"Yo, I'm testing the merchandise."
"I'm not merchandise, asshole! Get your hands off of me!"
―Moke and Lanie[src]

Moke was a United States Army veteran who later became a member of Jigsaw's Crew and enjoyed the perks of being in that crew, taking advantage of the women who attended their parties. Moke's life came to an end when he was attacked by the Punisher who shot him before removing his finger.


Jigsaw's Crew

Harassing the Women

Moke was invited into Valhalla with several other members of Jigsaw's Crew. In a party that was attended by a woman named Lanie, Moke started to harass Lanie after she had tried to leave Moke. However, before anything else could happen, Jigsaw told Moke to treat their guests well. Moke then left Lanie alone under the fear of Jigsaw's supervision, along with Phillip, that watched him so that he wouldn't start anything again.[1]

Killed by the Punisher

While Moke was in his car, the Punisher came by car and threw him out of the car. Moke managed to alert two of Jigsaw's crew members, however, the Punisher killed them easily. While the Punisher was distracted, Moke shot him with his handgun, but the Punisher dodged the bullet and shot Moke in the chest, killing him. The Punisher then loots Moke's corpse of his phone, however, Moke's phone required a password. The Punisher then uses Moke's corpse's fingerprint and found a picture of Lanie.[1]


Punisher's Investigation

When the Punisher arrived at Tipsy Tilly's Bar, he talked to Lanie about Moke and where Jigsaw's crew had held their parties. Before the Punisher left, he put Moke's severed finger on the table and told him that it was a tip, much to the bartender's horror.[1]



  • Handgun: Moke was armed with a handgun, which he tried to use to kill the Punisher but the Punisher dodged the bullet and shot Moke before he could shoot at him again.


  • Valhalla: Moke was at the Valhalla along with several members of Jigsaw's Crew where he ended up harassing Lanie attending their parties.






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