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"You're not gonna kill me."
"Is that right?"
"Yeah, I know people. I'm an analyst. It's my job."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

David Linus Lieberman is a former member of the Rising Tide and a former NSA analyst who operates under the nickname Micro. A legendary hacker, Micro faked his own death to hide from the authority and continue his work of exposure of the government's secret affairs. Seeking to return to his life, Micro recruited Frank Castle under the promise that they had mutual enemies.

Micro helped Castle discover the conspiracy which had led to the Massacre of his family, eventually learning that Castle was also betrayed and William Rawlins was responsible. As they closed in with their plans, Micro's own family was threatened by Rawlins and Billy Russo, forcing Micro out of the shadows as he and Castle managed to trick their enemies and finally kill them all, which allowed Lieberman to return to his old life with his family.


Early Life

"Junior year. I'm taking History of the French Novel. Sarah's in my class. Now, you gotta remember, I'm a bit of a player at this point in my life. But for some reason, Sarah's just aloof. For me, no way. Unapproachable."
―Micro to Frank Castle[src]

As a child, David Lieberman wanted to be a vet. He set up an improvised veterinarian in his grandmother's basement and treated some birds, cats and squirrels in his neighborhood. Later, he discovered computers and understood that it was his calling.[1]

During his junior year in college, Lieberman took History of the French Novel. He was in the same class with a woman named Sarah. Lieberman attempted to flirt with her, however, Sarah was unapproachable for him.

One night, Lieberman wear a Popsicle costume and came to a costume party where he met Sarah again. All at the party was drunk, especially her. They get to talking and Sarah said that she wouldn't pay any attention to him just because she was shy. They got back to her place and both waiting for the other one to make the move. During several hours, Sarah and David talked and ate toast. At 5 AM, Sarah finally kissed him and they had been together ever since. Several years later, they married and had children, Zach and Leo Lieberman.[2]

According to Sarah, every Sunday night, Lieberman used to grab her car keys and disappeared for twenty minutes to fill car tank. He knew that his wife hated going to the gas station and took care of it.

Gifted Hacker


"One of my sources, this guy Micro, he's kind of a crime-scene junkie. He came across something."
Skye to Phil Coulson[src]

Having taken the nickname "Micro", Lieberman became a legendary hacker and a member of the hacktivist group Rising Tide. He was contacted by Skye who tried to decrypt the unknown symbols and asked other hackers for help. Lieberman received information about a murder in Rhinebeck, New York, where killer carved the similar symbols into the victim's corpse and alerted Skye.[3]

NSA Analyst

"I was a NSA analyst. I was working on Afghanistan intelligence, which maybe you know it's just an oxymoron because our basic tactic is to pay anyone we can to tell tales. You know? "Hey, kid. Tell me a story, I'll give you some money". So they did, you know? And my job was to assess this shit pile for actionable intelligence. It was a monumental waste of my time. Till one day they sent me something interesting."
―Micro to Frank Castle[src]

For his hacking skills, Lieberman was eventually recruited into the NSA as an analyst. He was tasked to work on Afghanistan intelligence to assess received data in order to find anything useful. During five years, most of them were very irrelevant except strange video footage received from anonymous soldier. On the footage was recorded interrogation, torture and execution of Afghan policeman Ahmad Zubair, orchestrated by unknown military squad.

At his family's home, Lieberman discussed footage with Sarah. She asked why it was sent to him, to which he replied that this is his job as an analyst and he can finally do his job for the first time in five years. Sarah said that he should give it to his section chief and pass it up the line of command. Lieberman decided not to go around the chain of command and re-sent footage to Homeland Security agent Dinah Madani.[4]

First "Death"

David getting confronted by Carson Wolf

Lieberman being confronted by Carson Wolf

"Cell phone saved my life. I went underground. They rewrote the narrative. Planted evidence, painted me as a traitor. Picked my life apart. Made life hell for Sarah. For our kids."
―Micro to Frank Castle[src]

One day, Lieberman and his family drove through the city and were stuck in traffic. Spotting team of the Homeland Security led by Carson Wolf, Lieberman realized that they were coming for him and left the car, saying his family to stay. Wolf pursued Lieberman to the pier where Wolf ordered him to drop his weapon, despite Lieberman did not carry any weapon and stated that he is a NSA analyst.

Micro faking his death

Lieberman is shot by Carson Wolf

However, Wolf shot him in front in the chest of Sarah. He fell back into the river and Homeland Security thought they killed him. However, it is revealed that it was his phone that saved him. Lieberman hid at the abandoned location, while Homeland deemed his as a traitor who was shot for resisting arrest.[4]

Lieberman went off the grid and hid at the abandoned power station. He set up a big computer framework at his hideout and learned about Frank Castle who was involved in conspiracy what had him killed. Lieberman visited his former house and left disk with footage of Ahmad Zubair's murder into his military platoon.[5]

Interacting with Castle

Micro spying on Frank

Micro finding the Punisher on a CTV camera

"You know, let's not waste time. You're Frank Castle, right? Frank Castle, the dead man?"
"Makes two of us now."
"You're more right than you know. You're not the only ghost in this town, Frank."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

For several months, Lieberman hacked various agencies, companies and police departments, to extract any useful information. Following massacre of Gnucci Crime Family, Lieberman learned that Frank Castle involved, watched through nearby surveillance cameras. He then erased all footage from cameras and decided to contact with Castle.[6]

Micro calling Frank

Micro speaks with Frank Castle on the phone

Lieberman waited atop Graniteville Diner and phoned Castle through the landline. The two conversed briefly about Castle's whereabouts and telling him that he needed him. After Castle left the diner and tried to locate Lieberman, he discovered a gift of a cellphone for communication. Returning to his hideout, he watched his family from the cameras in their home.

Micro finding Frank with his wife

Micro finds Frank Castle talking with his wife

Later, to his horror, Lieberman saw Castle talking with his wife in front of the house. Afraid, that Castle could harm his family in order to find him, Lieberman took his car to arrive at the house, arming himself with a handgun. Outside of the house, Lieberman made a call to Castle but no response was received. Being nervous, he decided to came to the house but changed his mind when saw Castle and unharmed Sarah who left the house. Before they could see him, Lieberman drove away from the house and returned to the hideout. He reversed all footage from the cameras to make sure that Castle did not touch his wife.

He attempted to track Castle down again but failed, because he shaved his beard and change his walk and surveillance cameras didn't recognize him. Later, while Castle visited Pete's Diner, Lieberman called him again and Castle responded, saying Lieberman to prepare himself for a personal meeting. He blamed Lieberman for putting his family in danger and informed him that Carson Wolf told him everything he needed before Castle had killed him.


Lieberman asking Curtis Hoyle a question

Castle arranged a meeting and explained that Lieberman needs to move from the one location to another in order to make sure that he was not followed. Lieberman followed Castle's directions and the last was the Mount Zion Cemetery where he was "buried" after his fake death. Waiting nearby to his grave, Lieberman noted Curtis Hoyle who was coming to his direction and pointed his gun at him. Hoyle informed Lieberman that Castle held him at the gunpoint and if Lieberman shoots him, he would be the next. When Lieberman asked where is Castle, Hoyle said that he decided not to come up and noted that if Lieberman tries to find Castle again, he will visit his wife. Then Hoyle left Lieberman and he decided to return to the hideout.

Micro bounded to the chair by Castle

Micro bound to the chair by Frank Castle

At the hideout, Lieberman placed his gun back underneath the desk and sat in his chair, unsure what to do next. However, he soon met eyes with Castle, who hid in the Lieberman's car trunk while Hoyle distracted him. Before he could say more, Lieberman was knocked unconscious, stripped down of all of his clothes, and bound to the chair.[7]


"You could have ended it all that night. You didn't, and then they killed your family. You have to live with that. But this war that you're waging, I mean, come on. That's the US military. That is the CIA. You just got rolled over by one spook zip-tied to an office chair, here. I mean, I thought I needed you, but you need me just as bad."
―Micro to Frank Castle[src]

During the torturous interrogation, the monitors had a set countdown. Initially, Lieberman warned Frank Castle that the countdown led to a delayed bomb explosion, informing him that if he did not input a password, they would both die. Castle then allowed Lieberman to reset the countdown and dragged him to computers. However, Lieberman forgot about his gun under the table and Castle found it. Lieberman managed to calm him and then he reset the countdown and Castle demanded to disable it but Lieberman informed that he can't because the system is hardwired.

Castle interrogation Micro

Micro being interrogated by the Punisher

Castle then tied him again and Lieberman told him about his NSA service and attempt to assassinate him, executed by Carson Wolf. Later, Lieberman slept but Castle woke him up with a bucket of water. Castle doubted that Lieberman survived alone and asked him who is going to help him. Lieberman then said that he survived for the same reason that Castle survived and tried to convince him that he was not Castle's enemy what Castle seemingly ignored.

Later, a countdown appeared again but Castle noted that he did not found any explosives in the hideout. Lieberman then informed him about cameras at the place and if Lieberman did not reset the countdown, the footage will be sent to various media outlets and the world will know that Castle is alive. Castle allowed Lieberman to reset the system again while Lieberman explained that he did it to make sure that his family will learn about it if Lieberman dies here. Lieberman then noted that deaths of Castle's family was not his fault and reminded him about execution of Ahmad Zubair.

Lieberman then congratulated Castle for his birthday and asked him to сut him loose once again, noting that sooner or later, Castle has to bring Lieberman something to eat or drink or kill him. Before he answered, the system activated again and Castle brought Lieberman to reset it. However, he used a needle in his pen and when Castle tied him again, Lieberman injected him with heroin what makes him lose consciousness.

Micro needs help

Micro asking Frank Castle for his assistance

While Castle slept, Lieberman freed himself and disabled the system. Castle then woke up and Lieberman explained that Operation Cerberus which Castle involved was bigger than he thought and had a ties in United States Armed Forces and CIA, and all of it was actually made his family killed. Lieberman then showed Castle all his data about everything that was connected with conspiracy and noted that operation was unsanctioned by United States Congress and military turned Castle into a hitman. Then, Lieberman noted that they do not need to trust each other but need to work together. Castle then said about his only condition - he will kill all of them, and Lieberman said that he does not mind if Castle want to.[4]

Guidance System

Weaponry Resupply

To be added

Key Witness

To be added

Target: Morty Bennett


Micro and Frank Castle discussing their plan

"Tonight was a success. Okay? You were right. Agent Orange knew we would go after Bennett next, and they were waiting for us. They set a trap, but we saw it coming. They think they out-thought us. It's the other way around. You understand that? If he calls anyone or moves, we're gonna know it."
―Micro to Frank Castle[src]

Acquiring the information from Gunner Henderson, Lieberman and Frank Castle decided that they need to find Morty Bennett who had key information about the Agent Orange. Lieberman successfully hacked all of Bennett's personal accounts and tracked down his daily movements, noticing that he spends every Saturday night at his quarters within the Fort Bryon. Gathering at the Hideout, Lieberman and Castle went over their plan of infiltration inside the Fort Bryon. According to their plan, Lieberman was supposed to assist Castle while he will infiltrate the facility and hack Bennett's phone.


Micro discusses how to kidnap Morty Bennett

Lieberman told Castle that he analyzed Bennett's daily routine and confirmed that they will definitely find him at the facility. Castle remarked that they need to proceed faster to kill him as soon as possible. Concerned about Castle's intentions, Lieberman reminded him that they agreed to kill Orange and let Bennett live. Although Castle said that he was aware of their plan, Lieberman was still concerned that he could kill Bennett out of combat rage, much to Castle's annoyance.

Castle mockingly proposed Lieberman to execute the plan himself, so Lieberman rushed to said that he appreciates Castle's efforts and he does not doubt in Castle's decisions. Castle then told Lieberman that in his opinion, their plan is pure madness, as he needs to infiltrate the military base and confront the United States Army. Castle informed Lieberman that he worries that soldiers would confront him and he will have no choice but kill them.


Micro gives the Punisher some mission advise

At night, Castle and Lieberman took the van and arrived at the Fort Bryon. While Castle successfully infiltrated the perimeter, Lieberman overwatched him through his drone, providing Castle information about the layout of the base and the positions of soldiers, helping Castle to avoid them. Castle reached Bennett's quarters and assaulted him, while Lieberman intercepted the signal from his phone and informed Castle that he needs three minutes to set up the tracker.

Suddenly, Lieberman noticed hostile tactical unit heading to Castle's direction and informed him about it. While Castle was fighting against the hostiles, Lieberman finished the installation of the tracker and told Castle to get out of the area. Castle escaped from Bennett's quarters, however, the whole base was on alert, so Lieberman had to help Castle to avoid the soldiers who were searching the area.


Micro being rejoined by the Punisher

Castle managed to get away from the soldiers and reached the van, telling Lieberman to get that out of there. Lieberman asked Castle was he okay and Castle replied that it would be easier if he could simply kill everyone in front of him. Lieberman drove them out of the base, while Castle complained about their plan, saying that he should kill Bennett. However, Lieberman insisted that Castle did the right thing, as Bennett will lead them right to Orange's current location.


Micro and the Punisher discussing the mission

Tracking down Bennett's movements, Lieberman noticed that Castle was injured and he told Lieberman that he had to hurt the soldier who attempted to stop him. Castle noticed that the soldier wanted to protect his country and expressed his disgust to Bennett who did not care about the loyalness or duty. Lieberman then received a notification from the tracker, informing Castle that Bennett was on the move.


Micro and Punisher discuss their families

Following the signal of Bennett's phone, Lieberman expressed his nervousness about the potential reunion with his family, as it will not be easy for them. Castle did not simplify the situation for Lieberman and then told him about his very first meeting with his son. Lieberman replied that their situations are different, as he allowed his family to believe the terrifying lie about him and he was going to get back from the dead for them.


Micro leaves Punisher to shoot Agent Orange

Castle tried to calm Lieberman down, saying that they miss him as much as Lieberman does himself, so he just needs to reunite with them properly. Lieberman then asked Castle does he regret turning away Billy Russo's offer to leave the country and start the new life, and Castle replied that he still can accept it, once they finished their task. Finally, Lieberman tracked the signal to the safehouse owned by the CIA where Bennett left his phone. Castle grabbed his sniper rifle and attempted to kill Orange but failed and told Lieberman to drive away before they would be found.[8]

Interaction with Dinah Madani


Lieberman approaches Dinah Madani at the bar

"I'm here because I hope I'm right and you're not one of 'em. I can give you the names of everyone involved in Kandahar. The CIA operation was off the books. It was totally illegal. The heroin was funding. Your guy Zubair, he caught wind of it, and they painted him as a terrorist, pulled him from his house, executed him."
"And you can prove all this?"
"I still have the video files. But you need Frank."
―Micro and Dinah Madani[src]

While Frank Castle went to find Lewis Wilson, Lieberman left his Hideout and found Dinah Madani at the bar. Joining Madani behind the bar counter, Lieberman informed Madani that he was aware of the death of Sam Stein. Madani asked who Lieberman is and he named himself "Micro", so Madani recognized the anonymous source that sent her the footage of the execution of Ahmad Zubair.

Lieberman noted how a lot of people had lost their lives due to him sending that video to her, Madani questioned if Lieberman believed that she was responsible for those people's deaths, which he confirmed. Madani then noted how Castle had recently turned out to be alive before she was approached by Lieberman, questioning if Lieberman and Castle were partners, or if Lieberman had come there to kill her. Lieberman simply claimed that he come there because he hoped that his theory was right and that Madani was not part of the conspiracy which had just destroyed so many lives, including his own and Castle's.

Madani gave Lieberman the opportunity to shoot her, as she was heading to Stein's funeral which she did not want to attend before Lieberman promised he could provide Madani with all of the names involved in her investigation in Kandahar which caused Madani to stay. Lieberman then explained to her Operation Cerberus and how Zubair had caught wind of it which had resulted in his death, telling Madani that William Rawlins was the man in charge and that it had been run and unofficially funded by the CIA under Rawlins' direct supervision, as Lieberman promised he had video files which could prove everything.

However, Lieberman then also noted that Madani would need the assistance of Castle as he had also been in the room when Zubair died, as Madani had then realized that Castle was still unaware that Lieberman had gone to her with this information. As Lieberman and Madani continued talking, they then noticed the WHiH World News report and realized that the report was about Castle having been caught on the NYPD's camera, while his survival was being reported across the country, much to Lieberman's horror.[2]

Reunion with Daughter

To be added

Official Testimony

"My priority is my family. My wife. My son. You help me get 'em back, I'll give you what you want."
"Yeah, what do I want?"
"You want evidence proving William Rawlins killed Ahmad Zubair. You want a video. A video that I already sent you, which you carelessly managed to lose. A video that already got me killed once. [...] In the end. I want my family safe. Help me get them back, and I'll give you everything you need. Not before."
―Micro and Dinah Madani[src]

To be added

Second "Death"

"Nothing about this looks good. Sarah and Zach?"
"They're doing okay, all things considered."
"You mean considering they just saw me die?"
"Hey, this was your idea. We told them you were okay as soon as we got them out of there."
―Micro and Dinah Madani[src]

To be added

Return to Family Life

Goodbyes with Frank Castle


Lieberman being driven home by Frank Castle

"Three days of depositions and testimony and walking Homeland through all that stuff, and I'm, like, just thinking about this moment, right? Now, I'm... Oh! I'm nervous. Am I being an asshole here?"
―David Lieberman and Frank Castle[src]

As soon as William Rawlins and Billy Russo were taken down by Frank Castle, Lieberman was contacted by the Homeland Security for official testimony. Once all details were sorted out and the whole case about the Operation Cerberus, Lieberman was able to finally reunite with his family. Castle drove Lieberman to his house where his family was preparing the welcome dinner for him.


Lieberman being reunited back with his family

Lieberman was a bit nervous, despite the fact that he was waiting for this moment for almost a year. Castle briefly ridiculed Lieberman for his nervousness in front of his own family but supported him. Lieberman then grabbed his bag and left the car, waiting for Castle to join him, however, Castle said that he will not come with him. Lieberman nodded, understanding why Castle refused to attend a dinner with him and his family and allowed him to drive away.

Lieberman then headed to his house where he was emotionally greeted by Zach and Leo who hugged their father. Sarah also stepped to Lieberman and kissed him before noticing that Castle is not with them. Lieberman told Sarah and kids to enter the house to share a dinner, starting his peaceful life with his family once again.[9]


"You know, everything that we teach them about being good human beings that's what this comes down to. This is why I took this job. This is why we are here and I'm not writing apps in Silicon Valley. How am I supposed to look these guys in the eye, knowing that I didn't have the guts to do the right thing?"
―David Lieberman to Sarah Lieberman[src]

To be added


  • Master Hacker: Micro is a highly skilled hacker and one of the members of the Rising Tide hacktivist group. He was able to aid Frank Castle throughout their respective endeavors in clearing their identities and has kept surveillance over his family in his Micro's Hideout.
  • Tactician: Micro has used his hacking ability as well as his knowledge of some technological gadgets to strategize thought-out plans while working alongside Frank Castle. He has also constructed and executed a "fake-death" plan with Dinah Madani so that he could be reunited with his family.
  • Multilingualism: Micro is capable of fluently speaking his native English, and he knows some Greek and Latin.



"This is for show, okay? I never use this."
"It's for show, huh? You know, where I'm from, that weapon, that's the difference between life or death. You pull it out, you better be ready to use it. It's not for show."
―David Lieberman and Frank Castle[src]

Lieberman inspecting his personal sidearm

  • SIG-Sauer P320 Compact: Lieberman kept this handgun in his hideout in order to protect himself, and began to carry it while trying to contact with Frank Castle. Lieberman pulled the gun when Curtis Hoyle startled him, but returned to the hideout as Castle had planned, and placed the handgun in its hidden holster before Castle revealed himself. Castle subsequently took it from there but returned it when both of them became partners, noting that the gun had not been properly maintained. Lieberman subsequently carried it whenever he left the hideout and believed he should need, especially when he went to meet Dinah Madani behind Castle's back, intimidating her with the gun in order to make her listen to him.

Other Equipment

  • Micro's Drone: During their search for Gunner Henderson, Micro made use of a multi-spectrum aerial drone to survey the wooded areas where he and Frank Castle were located, especially when soldiers were confronting them. He would later use this same drone to aid Castle into infiltrating and escaping Fort Bryon.
  • Cellphone: Micro tends to utilize the use of cellular devices to communicate with Castle.








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  • In the comics, David "Microchip" Lieberman was the hacker and armorer of the Punisher, who eventually became his enemy.
  • His password for his computer is "Zach@ndLeo" the names of his children.[4]
  • Lieberman's blood type is O-, as he claimed to be a "universal donor."[10]

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