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"I apply foot to ass. And match lead for lead. I put murderers in handcuffs. I don't just seek justice, I stalk it."
―Misty Knight to Gabe Krasner[src]

Detective Mercedes Kelly "Misty" Knight is a police officer with the New York City Police Department, stationed at the 29th Precinct Police Station. During her investigation into the criminal activities of Cottonmouth and the Stokes Crime Family, Knight encountered Luke Cage who had been involved in every aspect of her current investigation. Once Rafael Scarfe and Stokes were both murdered, Knight became determined to discover the truth, putting her into conflict with Mariah Dillard and Diamondback while her superiors encouraged her to find and arrest Cage. However, Knight attempted to arrest Diamondback, leading to her being saved by Cage and informing the world of his innocence until Candace Miller could testify to convict Dillard, but before she could, Miller was murdered by Shades. Dillard went free but Knight remained determined to finally bring her to justice.

Knight waited for Cage to be freed from Seagate Prison and requested his help in solving another case; however, this led to Knight becoming involved within a fight against the Hand along with the Defenders, which then placed several of their friends in protective custody after they had become involved. Knight then waded into the final battle at Midland Circle after realizing that Colleen Wing had just stolen the explosives in order to destroy the building, and in the process lost her right arm saving Claire Temple from being beheaded by the Finger of the Hand Bakuto. Knight was then taken into the hospital owned by Rand Enterprises in order to begin recovering. She was later outfitted with a Bionic Arm to help her recovery.

Returning to work, Knight found herself the source of ridicule owing to her new disability, forcing her to prove her worth to her co-workers. Refocusing her efforts on bringing down the last of the Stokes Crime Family, Knight had once again joined forces with Cage as they found Mariah Dillard was now being targeted for assassination by Bushmaster, forcing both Knight and Cage to protect Dillard in order to keep Harlem safe from Bushmaster's rage. When Shades chose to snitch on Dillard, Knight was able to get the evidence needed to bring Dillard down. Upon being offered the captain's position, Knight took some time off and assisted Danny Rand and Colleen Wing in their fight against Davos, who had taken the power of the Chi for himself, bringing him to justice while Knight had still continued to debate her future career with the NYPD.


Early Life

Given A Reason

"I was hanging out with my cousin, Cassandra. My mother told us never to walk around the neighborhood by ourselves but it was hot, and I was thirsty. And she was taking way too long talking to some cute boy. So I went to Ruiz Bodega by myself and got a lemonade. When I got back, she was gone. It took the cops two weeks to find her body. Disfigured, beaten. The boy, Mike Jones, ran a train on her with his crew."
―Misty Knight to Gabe Krasner[src]

During the summer of 1995, Misty Knight was spending time with her cousin, Cassandra Knight. While they were out, Cassandra started talking with Mike Jones, while Knight was thirsty. Although her mother warned them to never walk around the neighborhood alone, Knight went to Ruiz Bodega alone to buy some lemonade. Upon returning, Knight found that Cassandra was gone and nobody could find her. Two weeks later, New York City Police Department found Cassandra's disfigured and beaten body who was raped and murdered by Jones and his crew. Since the perpetrators did not reveal themselves and the NYPD did not care about someone like Cassandra, Jones got away unpunished.[15]

Basketball Star

"Misty was a year behind me at DeWitt Clinton. Both varsity. She took my spot when I twisted my knee."
"I earned my spot. And never gave it back."
Nandi Tyler and Misty Knight[src]

Playing basketball at the Saint Nick Playground, Knight became one of its legends in 1996, as her initials were painted on the ground of the court.[3] Eventually, Knight went to DeWitt Clinton High School where she joined a school basketball team, alongside with Tasha Bowles and Nandi Tyler. Knight was attracted by Tyler who was a star of their team and impressed everyone who watched her playing. When Tyler twisted her knee, Knight replaced her, however, she stayed at Tyler's spot even when she returned to the team.[11]

Before their team went to a tournament in Philadelphia, Tyler told Shaw that Bowles stole the wallets from attendees. Shaw had to kick Bowles out of the team and without her, the team lost the match. As the team returned from Philadelphia, Knight talked with Bowles about her situation and Bowles told her that she had a deal with Tyler who planned this to get Bowles kicked off the team.[12]


Unwelcomed Rookie

"A lot of people wrote me off back then. But not Scarfe. He took me under his wing. He taught me how to police for real. I have no idea what he saw in me back then, but he has had my front and my back."
―Misty Knight to Perez[src]

Years later, Knight joined the New York City Police Department, and was stationed in the 29th Precinct Police Station in Harlem, under Priscilla Ridley' commands. As Knight was promoted to Detective, she was not really welcome by her colleagues, as nobody wanted to deal with her. However, she then was approached by Rafael Scarfe who saw her potential and decided to work with her. Scarfe and Knight became partners and good friends, as he taught Knight everything she knew about the police.[6]

Once, Knight attended a date with some man who was recommended by one of her colleagues. However, Knight made a background check and learned that he was wanted for robbery in three different states. Meeting him at the date, Knight suddenly arrested the man, who was later nicknamed at the precinct as "Love Bandit".[15]

Arrest of Cockroach Hamilton

"Anybody ever tell you too bad to be a cop? You need to use them hips for something better, Ma. I could help with that."
"You need to shut your mouth."
Cockroach Hamilton and Misty Knight[src]

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Scarfe's Mourn

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Stokes Investigation

Meeting Luke Cage

Knight being served her drink by Luke Cage

"You're beautiful. You're a little older than he usually likes them."
"Yeah, you're definitely not getting a tip tonight."
"But I'm not finished. Dumb men like little girls. Me, I ponder a woman."
"Why don't you ponder me another cosmo."
Luke Cage and Misty Knight[src]

Knight met Luke Cage in Harlem's Paradise. Cage, who was bartending that night, started up a conversation and flirted with her. So they met again in the street and Cage told her about where the bus station is, noting that she was about to call an Uber. She asked him to get a cup of coffee with her, and Cage agreed. They then went to Cage's apartment and had sex.

Knight meets Luke Cage in the street again

They slept until Cage was woken by a nightmare about his past in Seagate Prison. He said that he saw Knight was taking a call. And Knight also stated that Cage was talking in his sleep. She'd heard him talk about Shades and Comanche. She got dressed and left his apartment, Cage watching from the window as she went.[1]

Awkward Reunion

Knight and Rafael Scarfe work on the case

"You really think Chico killed his friend over money?"
"You are?"
"Luke Cage."
"Detective Misty Knight."
"Detective, looks like you found some better clothes to audit in."
Luke Cage and Misty Knight[src]

Knight and Rafael Scarfe were assigned to the Dante Chapman murder case. Knight questioned some teenagers on her old basketball court, who she knew had connections to Chapman. The teenagers were reluctant to talk, and she made a deal with one of them; if she beat them in a game of basketball, he had to tell her everything he knew. Knight, who'd played basketball for most of her adolescence, easily beat him.

Their investigation led them to Pop's Barber Shop. Before they entered, Knight encountered Turk Barrett on the sidewalk. She threatened him, and then joined Scarfe inside the shop. Knight greeted Pop, while Cage recognized the voice. When Cage came out from the back, Knight pretended that they hadn't met before. The four of them spoke about Dante Chapman, Shameek Smith, and Chico Diaz[1]. Scarfe and Knight urged them to give them a call if they saw Diaz was leaving. They then left the barber shop.[3]

Pop's Death

Knight comforts and interrogates Luke Cage

Tone shot up Pop's Barber Shop, killing Pop and injuring Diaz; Luke Cage and Lonnie Wilson both survived unharmed. When the New York City Police Department came to investigate the crime scene, Knight approached Cage and asked if he was alright. She questioned Cage about how he survived the bullets, but Cage refused to answer. All he would say was that he'd acted on instinct and shielded Wilson. Knight then asked him how long he'd been working at Pop's, and if Diaz had been hiding at the shop the whole time. Cage did not answer the latter question. Knight then left him alone.[3]

Cottonmouth's Robbery

Scarfe and Knight visited Diaz in the hospital to question him about his involvement in Chapman's murder. Diaz refused to talk, and Knight encouraged him to give them a call.

As they left Diaz's room, they bumped into Luke Cage in the hallway. She then stopped him and told him he couldn't go any further. He was the only suspect to be seen in both Pop's Barber Shop and Harlem's Paradise, connecting him to the murders of Dante Chapman, Shameek Smith, and Pop. Cage then asked her to find the real killer instead of bothering him, but she replied that their business is the same. Cage then walked past her to get to Diaz's room. Later, Knight and Scarfe were called to the scene of a break-in, where Cage had infiltrated one of Cottonmouth's house. Only one woman had witnessed Cage. When Knight and Scarfe asked her about the "mysterious hooded man", she simply replied that he looked fine.

Later, as Knight stared at a photo of Cage breaking into Crispus Attucks, she envisioned him doing so in great detail.[4]

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Pop's Funeral

Knight attends Pop's funeral

"You just started World War III in there. And your ass might be bulletproof, but Harlem ain't. Harlem is gonna suffer. So if you aren't gonna help us take him down, then you need to leave right now, Luke, before you make things worse."
―Misty Knight to Luke Cage[src]

Knight attended Pop's funeral. When Luke Cage came in, everyone stared as he sat down beside Aisha Axton. She listened as Cornell Stokes and Cage each made a speech about their fallen friend.

Knight and Cage talk after the funeral.

After the funeral, Knight approached Cage who just left from confronting Stokes. She said that he has caused Harlem to be involved with his heroism and that she wanted to legally take down Cottonmouth, but Luke refused, as he knew it would only lead to Stokes getting out of jail. She then told them that Harlem was vulnerable and wasn't bulletproof like he was, and told him to leave before he could make things worse. Cage replied that he had nowhere to go, and entered Pop's Barber Shop alone.[5]

Rafael Scarfe's Death

Knight watches Rafael Scarfe's death

Knight arrived on the scene of Luke Cage, Claire Temple and Rafael Scarfe. She almost crashed into them, but Cage blocked her car. The car was wrecked, but Knight was alright. Knight got out of her car and rushed to Scarfe's side, comforting him. Scarfe apologized to her and died, with Knight mourning her lost partner.[6]

Arrest and Release of Cottonmouth

Cottonmouth is confronted by Knight

Cottonmouth was arrested on the basis of Scarfe's confessions. But he called his lawyer, Benjamin Donovan and he did his work to defend Cottonmouth. After Donovan's effort, Cottonmouth was released from holding. Knight confronted them as they left. She stood face to face with Cottonmouth; he compared her to a dog. Knight replied with a promise to put him in the prison where he belonged.[7]

Threatened by Diamondback

Knight is kidnapped by Diamondback

Luke Cage, badly wounded by Diamondback's Judas Bullet was in a women's clinic with Claire Temple when he received a phone call from Knight. She informed him that he was wanted for murder. Temple then told Knight that he physically could not have murdered anyone; they had been with each other for the past day. Temple also told Knight where they were. Knight soon arrived at the clinic. She expressed surprise at Cage's injury and questioned them about their actions over the past day.

As they spoke, Temple noticed a red laser on Cage's head. She yelled a warning, allowing Cage to dodge the shot, which came from Diamondback. Knight pulled out her gun and took a few shots at Diamondback, all of which missed. Cage attempted to fight Diamondback, but he was still weakened from the Judas Bullet; Diamondback easily took him down. He then grabbed hold of Knight and dragged her outside. He took her gun and taunted her, saying that Cage liked a woman with dark skin and frizzy hair, like her and Reva Connors. Diamondback then pointed the gun at her head, hoping that she'd beg for mercy. Instead, Knight told him that if he wanted to shoot, then just do it. Diamondback forced her onto her knees and placed the gun behind her head, but he did not shoot her. He explained that he would continue hurting her to make Cage suffer. He then knocked her out and escaped.[8]

Pursuing Luke Cage

Still, in pursuit of Luke Cage for the murder of Cottonmouth, Knight took Claire Temple to the precinct to interview her. However, Temple was less than cooperative and asked to see a lawyer. Knight, stressed out from the incident with Diamondback, lost control and slammed Temple against a wall. Seeing this, Priscilla Ridley entered the room and ordered Knight to let Temple go, telling her that she'd lost control. Ridley asked Temple if she wanted to press charges, but Temple simply scoffed and left. Knight then explained to Ridley what was really happening.

The detective went through an intervention with Gabe Krasner.[15]

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Shot in the Arm

Knight recovers with Claire Temple

There was chaos in Harlem's Paradise which was caused by Diamondback. So then Knight arrived and began making her way towards his direction. When she stepped into his office, he greeted her with a cruel smile while she claimed that he was under arrest. But Diamondback denied this and shot her arm. Before he could kill her, Luke Cage arrived and saved her by blocking the bullets with his own body. And Diamondback was running out of bullets.[16][17]

Confession of Candace Miller

Knight has her meeting with Candace Miller

Since Candace Miller knew the truth about the murder of Cottonmouth, she decided to talk to Knight and made an appointment in a park. In the park, Miller started to talk with Knight. She said that Mariah Dillard was the person who actually murdered Cottonmouth, not Luke Cage. She revealed that Dillard and Shades paid her so that she would not tell the truth and accused Cage of doing it. She also seemed to regret what she did. Hearing this, Knight believed her, as Knight told her not to tell anyone about this.[18]

Duel at Malcolm X Boulevard

Knight aims at Shades and Mariah Dillard

Mariah Dillard and Shades entered Pop's Barber Shop. They were trying to recruit Luke Cage on their side. But soon they were interrupted by the arrival of Knight who attempted to arrest Dillard for the death of Cottonmouth. Instead of letting this happen, Shades pulled his gun to Knight, while Cage trying to make this situation in peace. But Knight accused Cage of working with criminals. Cage then spotted a grenade being dropped outside the shop and shielded Shades and the rest from the blast. It was revealed that Diamondback has come with his Specialized Battle Suit while Shades took this opportunity to steal Knight's phone. Diamondback then insulted that he was shooting his former ally, only to discover the suit was bulletproof, forcing him and the rest to get out while Cage and Diamondback were fighting each other. During the battle, Knight had a talk with some policies. And Claire Temple asked her if Cage can win this and she answered with confidence that Luke can win it.[9]

Arresting Mariah Dillard

Knight takes Mariah Dillard into her custody

After Diamondback and Luke Cage fought each other, Cage won it. After the battle was over, Knight quickly arrested Mariah Dillard for the murder of Cottonmouth, while handcuffing her. So, Knight took her to the police station. There, Dillard was taken some photos in case she needed to be arrested. After that, Dillard was interrogated by some policies. But due to the lacking of proof, they could not arrest her, and Dillard could happily be free.[9]

Revisiting Harlem's Paradise

Knight taking a look into Harlem's Paradise

After the death of Cottonmouth, and her release from custody Mariah Dillard had then reopened Harlem's Paradise under the control of her and Shades. During a Sharon Jones performance, Knight had entered Harlem's Paradise, sat at the bar and gazing vengefully at Dillard and Shades[9]

War for New York

Luke Cage's Return

Knight visited Claire Temple's apartment, where she found Luke Cage dressing. She requested to go on a walk with him, reassuring Temple that it would only be a minute. As the two walked, Knight informed Cage of everything he has missed out on since leaving Harlem; though he asked about Black Mariah and Shades, she disclosed that there has been an entirely different threat doing harm to the youth in the area.

Knight told Cage about the recent death of Sean, whose body was discovered after a car explosion. When he volunteered to join in the investigation, she recommended that he visited his mother instead.[19]

Investigation Interrupted

"Look, I know that you think you're just doing your job, but I'm telling you, this case isn't normal. You are walking into some weird-ass shit..."
Jessica Jones to Misty Knight[src]
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With her squad already at the scene, Knight joins Strieber at John Raymond's Apartment; she is updated by her superior on the tip that there were explosives stored in the apartment, added that the call came from Jessica Jones. The two made comments before Knight approaches her. Knight spoke on Jones' language before questioning her on what she may know. As Jones began to leave the scene, Knight caught her stealing a document, forced to chase her down into the hallway only to find that she was already out the door.

Later, Knight located her outside her apartment building, arresting Jones. At the precinct, she scolded Jones on her intrusion into the city-wide investigation the department was on. She then started questioning her on what she may know despite her constant protests to be let out. The interrogation was abruptly interrupted by Matt Murdock, who proclaims to be Jones' attorney.[20]

Friends in Protective Custody

Knight speaks with Colleen Wing

"This is the kinda case that makes or breaks a career. And I'm not talking about mine. Now, you track down and stop this Organization, whoever they are, and brass will be knocking each other over trying to shake your hand. But you don't break this case, they'll remember that, too."
Strieber to Misty Knight[src]

Knight is visited at the prescient by Luke Cage, who asked if she could shield known friends of his own. At first, she declined and pushed for him to give her answers that could help with the investigation. Soon, however, Knight witnesses a bleeding Colleen Wing seated next to her desk, Claire Temple and Danny Rand by her side.

Later, with all close friends to the Defenders in the room, Knight made an announcement to everyone about their protection from potential threats to their respective allies; she pulled Wing aside to speak with her about her katana, given the answer that it was for protection from the Hand. Despite rebuffing that she and her force could protect them, Knight is convinced and returns the katana back to Wing in case of an attack.[21]

Knight speaks with Matt Murdock in prison

Having received a call, officials headed for an abandoned building and discovered the deceased body of an unidentified elder and the unconscious bodies of Jessica Jones, Cage, and Matt Murdock, bringing them into 29th Precinct Police Station for questioning. First, Knight left Jones cuffed in the interrogation room and upon awakening, begun to question her whereabouts and potential participation in the death of the unnamed man. After hearing her testimony, Knight spoke with an awakened Murdock, who protested that there was nothing for him to disclose to her. Despite this, she continued to ask that he lost the impersonation and explained himself, reminding him that he was found alongside Cage and Jones and believed there was more to him than the lawyer persona.[22]

Destruction of Midland Circle

"Claire, whatever it is you're planning, it ends in either jail or a cemetery."
"You guys are in way over your heads, all of you."
―Misty Knight and Claire Temple[src]

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Knight in the hospital of Rand Enterprises

"Um, Danny, uh, wanted to say that he has connections at this hospital, and it's a... it's a state-of-the-art kind of place, so..."
"He owns it. Maybe they can help, get you back up and running."
Colleen Wing and Misty Knight[src]

The next morning after the collapse of Midland Circle, Knight woke in the hospital, reminded of her lost limb, and was immediately greeted by Colleen Wing, who asked about her condition. As a method of help, Wing informed Knight that Danny Rand owned the hospital she was staying in and he was willing to aid her recovery, returning back to her life.[23]

War for Harlem

Return to Work

"Only a fool walks away from a three-quarters pension, tax-free for life. You're a lot of things, but you're nobody's fool."
"I don't want a Purple Heart. I want my job back."
Tom Ridenhour and Misty Knight[src]

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Training with Colleen Wing

"Do you feel good, huh? Taking down a cripple?"
"Yeah. If that's how you see yourself."
"You don't know what it's like to feel powerless. To have somebody take your identity from you, your soul."
―Misty Knight and Colleen Wing[src]

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Investigating Bushmaster

"Jesus Christ, Luke, what have you gotten me into?"
"Bushmaster isn't just making a play on Mariah's weapons. He's got other plans."
―Misty Knight and Luke Cage[src]

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Getting a Prosthetic Arm

"For what this thing costs, it better do more than just help me drink coffee."
"I know this seems silly, but the arm is being programmed to respond to the remaining nerve endings in your limb. The muscles flex and send a signal to the prosthetic to respond accordingly. It's not as simple as linking a cell phone to your car with Bluetooth. It takes some time before it clicks. Trust me."
―Misty Knight and Rand Enterprises Technician[src]

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"In case you haven't noticed, there's a war raging in our streets."
"Yeah, I've noticed the war. It's the same one that we have been fighting for years, and shit doesn't change. But the rules of engagement do, and if I do it your way, nothing happens. Zilch. And the other way, I become Scarfe. And I cannot become Scarfe."
Tom Ridenhour and Misty Knight[src]

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Cage and Knight

"Just so we're clear, when we're out there, what I say goes. I'm not in the market for a sidekick."
"Who says you're not my sidekick?"
"Me. It's my show."
Luke Cage and Misty Knight[src]

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Attack on Rand Enterprises

"Luke Cage! Let me reason with you! Mad respect, yeah? You're a hard man to kill! You can't burn. You can't drown. So why fight? Before someone you care about gets killed, just give me who I came for. You and your pa can go home. Misty, too. I just want Mariah Stokes."

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"Harlem deserves a legitimate champion, not just a vigilante. And once I return to One Police Plaza, this precinct will need a new commander. I think it should be you."
Priscilla Ridley to Misty Knight[src]

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Battle at Harlem's Paradise

"Mariah Stokes Dillard, you are under arrest for the murder of Candace Miller, Cornell Stokes, and the massacre at Gwen's."
"I didn't pull the trigger."
"You have the right to remain silent."
―Misty Knight and Mariah Dillard[src]

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New Boss of Harlem

"I'll enforce the unwritten rules while you enforce the written ones."
"And what about the law, Luke?"
"But when has the law ever really protected us?"
"Don't think that I will hesitate to take you down if you start acting a fool."
Luke Cage and Misty Knight[src]

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Trouble in Chinatown

Revisiting Old Friends

"Look, Danny, you and I don't know each other very well. Now, you did something for me that turned things around, and I appreciate that. I'm happy for you and Colleen. I think you got a good thing going here. But I am telling you, and I need you to hear me, you are off this."
―Misty Knight to Danny Rand[src]
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Upon learning of Donnie Chang's hospitalization and the description of a guy with a glowing fist, Knight traveled down and encountered Rand and Wing on the street.[14]

Looking for Danny Rand

"Until we hear back from Meachum, we should just keep hitting the streets. With these things, you never know what might turn up."
―Misty Knight to Colleen Wing[src]

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Apprehending Mary Walker

"Enough! There are a couple of ways this could go. There's no time for a flesh wound, so I will put the bullet between your eyes."
―Misty Knight to Walker[src]

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Interrogating the Suspects

"I haven't been arrested, I haven't been Mirandized, and I haven't spoken to my lawyer."
"I will just call this you and I having a chat in a mutual friend's apartment."
"And if I try to leave?"
"We'll see how far you get."
Joy Meachum and Misty Knight[src]

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Crane Sisters Conflict

"Okay, if we can get everything back together the skin, the needles, the blood, you think you can do this ritual thing in reverse?"
"Keep in mind that the alternative is a long stay in a small cell."
"Oh, and that's after I'm done with you."
Colleen Wing and Misty Knight[src]

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Requesting Support

"I put in a rush request for a no-knock. Should have that in hand by the morning. ESU. We go in hard and fast. Get Davos, get the bowl, get your fancy little Fist back."
―Misty Knight and Colleen Wing[src]

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Battle at Eden Towers

"Let's go after her."
"I can't. Look at my arm. It's done. You go. I'll take Mary and go and get backup."
Danny Rand and Misty Knight[src]

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Knight and Wing

"It was a team effort. Besides, Knight, Wing... It's got a little ring to it."
"Little bit. Let's hang out soon, okay? Grab a beer, do something normal."
"It could be sooner than later. Last time I saw Luke, I did not like what I saw. And now you've got one of the few weapons that might make a dent in that man."
―Misty Knight and Colleen Wing[src]

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"Misty, you are the reason I still have an arm. When Bakuto attacked me, what did you do? You jumped in. You're selfless. I admire that."
Colleen Wing to Misty Knight[src]

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Powers and Abilities


"Okay, Rand tech… Let's see what you got."
―Misty Knight[src]
  • Cybernetic Enhancement: After her lost right arm was replaced with a cybernetic one made by Rand Enterprises, Knight obtained enhanced powers. Knight's prosthetic arm is highly durable to most hardened materials that would break it. Knight's arm was able to punch against the edge of the arm stand made of metal at the police station, and the arm sustained no damage towards it, when she was swung at with crowbars toward the arm, it was able to withstand both strikes. The arm has even protected Knight from glass that was thrown at her by Bushmaster.
    • Enhanced Strength: Knight's new arm grants her a greater level of strength. Punching metal plating with her new arm, she was strong enough to crush it easily. She is also able to send grown men back several feet with a single punch, effectively overpowering regular humans. Her arm allowed Knight to even temporarily subdue the likes of Bushmaster. After Mary Walker traps Misty in a room with a steel door in the warehouse, she was capable of scraping through the inner side part of a concrete wall where she broke her way out of the room with ease.


  • Expert Martial Artist: Misty Knight has received training in close combat from the police drill. She mentioned that she had trained in several ways to disarm someone holding a gun to her head. However, when taken hostage by Diamondback she was unable to perform any of them and could not put up any resistance against the more crafty fighter. After further training from Colleen Wing, an extremely skilled martial artist, Misty was able to fight against multiple men with her one arm, also the aid of Wing. Once she received her Bionic Arm she became more fierce with herself in defensive situations.
  • Expert Marksman: Due to her police training Misty Knight is skilled in the use of firearms. She was able to kill a member of the Hand with several shots to the chest.
"You're doing it again. I hate it when you do that."
"Hate it when I do what?"
"Stare at the photos like they're about to start moving."
"They are talking and moving; you just have to be still enough to hear what they're saying."
Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]
  • Master Investigator: Misty Knight is a highly skilled, highly ranked detective. She is capable of reconstructing a crime scene in her mind simply by looking at the photos taken at the scene; judging by Rafael Scarfe's remarks, Knight getting lost in her reconstructions is a common occurrence. She is also able to notice details that other detectives miss, such as Luke Cage being unharmed despite having bullet holes in his shirt.



  • Glock 19:

    Knight arming herself with a handgun

    Knight pulled her handgun when Willis Stryker shot at Luke Cage inside Harlem's Women Clinic. Knight retaliated with her gun, but when Stryker entered inside the clinic, she lost her gun and was taken hostage. Stryker threatened Knight with the gun, but instead of killing her, he knocked her out with it. She also carried it with her when infiltrating Harlem's Paradise during Mariah Dillard's protest. She tried to ambush Diamondback, but he was able to shoot her in the arm and almost kill her. Knight also held Jessica Jones at gunpoint right after the death of John Raymond, having followed her as she saw Jones stealing evidence, so as soon she realized Jones was covered in blood, she took her into custody. Knight then carried her gun into Midland Circle as the Defenders prepared to destroy the building, saving Claire Temple by killing one of Bakuto's men that was attacking her, and shooting at Bakuto, who survived the bullets and disarmed as she ran out of ammunition. Knight continued using her standard issue gun once he regained the use of her lost arm thanks to a prosthetic, when dealing with Bushmaster's men at the Irie Taxi Garage, or in a shootout at Mother's Touch. She later got herself involved with Iron Fist and the Triad War in Chinatown, so she resorted to using her handgun to threaten Ryhno's Gang and rescue Danny Rand from them, to informally arrest Joy Meachum at her apartment where she was disarmed by Mary Walker before retrieving the gun while Walker fought Colleen Wing and made her stand down, and also to later rescue Meachum at Eden Towers, where she ambushed and disarmed by Chen Wu.
  • Glock 17: Knight personally owned a two-colored version of this handgun, outfitted with a tactical flashlight, and took it when she accompanied Luke Cage to investigate the Yardies' Hideout, where Cage had confronted the Stylers. Cage compared the gun to something Ripley would use in the Aliens movie, though she preferred a Sarah Connor comparison, and advised her to take a bigger weapon. The warehouse was empty, except for the corpse of Nigel Garrison, which she found using the gun's flashlight.
  • Mossberg 500 Cruiser: Knight took this shotgun when she accompanied Luke Cage to investigate the Yardies' Hideout, where Cage advised her to take something bigger weapon than a handgun given that he had been attacked with grenades. However, the warehouse was empty, except for the corpse of Nigel Garrison, so she did not end up using the weapon.

Other Equipment

"Detective Knight. I've seen the specs on this arm of yours. And the purchase orders. Sort of like sporting a Maserati with fingers."
Ward Meachum to Misty Knight[src]
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"What's with all the gear?"
"We all ain't bulletproof."
Luke Cage and Misty Knight[src]
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