslie Dean. Kaye led them to the door behind which Dean was supposed to be, and although it was locked, Hernandez easily got through thanks to her enhanced strength.

Hernandez, Chase Stein and Karolina Dean make their escape

Now reunited with Dean, Hernandez and Stein attempted to leave the building, but stumbled upon Aura and Frances, who called security on them. Nevertheless, Hernandez, Stein and Dean were able to hide from them long enough to escape the building and get into a van stolen by Alex Wilder, enabling the whole Runaways team to leave in safety.[4]

Life on the Run

Hernandez and the other Runaways watching a WHiH World News report

"Does Arizona like brown people? I don't think they do."
―Molly Hernandez[src]

Hernandez and the Runaways returned into the woods, where they spent the night together. In the next morning, they all went to the Los Angeles Bus Depot to find out what their next destination would be, with Hernandez being doubtful that Phoenix was a good choice. However, they also caught a WHiH World News report, which claimed that the Runaways were wanted by the police for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez and the alleged kidnapping of Hernandez herself. Therefore, the Runaways were forced to run for their safety.[4]

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"This is about you. You're not a kid anymore. You're growing into an amazing young woman with strength and integrity and a fierce sense of right and wrong. I just want to say I admire that, that's all."
Gert Yorkes to Molly Hernandez[src]

Hernandez's most notable feature regarding her personality was her constant optimism and ability to see the bright side in most situations, as this was remarked by many people like Karolina Dean. Despite the harsh challenges the Runaways had to overcome, including the reveal that their parents were criminals, Hernandez remained a smiling figure accompanying her older teammates with a petulant nature. However, her innocence could sometimes lead her to make mistakes, such as when she inadvertently revealed to Catherine Wilder that the Runaways knew about PRIDE's criminal activities or when she risked the secrecy of the Hostel and the Runaways' whereabouts by playing vigilante in Los Angeles. Still, Hernandez was praised by her friends for having resisted to the loss of her childhood innocence, as she had been forced to grow up faster than any of them.

Nevertheless, Hernandez's optimism could fail her at times. When the Runaways returned from the Rescue of Gert Yorkes and Chase Stein, she expressed her grief over all the personal challenges they had to overcome, lamenting that they could not have normal lives. She was also extremely upset when she was confronted about her parents' involvement in the Church of Gibborim's nefarious activities.

Following the discovery of her own superpowers, and the progressive control she gained over it, Hernandez was eager to find someone who could comprehend her. Indeed, since her parents were gone, despite Hernandez's attempts to have some information about them via Wilder, Hernandez could not bear the secret of her superhuman abilities and repeatedly tried to tell her fellow Runaways about it, expressing considerable relief when she was finally able to display them. She also bonded with Dean as they both had powers which made them different. Hernandez's wish to find someone like her was decisive in keeping Topher around the Runaways, as she was the only one to really trust him and openly confided in him due to their resemblance.

Initially, Hernandez was already not very sensitive to danger, such as when she enjoyed Dean's dangerous driving when the Runaways attempted to rescue Alex Wilder from Darius Davis. Over time, Hernandez grew even more and more confident when facing danger, to the point that she could display considerable bravery. As such, she willingly surrendered to the corrupt LAPD officers chasing the Runaways at the Gordon Hotel, and showed no sign of visible fear when confronted by Flores and AWOL.

Powers and Abilities


"You try lifting an SUV with your bare hands. It's exhausting."
―Molly Hernandez[src]
  • Gibborim Rock Enhancement: Hernandez developed superhuman abilities, a result of coming in contact with a mysterious rock during her childhood. Though she started manifesting physical characteristics of this change immediately after the explosion that killed her parents, her powers did not start to develop until she reached puberty.
    • Enhanced Strength:

      Hernandez moving a car

      Hernandez has demonstrated the power to easily crush a metal bench in her hands, lift a large SUV off of the ground, push a Volkswagon bus and another SUV for a considerable distance, rip a toilet that had been bolted to the floor up into the air, wrench a set of bars in a public bathroom from the windows, and push open a large set of locked wood and concrete doors, the latter of which was a feat that the other five Runaways were previously unable to accomplish with their combined strength. However, initially after using her powers, Hernandez becomes very exhausted and sleepy, though this seems to have reduced given practice with her powers. When Hernandez's strength increases, her eyes glow with bright golden-orange ring around her irises.
    • Enhanced Durability: Hernandez was durable enough to withstand an energy blast from Jonah, multiple blows from Tina Minoru, being hurled several meters with the Staff of One's power and even hits of superhuman strength from Topher, all without any injuries. She also was able to resist the Taser used by AWOL, who compared her durability to a grizzly bear. She even survived getting struck by lightning in a sacrifice spell that Morgan le Fay and the other witches of Coven performed on her.


  • Bilingualism: Hernandez is fluent in her native English, as well as Spanish.



Other Equipment


  • Yorkes Residence: Hernandez lived in this wealthy residence with her adoptive parents Dale and Stacey Yorkes and her adoptive sister Gert Yorkes.
  • Timely Coffee: Hernandez often met with the other Runaways at the Timely Coffee, where they would discuss their plans to take down PRIDE.
  • Graciela Aguirre's Residence: Hernandez was forced to live with her second cousin Graciela Aguirre by her adoptive parents after it was discovered she witnessed one of PRIDE's sacrifices for her own protection. Hernandez later left the residence in order to investigate the key she was given by Aguirre from her dead parents.
  • Hostel: To be added






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  • In the comics, Molly Hayes is the mutant daughter of Gene and Alice Hayes who develops superhuman strength. After running away from her parents, she takes the alias Bruiser, but later changes it to Princess Powerful.

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