"And like that, he was gone."
―Mike to Geno[src]

Mike was a United States Army veteran who was recruited into the Jigsaw's Crew, who participated as a gunman in the Robbery of the ReadyQuick Check Cashing. During the start of their escape, they were then unexpectedly confronted by the Punisher. During the exchanging of gunfire, Mike was shot in the head by Castle while protecting Jigsaw.


Jigsaw's Crew

Recruited into the Crew

"There's an army out there. On the streets, in bars like this. And they all feel the same as you and me. All they ever do is tell us we're the problem, we're their ones that need to change. Maybe we're not the problem."
Jake Nelson to Billy Russo[src]

When Jigsaw decided to make a crew for himself, he turned to various military veterans at McFeeney's, ultimately deciding to pursue a life of crime together, having Mike being recruited into the crew.[1]

Training for the Robbery

"Okay, we got two cars. One here, Todd. One here, Mike. Jake, Bobby and I, we come out, split up between the two cars. We take off, we meet up again at the rendezvous point."

Mike training alongside Jigsaw's Crew

Jigsaw had discovered that ReadyQuick Check Cashing was holding three hundred thousand dollars. After discovering this, Jigsaw had started to train his crew in hopes of prepping them to rob ReadyQuick. Jigsaw, along with Jake Nelson and Geno had acted as robbers while the rest of the crew acted as victims of the fake robbery.[2]

Robbery of ReadyQuick

Robbery of the ReadyQuick Check Cashing

Mike joins Jigsaw and Bobby in the robbery

"Mike, you're off the bench."
Jigsaw to Mike[src]

Mike, along with Jigsaw and Bobby went into ReadyQuick Check Cashing in order to rob it. Mike was seen restraining the two civilians at ReadyQuick using zipties. Mike was also seen pointing a gun at the civilians he had ziptied, although he never actually shoots them.


Mike witnesses the arrival of the Punisher

When Anton Reed opened the door to the cashier's side and the money, Mike brought the civilians and ziptied the others into the room. Mike then went into the cash register and started to take all of the money and put it in his bag. Mike, Bobby, and Jigsaw then left ReadyQuick with Reed restrained.


Mike is shot in the head protecting Billy Russo

The Punisher confronted Jigsaw, disguising as Jake Nelson in order to stop his crew after Jigsaw, Mike, and Bobby had robbed ReadyQuick. When Jigsaw was having flashbacks of what had happened to him, Mike had came over to Jigsaw in order to help him. When the Punisher started to shoot at Jigsaw's fellow crew members, he shot Mike in the head, killing him instantly.[2]



  • Handgun: Mike carried this handgun while he and the rest of Jigsaw's Crew practiced for their first robbery, and later when they actually committed it, engaging in a shootdown against Punisher until he was shot by him.


  • Jigsaw's Hideout: Mike, along with the rest of Jigsaw's Crew went into one of the warehouses in Queens, in which the gang used to train for other robberies.





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