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"Home is Milwaukee. That's where we were gonna bring you up."
Calvin Zabo to Skye[src]

Milwaukee is the largest city of the state of Wisconsin.


Captain America's USO Shows

During the World War II, Milwaukee was visited by Captain America and the Star Spangled Singers as part of the USO promotional show.[1]

Home of Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson had a medical practice in Milwaukee and owned the building in which the practice was located. Prior to 1988, he decided to work with Doctors Without Borders and moved to China to work there temporarily.[2]

Hunt for Bruce Banner

"It's a possible gamma sickness. Milwaukee. A man drank one of those guarana sodas. Guess it had a little more kick than he was looking for."
Kathleen Sparr[src]
Pingo Doce.png

A man in Milwaukee suffered a severe case of Gamma Radiation poisoning after consuming a drink. Unbeknownst to him, the bottle got contaminated by the blood of Bruce Banner, who was working at the bottling factory where the drink was manufactured in Brazil.[3]

Failed Family Trip

"I should take you there sometime. I don't know, maybe show you around the old haunts."
"Why not tomorrow? I want to go with you."
Calvin Zabo and Skye[src]

As he promised, Gordon dropped off Calvin Zabo and Skye in Milwaukee. Before he left he told them that he would pick them up when they were ready before allowing the pair to walk down the street together. Zabo tried to show his daughter all the old places he knew, but they had all closed down in the years since he had been there. Skye bumped into a stranger, Zabo began to lose his temper, demanding the stranger apologize to Skye, but she calmed him down and asked him to take some ice cream.

Eventually, they came to Zabo's old office where all his things were left untouched. He showed Skye his grandfather's operating kit he had used to sew Jiaying back together. His enthusiasm was spoiled when Skye told him that he was holding on to the idea of raising a family, a thought that would never come true and she told him it was time to move on. Skye let it slip that Zabo was not to return to Afterlife.

They were interrupted by Lincoln Campbell who had been sent by Jiaying to watch over Skye, annoying Zabo at not being trusted. Zabo suddenly realized that Jiaying and Skye were intending to leave him behind and in his anger, Zabo threw Campbell against a wall, causing a great deal of noise in the struggle. Before a fight could break out, Zabo was interrupted by HYDRA tactical unit and Deathlok sent by Sunil Bakshi.

Zabo and Campbell defeated HYDRA agents, however, he witnessed Gordon come back to retrieve Skye and return her to Afterlife, Zabo leaped at him and just managed to reach him as Gordon teleported away. Remained HYDRA operatives were taken down by Phil Coulson, Lance Hunter, Grant Ward, and Agent 33 who then found Campbell and Peterson fighting. Deathlok scanned a perimeter for Skye and Coulson, and Ward headed in her direction. Bakshi ordered the agents to fire a Pulse Grenade that knocked them both out.

HYDRA captured both of Campbell and Peterson and then left the building. One of remained HYDRA agents took aim at Coulson but was shot in the back by Ward. With Hunter injured and HYDRA outnumbering them, Coulson ordered his team to evacuate while he stayed behind and surrendered to Bobbi Morse and Alphonso Mackenzie.[2]


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