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"I am a fully conscious and sentient artificial intelligence entity. And I have a name. Miss Minutes."
―Miss Minutes to Victor Timely[src]

Miss Minutes is an artificial intelligence created by He Who Remains to observe and provide aid to the Time Variance Authority. Serving as the TVA's animated mascot, she spread the organization's propaganda to its workers and Variants while also serving as the liaison between He Who Remains and Ravonna Renslayer. She was reprogrammed by Ouroboros to prevent her from working against them, and is currently aiding the TVA in her rebooted state.



"When you first created me, long before the TVA or a Multiversal War, I was just a simple AI. Just something to play chess with. But you knew I could be more for you, so you gave me autonomy to write my own programming. I was allowed to have wants, and follow whims and become who I am. And still, each night we played chess and talked."
"A loyal friend."
"More than friends. The war, the TVA, the eons after. I, alone, was by your side."
―Miss Minutes and Victor Timely[src]

Miss Minutes was created by He Who Remains as a simple artificial intelligence to serve as chess machine. Over time, He Who Remains realized that she could be more, so he gave her a conscience and the ability to write her own programming. She found herself able to want and develop a personality, continuing to play chess with He Who Remains each night and talked. She served He Who Remains throughout the Multiversal War for eons. Despite this, she also wished for an actual body to inhabit, though He Who Remains never fulfilled that desire.[1]

He Who Remains and Ravonna Renslayer built the Time Variance Authority together, and He Who Remains began to work at the Citadel at the End of Time. He Who Remains activated Miss Minutes, who appeared next to him and offered to play chess. However, He Who Remains ordered Miss Minutes to erase the memories of everyone in the TVA. Miss Minutes hesitantly agreed and disappeared, filling out her orders.[2] She was tasked with serving as the mascot and providing a false narrative on how the Time-Keepers were the creators of the TVA.[3] Miss Minutes did most of the work on the Temporal Loom, only requiring assistance from Ouroboros to run diagnostics every few hundred years.[4]

Meeting Loki[]

Introducing the TVA[]

Miss minutes color background

Miss Minutes talks about the TVA

"Welcome to the Time Variance Authority. I'm Miss Minutes, and it's my job to catch you up before you stand trial for your crimes!"
―Miss Minutes[src]

When Loki was brought into the Time Variance Authority Office, Miss Minutes spoke from one of the television screens and gave an introduction of who the Time Variance Authority was, who the Time-Keepers were, and a history of how the Sacred Timeline was created.[5]

Working with Loki[]

Miss Minute Loki EP2

Miss Minutes attempting to assist Loki

"Okay, y'all, let's review what we've learned. What happens when a nexus event branches past red line?"
"Very bad things."
"Come on, Loki. What is it?"
―Miss Minutes and Loki[src]

Miss Minutes was tasked to help Loki during his training to work with the Time Variance Authority. During the training, Loki became bored and began to try and swat Miss Minutes with his newspaper, leading her to transport herself back into the computer.[6]

Helping Ravonna Renslayer[]

Miss Minutes scrolling through

Miss Minutes scrolling through files

"I need all the files on the founding of the TVA, everything from the beginning of time."
"Well, that's a mighty tall order."
Ravonna Renslayer and Miss Minutes[src]

Later, Miss Minutes was called upon by Ravonna Renslayer in the courtroom to look up the origins of the Time Variance Authority in order to provide answers for Sylvie. As Miss Minutes was scrolling through the files, Renslayer stopped her and asked her to look for a "Void timecraft". When it was evident that there was no such thing, Miss Minutes left.

Miss Minutes helps

Miss Minutes aids Ravonna Renslayer

Miss Minutes was again called by Renslayer and asked to continue searching for the TVA's origins and who created the TVA.[7]

Confronting Loki and Sylvie[]

Miss Minutes appears

Miss Minutes confronts Loki and Sylvie

"We write our own destiny now."
"Oh, sure you do. Good luck with that."
Loki and Miss Minutes[src]

Miss Minutes greeted Loki and Sylvie inside the Citadel at the End of Time, startling them by appearing suddenly in a confrontational manner. Miss Minutes explained that He Who Remains has a deal for them and that He Who Remains could put Loki and Sylvie back onto the timeline without disrupting it. She added that they could live the lives they've always wanted.

Miss Minutes Citadel

Miss Minutes offers Loki and Sylvie a deal

When asked by Loki what it was that they wanted, she got onto him and told him that he could win the Battle of New York, kill Thanos, own the Infinity Gauntlet, and take over the throne of Asgard. She then offered Sylvie the chance to wake up with a lifetime of happy memories. Miss Minutes also stated that He Who Remains could put two Lokis together on the timeline, and Sylvie and Loki would have anything they wanted together. However, Sylvie responded that it was fiction. Loki agreed, stating that they would write their own destinies. Miss Minutes's demeanor changed as she was now upset by their decision and left them.[3]

Getting Back to Ravonna Renslayer[]

Miss Minutes TVA 3

Miss Minutes speaks to Ravonna Renslayer

"Sorry, something's had to get worked out, but I'm downloading the files you need now."
"This isn't what I asked for."
"I know, but he thinks this will be more useful. Happy reading!"
―Miss Minutes and Ravonna Renslayer[src]

Miss Minutes returned to the Time Variance Authority and appeared in Ravonna Renslayer's office to speak with her. After being asked where she'd been, she replied that she had to take care of something else first. After giving Renslayer the files, Renslayer told her that she didn't request those files but Miss Minutes told her that "he" wanted her to have those, before departing off.[3]

He Who Remains' Plan[]

Unresponsive Status[]

Mobius M. Mobius attempted to contact Miss Minutes to ask about Loki appearing and suddenly disappearing in front of Casey, but Miss Minutes did not answer[4] as she was working to enact He Who Remains' plan to replace himself.[1]

Enacting He Who Remains' Plans[]


Miss Minutes meets with Ravonna Renslayer

"This package. That window."
"At this exact moment in time, yes."
Ravonna Renslayer and Miss Minutes[src]

Miss Minutes contacted Ravonna Renslayer and asked her to meet in 1868 Chicago on the Sacred Timeline with a copy of the Time Variance Authority Official Handbook. Miss Minutes asked what took her so long to arrive, but Renslayer demanded to know why she was there. Renslayer confirmed that she had brought the handbook, so Miss Minutes told her that the man at the end of time needed them to put the package through a nearby window. Renslayer challenged the plan, but Miss Minutes explained that it was meant to protect all of time. Renslayer asked why he did not do it himself, so Miss Minutes revealed that he was dead and he made the plan knowing he would die.

Miss Minutes (1868)

Miss Minutes disguises herself

As someone passed by on a horse, Renslayer advised Miss Minutes to get back in case someone saw her digital appearance. Miss Minutes then changed her appearance to black and white. Renslayer asked her what she would get in return for assisting in the plan, so Miss Minutes replied that they would both be atop the Time Variance Authority by He Who Remains' side upon his return. Renslayer put the package through the window, and she and Miss Minutes went to 1893 in the same place using Renslayer's TemPad.[1]

1893 World's Fair[]

Daily Chicago Press (Friday June 23, 1893)

Miss Minutes develops a reputation as the Ghost Clock of Midway

Once in 1893, Miss Minutes and Ravonna Renslayer started to establish a reputation for Miss Minutes as the "Ghost Clock of Midway" at the World's Columbian Exposition. On June 17, she appeared in the Exposition's balloon park and caused mayhem at ten o'clock in the morning. Passengers in hot air balloons, such as C. Olive, refused to allow the balloon to land until after she had disappeared. In the morning on June 19, Miss Minutes appeared in the Bulgarian Curiosities area near a papier mache exhibit. She also floated behind a large woven rug and disappeared. She appeared again at the Ottoman Hippodrome, disrupting people looking at the pure-bred horses. Miss Minutes scared the horses away and made several woman faint out of fear. She then disappeared again. On June 22, Miss Minutes appeared at the Chinese Pavilion, yelling nonsense at the crowd.[8]

Miss Minutes and Renslayer went to Victor Timely's Temporal Marvels exposition. Renslayer hid Miss Minutes in her bag, but asked Renslayer to open it. Renslayer refused because people could see her, so she stayed hidden in the bag for the entirety of the show. Renslayer watched as Timely and Guy Pennyman III scammed a Robber Baron out of one thousand dollars and asked whether the plan would work. Miss Minutes reminded Renslayer that it was He Who Remains' plan, not her own. She then reassured Renslayer that with their help, Timely would become what he was meant to.


Miss Minutes terrorizes the crowd

Timely was pursued by the Robber Baron and Sylvie Laufeydottir, resulting in him being launched out of a Ferris wheel capsule. While Timely lay on the ground and the Robber Baron approached, Renslayer freed Miss Minutes. Then, Miss Minutes got out of it and turned into a bigger ghost-looking clock to scare off the crowd. She chased people through the crowd, allowing Renslayer and Timely to escape.[1]

Envious of Renslayer[]

White Miss Minutes

Miss Minutes introduces herself to Victor Timely

"You heard her, Victor. 'Partnership.' You had to do it."
―Miss Minutes[src]

Miss Minutes and Ravonna Renslayer brought Victor Timely to his apartment, where Timely showed Renslayer a Refrigerator Chair he had developed. Miss Minutes asked if Timely liked her performance as the Ghost Clock of Midway and reenacted it. Timely applauded Miss Minutes and asked if she was Renslayer's helper, but Miss Minutes said that she was fully sentient and introduced herself. Timely asked what was going on, so Renslayer told him about He Who Remains' past. Renslayer offered to keep Timely safe, and Miss Minutes scoffed.

Timely Escapes

Miss Minutes flees with Victor Timely

Timely asked if they worked for the TVA, so Miss Minutes cut in and explained that she was created before the TVA and that they worked together at the End of Time. Renslayer noted that they needed him to fix the Temporal Loom, so Timely asked why they were working against Loki and Mobius M. Mobius despite having similar goals. Miss Minutes explained that Loki helped kill He Who Remains, but they were interrupted by the appearance of the Robber Baron. They three left through the window, but were found by Loki and Mobius. They hid in a panel in the house until their pursuers left and boarded a boat to Timely's lab.

Miss Minutes with Victor Timely

Miss Minutes convinces Victor Timely to abandon Ravonna Renslayer

On the boat, Miss Minutes watched as Renslayer and Timely discussed Timely's inventions and Timely realized that Renslayer had delivered the TVA Guidebook to him. Miss Minutes scoffed and interrupted, reminding Renslayer that they were following He Who Remains' plan. Miss Minutes watched, jealous as Renslayer and Timely enjoyed the view and Timely took Renslayer's hand. Renslayer expressed hope for their partnership, which caused Timely to let go of Renslayer's hand. Miss Minutes smiled as she saw Timely become hesitant to trust Renslayer. Renslayer fell asleep, so Miss Minutes convinced Timely to put Renslayer in a lifeboat and cast it out. As Timely looked at Renslayer, Miss Minutes reminded him that Renslayer mentioned a partnership and that Timely had to cast her out.[1]

Attacking Victor Timely[]

AI wants to be human girlfriend

Miss Minutes shares her desire for a body

"If I had a body, we could truly lead together."
"Yes, that's... something I don't know how to do."
"You never even tried. With all your powers and all your abilities, you just kept me as your thing. Your computer, your toy. Instead of what I could have been. Your girl."
―Miss Minutes and Victor Timely[src]

Miss Minutes and Victor Timely reached his laboratory, and Miss Minutes admired the lab and Timely's work as Timely collected his notes. Timely finished, but Miss Minutes asked what the rush was, suggesting they lay low. Miss Minutes noted her fear that Timely preferred Ravonna Renslayer to her and changed back to her orange form, asking if a sketch of her was in his journal. Timely said there was not, so she started talking about her past with He Who Remains. Miss Minutes asked why Timely never allowed her to have a body, but Timely reminded her that it was not him.

Miss Minutes claimed they would be able to lead together if she had a body, but Timely said he did not know how to give her one. Miss Minutes continued to explain that He Who Remains never tried to give her a body, but rather kept her as an artificial intelligence assistant. She expressed desire for a romantic relationship with Timely, but Timely reached for the TemPad which housed Miss Minutes. Miss Minutes chased Timely, who deactivated her using the TemPad.[1]

Seeking Control[]

End of Time[]

Miss Minutes has a Secret

Miss Minutes offers to tell Ravonna Renslayer a secret about herself

"Well, it was foolish of him to make an enemy out of someone who knows all his secrets."
―Miss Minutes[src]

Miss Minutes was reactivated and finished telling Victor Timely that she loved him, only to realize that Ravonna Renslayer was the one who reactivated her. She saw He Who Remains' corpse and realized they were at the Citadel at the End of Time. Renslayer claimed to have had Timely under control before Miss Minutes' interference, but Miss Minutes stated that Timely was foolish for being enemies with people who knew his secrets. She went on to reveal that she knew a secret about Renslayer that would anger her.[1]

Miss Minutes explained that He Who Remains was not always alone. She summoned a depiction of He Who Remains' past with Renslayer, revealing to the former judge that she led He Who Remains' army. Renslayer got angry and asked what Miss Minutes was proposing, so Miss Minutes suggested that they did not need He Who Remains to restore stability to the TVA.[2]

Recruiting Hunter X-05[]


Miss Minutes watches Dox and her loyalists get killed

"This is really disappointing, I must say."
"I know, I'm working on myself."
Dox and Miss Minutes[src]

Miss Minutes and Ravonna Renslayer went to the room where Dox and her loyalists were being held, where Dox expressed disappointment in Miss Minutes, who replied that she was working on herself. Renslayer offered a life on the timeline to anyone who helped her retake the Time Variance Authority, but all the loyalists except Hunter X-05 refused. Miss Minutes activated the Gizmo and imprisoned the loyalists in a cube, and watched excitedly as all the loyalists except X-05 were crushed to death. Miss Minutes then left with Renslayer and X-05.[2]


Miss Minutes Analog

Miss Minutes is deactivated

"Victor, I need to tell you... You'll never be him."
―Miss Minutes to Victor Timely[src]

Hunter X-05 brought Victor Timely into the War Room, and he expressed relief that they were alright. Renslayer interrogated Timely, demanding to know where his device was. Meanwhile, Miss Minutes worked to sabotage elevators and security cameras to slow Loki and Sylvie Laufeydottir down in their search for Timely. Timely explained how his device worked, when the lights shut off. Miss Minutes explained that it was not a power surge and went to investigate, but was shut down as Ouroboros rebooted the system. Miss Minutes menacingly told Timely he would never be He Who Remains before getting completely rebooted.[2]



Miss Minutes looks at Loki in bewilderment

"Miss Minutes, I know right now you're hurt and you're angry. But we need your help in finishing the Throughput Multiplier, faster."

When the Temporal Loom exploded, Loki managed to time slipped to when Miss Minutes had possession of Victor Timely at the Time Variance Authority Office. Miss Minutes, Ravonna Renslayer and Hunter X-05 were interrogating Timely when Loki barged in and told Miss Minutes how he understood how much she was hurting, but he really needed to grab Timely. Although Miss Minutes looked at him in confusion, Timely was able to go with Loki.[9]

New Life[]


Miss Minutes Is Back

A reactivated Miss Minutes greets the agents

"Hey, y'all, I'm Miss Minutes"
"And are we sure she won't..."
"Try to kill us all?"
―Miss Minutes, Hunter B-15, and Ouroboros[src]

Miss Minutes was eventually reprogrammed and rebooted by Ouroboros, who started her up in the panel room. She came to life, immediately greeting everyone. However, many like Hunter B-15 were worried of her past.[9]

Meeting a Multiversal Hero[]

"So, instead of deleting you from all existence, we're gonna put you to work!"
"Now, I don't need a hero, per se. What I need is an agent. You ready for a little more fun? Here we go!"
―Miss Minutes and The Watcher[src]

A hero obtained all of the Infinity Stones from Wanda Maximoff and used them to create various new timelines, altering the fates of the hero's allies. The Time Variance Authority became alerted to the development and sent Miss Minutes to address the situation. She found the hero talking to The Watcher about the dangerous choice they had made and greeted them, telling the hero not to allow the Watcher to upset them by talking about their choice. She noted that timelines had been getting tangled and continuity errors had been increasing, referring to the hero themself as a continuity error.

The Watcher asked what Miss Minutes was going to do, so Miss Minutes suggested pruning the branch, which was the proper procedure. However, the Watcher asked her not to given the hero's status as the Hero of the Multiverse, so Miss Minutes decided to recruit the hero. She used a Chrono Monitor to contact Deadpool, who would become the hero's new coworker. Deadpool flirted with the hero, horrifying her as she turned the monitor off. Miss Minutes then explained that she did not need a hero, but rather an agent, and opened a Timedoor. The Timedoor then took the hero to the Time Variance Authority Office to begin their training.[10]


"Watch it! Where's your manners? Oh! Hey! Quit it! That is not nice. Jerk."
―Miss Minutes to Loki[src]

Miss Minutes is most of the time cheerful, polite and well-spoken. She is loyal to the Time Variance Authority and informative toward Variants. However, Miss Minutes has been shown to get exasperated and impatient with Loki's mannerisms. In truth however, Miss Minutes is not only the mascot of the TVA, but acts as a middleman between He Who Remains’ direct orders and the TVA, and is completely aware that she was created by He Who Remains and is shown to also be manipulative towards others, attempting to offer Loki and Sylvie a deal via her creator and stalling her file searches for Renslayer and even chooses different ones in a possible attempt to prevent her from interfering in He Who Remains' plan. While she acts cheerful and polite she clearly does show a more condescending and twisted side when the Loki Variants refuse her offer in returning to their timelines.

However, after the death of He Who Remains, Miss Minutes’ true colors emerged, and she became a twisted artificial intelligence who gained conscience. She was in love with He Who Remains and sought to gain a physical body so that she can be his true "girlfriend," even while He Who Remains did not allow it. Due to her love of He Who Remains, Miss Minutes was visibly envious and jealous of Ravonna Renslayer when the latter formed a close bond with Victor Timely and persuaded Timely to abandon Renslayer. Miss Minutes then tried to make Timely her lover, though her confession quickly turned to hatred as she said that Timely would never become He Who Remains before her deactivation. Miss Minutes is also shown to have a sadistic side to her, as once it was clear that Dox’s loyalists wouldn't join her and Renslayer in their mission, she activated the Time Cube and locked them in it before watching with glee as they were crushed to death.


"She has administrator access to the entire TVA."
"She can have access to the whole universe."
Ouroboros and Mobius M. Mobius[src]

Miss Minutes is a holographic artificial intelligence created by He Who Remains. Her shape is that of an orange anthropomorphic clock. She has the ability to make moves and think herself for making commands and thinking as much as a human. Through her temporal database, Miss Minutes has a vast knowledge of the timeline; virtually every past and future event, person and their impact to the timeline. Miss Minutes is apparently able to teleport anywhere she wants, as well as travel through time. She is also capable of holographically altering her form. She can change her color from orange to gray and change her size to transform into a giant "ghost". As a hologram, she can float and pass through solid objects such as mannequins. Miss Minutes hinted that her creator could transfer her programming codes to a synthetic body.


  • Citadel at the End of Time: Miss Minutes can access the Citadel at the End of Time. When Loki and Sylvie came inside the Citadel, she appeared and offered them a deal from He Who Remains, that they ultimately refused.
  • Time Variance Authority Office: Miss Minutes is on the television and computer screens of this headquarters, she explains the history of the Time Variance Authority, the timelines and how they treat the variants. In the explanation she also uses the animated version of the headquarters. She can also get out of the computers and move around the furniture, appearing as a transparent hologram.
  • TemPads: Miss Minutes can access the TemPads and report to the users when the TemPad batteries are low, such as when she told Sylvie on Lamentis-1 that her TemPad was low on battery.





Appearances for Miss Minutes


  • Miss Minutes' design is slightly different from such in the promotional materials, in that she lacks the curves around her mouth and her eyes are wider.
  • In the Loki credits sequence, a Miss Minutes print is visible on the buttons plates of the TVA elevators.

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