"You can threaten me all you want, but I'm not talking."
―Miles Van Ert[src]

Miles Van Ert is an employee of the Roxxon Corporation that secretly aided Leet Brannis to develop Howard Stark's Nitramene.


Clandestine Meeting

"It takes a minute to cool. Yeah I'm taking a pretty big risk doing this, least you could do is smile..."
―Miles Van Ert to Leet Brannis[src]

Van Ert works with Leet Brannis

Miles Van Ert was a scientist working for the Roxxon Corporation. He met with Leet Brannis at the Roxxon Refinery and they continued production on the Nitramene bombs, Van Ert mocked Brannis for staying so silent and never smiling throughout the meeting. They were interrupted when Van Ert heard a noise, when he investigated, he was blinded by Agent Peggy Carter who went to chase Brannis. When Brannis activated a bomb filled with Nitramene that destroyed the facility, Van Ert was able to escape in time.[1]

Brutal Interrogation


Van Ert is discovered by the SSR

The next morning, the Strategic Scientific Reserve came to investigate the explosion; Hugh Jones allowed them to scan each employee for Vita Radiation since Nitramene emits that form of radiation. Van Ert was in line when Agent Jack Thompson scanned him, but he came up negative for vita radiation, since he was no longer wearing the clothes he had the night before. Peggy Carter knew who he was, but she could not reveal her involvement in the explosion. So, as she asked for the agents to scan the locker room of the employees, Van Ert began to run. Carter went in a different direction and captured him.


Van Ert is interrogated by Jack Thompson

With Van Ert now captured, he was taken to the New York Bell Company Office where Chief Roger Dooley of the SSR gave Van Ert an option: give him a higher person in the conspiracy and he would let him go. Van Ert did not believe the agent and refused to give them any of the information they wanted. Agent Thompson was then left alone with Van Ert and assured him that he did not intend to make him talk, but to sing, he then gave Van Ert a tree branch, telling him to bite down on it. Thompson then proceeded repeatedly and brutally to hit Van Ert in the face until he gave all the information that he knew about Leet Brannis and Leviathan.[2]





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