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"I guess a double major in fine art and comparative religion is good for something."
"You've come a long way since those mixers at Pierson."
"You always liked them better after a fifth of cheap vodka."
"Said the devil on my shoulder."
"Said the angel on mine."
―Mika Prada and Joy Meachum[src]

Mika Prada is an old friend and rival of Joy Meachum who works at Bailey's Auction House. Her husband is a congressman seeking re-election.


College Years

"Isn't that Mika Prada? Don't you hate her with a passion? She screwed, like three of your college boyfriends. And your favorite professor. Or was the professor one of the boyfriends?"
Ward Meachum to Joy Meachum[src]

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Auction Event

"Mika's married. Her husband is a congressman running for reelection. I think she would do just about anything to prevent a scandal. But in order for that to work, we need something scandalous."
"This tactic, it's distasteful."
"But it's a tactic nonetheless. You want this bowl, you gotta ask yourself is your code of honor more important than your purpose? Besides, it's not torture we're talking about here. It's sex."
Joy Meachum and Davos[src]

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Helping Misty Knight

"Thank you for taking the time, Ms. Prada."
"I knew they'd find the bodies someday. What can I help you with?"
"I'm here about a bowl that you procured for Joy Meachum."
Misty Knight and Mika Prada[src]

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"You really can't stand me, can you? Come on, now. Come on. Do it. Harder."
―Mika Prada to Davos[src]

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