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"Don't suppose you people care to reimburse me for the baseball gloves?"
―Mike to PRIDE[src]

Mike, also known as Mike on a Bike, is a homeless biker and a thief who once stole from the Runaways.


Stealing the Fistigons

"You guys are into some seriously weird shit."
"You don't know the half of it."
―Mike and Chase Stein[src]

As the Runaways were fleeing from PRIDE and arrived in a homeless camp, Mike spotted them and notably noticed that they were in possession of money and a pair of mysterious gauntlets. Taking advantaged of Chase Stein dozing off, Mike stole both the money and the gauntlets before running away on his bike. He was quickly chased by the Runaways, but managed to outdistance them while threatening to shoot at them with the gauntlets. He then lost them by crossing a road, leaving the Runaways behind.

Mike is attacked by Old Lace

In the next day, Mike began doing some target practice with the Fistigons by shooting at random targets. The noise alerted the Runaways, and Mike was once again confronted by the teenagers, who instructed him to give back the Fistigons as they were too dangerous for him to handle. Once again, Mike refused to comply and ran away on his bike. This time however, the Runaways chased him with bikes of their own up to the hills near Griffith Observatory, where Mike was attacked by Old Lace.

Terrified by the weird events he was witnessing, Mike ran away on foot, but was eventually caught up by Stein and agreed to give him back the Fistigons, claiming that the Runaways were too strange for him.[1]

Mike talking to PRIDE

Mike later accompanied Jules to the PRIDE Headquarters to be questioned by PRIDE about the Runaways' whereabouts. Seeing it as an opportunity to make some money, Mike asked to be paid for the information he could divulge, and was given fifty dollars by Robert Minoru. Mike confirmed that he had seen the Runaways and described the Fistigons and Old Lace. He then left after failing to convince PRIDE to give him more money, with Minoru assuring that he would have given him more money if Mike had asked for it in the first place.[2]

Odd Encounter

Mike was in a tent near the building in which Karolina Dean hid during the Chase of the Runaways. He approached to inspect the car of Victor Stein, who had just arrived, in an attempt to steal it before encountering Xavin, and he was astonished when he saw her taking his own appearance.[3]


Former Equipment

"They are apparently way more craftier than they look, because the next thing I know, they stole my electric baseball gloves."
―Mike to PRIDE[src]

Mike on a Bike wearing the Fistigons he stole

  • Fistigons: Mike stole the Fistigons from the Runaways, describing the gauntlets as "electric baseball gloves". He used them to randomly shoot at non-living targets, including his own bikes, and tried to escape from the Runaways as they chased him to get them back. Mike eventually agreed to return the Fistigons to Chase Stein after being attacked by Old Lace, not desiring to be involved in whatever strange business the Runaways were dealing with.





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