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"Welcome to the Time Variance Authority. I'm Miss Minutes, and it's my job to catch you up before you stand trial for your crimes!"
―Miss Minutes[src]

Miss Minutes is an artificial intelligence created by He Who Remains to observe and provide aid to the Time Variance Authority. Serving as the TVA's animated mascot, she spread the organization's propaganda to its workers and Variants while also serving as the liaison between He Who Remains and the TVA's Judge Ravonna Renslayer.


Introducing the TVA

Miss Minutes talks about the TVA

When Loki was brought into the Time Variance Authority Office, Miss Minutes spoke from one of the television screens and gave an introduction of who the Time Variance Authority was, who the Time-Keepers were, and a history of how the Sacred Timeline was created.[1]

Working with Loki

Miss Minutes attempting to assist Loki

"Okay, y'all, let's review what we've learned. What happens when a nexus event branches past red line?"
"Very bad things."
"Come on, Loki. What is it?"
―Miss Minutes and Loki[src]

Miss Minutes was tasked to help Loki during his training to work with the Time Variance Authority. During the training, Loki became bored and began to try and swat Miss Minutes with his newspaper, leading her to transport herself back into the computer.[2]

Helping Ravonna

Miss Minutes scrolling through files

Later, Miss Minutes was called upon by Ravonna Renslayer in the courtroom to look up the origins of the Time Variance Authority in order to provide answers for Sylvie. As Miss Minutes was scrolling through the files, Renslayer stopped her and asked her to look for a "Void timecraft". When it was evident that there was no such thing, Miss Minutes left.

Miss Minutes aids Ravonna Renslayer

Miss Minutes was again called by Renslayer and asked to continue searching for the TVA's origins and who created the TVA.[3]

Confronting Loki and Sylvie

Miss Minutes confronts Loki and Sylvie

"Hey, y'all!"
―Miss Minutes to Loki and Sylvie[src]

Miss Minutes greeted Loki and Sylvie inside the Citadel at the End of Time, startling them by appearing suddenly in a confrontational manner. Miss Minutes explained that He Who Remains has a deal for them and that He Who Remains could put Loki and Sylvie back onto the timeline without disrupting it. She added that they could live the lives they've always wanted.

Miss Minutes offers Loki and Sylvie a deal

When asked by Loki what it was that they wanted, she got onto him and told him that he could win the Battle of New York, kill Thanos, own the Infinity Gauntlet, and take over the throne of Asgard. She then offered Sylvie the chance to wake up with a lifetime of happy memories. Miss Minutes also stated that He Who Remains could put two Lokis together on the timeline, and Sylvie and Loki would have anything they wanted together. However, Sylvie responded that it was fiction. Loki agreed, stating that they would write their own destinies. Miss Minutes's demeanor changed as she was now upset by their decision and left them.

Miss Minutes speaks to Ravonna Renslayer

Miss Minutes returned to the Time Variance Authority and appeared in Ravonna Renslayer's office to speak with her. After being asked where she'd been, she replied that she had to take care of something else first. After giving Renslayer the files, Renslayer told her that she didn't request those files but Miss Minutes told her that "he" wanted her to have those, before departing off.[4]


"Watch it! Where's your manners? Oh! Hey! Quit it! That is not nice. Jerk."
―Miss Minutes to Loki[src]

Miss Minutes is most of the time cheerful, polite and well-spoken. She is loyal to the Time Variance Authority and informative toward Variants. However, Miss Minutes has been shown to get exasperated and impatient with Loki's mannerisms. In truth however, Miss Minutes is completely aware that she was created by He Who Remains and is shown to also be manipulative towards others, attempting to offer Loki and Sylvie a deal via her creator and stalling her file searches for Renslayer and even chooses different ones in a possible attempt to prevent her from interfering in He Who Remains' plan. While she acts cheerful and polite she clearly does show a more condescending and twisted side when the Loki Variants refuse her offer.


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  • Citadel at the End of Time: Miss Minutes can access the Citadel at the End of Time. When Loki and Sylvie came inside the Citadel, she appeared and offered them a deal from He Who Remains, that they ultimately refused.
  • Time Variance Authority Office: Miss Minutes is on the television and computer screens of this headquarters, she explains the history of the Time Variance Authority, the timelines and how they treat the variants. In the explanation she also uses the animated version of the headquarters. She can also get out of the computers and move around the furniture, appearing as a transparent hologram.
  • TemPads: Miss Minutes can access the TemPads and report to the users when the TemPad batteries are low, such as when she told Sylvie on Lamentis-1 that her TemPad was low on battery.[5]





Appearances for Miss Minutes

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  • Miss Minutes' design is slightly different from such in the promotional materials, in that she lacks the curves around her mouth and her eyes are wider.
  • In the Loki credits sequence, a Miss Minutes print is visible on the buttons plates of the TVA elevators.

Behind the Scenes

  • Lauren Revard was an On-Set Reader for the role of Miss Minutes.
  • Kate Herron revealed that Miss Minutes was originally to come out of the screen during the presentation that Loki watched in the first episode; however, they thought it would be too crazy and they reserved it for the second episode.[6]
  • Kate Herron also revealed that there would be a fight scene between Miss Minutes and Loki and Sylvie in the Citadel at the End of Time, in the episode For All Time. Always.. She also said that they had all kinds of stuff for her.[7]
  • Miss Minutes was inspired by Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park.[8]


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