"Shut it. If I wanted to hear from you, I'd take that gag out of your mouth. I don't want to hear another sound out of you. Not a moan, not a grunt. Nothing. But if you can be good, I might just have a little treat for you."
―Mistress to Morty Bennett[src]

The Mistress was the lover of Morty Bennett who was murdered alongside Bennett by Billy Russo following Russo's failed attempt to assassinate the Punisher with the help of the Mistress.


Dominating Morty Bennett

Recruited by Billy Russo

"How come Russo and his team were already on the base? Without my knowledge. And why'd that bitch yell, He's here? You staked me out like a goat. Then you think I'm stupid enough to fall for your shit."
Morty Bennett to William Rawlins[src]

Mistress enjoying spanking Morty Bennett

The Mistress went for dinner with Morty Bennett while at Fort Bryon where she sat opposite him as Bennett moaned about the behaviour of his soldiers. Remaining silent, the Mistress simply picked up her glass of wine and poured it onto the floor, making Bennett lick it up as the Mistress pressed her heeled foot against his back. As their sexual games continued, the Mistress tied up Bennett and forced a gag into his mouth before whipping him and presenting him with clamps which she intended to use on him, much to the great sexual pleasure of Bennett.


Mistress is brutally murdered by Billy Russo

However, the game was interrupted by the arrival of Frank Castle who came to interrogate Bennett over his work with Operation Cerberus. Having seen Castle, the Mistress yelled out that Castle was there, knowing that the room was bugged and therefore Billy Russo and his team would hear and attempt to have Castle killed while the Mistress escaped. When the assassination attempt had failed, the Mistress was killed by Russo under the orders of William Rawlins, with Russo putting her corpse in a motel room where he murdered Bennett with his Hidden Blade and left their corpses to be found together.[1]





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