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"Detective Knight. I've seen the specs on this arm of yours. And the purchase orders. Sort of like sporting a Maserati with fingers."
"Well, I would be glad to trade you for yours if you want it back."
Ward Meachum and Misty Knight[src]

Misty Knight's Prosthetic Arm is a prosthesis used by Misty Knight to replace her missing right arm, after she lost it in a fight with Bakuto. The prosthesis was manufactured by Rand Enterprises and gifted to her by Danny Rand and Colleen Wing.


Testing at Rand Enterprises

"For what this thing costs, it better do more than just help me drink coffee."
"I know this seems silly, but the arm is being programmed to respond to the remaining nerve endings in your limb. The muscles flex and send a signal to the prosthetic to respond accordingly. It's not as simple as linking a cell phone to your car with Bluetooth. It takes some time before it clicks. Trust me."
Misty Knight and Steve[src]

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Used by Misty Knight

"Nice upgrade."
"Thanks. Danny and Colleen hooked me up."
"Oh. Seriously, it looks good. It's, uh, it's badass."
Luke Cage and Misty Knight[src]

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"On the bright side, you can always get an upgrade."
"I got some ideas. Maybe bling it out."
Colleen Wing and Misty Knight[src]

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  • Enhanced Strength: The bionic arm is programmed to response to the remaining nerve endings in Knight‘s limb, which grants the flexibility in her right muscle to possess a vise-like grip and allow her limited degree of enhanced strength. The arm was able to exert enough force to cause a person’s nose to bleed and punched several feet from her position.
  • Enhanced Durability: Knight's prosthetic arm is highly durable to most harden materials that would break it. Knight's arm was able to punch against the edge of an arm-stand made of metal at the police station, and her arm sustained no damage towards it, when she was swung at with crowbars the arm was able withstand both strikes. The arm also protected her from glass thrown at by Bushmaster.


Appearances for Misty Knight's Prosthetic Arm

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  • In the comics, Misty Knight received a bionic steel arm from Tony Stark after she lost her right arm in an explosion. The prosthesis was later replaced with a new upgraded version made of a vibranium and diamond alloy.
    • Following its destruction, Knight proposed the idea of a more "blinged out" prosthetic. This is a reference to the arm's comic counterpart, which sports a golden color.


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