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"Yeah, sorry, Miles. I'm not gonna make it. Yeah, I'm just stuck."
Aaron Davis to Miles Morales[src]

Miles Gonzalo Morales is the nephew of Aaron Davis.


"I don't want those weapons in this neighborhood either. I got a nephew who live here."
Aaron Davis to Spider-Man[src]

Miles Morales lived in one of the neighborhoods in Queens, near his uncle Aaron Davis, who was very close to him. For Morales' safety, and despite his criminal record, Davis did not want the weapons sold by Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz to hit the neighborhood.[1]

Morales received a call from his uncle, apologizing as he would not be able to attend their appointment, as Davis had been stuck to his car by Spider-Man, who had webbed Davis' hand to his car until it dissolved in a matter of hours.[2]




  • In the comics' Ultimate Universe, Miles Morales is a teenager who was bitten by a genetically-modified spider similar to the one that bit Peter Parker, and became the Ultimate Universe's next Spider-Man following Parker's death. Eventually, he was made a native of the Prime Marvel Universe by a grateful Molecule Man after Miles showed him compassion alongside his parents Jefferson Davis and Rio Morales, who was restored to life after being killed in the Ultimate universe and his uncle Aaron, who donned the mantle of Iron Spider and became his enemy.
    • Although the most well-known version of Miles Morales is the one from the Ultimate Universe, Miles actually does have a native Marvel Universe counterpart, but this Miles was never bitten by a radioactive spider and ended up becoming a criminal and a close friend and confidant of Kingpin after saving his life.
  • Miles Morales was created and introduced in the comics by Brian Michael Bendis after he was inspired by Donald Glover's attempt to be cast as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

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