"This past weekend, Midtown's Academic Decathlon team defeated the country's best to win the national championship. Later that day, they also defeated death. No one was seriously injured, thanks to the Spider-Man."
Jason Ionello[src]

Midtown News is a school news program developed by and for Midtown School of Science and Technology, hosted by Jason Ionello and Betty Brant and directed by Chris Buongiorno.


"Rise and shine, Midtown Science and Technology."
"Students, don't forget about your homecoming tickets. Do you have a date for homecoming?"
Betty Brant and Jason Ionello[src]

Midtown News thank the Spider-Man

Midtown News continually provided the Midtown School of Science and Technology students with school news during the school year. After Spider-Man saved a group of students attending the Decathlon in Washington, D.C., Midtown News hosts Jason Ionello and Betty Brant started the schoolwide movement to recognize and pay tribute to Spider-Man.[1]

Midtown News' report on the Snap and Blip

Eight months after the Battle of Earth, Midtown News honored the Avengers that stopped Thanos at the cost of their life (in some capacity), in a tribute montage that included Iron Man, Black Widow, Vision, and Captain America (who was believed to be dead). During the airing, Ionello and Brant informed the school that the Snap and subsequent Blip led to a five-year age gap between classmates that were formerly the same age, and that the school was forced to restart the academic year in order to accommodate those who had returned to life.[2]


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