"They don't talk much. Let's just say what they did to get in here was ghastly."
Stewart Finney to Wilson Fisk[src]

Miguel Valdez is an inmate within Ryker's Island. He and his own brother made a deal with Wilson Fisk in exchange for him helping their mother financially. They both became Fisk's main henchmen within the prison, and assisted in the assassination of Dutton at the hands of Frank Castle under Fisk's orders.


Ryker's Island

Protecting Stewart Finney

"Do they have family?"
"A mother. She's been alone for a while."
Wilson Fisk and Stewart Finney[src]

Valdez, alongside his brother, was sent into Ryker's Island due to them both committing a crime that was almost too horrible to mention. During their time in Ryker's, the brothers became associates with Stewart Finney, another inmate who was also unsure of Dutton's leadership of the prison. The brothers' time in prison had resulted in their mother struggling to pay rent, as they sought a way to assist her financially from the inside.[1]

Recruited by Wilson Fisk

"The two men you were speaking to."
"Valdez brothers."
"They your friends?"
"Slim pickings in here, but, yeah."
Wilson Fisk and Stewart Finney[src]

Valdez and his brother eating lunch together

While they were eating their lunch with Stewart Finney, Valdez and his brother had witnessed Finney get up from their table and go sit down with the newly arrived Wilson Fisk, in an attempt to make a new alliance with Fisk. Valdez and his brother kept a close watch over Finney's conversation with Fisk, as they discussed Dutton's control over the prison. During the conversation, Fisk established that the brothers had a mother who was still living within New York City, and required financial assistance in order to pay her rent.


Valdez and his brother guarding Wilson Fisk

As Fisk arranged through Benjamin Donovan to have their mother's rent paid indefinitely, the Valdez brothers then became loyal to Fisk, supporting his attempt to get control of the prison away from Dutton. Valdez and his brother would stand outside Fisk's prison cell and had kept guard, listening in when Finney would come to speak with him about Dutton. During one of these discussions, Finney had presented Fisk with a news report on the Punisher, who had been slaughtering members of the Dogs of Hell and Kitchen Irish throughout New York, with Fisk deciding that Castle could become beneficial to them.


Valdez watch Wilson Fisk meet Frank Castle

Fisk arranged to have the Punisher sent to Ryker's, so that he could have a meeting to discuss the potential murder of Dutton. During the conversation, Valdez and his brother came out, alongside Finney, in order to offer Fisk protection, as the Punisher had merely smirked at seeing the Valdez brothers. With the Valdez brothers watching over the meeting closely, the Punisher was eventually convinced to help Fisk murder Dutton, before Finney had presented him with a shiv and information about how to get inside of Dutton's cell. The mission was successful and Dutton was killed, although the Punisher survived.[1]


Valdez gets his next orders from Wilson Fisk

In the wake of the murder of Dutton, the Valdez brother had remained loyal to Fisk, who had also allowed the Punisher to go free and took control over the entire prison. While Fisk enjoyed a steak dinner with classical music, the Valdez brothers stood guard outside his cell, as Fisk called Valdez into the cell. Fisk told Valdez to get in contact with Donovan, noting that he intended to reexamine Matthew Murdock's files, since he had begun to suspect that Murdock could actually be the Daredevil, in the wake of a meeting he had just had with Murdock where Murdock had struck him in the face, while Valdez agreed.[2]








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