"You think you fight for us? You just fight for yourself. Who's going to avenge my son, Stark? He's dead. And I blame you."
―Miriam Sharpe to Tony Stark[src]

Miriam Sharpe is the US State Department employee whose son was killed during the Battle of Sokovia. She later confronted Tony Stark, whom she blamed for his death, and forced him to rethink his views on the actions of the Avengers, eventually signing the Sokovia Accords.


Losing a Son

Miriam Sharpe spent her career working for the human resources department of the State Department while also raising her son Charlie Spencer. Sharpe's son decided that he would spend his summer before beginning work as a computer programmer going overseas to Sokovia to build houses for the underprivileged living there.

However, while he was there, Ultron had a long battle against the Avengers, during which Spencer was killed when a building was dropped on top of him. Sharpe was heartbroken, but turned her pain into great anger, aimed towards the Avengers and Tony Stark who she held responsible for her son's tragic death.[1]

Confronting Tony Stark

Sharpe tracked down Tony Stark who was giving a speech at Massachusetts Institute of Technology about his new invention called B.A.R.F.. Sharpe found Stark in the downstairs corridor waiting for his elevator and commented on his recent presentation. Now engaged in conversation with him, Sharpe reached into her purse to pulled out a photograph of her son, which Stark briefly mistook as her reaching for a weapon to attack him with, and explained that her son had been killed during the Battle of Sokovia, announcing that she held him and the Avengers responsible for his death.[1]





  • In the comics, Miriam Sharpe was the mother of Damien Sharpe, one of the boys that died in the explosion of Stamford, Connecticut, that started the Civil War. She managed to change Tony Stark's views on the Superhuman Registration Law by giving Stark her son's favorite toy, an Iron Man action figure and became an advocate of Stark's stance on the law.

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