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"The Mining Tribe will not challenge today."
―Mining Tribe Elder to Zuri[src]

The Mining Tribe Elder is a member of the Wakandan Tribal Council and the leader of the Mining Tribe.


The Mining Tribe Elder, along with the rest of the tribes, went to Warrior Falls to coronate their new king, T'Challa. When presented with the opportunity, per tradition, she and her tribe chose not to challenge T'Challa.

The Elder then took part in a meeting of the Tribal Council, during which Okoye announced that the criminal Ulysses Klaue had been spotted and that Wakanda had a chance to capture him. Unlike her colleague from the Merchant Tribe, the Elder did not state her opposition to a mission spearheaded by the Black Panther to capture Klaue.

The Elder attended another meeting during which Erik Killmonger was brought in front of the Tribal Council. When Killmonger stated that he wanted the throne, the Elder laughed and found the notion ridiculous. When he announced that he was N'Jadaka, son of N'Jobu, however, the Elder was stunned into silence and remained speechless as Killmonger demanded to duel against T'Challa and challenged him for the throne of Wakanda.

Therefore, the Elder watched the duel between T'Challa and Killmonger, watching in horror and grief as Zuri was slain by Killmonger and as her king was humiliated by Killmonger, who threw him down the waterfall. Along with the rest of the attendants, the Elder then had no choice but to bow in front of Killmonger and ackowledge him as her new King.

The Elder then participated in the first and only Tribal Council meeting presided by Killmonger. She listened to Killmonger's plan to send Vibranium weapons to Wakandan spies all over the world to arm several uprisings so that Wakandan could take over the entire world. Barring W'Kabi who agreed to this plan, the Elder and her fellows showed great discomfort with the idea but did not vocally oppose him. However, Killmonger was eventually defeated once and for all by T'Challa and the Elder swore fealty to him once more.[1]


  • Citadel: As a member of the Tribal Council, the Mining Tribe Elder frequently attended meetings in the Citadel.