"These pods are industrial grade, they're nearly indestructible."

The Mining Pods are space vehicles used to mine the biological materials of Knowhere. It was used by Star-Lord, Gamora and Rocket Raccoon to battle Ronan the Accuser and his allies for the Orb.

According to Star-Lord, the pods are indestructible, being vulnerable only to blasts from Necrocrafts, according to Rocket.


Skirmish on Knowhere

Ronan's forces and the Ravagers appeared on Knowhere, with the former having been called there by a vengeful Drax. Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and Gamora attempted to fight off Ronan's forces using the Tivan Mining Pods while Drax tried to fight Ronan and Groot stayed behind. Rocket managed to use his pod's durability to his advantage by crashing through Ronan's Necrocrafts.


Rocket using his Mining Pod to battle the Necrocrafts.

Pursued by Nebula and several other Necrocrafts, Gamora attempted to flee into open space, but her Mining Pod malfunctioned due to its inability to function outside of Knowhere and was promptly destroyed by Nebula. Rocket and Quill caught up with Gamora's unconscious body. Rocket sadly informed Quill that Gamora would not survive however, Quill announced his coordinates to the Ravagers and exited his Mining Pod, placing his mask on Gamora and nearly dying before being rescued by the Ravagers.

Later, Rocket returned to Knowhere's surface and met up with Drax and Groot.[1]


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