"What time did the cat drag you in?"
"I didn't exactly get dragged out."
Carol and Molly Bowden[src]

Molly Bowden was a worker at Bonwit Teller, and a former tenant at the Griffith Hotel.


At the Griffith Hotel, male company is forbidden in the individual bedrooms; Jimmy climbed the walls of the building, accidentally disturbing Peggy Carter, to see Molly Bowden.

The next morning, Bowden was late for breakfast with the other tenants; when asked about her tardiness, Bowden hinted at the exploits she had had.

Miriam Fry, the landlady, came to the breakfast and talked of the exploits of Harry Houdini; she then evicted Bowden for breaking the rules of the boarding house. Bowden pleaded with Fry to no avail.[1]




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