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"It's safe here."
Micro to Frank Castle[src]

Micro's Hideout was the secret headquarters used by Micro to hide from the public. This was where he was able to spy on his family and perform surveillance throughout the five boroughs of New York City.



Having survived the attempted attack, David Lieberman swam the Hudson River and managed to reach an old building near the bridge. There, he decided to hide and operate under the alias "Micro."[1]

One night, Micro followed Frank Castle through the many surveillance cameras throughout New York City. Witnessing Castle leave Linello's, he set in motion a plan to help.[2]

Frank and Sarah

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Two Dead Men

Tortured by Castle

Returning back to his hideout, Micro retreated to his desk. Unaware, Frank Castle emerged from the trunk of the car and approached him, knocking Micro unconscious. He then stripped him down and bound him to the chair.[3]

During this time, Castle expressed frustration in trusting Micro. As they conversed, a countdown began, Micro initially telling Castle that the hideout was rigged with explosives unless he is able to input a code. Later, Castle informed Micro that he had performed a thorough search of the immediate area to the building and found no explosives; Micro revealed that he had planted cameras in the hideout that, upon the end of the countdown, would record and send out a video feed in case he was killed there.

Untied to input the code once more, Micro grabbed a pen and stabbed Castle in his thigh, sedating him unconscious. Freeing himself, he dressed and left Castle bound to a bed.[1]

Emergency Aid from Hoyle

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Ricky Langtry Show

Micro and Frank Castle listened to the broadcast of the Ricky Langtry Show, as the host introduced candidate for New York senate Stan Ori and Karen Page of the New York Bulletin.[4]

Kidnapped Family

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Ambush in Micro's Hideout

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Capture of Frank Castle

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