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"It's the Milano, the orange and blue one over in the corner."

The Milano was an M-class spaceship gifted to Peter Quill by the Yondu Ravager Clan, which he used during his escapades as the space outlaw Star-Lord. It was destroyed during the Battle of Xandar, although it was rebuilt entirely by the Nova Corps as a token of gratitude. The Milano was the main spacecraft used by the Guardians of the Galaxy until it was severely damaged by the Sovereign. Despite Rocket Raccoon's attempts to repair the Milano, his kidnapping by the Ravagers led to the ship being abandoned on Berhert. It was succeeded by the Benatar.


Star-Lord's Ravager Career[]

"I've been flying this rig since I was ten years old."

The Ravagers possessed several M-Ships in their fleet.[1] When he was ten years old, Peter Quill was gifted with one of the Yondu Ravager Clan's M-Ships,[2] which he named the Milano, after his childhood crush Alyssa Milano.[3]

Quest for the Orb[]

Battle of Morag[]

In 2014, Star-Lord decided to obtain the Orb for himself and use the proceeds of its sale to secede from Yondu Udonta's Ravager clan. He arrived at Morag on the Milano and was eventually attacked by Korath, who tried to kill him as he was looking for the Orb, too. Star-Lord used the Milano to escape among chaos going on. Star-Lord was then startled by Bereet, whom he forgot was on the ship, then went ahead to Xandar, where he planned to sell the mysterious artifact.[1]

Escape from the Kyln[]

"Your ship is filthy."
"Oh, she has no idea. If I had a blacklight, this place would look like a Jackson Pollock painting."
Gamora and Peter Quill[src]

When Quill obtained the Orb, the Milano transported Quill to Xandar to sell it. After his arrest, the Milano was impounded by the Nova Corps to the Kyln. The Guardians of the Galaxy later used it to escape.[1]

Skirmish on Knowhere[]


The Guardians of the Galaxy using the Milano to go to Knowhere

"Quill, I'm trapped! I can't make it to the Milano, I have to head out!"
Gamora to Star-Lord[src]

The Guardians used the Milano to travel to Knowhere. When Drax the Destroyer called Ronan the Accuser to Knowhere, and Quill and Gamora were abducted by the Ravagers, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Drax used the Milano in an attempt to free their partners.[1]

Battle of Xandar[]


The Guardians of the Galaxy piloting the Milano into battle

"Rocket will lead a team to blow a hole in the Dark Aster's starboard hull. Then, our craft and Yondu's will enter."

In the Battle of Xandar, Quill, Gamora, Groot and Drax used the Milano to enter Ronan's ship, the Dark Aster. In the process, the ship was severely damaged.[1]



Rhomann Dey shows Peter Quill the newly rebuilt Milano

"We tried to keep it as close to the original as possible. We salvaged as much as we could."
"Wow. I... Thank you."
Rhomann Dey and Star-Lord[src]

Afterwards, the Nova Corps rebuilt the Milano for Quill as repayment for saving Xandar.[1]

Escape from the Sovereign Fleet[]

GotGV2 Sovereign Fleet 1

The Sovereign Omnicrafts chasing the Milano

"Look at this! Where is the other half of our ship?"
"My ship."
Gamora and Star-Lord[src]

The Milano was used to transport the Guardians to the planet Sovereign to fight the Abilisk. The Guardians used it again to transport Nebula to Xandar to collect the bounty on her head. It was engaged in a massive space battle with the Sovereign's Omnicrafts, where the ship was badly damaged as they jumped to the planet Berhert where it crashed.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot stayed behind to repair the Milano when the rest of the Guardians traveled to Ego's Planet with Ego and Mantis. Rocket was never able to finish the repairs with the Milano, however, when he was attacked by the Ravagers who took the duo away on the Eclector.[2]

Design and Capabilities[]

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  • In the original comics, Star-Lord's ship was a sentient star called Aurora, who was turned into a sentient spaceship by the Master of the Sun.
    • In the 2013 storyline, the mobile headquarter of the Guardians of the Galaxy is called C.I.T.T., an acronym for Cool Interstellar Travel Travelship.
  • The Milano is named after Peter Quill's childhood crush Alyssa Milano.[3]
  • The Milano shares the same colors come from Ego's 1979 Ford Mustang that he drove while on Earth.[2]
  • Despite there being five members living on the ship, there are only two known sleeping bunks on board.


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