"I never travel below 23rd Street."
―Miriam Fry[src]

Miriam Fry is the proprietor of the Griffith Hotel.


Peggy Carter Interview

Miriam Fry ran a boarding house for single women. She had a set of strict rules that she wanted her tenants to follow if they were to live on her property. She did not allow exceptions.

Angie Martinelli learned that Peggy Carter was without a place to stay and set up a meeting between Fry and Carter. Fry interviewed her, asking her questions about her employment with the phone company and how she got her acquired limp. Fry then gave Carter the rules to living in her room. [1]

Evicting and Replacing


Fry and dinner with the other ladies

The next day, Fry waited until her tenants were gathered at breakfast to evict Molly Bowden for violating one of the rules of the Griffith Hotel. She wanted the women to know that the Griffith Hotel was an impenetrable fortress when it came to men going upstairs.


Fry brings Dottie Underwood into the Griffith

Later, that evening, Fry escorted Dottie Underwood to her room. Along the way, she saw Angie Martinelli leaving the room of Peggy Carter. Fry introduced Underwood to Martinelli and Carter, but the women were less than receptive to the new tenant.[2]

Concerned for Peggy


Fry sees Peggy Carter arriving home late

Fry entered the laundry room inside the Griffith Hotel moments after Peggy Carter put Howard Stark in a dumb waiter to transport him to her room. Fry told Carter that she was concerned for her because Carter kept weird hours for a person who worked in the phone company; she alluded that Carter had a lifestyle similar to a prostitute. Carter told Fry that she was only retrieving her laundry and sending it upstairs; Fry did not believe her and conveyed how many women have been caught by her sneaking men upstairs with the dumb waiter. Fry volunteered to walk Carter to her room.

Upstairs, Fry asked Carter to get her laundry from the dumb waiter; when Carter opened the doors, a duffle bag was inside. Carter then wished Fry a good night, only for Fry to point out that it was early morning.

The next day, a man came inside the hotel carrying flowers, requesting if he could deliver them to Carter; Fry adamantly refused. As Fry wrote Carter's apartment number on a slip of paper, she asked him if he was Carter's suitor; he watched as she wrote the address and declared that he loved her. Fry then saw the man abruptly leave.[3]

Replacement Key

Fry sent a replacement key to Peggy Carter through Angie Martinelli when Carter lost hers. Martinelli complained to Carter that Fry practically made her sign over her first-born to obtain that.[4]

Raid at the Griffith


Fry with Agents Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa while looking for Peggy Carter

"To think my taxes pay for your incompetence."
―Miriam Fry[src]

Daniel Sousa, Jack Thompson, and a group of Strategic Scientific Reserve agents entered the Griffith Hotel seeking Peggy Carter. When asked which apartment belonged to Carter, Fry refused to cooperate; Thompson snatched the ledger from her hand and learned for himself.

Following the raiding party upstairs, Fry complained about men not being allowed above the first floor. However, when she entered Carter's apartment, her worries changed; she was angry that Carter had carved a hole into one of the walls.

The agents entered the apartment of Angie Martinelli because she was a friend of Carter. Fry heard them tell the waitress that Carter was a federal agent, but presently, she was a fugitive. When Martinelli began to cry, the agents felt uncomfortable and left Martinelli's apartment; Fry asked them about upsetting her tenants. Fry then asked if her tax dollars paid for their incompetence; Thompson had two agents remove her from the scene.[4]





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