"First order of business, find those damn kids."
"We tried everything. We have no leads."
"Don't trip. I got a lead right inside."
AWOL and Mitch[src]

Mitch is a corrupt police officer of the Los Angeles Police Department. A member of the strike team on PRIDE's payroll led by AWOL, Mitch took part in the search for the Runaways and notably held Alex Wilder's girlfriend Livvie hostage, but he eventually mysteriously vanished because of a spell cast by Nico Minoru.


LAPD Task Squad

"Thought we were supposed to be waiting on Flores."
"I'm in charge now."
"Says who?"
"Says PRIDE."
―Mitch and AWOL[src]
R209 AWOL OnYourKnees

Mitch confronts the Runaways

Mitch was a member of the corrupt LAPD strike team led by Flores and AWOL. As such, he went to get a meal with his teammates at the Simply Blossom, where AWOL was approached by Alex Wilder. Mitch and his teammates were surprised when Wilder revealed that he knew AWOL had framed Darius Davis for murder. Once AWOL had the restaurant cleared from its customers, Mitch drew his gun and pointed it at the Runaways, forcing them to kneel. However, Mitch eventually fell under a spell cast by Nico Minoru, which caused him and his teammates to be immobilized, thus losing the Runaways.

Later, Mitch and his squad took part in an assault against Nana B's Residence. Unaware that Flores was dead, Mitch noticed that they should wait for him, only to be told that PRIDE had made AWOL the new leader of the strike team to search for the Runaways. As Mitch commented that they had no lead, AWOL retorted that they did have one: Livvie, Tamar's sister who had helped the Runaways. Thus, Mitch participated in the kidnapping of Livvie.[1] While Livvie was taken to the Black Box, Mitch remained in the house, threatening to hurt Tamar and her son Xerxes if Livvie did not cooperate.

R210 Strike team Livvie hostage

Mitch holds Livvie at gunpoint

Mitch then went with his strike team on the supposed location of the Runaways' hideout, although they initially did not found anything until Mitch noticed a camera on the ground, thus confirming the location of the Hostel. Mitch held Livvie at gunpoint in front of the camera while AWOL negotiated with the Runaways. He kept doing so after some of them escaped while Wilder confronted them from the top of the hill and the Hostel fully appeared to the strike team.

Mitch remained outside of the Hostel while AWOL went alone inside the underground mansion, ending up captured by the Runaways. He kept Livvie hostage while the rest of the strike team managed to break into the mansion, and stated that they no longer needed her. However, before he could take her down, he was knocked out by a boulder thrown at him by Molly Hernandez. Moments later, Mitch disappeared due to a powerful spell cast by Minoru which caused the entirety of the strike team to simply vanish.[2]



  • Handgun: As a LAPD officer, Mitch was issued a standard handgun he constantly carried, notably using it to threaten the Runaways as well as Livvie.
  • Assault Rifle: During the Siege of the Hostel, Mitch carried an assault rifle, although he did not have the chance to use it.

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