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"Decency doesn't put food into the mouths of my wives. No. I'm a gambler. And I'm also a man who will deal out a punishment."
―Mister Kitson to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

Kitson III is the ruler of Kitson.


"We can be of use. There's no need to kill us."
"Killing you is the use I have for you."
Leo Fitz and Mister Kitson[src]

Just like his grandfather and his father before him, Mister Kitson became the ruler of the planet of the same name. He was notably known as the owner of the House of Games, a gambling house infamously known in the galaxy, in which he enforced particularly harsh rules towards cheaters who got caught, feeding them to his pet Vrellnexian.[1]

Kitson had his enforcer Montalban capture Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons and Enoch when they returned into the House of Games, as they Fitz and Enoch had been caught cheating while Kitson blamed Simmons for having caused a squad of Chronicom Hunters to storm the House of Games. Kitson explained that he would have Fitz and Simmons executed while Enoch would be sent to the brothels. To that end, Kitson intended to force Fitz, Simmons and another cheater, Wayne, to take part in a game where one of them would be decapitated with a Veroovian Steel blade.

However, during the game, Kitson was approached by Izel, who threatened him with a knife and ordered Kitson to have Wayne lose the game so she could acquire the two Humans. Kitson, who signaled Montalban not to intervene, asked her why he should comply, but quickly acquiesced to her request due to her knife and the promise that he would be paid for it. Therefore, Kitson used a device to generate an electric current in the chain Wayne was holding, causing him to drop the blade and to be beheaded.[2]


"A bit tacky, this Mister Kitson. Portrait of himself and everything."
"That is his grandfather, the first Mister Kitson. He was a great man."
"Ah, he was a son of a bitch. But you have to be when you've got ambition."
Leo Fitz, Montalban and Mister Kitson[src]

Just like his ancestors, Mister Kitson took pride in behaving in a cruel and ruthless manner when it came to his rule on the House of Games and the planet of Kitson in general. As such, he burst in laughter at the idea of executing Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. Mister Kitson was also deeply dishonest, as the games that were played in his House of Games were notoriously rigged.


"The Terrans have prevailed in an upset. Another example that in my House of Games, anyone can be lucky."
―Mister Kitson[src]
  • House of Games: Mister Kitson owned and ruled the House of Games, the most infamously known gambling establishment of the planet of Kitson.



  • Kitson I - Grandfather
  • Kitson II - Father
  • Wives