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"Here I thought you were thinking of your father and me, but really you just wanted us out of the house."
Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

The Minoru Mansion was the place of living of Robert and Tina Minoru along with their daughters Amy and Nico.


Unexpected Visitor

"Hey, Amy, Mommy's home."
"Hi, Mommy!"
"What did you do to the babysitter?"
Jonah, Amy Minoru and Tina Minoru[src]

Jonah plays with Amy Minoru

In 2001, as she returned home one day, Tina Minoru was surprised to find out that Jonah was here as well, playing with her daughter Amy. Tina was distraught by Jonah's presence, although Jonah simply thanked him for her actions within the PRIDE. Jonah then left after warning Tina that Amy could be much trouble to her in her teenage years to come. Still shocked, Tina hugged Amy and made sure she was all right.[1]

Assassination of Amy Minoru

"He found out. LEAVE THE HOUSE NOW!!!"
Anonymous text to Amy Minoru[src]

Having discovered that Amy Minoru had hacked into Wizard's servers, potentially finding the footage showing the members of PRIDE perpetrating their first sacrifice, Jonah went to the Minoru Mansion to deal with this ordeal. Although he had told Leslie Dean that he would simply frighten her, Dean sent a message to secretly warn Amy. As Amy packed her stuff and prepared to run away, Jonah arrived and murdered her by forcing her to swallow a lethal dose of drugs.[2]

Amy's body was found by her sister Nico Minoru in the next morning. Nico's screams alerted her parents who burst into Amy's bedroom. Although Nico wanted to call 911, Tina ordered Wizey to seal the Minoru Mansion. As Nico tried to call 911 on her own, she was knocked unconscious by Tina and the Staff of One. Nico eventually regained consciousness, only to find out that she was locked up in her bedroom. Using Wizey, Nico discovered that her mother was discussing about Detective Flores, who would make sure that the death of Amy was considered a suicide.[3]

Forbidden Room

Tina Minoru finds her daughter Nico in Amy Minoru's bedroom

"No one is supposed to be in here. And Nico made it clear that a verbal contract is not enough. I'm sealing it off!"
Tina Minoru to Robert Minoru[src]

Due to the death of Amy Minoru, Tina Minoru forbade anyone to enter her daughter's bedroom again. Nevertheless, Nico Minoru one day got into the bedroom, looking for tights. Her mother confronted her, the argument eventually causing one of Amy's old trophies to be damaged. Nico then left the room.[4]

Robert Minoru, who had witnessed the argument, picked up the pieces of Amy's trophy and tried to fix it. Tina went to fetch her Staff of One and intended to use its powers to permanently seal Amy's bedroom. As Robert criticized such a drastic decision, Tina sealed the room with him still inside it to show her determination. However, Robert eventually convinced his wife to let him out and to resort to a less radical way of shutting down the bedroom.[5]

Staff of One Training

"So, when you said snow, you were being literal."
"Did you think my smarthouse was having a cocaine malfunction? Yes, snow is actually coming from the ceiling, and I need your nerd brain to make it stop."
Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru[src]

Having been more intrigued than ever with the Staff of One since she had seen her mother Tina Minoru wielding it during a sacrifice, Nico Minoru convinced Tina and Robert Minoru to leave the mansion for a romantic dinner while she would stay at home. Once her parents were gone, Nico managed to open the safe containing the Staff. She also discovered that Tina had kept Amy Minoru's diary since her death.

Nico Minoru tries to wield the Staff of One

While Nico searched through Amy's diary, she found a paper snowflake made by her sister. As she still held the Staff of One, this caused snow to accidentally fall into Tina's office. Unable to stop the process for a while, Nico called Alex Wilder for help. Although Nico and Wilder struggled to understand the phenomenon, it stopped when Wilder took the Staff of One from Nico. As they were informed that Tina was on her way home, they quickly cleaned up the office.

Nico took Amy's diary and both she and Wilder got to her bedroom. When Tina arrived, Nico and Wilder pretended to be making out so that Tina would not suspect they had done anything in her office. Tina told Wilder to leave the mansion, which he promptly did. Meanwhile, Tina turned on the TV in the mansion and learned about Destiny Gonzalez's body being found stranded on the beach.[6]

Tina Minoru meets with Kincaid

Later, Kincaid went to the Minoru Mansion to report everything he had found out about Dale and Stacey Yorkes about whom he had investigated per Tina's request.[3]

Tina Minoru teaches Nico Minoru how to use the Staff of One

When Wilder was kidnapped by Darius Davis, Nico took the Staff of One from her mother's office. Once Wilder was rescued, Nico sneaked into Tina's office to put it back, but her mother found her. However, Tina did not blamed Nico for this and announced that Nico was meant to wield the Staff one day, leaving her daughter to keep the Staff for some time.[7] On the next morning, Tina gave Nico her first lesson about the Staff of One's manipulation in her office, further detailing the artifact's origin and functioning.

Later, the Minoru family left the mansion for the upcoming PRIDE gala.[8]

Broken Couple

"I know, it's strange, me being home. Your mom's giving me a second chance. I'm grateful, even if she doesn't want me back in her bed yet."
"You do realize we have a guest room."
"Maybe it's weird, but it gives me comfort being in here."
Robert Minoru and Nico Minoru[src]

Due to the affair between Robert Minoru and Janet Stein having been revealed by Victor Stein, Robert decided to leave the Minoru Mansion and attempt to live a new life with Janet. He informed his daughter Nico Minoru of this decision, although Nico was convinced that Robert could still live with them.[9]

Taking advantage of both her parents' absence, Nico searched through Amy Minoru's bedroom. She successfully found Amy's phone and left it in the bedroom to charge. Amy then left the bedroom to find Alex Wilder and report her discovery. The mobile phone was eventually charged and displayed the last message received by Amy, instructing her to leave the mansion as Jonah was coming for her.[2]

Nico returned to Amy's bedroom in the next morning to pick up the phone, but before she could do so, she was found by Robert, who had decided to sleep in Amy's bedroom as he had ended his relationship with Janet and Tina had agreed to give him a second chance. Nico eventually managed to reclaim the phone and upon finding the message, she asked Alex Wilder to come to the Minoru Mansion. The two discussed the death of Amy before leaving for a dancing party.[1]

PRIDE Rebellion

When alerted by Jonah that the Runaways were aware of the PRIDE's secret activities, Tina and Robert Minoru promptly returned to the Minoru Mansion, where they discovered that Nico Minoru had taken the Staff of One.[1]

PRIDE meets at the Minoru Mansion

Following the Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site, the members of PRIDE except Leslie Dean gathered in Tina's office and discussed what they had discovered the night before, including Molly Hernandez's and Karolina Dean's superhuman abilities. Realizing that Jonah had kept them in the dark for too long, they decided to conduct their own investigations: going to find Karolina to discover what their children knew and finding out what really lied beneath the PRIDE Construction Site.[10]

Nico Minoru's Brief Return

The Runaways break into the house

"I know this is what you came for."
"And I'm not leaving without it."
Tina Minoru and Nico Minoru[src]

In an attempt to reclaim the Staff of One from Tina Minoru, Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean and Molly Hernandez decided to infiltrate the Minoru Mansion. Nico had Dean used her light-based abilities to fry out Wizey's control systems, thus unlocking the house and randomly activating the electronic systems around the house. While Hernandez remained outside to stand guard, Nico and Dean immediately headed for Tina's office, only to discover that the Staff of One was not there and they had been found by Robert Minoru.

The Runaways are confronted by Tina Minoru

Refusing to listen to her father who begged her to come back home, Nico grabbed wooden fighting staff and demanded to know where her mother was. They thus went to confront Tina in the yard, where they were joined by Hernandez. During the ensuing confrontation, Tina easily held her own against the three teenagers until Hernandez violently punched her, causing Tina to lose her temper and to project Hernandez in the swimming pool before freezing its surface, thus trapping Hernandez beneath a thick layer of ice.

Nico Minoru obtains the Staff of One

Despite Tina nearly losing control, the fight was eventually ended when Nico mentioned her sister Amy's death, causing Tina to thaw out the swimming pool to release Hernandez. Tina agreed to hand the Staff of One over to Nico and allowed the teenagers to go, but warned Nico that in this case she would no longer be her daughter. Nico left the Minoru Mansion nonetheless with Dean and Hernandez.[11]


The Minoru Mansion was a wealthy residence located in Los Angeles. Most of the rooms were designed and decorated in a modern and clean fashion. The mansion also featured a swimming pool.

The Minoru Mansion's most notable feature was being a smarthouse managed by an artificial intelligence named Wizey. Thanks to this program, the members of the Minoru family had access to a variety of functions, like remotely shutting down the mansion's access, scanning it or displaying video feeds of a given room.


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