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"The Mirror Dimension, ever present but undetected. The real world isn't affected by what happens here. We use the Mirror Dimension to train, surveil, and sometimes to contain threats."
Ancient One to Doctor Strange[src]

The Mirror Dimension is a parallel dimension that allows the user to practice their magical abilities and fight their enemies without the public's knowledge. Those who use the power of the Dark Dimension have a stronger control over space and matter than they usually would, to the point of being able to fold and warp space in reality.


The Mirror Dimension allows an advanced sorcerer to train more advanced and dangerous spells without adversely affecting the real world, keep an eye on threats without being noticed, and a prison for those without a Sling Ring. The final usage is paramount that a prisoner is locked without a Sling Ring as it is the only means to escape. However, the realm is shown to be accessible without the use of the Sling Ring, which allowed the likes of the Ancient One and Doctor Strange to transport themselves and others into the dimension, though a Sling Ring was ultimately required to leave it.[1]

In addition, the Mirror Dimension can be used in combat by a sorcerer with the knowledge and skill needed to perform it liberally by manifesting a gateway to it to absorb attacks and then sending the manifestation at the enemy to trap them at the Mirror Dimension, but these Mirror Dimension gateways can seemingly be destroyed when enough power is directed at them, as Thanos was able to use the Power Stone to destroy a gateway that was sent towards him by Doctor Strange.[2] If two sections of the Mirror Dimension converge, it will cause a disruption that will temporarily destabilize the entire dimension. As noted by Spider-Man during the Battle of the Mirror Dimension, the structure of the mirror dimension is akin to an Archimedian Spiral, which enables one with sufficient knowledge of mathematics to ploy objects in the Mirror Dimension to create traps as shown when Spider-Man created a web matrix to trap Doctor Strange. [3]


Theft of the Book of Cagliostro

Ancient One chasing the Zealots

After stealing a page from the Book of Cagliostro, Kaecilius and his followers, the Zealots, escaped through a portal to London with the Ancient One in pursuit. The Ancient One proceeded to send them to the Mirror Dimension to remove the danger they presented to the real world. In the resulting battle, several Zealots were killed by the warped landscape but Kaecilius managed to open a portal and escape with the page. The Ancient One exited the Mirror Dimension and reentered London.[1]

New Masters of the Mystic Arts

Training Doctor Strange

Ancient One folds matter in the Dimension

"You're advancing quickly with your sorcery skills. You need a safe space to practice your spells."
Ancient One to Doctor Strange[src]

While training new recruit Doctor Strange, the Ancient One brought him to the Mirror Dimension and explained its unique properties.[1]

Battle of the Mirror Dimension

Doctor Strange trying to escape Kaecilius

"The Mirror Dimension. You can't affect the real world in here. Who's laughing now, asshole?"
"I am."
Doctor Strange and Kaecilius[src]

In order to protect the New York Sanctum from getting destroyed by Kaecilius and the Zealots, Doctor Strange trapped all of them inside the Mirror Dimension. However, Karl Mordo informed Strange that the Zealots' connection to the Dark Dimension made them even stronger in the Mirror Dimension. Realizing that their plan backfired, Mordo and Strange tried to escape. Strange stole Kaecilius's Sling Ring and tried to conjure a portal only for Kaecilius to distort gravity and make him lose focus. They were then pursued through New York City with the landscape twisting to the point that it was unrecognizable. Strange was aided by the Cloak of Levitation in the fight against them. Using the changing landscape to his advantage, Kaecilius cornered Strange and reclaimed his Sling Ring.

The Ancient One preparing to face Kaecilius

The Ancient One then appeared and used her powers to create a battle arena out of subway station walls. Kaecilus signaled his Zealots to attack her, and as she was occupied, he conjured a Space-Time Shard and stabbed her fatally. He then proceeded to throw her out of the Dimension.[1]

Trapped Between Two Worlds

The distorted Mirror Dimension

Using the knowledge of the Darkhold, Aida developed an Inter-Dimensional Gate to rescue the missing S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Phil Coulson was nearly completely absorbed into Hell when his leg got stuck into a dark emanation of the dreaded dimension through the Mirror Dimension.[4] With assistance from Leo Fitz, Coulson managed to pull his leg out of it and the two successfully escaped.[5]

Infinity War

Battle of Titan

Doctor Strange attempting to entrap Thanos

In 2018, while on the planet Titan, Doctor Strange opened a gateway to the Mirror Dimension to protect himself against an energy blast from the Power Stone unleashed by Thanos and then sent the gateway at Thanos in order to trap him in the Dimension only for Thanos to shatter the dimensional gate via the Power Stone before using the Space Stone to collapse the remnants into a destructive black hole that he threw at Strange.[2]

Spider-Man Multiversal Crisis

Battle for the Macchina di Kadavus

Spider-Man is sent into the Mirror Dimension

"Is that an Archimedean Spiral? The Mirror Dimension is just geometry?"

In 2024, Doctor Strange opened the Mirror Dimension and brought Peter Parker inside of it, who was in possession of the Macchina di Kadavus. Strange then proceeded to take control of the Dimension and use it to his advantage, as Parker tried to escape him, while falling through a shopping mall and spiralling through New York City.

Doctor Strange confronts Spider-Man in the Dimension

Strange used his Sling Ring to conjure Inter-Dimensional Portals in Central Park to throw Parker off, as well as allowing a train to come through and hit Parker, knocking the Macchina out of his hand. However, Parker regained possession of it. Strange caught up to him and told him that within the Multiverse, there were infinite amounts of people who knew of his identity. Parker continued to tell him that he wanted to change the fates of those who had entered their universe.

Spider-Man and Doctor Strange both try to get the Macchina di Kadavus

Strange sent the Cloak of Levitation to grab the Macchina from Parker, sending him through more portals on repeat. As the Cloak almost regained possession of the Macchina, Parker used his abilities to cause the portals to collide, causing the Dimension to shatter. This action transported them to the Grand Canyon and caused the Macchina to fall throughout the Dimension. Strange leaped after it, followed by the Cloak and Parker.

Spider-Man traps Doctor Strange in the Dimension

Strange managed to retrieve it and opened up a portal to escape through, as Parker, who realized that the Mirror Dimension's nature was akin to the Archimedean Spiral, using his geometric knowledge to web Strange up. Parker then took back the Macchina, along with Strange's Sling Ring, and hopped through the portal, leaving the Dimension.[3]

Scarlet Witch's Attack

Attack on Kamar-Taj

Scarlet Witch observes the Mirror Dimension

In 2025, Wanda Maximoff, who had been influenced by the Darkhold, came to Kamar-Taj angered that Doctor Strange wasn’t giving America Chavez to her. After successfully forcing her way inside, she confronted Strange who told her he would have to go through him to reach Chavez. Maximoff said that was fine and stepped towards him, only to realize that he was an illusion and that he had set a trap for her. She watched as the Mirror Dimension surrounded her with countless disorienting reflections of herself stretching in all directions.

Scarlet Witch becomes trapped within the Mirror Dimension

Large glass shards abruptly came out as well, confining Maximoff in a small space. When she tried to use her hex bolts, it ricocheted around and almost hit her. Large glass shards abruptly came out as well, confining Maximoff in a small space.

Scarlet Witch finds a way out of the Mirror Dimension

However, Scarlet Witch was able to manipulate the Dimension from her side. She put her finger in the space between the glass shards and used her chaos magic to warp the glass into liquid. She then used reflections in the space to access other pools of water outside of the Dimension, pulling Hamir and other sorcerers away from protecting Chavez. When Wong saw what she was doing, he, Strange, and Chavez began covering up reflective surfaces. However, Chavez gave her location away by staring at a pool of water too long and Maximoff broke out of the Dimension, by warping her body to go through the space and successfully escaped.[6]

Alternate Universes

Strange Supreme

Trapped Within

Strange Supreme is trapped in the Mirror Dimension

After Stephen Strange resurrected Christine Palmer, his universe began to collapse and Strange struggled to hold it back, Strange begged The Watcher, whom he had noticed earlier, to help him fix back his universe and punish him instead, but the Watcher refused, stating that "meddling with time and events only leads to more destruction", shortly after leaving, Strange's universe entirely collapsed, saved for a reality bubble composed of the remains of the Mirror Dimension held together by Strange's magic, as Palmer faded away in his arms questioning what he had done, Strange sobbed and apologized, left alone as the last survivor of his home universe.[7]

Visited by The Watcher

The Watcher visits Strange Supreme in the Dimension

The Watcher later ended up in Strange's pocket dimension after escaping his battle against Ultron. With the Multiverse in peril, the Watcher reluctantly decided to break his non-interference oath to request Strange's assistance against Ultron.[8]

Strange Supreme promises to watch over the pocket dimension

Strange later returned to the Mirror Dimension with the Watcher. While holding a miniaturized pocket dimension containing Killmonger, Arnim Zola and the Infinity Stones, Strange remarked that the Watcher had foreseen everything in the Guardians of the Multiverse's battle, from the failed Infinity Crusher to Killmonger's betrayal. The Watcher added he also foresaw Strange sacrificing himself to guard the imprisoned villains to keep them from escaping, a task Strange agreed to undertake.[9]



  • The Mirror Dimension was influenced by the works of mathematical painter M.C. Escher and the fractal concept.


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