Milton Keynes is a town located in Buckinghamshire, England.


Code Breaking Skills

Peggy Carter spent time at Bletchley Park during World War II, learning skills as a code breaker that would serve her during her career. While there, she studied, among other things, one of the code systems that the Soviet Union used for their messages, such as the one-time pad system, learning that the system was not of use if the original language of the message was not taken into account.[1]

Clairvoyant Candidates

Grant Ward and Antoine Triplett traveled to Milton Keynes, England, as one of the random teams chosen to investigate the candidates rejected from the Index as possible identities for the Clairvoyant.

Upon arriving, Triplett let Ward know what John Garrett told him about his family, comparing them to the Kennedy family; although as Ward answered that he doubted Garrett said that, Triplett admitted he did his own research, as he found hard to follow Ward's footsteps.

Ward asked the point of the conversation, and Triplett said he only wanted to keep things light. However, Ward took the mission as serious matter, as the Clairvoyant almost killed Skye. Triplett replied that he actually killed his partner, Dan Monroe, and he had to tell Monroe's 6-year-old son about his father's death. For this, Triplett warned Ward that if they find the Clairvoyant, it was better that Ward stayed out of his way. Ward replied that they were sent to capture the Clairvoyant, not to kill him, but Triplett asked to him to think what would happened if Skye had died.

The two agents received the file with the candidate's identity, Elijah Fordham, that was serving 18 life sentences for a killing spree during the 1990s.

Ward and Triplett entered the Milton Keynes Prison, and found that there were no guards inside. As Victoria Hand informed the rest of the teams that Felix Blake was attacked by Deathlok, Ward and Triplett quickly abandoned the prison to avoid a possible ambush.[2]



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