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"First off, the name is Mighty Thor! And secondly, if you can't say Mighty Thor I'll accept Doctor Jane Foster! And thirdly, eat my hammer!"
―Mighty Thor to Gorr the God Butcher[src]

Doctor Jane Foster was one of the world's leading astrophysicists, the world's foremost astronomer, the creator of the Foster Theory, as well as one of the premiere experts on Asgard. She found Thor after he was banished from Asgard and fell to Earth while she and her team were in New Mexico studying astronomical anomalies. She helped him in his mission to return to Asgard, eventually falling in love with him along the way. They were separated due to the temporary destruction of the Rainbow Bridge. During Loki's assault on Earth, S.H.I.E.L.D. kept her out of harms way by transferring her to a remote observatory where Loki could not find her.

Foster found out of Thor's return through the footage of the Battle of New York; this left her disappointed and angry that Thor didn't attempt contacting her. During the Convergence, she became host to the Aether and helped Thor defeat Malekith during the Battle of Greenwich. Once free of the Aether, Foster returned to work and Thor had decided to remain on Earth with her. Due to her work studying of the Convergence, Foster was being considered for the Nobel Prize in astrophysics. Following the Ultron Offensive, Foster's relationship with Thor turned sour, leading her to dump him.

In 2018, Foster was amongst the victims when Thanos wiped out half the life in the universe with the Infinity Stones. Resurrected five years later by the Avengers, Foster learned that she had stage IV cancer, seeking chemotherapy by 2025. She visited New Asgard, where the broken pieces of Mjølnir reassembled themselves and presented itself to her, granting her superhuman abilities. Operating as the Mighty Thor, she befriended King Valkyrie and defended New Asgard from Gorr the God Butcher, reuniting with Thor in the process. However, continued use of Mjølnir greatly weakened her body, and as a result of her decision to join the final fight against Gorr, she succumbed to her cancer. Having died a warrior's death, her soul went to Valhalla, an Asgardian afterlife, where she was greeted by Heimdall.


Early Life[]

Losing Her Parents[]

"Mom, don't leave me."
"Don't be afraid. Even when I'm gone, honey, you won't be alone. And whatever happens, never stop fighting."
―Jane Foster and Elaine Foster[src]
Jane loses her mother

Foster visiting her mother's grave

When Jane Foster was young, her father had passed away, and not too long later, her mother Elaine became terminally ill. Before passing, Foster's mother told her to not be afraid, as even with both her parents gone she wouldn't be alone, and that she should always keep fighting.[1]

Science Career[]

"I come up here sometimes when I can't sleep or I'm trying to reconcile particle data, or when Darcy's driving me crazy. I come up here a lot, actually, now that I think about it."
―Jane Foster to Thor[src]

Foster was a student at Culver University, where her father and Erik Selvig worked together. She later graduated and became an astronomer, dedicating her life to her research, where she built most of her equipment herself. Foster also briefly dated M.D. Donald Blake, but eventually broke up with him. When looking back at him, Foster would note that while Blake was a great doctor, he sucked at being a boyfriend.

Sometime after her graduation from Culver University, Foster began studying a mysterious weather event that she believed was linked to an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Accompanied by Selvig and their intern Darcy Lewis, Foster traveled to the source of the anomalies, which was out in the desert surrounding Puente Antiguo, New Mexico.[5]

Life-Changing Encounter[]

Meeting Thor[]

Jane watches for storm

Foster watches for the weather event

"Where did he come from?"
―Jane Foster[src]

At the end of their first week of research, Foster became certain that another weather event would occur, due to the predictability of the previous seventeen instances. Being sure of her research, Foster, Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis drove out to the desert in their van one night to witness the event.

Jane Chasing Storms

Foster witnesses a massive weather event

When nothing happened, Selvig attempted to convince Foster to give up her search, believing it to be just chasing storms, not connected to astronomy. However, Foster was determined that there was a connection in her research, pleading Selvig to just be patient with it. Suddenly, Lewis alerted the two to something unknown forming in the sky, much to their confusion and amazement.

Jane finds Thor

Foster checks on Thor after hitting him

With her research proven to have been correct, Foster told Lewis to drive towards the occurrence so she could study and record it. As they got closer, a powerful vortex formed in front of them, so Lewis steered away from it, only for Foster to force them towards it. However, when they entered the vortex, they struggled to see anything, causing them to collide with a man who had stumbled out of the dust into their path.

2011 thor 020

Foster examines markings in the desert

The occurrence then ended, with the vortex disappearing, so they all got out of the van to check on the man they hit. Foster found the man to still be alive, as he got up and began to speak, although none of them understood what he was saying. Foster then noticed markings in the ground, much to her intrigue, so she started to study them; however, Selvig suggested they take the man to the hospital instead. The man announced himself as Thor and started to intimidate them, but was stopped when Lewis tasered him. They then decided to put Thor in their van and take him to a hospital.

Jane checks Thor in

Foster checks Thor into the hospital

They delivered Thor to the hospital and signed him in, giving them his name, and then returned to their research base. The next morning, they discussed the events of the previous night, which Foster was now certain was an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Foster and Selvig reviewed constellations they had discovered which were not from their planet, when Lewis noticed the figure of a man in one of the photographic images captured from the atmospheric event.

Jane hits Thor with van

Foster accidentally hits Thor with her van

Foster then believed that figure to have been Thor, so she decided to drive back to the hospital to question him. The three rushed through the hospital, but when they entered Thor's room, they discovered him to be gone. Annoyed that she lost he best piece of evidence for her research, Foster set out to find Thor. However, when she reversed the van, she accidentally hit Thor again. Foster got out of the van and apologized, as she had now knocked him over twice with her van.[5]

Questioning Thor[]


Foster questions Thor about his arrival

"If you take me there now, I'll tell you everything you wish to know."
Thor and Jane Foster[src]

Bringing Thor to the base, they provided him with Donald Blake's clothes, and Foster started to become distracted by Thor as she watched him change. When Thor mentioned that he required food, they took him to Isabela's Diner, where Foster questioned him on how he was inside the vortex. However, Thor didn't take notice of their questions and smashed a mug in request of another drink, causing Foster to tell him not to do that anymore.

Thor Jane walk

Foster learns about Mjølnir

When two men entered the diner talking about a "satellite" that landed in the desert, Foster listened in on the conversation, and asked them about it. When they revealed that the "satellite" could not be moved, Thor asked for directions and then headed off, causing Foster to run after him. Foster asked what he was doing, and Thor informed them that the "satellite" belonged to him and he was going to take it.

Thor kisses Jane's hand

Foster and Thor part ways

Thor then offered to tell Foster everything she wanted to know about him if she helped him retrieve Mjølnir. Concerned, Erik Selvig spoke to Foster, who was willing to help Thor to assist her own research, and convinced her not to, as he believed Thor was dangerous. Foster then told Thor she couldn't help him, so he kissed her hand, which awkwardly flattered her, and they parted ways. Although, Foster couldn't help but still be infatuated with Thor.[5]

Encountering S.H.I.E.L.D.[]

Jane yells at SHIELD

Foster finds S.H.I.E.L.D. taking her research

"Hey! That's my stuff! What the hell is going on here?"
"Ms. Foster, I'm Agent Coulson with S.H.I.E.L.D.."
"Is that supposed to mean something to me? You can't do this!"
―Jane Foster and Phil Coulson[src]

When they returned to the base, they discovered S.H.I.E.L.D. agents confiscating their equipment and research. Foster was angry at the agents' sudden intrusion into their base, but Erik Selvig tried to calm her down, due to knowing how serious the actual situation was.

Jane left with nothing

Foster is left with nothing

However, due to her life's work being taken from her, Foster tried to stop them, but Phil Coulson told her they needed to take all of her possessions, and attempted to compensate her. Despite her pleas, all of Foster's belongings, including her research that was on the verge of an extraordinary discovery, were taken.

Jane on the roof

Foster discuss what they should do next

S.H.I.E.L.D. then left the base, so they then sat on the roof of the building, commiserating the loss of their property, as Selvig informed them of who the people that they encountered were. Selvig then suggested contacting a colleague of his who could possibly help with their situation.[5]

Search for Mjølnir[]


Foster notices Thor wandering New Mexico

"I've never done anything like this before. Have you ever done anything like this before?"
"Many times. But you're brave to do it."
"Well, they just stole my entire life's work. I don't really have much left to lose."
―Jane Foster and Thor[src]

Foster then drove Erik Selvig to the library to e-mail his colleague, and as she waited in the van, she noticed Thor heading into a pet store.

Thor Jane drive

Foster and Thor make their way to the site

Foster drove up to him and offered him a lift, deciding to help him, as she wanted to get her research back. The two then drove down to the crater site, determined to retrieve their possessions, which Foster was nervous about doing. During the drive, Foster bonded with Thor, while still not being sure of who he was.

Jane doubts Thor's plan

Foster doubts Thor's chances of success

When the arrived at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Crater Investigation Site, Foster observed the area, realizing that there was no satellite crash, but something bigger. Thor then gave Foster his jacket, knowing it was going to rain, and promised to return her belongings after retrieving Mjølnir. However, Foster doubted Thor's chances of success, but he was still heading to the site.

Jane watches Thor fail

Foster witnesses Thor fail to lift Mjølnir

Foster then watched as Thor made his way through the site, knocking out many agents along the way. When an alarm went off, Foster hid from detection and called Selvig, telling him she went with Thor and to come find her if she didn't return. When Thor found Mjølnir, Foster watched as he tried to lift it but failed. When Thor was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D., Foster then fled the site and returned to the base,[5] but, she was spotted by Clint Barton.[6]

Jane and Darcy

Foster convinces Erik Selvig to help Thor

When Foster returned, she tried to convince Selvig to help free Thor, now believing his story, but Selvig didn't want to, still trying to protect her from him. When Darcy Lewis showed Foster a book on Norse mythology, featuring Mjølnir, she used what Selvig told her about uncovering every possibility to persuade him, but Selvig didn't mean Magic, but science. However, Foster reasoned that magic was just science they didn't understand, and she was able to enlist Selvig's help.[5]

Bonding with Thor[]

Jane in her camper

Foster is greeted by Thor in her camper

"Your ancestors called it Magic, and you call it science. Well, I come from a place where they're one and the same thing."
Thor to Jane Foster[src]

While Erik Selvig went to retrieve Thor, Foster returned to her camper, where she read more of the book Selvig had found. Later that night, Thor arrived at the camper with a drunk Selvig over his shoulder, so Foster had him put Selvig on her bed. Feeling embarrassed by her living situation in front of Thor, as she never has guests, she asked if they could go outside.


Foster learns more about Thor

The two then sat on the roof of her base, where Foster would always go to think or get away from all the annoyances. She then expressed her relief that Thor was safe after his encounter with S.H.I.E.L.D., and he thanked her for her generosity despite the way he had behaved recently. Thor then gave Foster her notebook, which she was delighted by, no longer having to start her research from scratch now. However, Foster was saddened by the thought that S.H.I.E.L.D. would do everything in their power to stop her research from ever being published, but Thor urged her to continue, knowing that she was right.


Foster developing strong feelings for Thor

Thor explained to Foster that where he is from, Asgard, Magic and science are the same thing, while also drawing and teaching her of the Nine Realms and Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Foster found herself deeply interested in what Thor was saying, as well as developing strong feelings for him too. Later, Foster fell asleep under the stars with Thor by her side.

Jane talks about the Nine Realms

Foster telling Erik Selvig of the Nine Realms

Thor - who believed he was banished from Asgard - decided to embrace living on Earth with Foster, as the two had begun to develop romantic feelings for each other. The next morning, Foster and Thor made breakfast for Selvig and Darcy Lewis, who she told what she had learned from Thor the previous night, hoping to publish it to the scientific community. But Selvig informed her that it was only ever going to be a theory without any evidence.

Jane sees Sif and W3

Foster sees Sif and the Warriors Three arrive

At that moment, four Asgardians appeared at the base, much to the Humans shock and awe. They entered the base and introduced themselves as Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, and Foster watched as Thor conversed with them about his supposed exile, only to discover that his father was still alive, and that he had been lied to by his brother.[5]

The Destroyer Attacks[]

Jane staying to help

Foster decides to help evacuate the city

"Oh. My. God. So is this how you normally look?"
"More or less."
"It's a good look."
―Jane Foster and Thor[src]

When another vortex formed out in the desert, they all went outside to look at it, where Thor realized that the Destroyer had been sent down, causing him to warn Foster to leave. Thor told them that he would stay to help the people get to safety, so Foster decided to stay as well, not wanting to leave Thor, as well as help out.

Jane and Erik

Foster watches Thor confront the Destroyer

After evacuating everyone in the area, Foster watched as Sif and the Warriors Three battled the Destroyer. When the Destroyer quickly overpowered the Asgardians, Thor ordered to them run away before they were caught in the destruction. As they went to leave, Foster noticed Thor staying behind to confront the Destroyer, so she stopped, confused on what he was doing.

Jane cries over Thor

Foster cries over Thor's dead body

Foster watched as Thor attempted to apologize to his brother, but it did not work, and the Destroyer struck Thor, sending him flying back. Foster quickly ran to Thor's side to check on him, and he told her that she was now safe as he died from his injury, to the sadness of Foster. As she wept over Thor's body, Mjølnir began to launch from the desert and fly towards them, so Erik Selvig grabbed her and got her to safety.


Foster witnesses Thor regain his powers

When Mjølnir arrived, it helped revive Thor, who caught the hammer, allowing him to regain his full powers and reveal his true self, much to Foster's amazement as she witnessed everything he had told her to be true. Foster continued to watch as Thor battled the Destroyer in the sky, ultimately defeating it, saving them from the danger that Loki had unleashed.[5]

Left Behind[]

Thor Jane town

Foster and Thor speak with Phil Coulson

"I must go back to Asgard, but I give you my word, I will return for you. Deal?
Thor and Jane Foster[src]

Thor then returned to his friends, with Foster commenting on his new armor he was wearing, which she liked. Thor then announced that he needed to confront Loki, but were stopped when S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived. Thor confronted Phil Coulson, telling him to return the items he took from Foster, which he complied with, wanting her to continue her research.

Thor Jane kiss

Foster passionately kisses Thor goodbye

Thor then invited Foster to accompany him to see the Bifrost Bridge, which she accepted, so he held her tight and flew them out to the desert. When they arrived at the Bifrost site, Thor discovered Heimdall not responding. After some delay, the Bifrost then opened and Thor told Foster that he needed to return to Asgard to stop Loki, but he would return for her after. Foster then passionately kissed Thor goodbye, accepting his promise.

Jane is left behind

Foster realizes that Thor is not returning

Thor and the other Asgardians then departed from Earth and Foster stayed at the site with Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis to wait for him. While they waited, they noticed where the Bifrost opened to begin producing dark lighting clouds, much to their concern. After some time, they then saw the Bifrost opening completely disappear before them, saddening Foster as she felt that Thor had abandoned her. They then decided to leave, accepting that Thor was not returning.[5]

Away from Thor[]

Working with S.H.I.E.L.D.[]


Foster decides to search for Thor

"Of course you can have your equipment back. You're gonna need it to continue your research."
Phil Coulson to Jane Foster[src]

After Thor's departure, Foster entered a partnership with S.H.I.E.L.D., providing them the information Thor shared with her regarding the Nine Realms, making her something of an expert adviser regarding Asgardian cosmology. With S.H.I.E.L.D.'s resources, Foster worked extensively in her attempts to create an artificial wormhole with hopes of reuniting with Thor in Asgard. She nearly succeeded after months of work, but yet again, Foster eventually failed. Darcy Lewis tried to convince her to wait, citing that Thor had promised her he would return for her, but Foster was worried he would not.[7]

Chitauri Invasion[]


Foster and Lewis watching the Battle of New York

"As soon as Loki took the doctor, we moved Jane Foster. We've got an excellent observatory in Tromsø. She was asked to consult there very suddenly yesterday. Handsome fee, private plane, very remote. She'll be safe."
Phil Coulson to Thor[src]

In 2012, Thor's brother Loki made an alliance with the Chitauri and declared war on humanity. When Erik Selvig was mind controlled by Loki, Foster and Darcy Lewis were immediately moved to an observatory in Tromsø by S.H.I.E.L.D. for their own protection. During this time, Thor was transported back to Earth to stop his brother; Foster had no immediate knowledge of his return.[8]


"Thor was here and he just left again. No message, nothing. Not a word. For the last year, every waking thought I had was of finding him. All the work I did was for nothing. So that's it. I'm done."
―Jane Foster[src]

While in Tromsø, Foster was left in the dark regarding her sudden and immediate transfer, and became frustrated when she was not given an explanation. During an attempt to confront one of the scientists, Darcy Lewis showed her live footage of Thor in Manhattan fighting the Chitauri in the Battle of New York.

Foster and Lewis flew to New York City and reunited with Erik Selvig, who was visibly shaken after being brainwashed by Loki. Foster asked Selvig about Thor's whereabouts and was downtrodden to learn that he had already returned to Asgard. Despite comfort from Lewis, Foster was upset that while she had spent a year trying to create a wormhole in order to reunite with him, Thor had found a way to return to Earth and yet chose not to reunite with her or even leave her a message, prompting her to resign from S.H.I.E.L.D. and move on with her life.[7]

Moving to London[]

"I came here because you said you were onto something, and then you vanish."
―Jane Foster[src]

A year later, Foster received a call from Erik Selvig, who, after spending several months enduring psychiatric care, had traveled to London without her knowledge. Selvig explained to Foster that he had discovered a series of bizarre anomalies in London, and needed her to come and meet with him. Foster traveled to London, accompanied by Darcy Lewis, but Selvig was nowhere to be found.

Foster moved into her mother's house, which she and Lewis operated out of to conduct their research, which Foster had personally given up on. Despite deciding to move on from Thor, Foster found herself struggling to do so, spending most of her days in her mother's house, moping around in her pajamas, hardly showering.[9]

The Convergence[]

Interrupted Date[]

Jane London

Foster on her date with Richard Madison

"I'm sure it's nothing."
"It doesn't look like nothing. It kind of looks like the readings that Erik was rambling about."
―Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis[src]

Some time later, Foster would be asked out on a date by Richard Madison, which she accepted to try and help get over Thor. However, when they went to a restaurant, Foster spent most of the date hiding behind her menu, still finding it hard to move on.

JaneDate TTDW-0

Foster talks about her previous relationship

Madison then initiated a conversation, asking Foster what her story was, suspecting it had something to do with another man. Foster alluded to Thor, informing Madison that he was away. Madison then informed Foster of a previous relationship, where his girlfriend cheated on him while in New York.

Jane on her date

Foster's date is interrupted by Darcy Lewis

Suddenly, Darcy Lewis showed up and interrupted their date, informing Foster that the Phase Meter started acting up. When Foster looked at it, including banging it on the table, she brushed it off as nothing, but Lewis believed it to be the readings Erik Selvig mentioned to them. However, Foster told Lewis to go away, so she did, allowing Foster to return to her date. As the date continued, Foster couldn't help but be distracted by what she had seen, so Madison let her leave the date to go with her friend.[9]

Possessed by the Aether[]

Jane called by Darcy

Foster arrives at the anomaly's location

"I haven't seen readings like this since... Since..."
"New Mexico?"
―Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis[src]

Foster then joined Darcy Lewis in her car, as she knew she would come, much to Foster's annoyance. As they drove to the location, Foster was shocked when she discovered Ian Boothby in the backseat, who was Lewis' intern. Foster then tried to contact Erik Selvig to tell him about their discovery but was once again unsuccessful in reaching him. When they arrived, Foster explored the area until Lewis called her and they went towards the warehouse.


Foster discovers an anomaly in the warehouse

When they entered the warehouse, they discovered three kids inside, who asked if they were the police. Foster revealed to them that she was a scientist and asked if she could see what they had found, so they brought them to a truck that was levitating in the air, which one of the kids was able to flip over with ease, to Foster's awe.


Foster analyzing the anomaly

The kids then showed them up a stairwell, where one of the kids dropped a bottle down that suddenly vanished on the way down. When Foster asked where it went, the bottle reappeared from higher up. Excited by this anomaly, Foster threw a can, but it did not return, which one of the kids revealed sometimes things don't return. Foster started to analyze the anomaly, noting how the readings were similar to when Thor arrived in New Mexico.


Foster being transported through a portal

Leaving the others to play with the portal, Foster went to investigate the anomaly, detecting more readings as she explored the warehouse. When Foster came across a dark hallway, the Phase Meter started to emit stronger and wilder readings as a powerful gust of wind emerged. Suddenly, Foster was mysteriously pulled forward and swallowed through a portal.

Thor The Dark World Jane 04

Foster discovering the Aether in the Chamber

Foster was transported to an alien world, much to her shock, where she attempted to call out for help, but there was no response. Foster then explored her surroundings, where she discovered the Chamber, possessing an unknown red substance inside it. When Foster looked inside, the substance latched itself onto her, slithered out and was absorbed into her.

Jane Aether

The Aether being fused into Foster's body

After entering through her hand and now completely surging through her body, Foster became terrified, not knowing what was happening to her. In shock, Foster then passed out, allowing the substance to take control over her and started to grow stronger. Five hours later, Foster was transported back to the warehouse, where she awoke, unsure of what just happened to her.[9]

Reunited with Thor[]

Jane rain

Foster notices the rain's odd behaviour

"I saw you on TV. You were in New York!"
"Jane, I fought to protect you from the dangers of my world but I was wrong. I was a fool. But I believe that fate brought us together."
―Jane Foster and Thor[src]

Foster then exited the warehouse, where she discovered the police had arrived and were talking to Darcy Lewis, who had called them. Foster was mad at her for ruining their unimpeded access to the anomaly, which she now feared that S.H.I.E.L.D. would arrive and take over, but Lewis revealed that she had been gone for five hours.

Jane and Thor reunited 2

Foster and Thor are finally reunited again

When it started to rain, Foster noticed none of it was occurring around them, to their confusion. However, the cause for strange rain occurrence was revealed when Foster spotted Thor, who had returned to Earth, standing before them. Foster then walked over to Thor, with the rain still not going on her, and slapped him to check if he was real, due to experiencing several strange occurrences that day. Now certain that it is him, Foster slapped Thor again for leaving her and never coming back even though he promised her he would.

Jane mad at Thor

Foster learns why Thor never returned for her

When Foster asked where Thor was, he asked the same question back, informing her that Heimdall could not see her. However, Foster ignored it, telling Thor about how she was distraught after he left. Thor then explained to her that he was unable to return for her, as the Bifrost Bridge was destroyed and he needed to protect the Nine Realms from the chaos that ensued.

Jane and Thor about to kiss

Foster and Thor almost about to kiss

Foster then brought up that she saw Thor on TV when he was in New York with the Avengers, but he once again explained that it was to protect Earth form the dangers of his world. Thor then expressed that he was wrong for allowing his duty to not return to Foster, and that he believed it was fate that had brought them together once again. Finally reunited with each other, Thor attempted to express his love for Foster, as they moved in to kiss.

Jane Aether blast

The Aether protects Foster from the police

They were interrupted when Lewis walked over to them to inform Foster that they were about to be arrested. Foster then left her moment with Thor to deal with the police, who questioned whether she knew Ian Boothby, who they were frisking. An officer then told Foster that she was trespassing on private property, and when he went to grab her, the substance fused in her reacted, releasing a powerful blast of energy, knocking the officer away.

Thor & Jane Bifrost

Foster travels to Asgard in the Bifrost Bridge

This blast caused Foster to fall to the ground, and Thor rushed to check on her, protecting her from the police, who wanted to take her in. Knowing that there was something wrong with her that was beyond human containment, Thor decided to call upon the Bifrost to take her to Asgard. Foster held onto Thor as they travelled from Earth in the Bifrost, being amazed by what she was experiencing, and long dreamed of doing.[9]

Learning of the Aether[]

Jane in Asgard

Foster arrives in Asgard for the first time

"There are relics that pre-date the universe itself. What lies within her appears to be one of them."
Odin to Jane Foster and Thor[src]

When they exited the Bifrost Bridge, Foster expressed her enjoyment travelling in it. Arriving in Himinbjorg, Foster noticed Heimdall, who welcomed her to Asgard.


Foster being examined in the Soul Forge

Worried about her condition, Thor brought Foster to a group of Asgardian physicians to be examined. While Foster was in the Soul Forge, she couldn't resist the urge to ask questions about it. After an inspection, she realized that the Soul Forge was just like a quantum field generator, spurring the physicians with her level of knowledge.

Jane meets Odin

Foster witnesses Odin's arrival

Suddenly, Odin entered the room, where he expressed that Foster did not belong on Asgard, being a mortal, despite Thor telling him she was sick. Insulted by Odin's words against her, Foster spoke up, only to be informed that he was King of Asgard, Thor's father and that he knew who Foster was.

Jane faint after Aether

Foster's body is drained more by the Aether

Thor tried to convince Odin that Foster was ill, only for the King to remind him that her world had doctors, which could treat her. Odin then ordered guards to escort Foster out of Asgard, but when they touched her, the Aether reacted again to protect her, knocking away the guards. Odin then understood the severity of Foster's illness and examined her, determining that the Aether was protecting itself, not Foster.

Thor, Odin and Jane

Foster learns the Aether's history from Odin

Odin then showed Foster and Thor the Book of Yggdrasil and explained the history of the Aether, an Infinity Stone that takes the form of a liquid, unlike the other stones. Odin also explained how it has the power to change matter and that it seeks out host bodies, where it draws its strength. Foster then asked Odin if he knew how to get the Aether out of her, but he didn't know.[9]

Sacking of Asgard[]

Jane Foster (Avengers Endgame)

Foster being escorted to her chambers

"Listen to me now. I need you to do everything I ask, no questions."
"Yes, ma'am."
Frigga and Jane Foster[src]

Not able to remove the Aether from her body, Thor decided to keep Foster in Asgard for her own safety.[9] Foster was escorted to her chambers, where a maiden provided her some clothes, although she attempted to request something with pants, to the maiden's confusion.[10]


Foster walking through Asgard with Thor

After Foster rested, she went to explore Asgard, where she became captivated by the Magnetic-Propulsion Ball, believing it could advance Earth science significantly. Foster was then joined by Thor, who informed Foster that she had accidentally taken a ball from some kids, so she returned it.[11] The two took a walk around the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf. During their walk, Foster asked Thor how he knew to find her when she was in trouble. Thor explained to Foster how Heimdall could not see her on Earth when she discovered the Aether.

Thor Jane love Dark World

Thor teaches Foster about the Convergence

Thor then taught Foster about the Convergence, an event where the Nine Realms align perfectly, which was how Foster was transported from Earth to the Aether's location. Listening to Thor explain things to her, Foster found herself immediately falling back in love with him, and the two shared a kiss.


Foster learning of the Sacking of Asgard

Scared on what would happen to her, Thor promised Foster he would find a way to save her. The two were then joined by Frigga, who Thor informed Foster was his mother, which made her nervous as she greeted the Queen. Soon after, they noticed a commotion from the Asgardian Dungeons, so Frigga told Thor to investigate it, promising to look after Foster.


Foster protected by Frigga during the skirmish

Foster then stayed with Frigga as she went to find Odin, expressing her concern for his safety. As the two had an intimate conversation, Foster noticed Sif walk by, and the two stared at each other, although for different reasons. Frigga then armed herself and asked Foster to do everything she asked with no questions, which she complied with. Frigga then brought Foster to her chambers and created an illusion of her.

Frigga ThorTDW

Foster's illusion being protected from Malekith

Foster then hid as Malekith entered the chambers, where he was confronted by Frigga. Malekith then revealed he came for the Aether inside Foster, so Frigga attacked the Dark Elf to protect Foster. After a brief duel, Frigga overwhelmed Malekith, but was stopped when Kurse entered, who restrained her. Malekith then approached Foster, only to discover the illusion Frigga had cast, causing him to order Kurse to kill the Queen. When Thor arrived, Malekith retreated, and Foster came out of hiding, finding Frigga dead.


Foster and Thor attend the funeral for Frigga

That night, a funeral was held for those who were killed in the skirmish, including the Queen of Asgard, who died protecting Foster from the Dark Elves. Foster attended the ceremony to pay her respects to Frigga. During the funeral, Foster stood with Thor to support him as they watched Frigga's spirit ascend to Valhalla.[9]


Dark Eyes - Jane Foster

Foster receiving a vision from the Aether

"Jane Foster? You need to come with us."
"The Allfather has ordered her confined to chambers."
Tyr and Thor[src]

The next day, while Foster was sitting in her chambers, the Aether gave her a vision of Asgard consumed by the its darkness. When she snapped out of it,[9] Foster decided to visit Yggdrasil in the Hall of Science so she could work, as it helped her when she didn't know what to do.


Foster learning more about the Aether

Foster was able to understand how to operate it very quickly, where she learned more about the Aether. When Thor entered, Foster apologized, blaming herself for Frigga's death, but Thor told her it wasn't her fault. Foster then informed Thor of her discoveries, when they were interrupted by Tyr, who came to imprison Foster under Odin's orders. Thor refused to let her be imprisoned, but Foster agreed to be taken, not wanting to cause anymore problems.[11]


Loki punched

Foster punching Loki for attacking New York

"I'm not hungry."
"Good. Let's go."
―Jane Foster and Sif[src]

Imprisoned in her chambers, Foster was brought a meal, which she refused, just as Sif arrived and knocked out the two guards. Sif told Foster to come with her, as she was freeing her as apart of Thor's plan to defeat Malekith. Foster was reunited with Thor, as well as his brother Loki, who she recognised from his attack on New York, so she punched him.

Jane fainting

Foster faints while escaping Asgard

When the Einherjar arrived to stop them, Thor escaped with Foster and Loki to leave Asgard, while Sif stayed behind to give them time. They came across Volstagg, who was waiting for them by a Harrow ship for them to escape in. Once they boarded the ship, Thor, after several failed attempts, managed to fly them out of the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf. While escaping, Foster became faint due to the Aether draining her, causing her to collapse.


Thor carrying a fainted Foster out of Asgard

When they reached the Rainbow Bridge, Thor picked up Foster and exited the ship, landing in an Asgardian Skiff piloted by Fandral. Thor then laid Foster down so she could rest, as Loki took control of the skiff to take them a secret portal. Loki was successful in helping Foster and Thor escape Asgard and arrive in Svartalfheim.[9]

Free of the Aether[]


Foster rests after arriving in Svartalfheim

"None of this would have happened if I hadn't found the Aether."
"Then Malekith would've only possessed it that much sooner."
―Jane Foster and Thor[src]

Having successfully arrived in Svartalfheim, Loki piloted them through the wastelands from First Dark Elf Conflict as Foster continued to rest on the Asgardian Skiff as she was getting weaker from the Aether.

Thor jane loki

The Aether alerts Foster of Malekith

Soon after, Foster was awoken by the Aether, allowing her to alert Thor and Loki that they were approaching Malekith's location. They then exited the skiff and continued on foot, where they reach the top of a cliff, spotting the Dark Elves exiting an Ark. Thor then checked if Foster was ready, preparing to execute his plan to have the Aether removed from her body, which she confirmed she was.


Foster being bargained to Malekith by Loki

When Thor uncuffed Loki, Foster watched as the God of Mischief supposedly betray his brother, stabbing him with one of his daggers, unknown to Foster that it was apart of the plan. Foster then chased after Thor, who was kicked down the cliff and had his hand cut off by Loki. When Foster went to check on Thor, she was grabbed by Loki, who used her to bargain with Malekith to watch Asgard fall.


Malekith extracting the Aether from Foster

Malekith then commenced removing the Aether from Foster, raising her up and draining it from her body. As the Aether was being removed, Foster saw another vision of Malekith's plan to cover the entire universe in darkness. The Aether was then completely separated from Foster, so Loki cut the illusion, allowing Thor to summon Mjølnir to destroy the Aether. Thor sent a blast of lightning into the Aether, Loki dived to protect Foster from the explosion.

Loki saving Jane

Foster witnesses the Aether reforming

However, they were unsuccessful, as the Aether soon reformed and was absorbed by Malekith. The Dark Elves, having got what they wanted, began to leave, with Kurse throwing a Black Hole Grenade at them, causing Loki to push Foster out of the way to save her. Foster got to safety as the two brothers faced off against Kurse and the Dark Elves, allowing Malekith to escape.

Foster watches Loki die

Foster watches Loki "die" in Thor's arms

The fight came to an end when Loki used a Black Hole Grenade to kill Kurse, also resulting in him being fatally stabbed. Foster then came out of hiding and watched as Loki died in Thor's arms, sharing a look of sadness with Thor as Loki had helped save her life. When a storm came over Svartalfheim, the two found refuge in a cave, where Foster informed Thor of Malekith's plan to go to Earth.[9]

Return to Earth[]

Jane phone reception

Foster is called by Richard Madison in a cave

"The walls between worlds will be almost non-existent. Physics is going to go ballistics. Increases and decreases in gravity, spatial extrusions. The very fabric of reality is going to be torn apart."
―Jane Foster[src]

When Foster revealed that she only found the Aether because she was looking for Thor, she suddenly received a phone call from Richard Madison. Foster answered the call, amazed by the incredible reception she was receiving.

"Who's Richard?"

Foster and Thor return to London

Foster then explored the cave for answers, only to realize that they were near the portal she discovered in the stairwell back in London. She picked up the car keys that Ian Boothby threw into the portal, and she and Thor walked through it, being transported to Earth. Foster and Thor, having returned to London, found Darcy Lewis' car and used it to return to her apartment, while Thor questioned Foster on Madison, much to her annoyance.

Jane Apartment 3

Foster and Erik Selvig reunite in her apartment

When they entered Foster's apartment, they found Lewis and Boothby inside, who were surprised by their sudden return, not knowing where they had been since they left Earth. Foster then discovered Erik Selvig was there, too, and they hugged, as she asked for everything he had on the Convergence. Foster then went to get changed out of her Asgardian dress, and the group formulated a plan to stop Malekith.


Foster informs the group of Malekith's plan

Foster used the vision she saw to inform the rest of Malekith's plan to fire the Aether where the Nine Realms will connect, increasing its power, causing mass destruction. Selvig was able to figure out Malekith's location to unleash this chaos in Greenwich. Foster then stated the importance of stopping Malekith, as the fabric of reality would be torn apart if he was successful.[9]

Battle of Greenwich[]

Jane shh

Foster heading to plant a Gravimetric Spike

"How did you do that?"
"Well, the gravitational fields interact with the weak spots between worlds, creating rifts."
"Ooh, get the guy with the sword!"
Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster[src]

The group then travelled to Greenwich where Foster, Erik Selvig, Darcy Lewis and Ian Boothby went around the site planting the Gravimetric Spikes to disrupt the Convergence. Foster teamed up with Selvig as they entered the library, where Foster was shushed because her boots were making noises.


Foster activating the Gravimetric Spikes

When Foster and Selvig planted their spike, an Ark arrived as the Convergence begun, so they rushed to the top of the tower. As Thor battled Malekith on the ground, Foster was attempting to activate the spikes, which Selvig was not sure would work. However, they were still waiting for Lewis and Boothby to finish as Thor continued to buy them time.

Jane uses teleporter

Foster teleports the army of Dark Elves

Foster then went to check on Lewis and Boothby, who had planted their last spike, giving Foster the signal to activate them. With the Convergence fully aligning soon, Foster then began to keep Malekith and the Dark Elves busy, using the spikes to teleport the Dark Elves through rifts. While using the spikes, Foster accidentally teleported Lewis and Boothby away with two Dark Elves.

Jane and Erik running

Foster and Erik Selvig run from the Dark Elves

Having completed their task, Foster and Selvig then left the tower, warning the people in the library to also get to safety. As the two exited the building, the connection to the spikes was lost, as they were chased by a group of Dark Elves. As they ran away from the Dark Elves, Foster reactivated the spikes, allowing her to teleport them away, while simultaneously teleporting Lewis and Boothby to their location, discovering them making out.


Foster and Thor discuss defeating Malekith

With the Convergence aligning and Malekith unleashing the Aether's power, Foster noted that they were out of time and went to retrieve the spikes. When she regrouped with Thor, they informed him that the spikes could still stop Malekith, but they needed to get close, which Thor could do. Thor then took the spikes and headed towards Malekith in the Aether storm, as Foster watched on, standing by to activate them.

Jane teleports Malekith

Foster successfully teleports Malekith away

As Thor hurled two spikes at Malekith, Foster activated them, teleporting his arms to Svartalfheim. When Thor impaled the last spike into Malekith's chest, Foster activated it, teleporting the Dark Elf away from Earth. With the threat eliminated, Foster checked on Thor, who had been knocked out. Noticing the Ark collapsing, Foster then ran to Thor to try and save him, but he was too heavy, and she couldn't move him.

Jane holding Thor

Foster holding onto Thor before being crushed

With the ship about to crash on top of them, Foster accepted that she couldn't save Thor and decided to hold onto him, not wanting to be without him. While waiting for the ship to crush them, Foster discovered that Selvig had been teleported it away, saving them. Now that the battle was completely over and the Convergence ended, Foster rested herself on Thor as he woke up.[9]

Relationship with Thor[]

Thor's Return[]


Foster discusses whether Thor will return

"He's gonna come back. Except, you know, last time he was gone for like, two years."
"Well, it's only been two days, so..."
Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster[src]

Thor told Foster that he had to return to Asgard to resolve everything with his father, as he committed treason when they escaped. Two days later, Foster and her friends were having breakfast in her apartment, still waiting for Thor to return, although the others were doubtful if he would anytime soon.


Foster and Thor passionately embrace

However, much like last time, Foster still remained hopeful that he would return as promised, especially after how their relationship had developed previously.[9] As Foster sat at the table, she heard the roar of thunder followed by the Bifrost Bridge appearing outside. When Foster turned around, she became excited to see that Thor had returned, and rushed outside. The two then passionately embraced each other and proceeded to live out a life with each other.[12]

Deeply in Love[]

Thor and Jane in costume

Foster and Thor coming home from a party

"Thor taught Jane the way of the warrior. And Jane taught Thor the way of the people. And as time passed, their love grew deeper and deeper."

Finally getting to be with each other, Foster and Thor would spend their time together doing many different activities like rollerblading, watching movies, and going to parties. Both Foster and Thor taught the other things about their respective worlds, and continued to fall deeper in love with each other. Unbeknownst to her, Thor's love for Foster had him make a promise with Mjølnir so that it would always protect her.[1]

Renowned Astrophysicist[]

Jane giving a lecture

Foster giving a lecture about her research

"I'm not even sure what country Jane's in. Her work on the Convergence has made her the world's foremost astronomer."

Due to Thor's celebrity-like status as an Avenger, Foster's relationship with him then became publicly known.[13] Foster kept studying the effects of the Convergence in London,[14] making important discoveries in the field of astrophysics, and becoming a serious candidate for winning a Nobel Prize for her work.[15]

Jane's accomplishments

Foster becomes renowned for her research

When Foster was showing her work to Thor at the University of London, they were interrupted by J.A.R.V.I.S. to inform them that Thor was needed to help fight HYDRA.[14] Foster later lectured about her experiences on interspace and dimensional travel at WHiH World News.[16] Foster wrote a book about her research and discoveries on the Einstein-Rosen Bridge relating to space and time travel called "The Foster Theory." The theory got her on the cover of science journals such as World Journal of Theoretical Physics and Modern Physics Monthly.[1]

Drifting Apart[]

Thor and Jane drift apart

Foster and Thor drift apart from each other

"But the more he pondered a life with Jane, the more he feared losing that life. And although Jane didn't want to admit it, she was scared of loss as well. So, they built walls between them. Thor got busy saving humanity. Jane got busy doing the same. Real busy. And eventually the space between them grew and grew until it became too wide to bare. Something had to give."

Over time, Foster's fear of loss began to surface in her relationship with Thor, who also shared these feelings, as both wanted a life with each other but knew it would never last with Foster being mortal.

Foster is left by Thor

Foster continues to be left alone by Thor

So, in response to these feelings, both Foster and Thor started to close themselves off from each other, with Thor leaving to save the world with the Avengers, and Foster being busy with her groundbreaking research to help the world. This focus on their lives outside of each other strained their relationship that they would not see each other as much as they used to. And when they were together, they would still felt apart due to the emotional walls they had put up between them, which caused them to start fighting.[1]

Breaking Up with Thor[]

Jane breaks up with Thor

Foster writes a letter to break up with Thor

"Jane wrote a note. And Thor read that note. And their legend suddenly became myth."

Some time after the Ultron Offensive, the constant separation in her relationship with Thor had finally gotten to Foster to the point in which she couldn't be with him anymore. So, Foster decided to end their relationship, but Thor was not there for her to do it in person, so she wrote a note and left it for him.[1] Their break up would become public knowledge, with the consensus being that Foster dumped Thor, although when Thor returned to New York City in 2017, he tried to explain to a fan, as well as Loki, that it was a mutual decision.[17]

Snap and Blip[]

"What's it been, like, three, four years?"
"Eight years, seven months, six days."
―Jane Foster and Thor[src]

In 2018, Foster was a victim of the Snap.[18][1] However, five years later, as a result of the Blip, Foster was restored to life.[10]

Becoming Mighty Thor[]

Diagnosed with Cancer[]

Jane meets a fan

Foster meeting a fan during chemotherapy

"I know you think your lab work is something you have to do otherwise you're letting down all of civilisation but you're not getting what the universe is actually trying to tell you so let me translate. Slow down. You need your energy to fight this thing."
"I'll fight it my way."
"FYI, "my way" does not have to equal alone in a lab."
Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster[src]

Some time after being revived, Foster was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Foster began to undergo chemotherapy but felt that she could overcome it on her own, so she worked by herself in her lab working to find a cure. During one of her chemo sessions, Foster encountered a man reading the book she wrote, and she explained the Einstein–Rosen bridge to him.

Jane and Darcy during chemo

Foster is given advice from Darcy Lewis

Darcy Lewis arrived to sit with Foster during the session, and asked if anyone else knew about her cancer, but Foster didn't want anyone acting different around her, especially as she brushed it off as not being that serious. When Lewis noticed Foster was in a hurry, she figured out that Foster was trying to get back into the lab, so Lewis advised her to slow down. Foster believed she had to handle this her own way, but Lewis told her it didn't have to be by herself, and suggested contacting Thor, yet Foster still insisted she would do it alone.[1]

Called to Mjølnir[]

Jane reads about Mjølnir

Foster reading up on Mjølnir's capabilities

"I swear I heard Mjølnir call to me."
"Did it?"
"And so I came here to investigate and it's pieces starting glowing and swirling and then... Thor."
―Mighty Thor to Thor[src]

Returning to her lab, Foster continued to run tests, which she sent to Erik Selvig for his assistance, but he reported that they were still unsuccessful as chemo was having minimal effect on her cancer. Endlessly searching for a way to save herself, Foster suddenly heard what she believed was a call from Mjølnir, so after reading about how the weapon grants its wielder great health, she went to investigate.

Jane called to Mjølnir

Foster witnesses Mjølnir restoring itself

Foster arrived in New Asgard, where she followed a tour that looked at the shattered Mjølnir. When the tour group left, Foster stayed put and inspected the hammer. With her presence now achieved, Mjølnir's pieces began to float and channel electricity while thunderclouds started to form above them. Once Mjølnir had restored itself, it chose Foster to wield it, transforming her in Thor's image with Asgardian Armor and a Winged Helmet, as well as gaining his powers. Now the Mighty Thor, she was encountered by King Valkyrie.[1]

Former Lovers Reunited[]

Mighty Thor First Look

Mighty Thor fighting in her first battle

"Quite a reunion, huh?"
"You're telling me."
―Mighty Thor and Thor[src]

At a later point, New Asgard was attacked by Shadow Monsters, so Mighty Thor, with her newfound powers, joined in the fight to vanquish the creatures. Thor arrived at the battle, where he came across Mighty Thor, much to his bewilderment, seeing her wielding Mjølnir and dressed exactly like him.

Thor reunites with Jane

Mighty Thor being reunited with Thor

Thor demanded that she reveal herself, so Mighty Thor removed her Winged Helmet, shocking Thor to be seeing his ex-girlfriend. Completely taken aback, Thor tried to understand how she had gained his powers, but Mighty Thor insisted they talk later, as they were in the middle of a fierce battle. Mighty Thor flew off to fight off the Shadow Monsters, but when Thor came up against Gorr the God Butcher, she and Valkyrie came to his support, so Gorr retreated. They discovered that the children had been taken by Gorr, so Mighty Thor and Thor went to save them, but he escaped before they could reach them.

Jane Foster smiles

Mighty Thor and Thor discuss their break up

Mighty Thor flew around the Earth twice looking for the children but was unable to find any trace of them. When she returned to New Asgard to report her findings, she and Thor talked about how long it had been since they saw each other, with Foster not thinking it was as long due to being gone for five years from the Snap. Thor recounted how Foster only left him a note when they broke up, but Foster countered that Thor had already left her before the note, so they agreed that they both left and got left by the other.[1]

Heading to Omnipotence City[]

Mighty Thor talking to Asgardian

Foster speaking with the Asgardians

"You think I really should be coming? I'm not getting any better."
"You're a Thor, of course you should come. Besides what else are you gonna do? You're a Viking now. It means you pretty much have to die in battle now."
―Jane Foster and Valkyrie[src]

With the children gone, the Asgardians gathered in panic over what would be done to get them back, so Mighty Thor spoke with some of them to calm them down. Thor announced that he would rescue the children himself, but when he went to summon the Bifrost Bridge, he ended up crashing outside, so Valkyrie called everyone away so she could make a plan with Foster, Thor and Korg.

Mighty Thor and Thor still

Foster discusses Gorr the God Butcher

The four discussed what they knew about Gorr the God Butcher, figuring out that the Necrosword was infecting him, and when Axl Heimdallson contacted them, they learnt that the children had been taken to the Shadow Realm. Eager to come up with a catchphrase, Mighty Thor stated that they needed to "bring the rainbow" and flew off, only to return immediately when she realized that they weren't finished planning. Determining that they would need reinforcements to face off with Gorr in the Shadow Realm, Thor and Valkyrie came up with the idea to raise an army from Omnipotence City. Because Stormbreaker was not working properly, Foster suggested using a ship as a conduit for the axe so that they could harness the energy and use it as an engine.

Foster getting weaker

Foster is weakened from being Mighty Thor

As they repurposed one of the tour boats, Thor apologized for acting weird earlier, and asked Mighty Thor how she was able to wield Mjølnir, so she told him about how she heard the hammer call to her. Before they departed from New Asgard, Mighty Thor went to her room and transformed back into her mortal form, which was weaker than it was before. Remembering her mother's words to never stop fighting, Foster called Mjølnir to her, transforming back into Mighty Thor and smashed the bathroom sink.

Mighty Thor and Valkyrie

Foster speaks with Valkyrie before leaving

Valkyrie came to her room to check on how she was, so Mighty Thor expressed worry about whether she should come with them as the cancer was still killing her. Valkyrie assured her that she was now a Viking and had to come as it meant that she was supposed to die in battle to get into Valhalla, which was Valkyrie's plan. Foster asked about her role as King, which Valkyrie said she still loved, but missed fighting, particularly with her sisters, so Foster had to come with her. Foster also asked Valkyrie to not mention her cancer to Thor. They then boarded the ship and headed off for Omnipotence City.[1]

Escape from Omnipotence City[]

Mighty Thor with Thor

Foster walking through Omnipotence City

"Look, these gods aren't gonna help, but that Thunderbolt, I think that might be of use. Jane, you go right. Thor, you go left. We bum rush him, take the bolt. Ding dong."
"Alright, let's go get it."
Valkyrie and Mighty Thor[src]

Arriving at Omnipotence City, Foster and Thor caught up, with him asking her if she still rollerbladed after their break up, but she did not. Mighty Thor decided to run her ideas by Thor for catchphrases she could use on Gorr the God Butcher, as she was her first bad guy. She then asked Thor if he had a girlfriend, which he responded that he didn't, and Foster then left to check out the city.

Valkyrie and Mighty Thor

Foster and Valkyrie listen to Zeus' rejection

Valkyrie acquired them some disguises and they took a seat in the Golden Temple amongst all the other gods, where they witnessed the arrival of Zeus. However, after listening to him, they realized that Zeus was not as admirable as they thought, so Valkyrie and Mighty Thor made a plan to steal Zeus' Thunderbolt, but Thor wanted to just talk to Zeus. When Thor was called to the stage, the rest watched as he made his plea to the gods, but was ignored and restrained by Zeus, who stated that they would not help, claiming that Gorr would not reach Eternity. Valkyrie explained who Eternity was to Foster, in that whoever reached him would be granted a wish.

Mjolnir breaks into pieces

Mighty Thor fighting in the Golden Temple

Zeus then ordered that they were not allowed to leave Omnipotence City, so Mighty Thor, Valkyrie and Korg rushed to the stage to help Thor fight off the Spartans. Mighty Thor used Mjølnir's many capabilities to defeat the enemies, including releasing the hammer's pieces as projectiles to take out multiple guards at once. As they fought, Korg, who had perished and remained only as a face, summoned Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder to them. Valkyrie then stole the Lightning Bolt and they all boarded the ship as they made their escape.[1]

Getting Back with Thor[]

Jane discusses the plan

Foster discusses the plan with the team

"I want to be with you, Jane. What do you say?"
"I have cancer."
Thor and Mighty Thor[src]

While traveling to the Shadow Realm, Mighty Thor enquired if they still had a plan, as they failed to assemble an army of gods, but Valkyrie stated that there was no longer a plan. Thor attempted to motivate them, saying that the Thunderbolt was all they needed.

Thor Love and Thunder - Photography - Jane and Thor

Foster and Thor get back together

Foster went to talk with Thor alone, where he praised her for how impressive she was with Mjølnir in the fight back in Omnipotence City. Thor then pointed out some Space Dolphins, which Mighty Thor thought were beautiful. Thor told Foster that he would rather feel the loss of love than never experience love, and that he had been pushing people away out of fear of losing them, but no longer wanted to do that, confessing that he wanted to be with Foster. However, Foster revealed that she had cancer and that was why she went seeking Mjølnir. Thor affirmed Foster that Mjølnir chose her, and reminded her how she made him worthy when they first met because of her compassion to help people. Foster stated that she wanted to finish the mission, and she and Thor kissed.[1]

Facing Off with Gorr[]

Jane discovers Gorr's plan

Foster learns Gorr the God Butcher's plan

"You're dying. I'm sorry. We're on the same path. Just as the sword empowered me, the hammer empowered you. But it did nothing to change your fate. The gods will use you, but they will not help you. There is no eternal reward for us."
Gorr the God Butcher to Mighty Thor[src]

Upon arriving at the Shadow Realm, all of the color completely disappeared and the crashed into the planet. Mighty Thor, Thor and Valkyrie left the ship and searched for the children. Mighty Thor came across Gorr the God Butcher's plans, where she figured out that the Bifrost Bridge was the key to reach Eternity, so she rushed to Stormbreaker and threw it away from the planet.

Jane and Gorr

Mighty Thor listens to Gorr the God Butcher

Mighty Thor explained that they had fallen for Gorr's trap, and prepared themselves for a fight as the God Butcher appeared and began to approach them. The trio went to attack, but were immediately restrained by Gorr, who demanded that Thor call Stormbreaker back. When Gorr spoke to Mighty Thor, he sensed that she was dying, and commented on them being the same, as the Necrosword empowered him just as Mjølnir empowered her, but it did not save her. Gorr began choking Mighty Thor near to the point of death, forcing Thor to summon Stormbreaker.

Mighty Thor fighting Shadow Monster

Mighty Thor fighting the Shadow Monsters

This allowed them to break free from Gorr, who conjured more Shadow Monsters to fight them. Mighty Thor expressed her desire to kill Gorr, but Thor said they needed him alive to find the children. Mighty Thor and Valkyrie fought off the Shadow Monsters, but soon joined Thor in battling Gorr. During the fight, Mighty Thor felt herself getting weaker, and Valkyrie got stabbed, so they decided to retreat. Mighty Thor carried Valkyrie to Thor, who summoned the Bifrost, sending them home, but Gorr managed to steal Stormbreaker in the process.[1]

Sacrificing Herself[]

Jane passes out

Foster passes out after returning to Earth

"I wanna keep fighting. I'm the Mighty Thor. And you want me not to do that? What's the point of more time of this?"
"Because I love you. I've always loved you. And this is a chance for us. If you pick up that damn hammer again then that chance is gone."
―Jane Foster and Thor[src]

Returned to Earth, Foster was reverted back to her mortal form, significantly weaker, so she crawled towards Mjølnir, but passed out before she could reach it.

Thor and Jane kiss

Foster kisses Thor before he leaves to fight

Thor brought Foster to a hospital, where she tried to leave to get back into the fight, but Thor stopped her. Thor explained that Mjølnir was killing her, and that every time she transformed it drained her ability to fight the cancer. Foster wanted to keep fighting, not seeing the point in staying in a hospital, but Thor told her he loved her and wanted a life together, which couldn't happen if she picked up Mjølnir again. Foster decided to stay, telling Thor that he had better come back to her.

Thor L&T Trailer 58

Mighty Thor transforms one last time

While resting, Foster could feel Thor being beaten by Gorr the God Butcher, as could Mjølnir, which came to her bed, so she decided to transform into Mighty Thor one more time to help Thor. Using Warsong, Mighty Thor traveled to the center of the universe, and saved Thor from being killed by Gorr. Mighty Thor told Thor to stop Stormbreaker from opening Eternity's gate while she fought Gorr.

Mighty Thor v Gorr

Mighty Thor fighting Gorr the God Butcher

During the fight, when called "Lady Thor" by Gorr, Mighty Thor corrected him on what her name was and finally got to use a catchphrase "eat my hammer" on him. Mighty Thor brought Mjølnir down on Gorr, creating a shockwave that sent them both backwards. The gate was opened, but Mighty Thor was able to break the Necrosword and collect all of the shards inside Mjølnir, which allowed her to destroy it by summoning lightning and hitting it into the ground.

Jane dies

Foster dies and dissipates into energy

Despite their efforts, Gorr walked through the gate, which transported him as well as Foster and Thor to Eternity. After speaking with Gorr about choosing love, Thor went to be with Foster in her final moments. Gorr told them that if he brought his daughter back she would be alone as he was dying, but Foster assured him she would not. Foster said that being Mighty Thor was like getting an extra life, and revealed her catchphrase. Foster told Thor to keep his heart open, and they kissed before she died and dissipated into energy.[1]


Welcomed into Valhalla[]

Jane in Valhalla

Foster is granted entry into Valhalla

"You are very welcome here to the land of the gods. Welcome to Valhalla."
Heimdall to Jane Foster[src]

Although she was a mortal, having died in battle against Gorr the God Butcher, Foster gained entry into Valhalla, where she was confused about where she was and what she was wearing.

Jane greeted by Heimdall

Foster is greeted by Heimdall in Valhalla

Immediately upon her arrival, Foster was greeted by Heimdall, who she had previously met when she was brought to Asgard in 2013, and he pointed out to her that she was dead now also. Heimdall thanked Foster for helping save his son from Gorr, and that it was her efforts and heroism as the Mighty Thor that allowed her into the land of the gods. Heimdall officially welcomed Foster to Valhalla, the Asgardian afterlife, where she would get to live forever in paradise.[19]


"Let me tell you the legend of the space Viking, aka the Mighty Thor, aka Doctor Jane Foster. Her sacrifice saved the universe and taught us all what it means to be worthy."

Foster's heroism taught many individuals to help others in need. Thor worked to maintain the promise that he and Foster made Gorr the God Butcher that Love would be cared for.[1] News of her heroics became public knowledge, and members of Intelligencia became upset that there was a female version of Thor.[20]


"Mjølnir chose you. It chose you because you're worthy, and that's something. When I first met you, I was unworthy, I was unable to pick up the hammer. But you taught me there is no greater purpose than to help those in need. You made me worthy. So, whatever you want to do, we can do together. Well what do you want to do?"
"I'm gonna get those children back to their families. I'm gonna finish that mission."
Thor and Jane Foster[src]

Jane Foster was an extremely intelligent scientist, who had a strong dedication towards uncovering scientific truths, mainly in astrophysics. Foster had devoted her life to science, having built most of her equipment herself, and was willing to do anything for her research, like drive into a powerful storm or work with Thor to recover her equipment from S.H.I.E.L.D..

Research was usually Foster's top priority, as she couldn't resist checking out an anomaly even though she was on a date, and later got mad when Darcy Lewis called the police, disrupting their uninterrupted access to the anomaly. Foster put a lot of faith into her research, even when others doubted her, but she never let it dissuade her, especially as she ended up being correct many times. That was why she trusted Thor and believed his story even though Erik Selvig, her mentor, warned her against him. Even when diagnosed with cancer, Foster still was fully focused on working in her lab to find a cure her own way.

Because of her investment into scientific research, Foster found herself most confident in situations that cater for it, and found working helpful to calm her. However, outside of her area of expertise, Foster was awkward in social settings, as she didn't interact with many people outside of the scientific community, also stating that she never had guests. When she went on a date with Richard Madison, Foster didn't know what to do, so she hid behind her menu not saying anything.

Although she is not immature, Foster possessed a strong childlike wonder in regards to scientific discoveries, mainly those originating from Asgard, where she was exhilarated by things like the Bifrost Bridge, the Soul Forge and even the Asgardians themselves. Once she became a superhero, Foster was very eager to embrace it, wanting to come up with a catchphrase. This fascination in a whole other world of science was one of the reasons why she fell in love with Thor.

While Foster was passionate for her research, the only other thing that could possibly equal it was her love for Thor. At first, Foster was just intrigued by him, as he could help with her research, although she did find Thor attractive. But when Foster bonded with Thor, and he taught her about the Nine Realms, she developed strong feelings for him, and would later reveal that she loved the way he explained things.

When Thor left Earth and didn't return, Foster was unable to get over him, and immediately fell back in love when he returned, despite the heartbreak he put her through. When they resparked their love, it was proven to be incredibly strong, as Foster was willing to die with Thor during the Battle of Greenwich when she wasn't able to save him from the crashing Ark. And when Thor left again, Foster still remained hopeful he would return, despite what happened last time.

This love had always been in Foster's nature, which was what made her a terrific person, and was the main reason Thor understood humanity, allowing him to become worthy again. When Frigga died protecting her from Malekith, Foster felt responsible and didn't want any more harm to occur because of her. Additionally, when Loki "died", Foster was visibly saddened by this, even though she didn't like him, but because he had helped save her life. And it was the love that Foster had with Thor that stopped Gorr the God Butcher from killing all gods.

Despite just being a human with no powers or fighting ability, Foster was always willing to help whenever she could, even though she was often surrounded by mighty allies. Foster helped in the evacuation of Puente Antiguo when the Destroyer arrived, even though Thor asked her to get to safety, and was determined to stop Malekith from covering the universe in darkness with the Aether. Foster had even proven herself valuable in battles with her intellect, being an important part of Malekith's defeat, teleporting him away.

When Foster became Mighty Thor, she did not hesitate in helping out in the fight when New Asgard was being attacked not long after, but in fact excelled at it, even impressing Thor. Although new to being a superhero, Foster didn't shy away with going up against the terrifying and powerful Gorr the God Butcher. However, being Mighty Thor was actually killing her when she returned to her mortal form, yet Foster still decided to join the fight, saving the universe, even though it came at the cost of her own life and chance to be happy with Thor.

It can be perceived that Foster was very gentle and easygoing, as she revealed that she has never done anything dangerous and rebellious before, but Foster wasn't afraid to stand up for herself in heated moments. When S.H.I.E.L.D. confiscated all of her research and equipment, Foster argued with Phil Coulson, even though Selvig tried to tell her that she shouldn't. Also, when she came across Loki while escaping Asgard, she immediately punched him without hesitation; due to him attacking New York.

Powers and Abilities[]


"She's only been a Thor for a minute. I mean, saving lives, she's quite good at. But the rest of it, she needs work."
Valkyrie to Thor[src]
  • Mjølnir Empowerment: Seeking a cure for her cancer, Foster turned to New Asgard, where she saw the cracked Mjølnir. The hammer then reconstructed itself and deemed Foster worthy. Since it was reconstructed, it gained a new ability which was that it could split itself into many pieces to act as projectiles. Mjølnir gave Foster a new life with many powers. However, its continued use sped up the cancer, making her weaker every time.
    • Superhuman Strength: Using Mjølnir, Mighty Thor gained tremendous strength allowing her to effortlessly pick up the heavy Stormbreaker and throw it a considerable distance, far enough to be unreachable. She also proved capable of challenging Gorr the God Butcher, who had successfully killed and overpowered many gods and even matched Thor in strength.
    • Superhuman Durability: Mighty Thor was able to take many hits from Gorr the God Butcher and his Shadow Monsters without getting hurt.
    • Superhuman Speed: Mighty Thor was able to run and fly through the air at very fast speeds while using Mjølnir. This allowed her to briefly get an upper hand on Gorr the God Butcher in the Shadow Realm.
    • Superhuman Agility:
      Mighty Thor in the air

      Mighty Thor leaping in the air

      With the addition of Mjølnir, Mighty Thor was able to do many flips and jumps in order to battle Gorr the God Butcher.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Mighty Thor battled Gorr the God Butcher twice without getting tired. She also battled his Shadow Monsters for an extended amount of time with only a brief break to reunite with Thor.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Due to the enhancements from Mjølnir, Mighty Thor was able to quickly dodge Gorr the God Butcher's fatal attacks with All-Black the Necrosword. She dodged attacks from Zeus' guards in Omnipotence City.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: With Mjølnir, Mighty Thor's body was able to heal wounds very quickly.
    • Flight: Mjølnir allowed Mighty Thor to take flight, which she used to scout the area around Gorr the God Butcher and admitted was jumping the gun. She searched the Earth twice for the missing children and also flew around the Shadow Realm to scout out the children's prison.
    • Electricity Generation:
      Jane Foster summons lightning

      Mighty Thor summoning lightning

      Using Mjølnir, Mighty Thor could generate electricity and lightning which radiated around her body and the hammer causing a blue glow in the gray Shadow Realm.
    • Storm Manipulation: Mighty Thor was able to manipulate the weather which she used to generate thunder and lightning, signifying her arrival to battle.
    • Weapon Calling: Mighty Thor was able to call upon Mjølnir to come to her when she needed it or after she threw it as a projectile.
    • Armor Creation: One of Mighty Thor's new found abilities was that she could generate armor in battle. With this armor also came a Winged Helmet that she could take off when she wanted. However, occasionally she would let go of the hammer, causing her armor to disappear, reverting her back to her weaker, cancer stricken body.
    • Weight Manipulation: Mjølnir acted as a heavy, immovable object, but for worthy users, it is almost weightless, being light enough to flip and throw.


"You're clever. Far more clever than anyone else in this realm."
Thor to Jane Foster[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Foster has an exceptional mind. Her knowledge helped her become an astrophysicist where she took it upon herself to study space anomalies in Puente Antiguo, New Mexico. She was able to speak on the same level of knowledge as an Asgardian doctor when she was studying the Aether inside Foster.
"There's even talk of Jane getting a, um, Nobel Prize."
Thor to Tony Stark[src]
  • Master Scientist: Foster has become one of the most important astrophysicists in the world, having studied the existence of Einstein-Rosen Bridges, also known as wormholes, since before discovering their true nature through her experiences with Thor. Once he departed from New Mexico, Foster developed a revolutionary theory on wormholes known as the Foster Theory. She began to give lectures around the world, and she was even considered a serious candidate for the Nobel Prize. When called about a weird phenomenon, Foster discovered a portal-like anomaly. She was also able to use a Gravimetric Spike to accurately determine when a portal will open and control the portal.
"I just want to say that was very, very impressive what you did back there."
Thor to Mighty Thor[src]
  • Master Combatant:
    Mighty Thor vs

    Mighty Thor fighting against Olympians

    Foster became a very skilled combatant as a result of Mjølnir. She was able to become a formidable opponent to Gorr the God Butcher, who was able to kill many other gods.
  • Hammer Mastery: Mighty Thor was very good at battling with Mjølnir, using it very well despite only having it for a short time.
  • Expert Acrobat: With Mjølnir, Mighty Thor was able to do many flips and jumps to attack her enemies like Gorr the God Butcher and the Shadow Monsters.



Other Equipment[]

  • Phase Meter: Foster used this device to measure the cosmic energy anomalies within the Nine Realms. This device was used when Foster came across a series of portals created due to the Convergence.
"This thing is amazing! I mean the magnetic-propulsion alone would advance Earth science by decades."
―Jane Foster[src]

Former Equipment[]

"She stuck her hand inside a rock this one time, and then the Aether stuck itself inside her."
Thor to the Avengers[src]
  • Reality Stone:
    Aether in Jane

    The Reality Stone flowing within Foster's body

    A strange red liquid, which was actually one of the Infinity Stones, that absorbed itself into Foster's body, using her as a host to draw from and grow stronger. While fused with Foster, the Reality Stone would release a violent blast from her body to protect itself. It was finally extracted from her body by Malekith, when she, Thor, and Loki arrived at Svartalfheim.


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  • Culver University: Foster attended Culver University as a student and would eventually graduate.
  • Smith Motors:
    Thor-disneyscreencaps com-4048

    Foster with Thor in her Research Base

    When Foster moved to New Mexico to look into anomalies out in the desert surrounding Puente Antiguo with Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis, they operated out of a lab to conduct their research. When they met Thor, they allowed him to stay at the base with them. The base was completely emptied out when S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived to confiscate their equipment, but later returned it so Foster could work from the base for S.H.I.E.L.D..
  • Jane Foster's Apartment:
    Jane Apartment 5

    Foster reunites with her team in her apartment

    Originally her mother's place, Foster moved in to the apartment after she was called London by Erik Selvig. Foster used the apartment as her lab, although she found herself spending all her time moping around, still hung up about Thor. When Foster returned to Earth, she went back to her apartment where her team formulated a plan to stop Malekith. After the Convergence, Foster witnessed Thor arrive at her apartment to live a life with her on Earth.
  • Royal Palace of Valaskjalf: When Thor discovered something to be wrong with Foster, he brought her to Asgard to help her. After learning the that the Aether was inside her, Foster was allowed to stay on Asgard for safety, given her own chambers, which she was imprisoned in temporarily after the Sacking of Asgard.
  • University of London: When living in London, Foster found employment at the University of London, where she would continue her research in astrophysics, the Nine Realms and the Convergence. Thor visited Foster at the University, where she brought him to the observatory, telling him about her research.
  • Valhalla: To be added
  • New Asgard Infirmary: To be added






Appearances for Mighty Thor


  • In the comics, Jane Foster was a nurse eventually took up the mantle of Thor after he lost his ability to wield Mjølnir and was stripped of his powers.
    • While Jane Foster became the new Thor of the original comics continuity in 2014's Thor #1, an alternate universe version of her as Thor (under the name Thordis) first debuted in a 1978 issue of What If?.
  • Natalie Portman desired the role of Foster because the character is an astrophysicist in the films despite being a registered nurse and medical doctor in the comics.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Chris Hemsworth hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live on 7 March 2015 in which he portrayed Thor in an Avengers-themed skit. During the skit, Thor refers to Jane Foster as his "ex", leading some to speculate that they had broken up between the events of Thor: The Dark World and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Chris Hemsworth later clarified that Thor and Jane were still together during that time in an interview.[22]
  • Dorenda Moore, Elsa Pataky, Ashlee Fidow, Zia Kelly, Mandy Kowalski and Cecilia Johnson were stunt doubles for Natalie Portman in the role of Jane Foster.
  • Faye Sewell was a stand-in for Natalie Portman in the role of Jane Foster.
  • Portman expressed interest in having Foster appear in The Avengers but her pregnancy at the time meant that she couldn't appear in the film so her absence was explained as her working at an observatory in Norway alongside Darcy Lewis.
  • According to Natalie Portman, the reason for which Jane Foster wasn't written into the story of Thor: Ragnarok was because of its setting: Obviously, I wasn't written into Thor: Ragnarok because of where it took place. It wasn't really on Earth, and my character is on Earth.[23]
  • A.C. Bradley originally pitched an episode of What If...? featuring Jane Foster's transformation into Mighty Thor, but her idea was nixed because Taika Waititi was keeping it for Thor: Love and Thunder.[24]
  • Natalie Portman revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that for Jane Foster's transformation into Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder, she trained with Naomi Pendergast for four months prior to filming and throughout the entire filming process: "We did a lot of weight training and a lot of protein shakes—heavyweight training that I haven’t ever done before. Of course, I've never really aimed to get bulky. It was very physical, so it was a lot of both agility work and also strength work. It definitely helps you get into character, and it's definitely changed the way I move. You walk differently; you feel different. I mean, it's so wild to feel strong for the first time in my life."[25]
  • Anthony Winn's storyboards for Thor: Love and Thunder show that early on during the film's production, upon becoming Mighty Thor, Jane Foster was intended to go on a superhero spree facing different enemies, Galactus included.[26]


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