"Stop! FBI! They have families, asshole."
―Mockta to Daredevil[src]

Mockta was an agent of the FBI who was manipulated into working for Wilson Fisk, and later assigned to his protection detail at the Presidential Hotel.


Manipulated by Wilson Fisk

Mockta joined the FBI New York Crime Division and worked as a field agent under Tammy Hattley's commands. While Wilson Fisk was incarcerated in Ryker's Island, he managed to manipulate Mockta in order to make Mockta his personal ally.[1]

Unidentified Assailant

Mockta was assigned by Tammy Hattley to work on Wilson Fisk's protective detail who was relocated from prison to Presidential Hotel. Later, Mockta and other agents were informed about an assault on Fisk's lawyer, Benjamin Donovan, in the parking deck. They headed to the scene where they found Daredevil who attacked Donovan and attempted to flee. Mockta held him at a gunpoint, thinking that he was a member of Albanian Syndicate. He told him about families of federal agents died during the Ambush on the FBI Convoy before Daredevil knocked him.[2]

Attack on the New York Bulletin Building

Upon Tammy Hattley's order, Mockta joined Ray Nadeem and a group of the FBI agents was sent to the New York Bulletin Building to apprehend both Matt Murdock and Jasper Evans. However, as they arrived at the building, they were confronted by the man wearing Daredevil's Suit. "Daredevil" easily neutralized all agents in front of him, hurting and knocking down Mockta, before escaping. Mockta, Nadeem, and the rest of the agents then rushed to the office where they found New York Bulletin employees murdered by "Daredevil".[3]

Battle at Presidential Hotel

Hattley then ordered Mockta to provide security for the wedding of Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna. However, they were attacked by Benjamin Poindexter in Daredevil's Suit. Mockta attempted to stop him but Poindexter defeated and killed him along with Arinori by throwing several pieces of cutlery, including forks and dinner knives, at them, before taking his gun in an attempt to kill Hattley.[1]


  • Handgun: As the FBI field agent, Mockta possessed a handgun as his personal weapon. Mockta used it to held Daredevil at a gunpoint before he overpowered Mockta. During attack on Vanessa Marianna, Poindexter took Mockta's gun in attempt to kill Tammy Hattley.






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