Mike's Beer is a small bar owned by Mike in River's End, New York.


Deke Shaw's Discoveries

Deke Shaw prepares to taste real beers

Deke Shaw was sent into the past in the same time than the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents when the Time Di'Alla was activated, resulting in him being teleported into River's End. Shaw spotted Mike's Beer and decided to begin getting used to Earth's customs by this place. There, he met the bartender Mike and ordered a beer.

Deke Shaw enjoys his meal in Mike's Beer

Dissatisfied with the taste of beer, which was not what he imagined, Shaw soon began enjoying several bottles of Zima. Shaw spent some time in Mike's Beer, eating, playing darts and watching TV all the while getting more and more drunk in the process. As Shaw was satisfied with the experience, he began to leave but Mike remarked that he had to pay his bill. Confused, Shaw handed in his Metric before figuring out that he could not pay with it. Shaw attempted to flee, but he tripped on a billiards table and felt unconscious, forcing Mike to call the police.[1]


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