For the real Mike Peterson, see Deathlok
"They're reflections of you, who you really are, one of the good ones, the real deal. You've still got that thing there, and I'm not trying to take it from you, I'm not trying to stop you, after all, look, you're literally walking into the light. You're ready."
―Mike Peterson (Illusion) to Phil Coulson[src]

Mike Peterson was an illusion of the real Mike Peterson which was manifested from the Fear Dimension and attempted to kill Phil Coulson before being destroyed by the real Deathlok.


Realised Fear

Deceiving Phil Coulson

"Sorry, Mike. I'm not buying it."
"Then I'll take you myself!"
Phil Coulson and Mike Peterson's illusion[src]

Phil Coulson went to the lowest levels of the Lighthouse in an attempt to close the rift of the Fear Dimension. There, an illusion of Mike Peterson confronted him. At first, the illusion claimed that it would not harm Coulson in any way and would not keep Coulson from pursuing his agenda. However, the illusion also tried to convince Coulson that everything he had lived in the past years, from the creation of his team to the events in year 2091, were merely visions generated by Coulson's brain while he was being resurrected.

The Real Deal 30

Peterson's illusion tries to take Phil Coulson to the Fear Dimension

Peterson's illusion almost convinced Coulson that it was speaking the truth and attempted to gently take him to the Fear Dimension rift. However, Coulson eventually refused to believe that all his friends and what he had lived with them were fake. As a result, Peterson's illusion angrily grabbed Coulson and intended to force him to go to the Fear Dimension. Immediately after, the illusion was destroyed by the real Peterson, who fired a rocket at it.[1]




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