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"Midtown High. Where we shape heroes."
Julius Dell[src]

Midtown School of Science and Technology, also known as Midtown Technical High School, is a high school in New York City.



"All you guys go to that school you pretty much have your life planned out right?"
Adrian Toomes to Peter Parker and Liz Toomes[src]

Midtown School of Science and Technology was established in New York City in 1962.[1]

2016-2017 Year

Entering the Campus

Peter Parker and Ned Leeds talk in the halls

The school notably had Peter Parker and his best friend Ned Leeds as students. It also had an Academic Decathlon Team managed by Roger Harrington and led by Liz Toomes, as well as its own TV show hosted by Jason Ionello and Betty Brant. Parker took advantage of the school's equipment for his Spider-Man activity, using the chemistry labs to synthesize his Synthetic Webbing and hiding his homemade suit behind a series of lockers. In 2016, due to his activities as Spider-Man, Parker quit the school's marching band and robotics lab's club. He also left the Academic Decathlon team.[2]

Gym Class

Peter Parker and Ned Leeds during gym class

Once Leeds discovered Parker's secret identity, he kept asking questions about Spider-Man during classes. During a physical training session in the school's gymnasium, Leeds enthusiastically revealed that Parker knew Spider-Man as they had overheard Toomes speaking about how she liked the superhero.[2]

Spying on Thugs

Peter Parker hides from Adrian Toomes' Crew

Parker took the Chitauri Energy Core he picked up into the school for further study. He and Leeds decided to take the core for a mass spectrometer analysis, however, Parker saw Herman Schultz and Randy Vale in the school's corridors tracking the energy core. Parker hid from them in the hallways. He spied on them by hiding under the table and successfully planted a tracker on them before they left the school.[2]

Spider-Man's Popularity

The school is overrun by a "Spider-Mania"

The Midtown Academic Decathlon won the national tournament in Washington, D.C.. Although they were endangered while visiting the Washington Monument, they were rescued by Spider-Man and successfully returned to the school with their trophy. Following the rescue, Spider-Man became even more popular with the students. Parker left school to pursue his Spider-Man dealings and got detention for his numerous absences.[2]

Homecoming Dance

Peter Parker asks Liz Toomes to homecoming

After returning to Midtown, Parker was summoned by Principal Morita, who renewed Parker's detention. Parker dedicated himself to his studies, although he regretted that he could no longer be Spider-Man. However, Parker's life got a little brighter when he met Toomes in the hall corridors and she agreed to be his homecoming date.

Spider-Man fights Shocker

On the night of homecoming at Midtown, Parker and Toomes arrived and met their friends in the dancing hall. However, since Parker had figured out that Toomes' father Adrian was Vulture, he apologized to Toomes and left her in the dancing hall. Parker then ran down the hallways and collected his homemade suit behind the unused lockers. He then ran out of Midtown, but was ambushed in Midtown's bus park by Shocker. However, Leeds rescued Parker, causing Shocker to be tied up to a school bus.

Ned Leeds makes an excuse

Spider-Man then instructed Leeds to go to the school's computer room. Leeds successfully helped Spider-Man to catch up with Vulture. However, Leeds was caught by Monica Warren, who asked him what he was doing instead of attending the dance. In order to cover for Spider-Man, Leeds pretended to be watching porn.

The Decathlon Team claps for Michelle Jones

Following her father's arrest, Toomes was transferred to another school in Oregon. She and Parker had their final talk and Parker apologized to Toomes for ditching her at the dance. The two then said goodbye to each other. Due to Toomes' departure, Roger Harrington gathered the decathlon team in the library and appointed Michelle Jones as the new team's captain. Happy Hogan then came to see Parker at the school to thank him for having prevented Vulture from stealing the cargo he targeted.[2]


Students disintegrate from the Snap

"Half of all life in the universe, including our own Midtown High, were wiped from existence."
Betty Brant[src]

In 2018, the Snap happened, which caused half of the universe’s population to disintegrate into dust, including students and teachers from Midtown. The surviving students and teachers were left to continue their school year.[3]


Peter Parker returns to Midtown after the Blip

"The school made us start the whole year over from the beginning."
Betty Brant[src]

In 2023, the Avengers enacted the Blip, which restored the universe's population; however, unlike those who survived, the victims remained the same physical age they were at the time. Peter Parker was one of those students who were restored to life and upon his arrival back at Midtown, he felt emotional.[4] To the frustration of the students, the Midtown staff decided to have the students restart their school years the following term; they felt this unjust as they had just had their midterms and therefore already knew the classes. Students, like Brad Davis, who didn't fall victim, aged five years older and were in the same class as those who were originally five years older than them.[3]

Peter Parker and Ned Leeds on the last day

In 2024, Midtown hung posters of Tony Stark in his Iron Man armor to honor his sacrifice and to mark the historical event regarding the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet so students could learn of that history. Additionally that year, Midtown offered a school sponsored trip to Europe, specifically for those students who were restored. On the last day of the 2023-2024 school year, Peter Parker and Ned Leeds talked about their plans for the trip. As they were walking through the hallways, Parker told Leeds he had to run some errands before their departure.[5][3]

Spider-Man's Identity Revealed

Peter Parker returns to Midtown

"Feel free to crawl on the ceiling."
"We all know you can do it."
Julius Dell and Roger Harrington to Peter Parker[src]

During the beginning of the 2024-2025 school year, students who supported Spider-Man and students who supported Mysterio protested outside of the school. Betty Brant reported on this for the school's news. NYPD officers maintained crowd control. When Peter Parker returned to school to start his senior year, he walked with Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds, and Flash Thompson past the groups of protestors and was escorted in by the officers. Parker was then greeted by his teachers, Roger Harrington and Julius Dell, who welcomed him back and showed much respect due to his superhero status. Harrington revealed a display case with memoriabilia in it to Parker. The gym teacher, Andre Wilson, called Parker a murderer and said he believed Mysterio, in which Harrington told Parker that Wilson was a conspiracy theorist and to ignore him. Parker then walked through the hallways, passing students who took pictures of him with their phones.

Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, and Michelle Jones on Midtown’s roof

After school, Parker and Jones went to Midtown's rooftop to have some alone time together. However, they were joined by Leeds, who sat down and discussed their future plans regarding college.[6]

Multiverse Ramifications

Safe Place

"Well, would there a place where he would go to just–"
"Get away from everything?"
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man[src]

Peter Parker is comforted by Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones on Midtown’s roof

Due to a fissure in the Multiverse, people from alternate universes who knew of Spider-Man's identity entered the main universe. Following his aunt's death at the hands of one of them, Parker went to Midtown's rooftop and cried. He was soon joined by Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones who comforted him and introduced him to two variants of himself.

The two Spider-Man variants arrive on Midtown’s roof

They expressed their condolences to Parker for losing his aunt, but he shrugged it off, assuming that his two counterparts haven't been through the grief he has to deal with. Before he could use the Macchina di Kadavus to send the multiversal displaced people home, the older Spider-Man variant told him about the time he lost his Uncle Ben to a murder, killing the supposed perpetrator afterwards before realizing that vengeance did not vindicate him from his guilt. In addition, the other Spider-Man variant detailed how he descended into violent madness in his grief after he failed to save his girlfriend Gwen Stacy from falling to her death.[6]

Spider-Men's Lab Project

Peter Parker works with his two variants

"I think that I can repair the devices for Dillon and Marko, but, the others..."
"Well, I got Connors. I've already cured him once, so no big deal. What? It's no big deal."
"Great. I think I can make an anti-serum for Doctor Osborn. Been thinking about it for a long time."
Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man[src]

Peter Parker, in his Spider-Man Suit, brought his two variants to one of Midtown's laboratory rooms to concoct a cure to help the people from their universes. Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones joined them, watching from the sidelines. As they proceeded to make cures, Leeds asked the variants if they had friends, and was left struck to find out. Jones comforted Parker telling him that they would get through it together.

Peter Parker makes a plan with Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds, and his variants

After the cures were made, Parker and his variants grouped up together with Leeds and Jones to make a plan. Parker and the others were shocked when the older variant could produce his own organic webbing.[6]

Lizard's Attack

"And that is a lizard and we should–"
"Run! Connors, stop!"
Michelle Jones and Spider-Man[src]

Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds protect the Macchina di Kadavus

Leeds and Jones were tasked with protecting the Macchina di Kadavus and remained inside Midtown's laboratory room. From their location, Leeds used the Sling Ring to open an Inter-Dimensional Portal to assist Parker at the Statue of Liberty.

Midtown is attacked by the Lizard

However, Leeds couldn't close the portal with the Sling Ring and the two were overheard discussing it by Lizard. The Lizard ran towards them and jumped into the portal, entering Midtown and attacking them in the laboratory. Parker chased after Lizard to stop him, but Lizard fought him off, destroying laboratory tables and chairs. He then continued chasing Leeds and Jones as they left Midtown through another portal.[6]

Academic Staff

Name Subject Status
Morita Administration Principal
Roger Harrington Science Teacher
Academic Decathlon Coach
Monica Warren Physics Teacher
Andre Wilson Health and Physical Education Teacher
Barry Hapgood Woodwork Teacher
Cobbwell Chemistry Teacher
Ronda Kramer Art (formerly) Teacher
Debbie Berman Video Making Teacher
Watcher Informant Bus Driver
Julius Dell History Teacher


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Class of 2019

Class of 2025

Former Students




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