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"I know people. I'm an analyst. It's my job."
―Micro to Punisher[src]

David Linus Lieberman is a former NSA analyst and member of the Rising Tide who operated under the nickname Micro. A legendary hacker, Micro faked his own death in order to hide from the authority and continue his work of exposure of all the government's secret affairs. Seeking to return to his life, Micro recruited Frank Castle under the premise that they had mutual enemies. Micro helped Castle discover the conspiracy which had led to the Massacre of his family, eventually learning that Castle was betrayed and William Rawlins was responsible. As they closed in with their plans, Micro's family was threatened by Rawlins and Billy Russo, forcing Micro out of the shadows as he and Castle managed to trick their enemies and kill them all, which allowed Lieberman to return back to his old life.


Early Life

Marrying Sarah

"Junior year. I'm taking History of the French Novel. Sarah's in my class. Now, you gotta remember, I'm a bit of a player at this point in my life. But for some reason, Sarah's just aloof. For me, no way. Unapproachable."
―Micro to Frank Castle[src]

As a child, David Lieberman wanted to be a vet. He set up an improvised veterinarian in his grandmother's basement and treated some birds, cats and squirrels in his neighborhood. Later, he discovered computers and understood that it was his calling.[6] During his junior year in college, Lieberman took History of the French Novel. He was in the same class with a woman named Sarah. Lieberman attempted to flirt with her, however, Sarah was unapproachable for him.

One night, Lieberman wear a Popsicle costume and came to a costume party where he met Sarah again. All at the party was drunk, especially her. They get to talking and Sarah said that she wouldn't pay any attention to him just because she was shy. They got back to her place and both waiting for the other one to make the move. During several hours, Sarah and David talked and ate toast. At 5 AM, Sarah finally kissed him and they had been together ever since. Several years later, they married and had children, Zach and Leo Lieberman.

According to Sarah, every Sunday night, Lieberman used to grab her car keys and disappeared for twenty minutes to fill car tank. He knew that his wife hated going to the gas station and took care of it.[7]

Gifted Hacker

NSA Analyst

Lieberman talks about video he was sent

"I really wanna do the right thing here."
"You want me to tell you it's okay so that if this all blows up, it won't be your fault. David, I can't do that."
"You know, everything that we teach them about being good human beings that's what this comes down to. This is why I took this job."
―David Lieberman and Sarah Lieberman[src]

Becoming a skilled hacker, Lieberman took on the codename "Micro" and became a member of the Rising Tide. Micro was then contacted by Skye to help decrypt unknown symbols and asked other hackers for help. Micro received information about a murder where the killer carved the symbols into his victim's corpse and alerted Skye, allowing them to solve the mystery and track down the killer.[1] Lieberman was eventually recruited into the NSA as an analyst where he had been tasked to work on Afghanistan intelligence to assess received data, to find anything that might be useful.

Lieberman listens to his wife's opinions

During the five years, most of the videos were irrelevant, apart from a video received from an anonymous soldier. This footage had showed the interrogation, torture and execution of Ahmad Zubair, who could be heard begging for his life, as the execution had been orchestrated by an unknown military squad. Back at his family's home, Lieberman discussed this footage with Sarah. She asked why it was sent to him, to which he replied that this is his job as an analyst and he can finally do his job for the first time in five years, as Sarah had said he should give it to his section chief and pass it up the line of command.

Lieberman talks about doing the right thing

However, Lieberman had then questioned what to do next when his section chief decided to bury the footage, rather than risk exposing a major conspiracy within the United States Armed Forces. As Sarah dismissed this and insisted that this would just be his section chief's problem, they were interrupted as Zach Lieberman asked if they had juice for him to drink. As Sarah went to speak with Zach, she noted that if Lieberman decided to go around the chain of command, then they knew what would happen. Once Zach and Leo Lieberman went to bed, Lieberman had noted how he wanted to do the right thing.

Lieberman being comforted by own his wife

Becoming frustrated, Sarah then noted how her husband clearly just wanted her to say it was okay so it would not be his fault if it all went wrong, as Lieberman listened to her insist that she could not do that. Lieberman then noted how they were trying to teach their children to be good human beings and his was his chance to do that. Lieberman noted that this was why he was working with the NSA and not writing apps in Silicon Valley. As Lieberman questioned how he could look his children in their eyes if he failed to expose this conspiracy, Sarah hugged and had simply noted that he knew what he should do.

Lieberman sending the file to Dinah Madani

Despite this warning, Lieberman had decided this footage had to be exposed to the world. Staying up late once while family had gone to bed, Lieberman logged onto his internet as "Micro" and watched the footage of Zubair being beaten by the commander, who then ordered a soldier to execute him. Having considered who he could trust with this, Micro decided that Dinah Madani, Zubair's former partner and a agent with Homeland Security should be the one to view the footage, as he sent it to her before closing his laptop, fearful of what the result might be, for him and his entire family if he was to get exposed.[4]

Shot by Carson Wolf

Lieberman looking at his cell phone in a car

"I'm an NSA analyst!"
"He's got a weapon!"
"No, I don't. No, no, no, no, no! That's not true!"
―David Lieberman and Carson Wolf[src]

While Lieberman had believed that his message to Dinah Madani had not been traced back to him, he eventually learned that this was not the case during his trip through New York City with his family. While Zach and Leo Lieberman played a guessing game while sat in the car, Lieberman had been distracted by using his phone, before he placed it inside his shirt pocket and joining in with their game, while Sarah Lieberman complained about the traffic they were stuck in.

Lieberman tells his family remain in the car

As Zach and Leo had complained that they would be late, Lieberman turned to reassure them, only to catch sight of a heavily armed team of Homeland Security agents heading towards them. Knowing that they were there to arrest him, Lieberman calmly took off his seatbelt and told his children to stay in the car, before kissing Sarah and then got out of the car and walking down the street. As he walked through the crowded market, Lieberman saw that Carson Wolf was following him, as he ran up a flight of stairs until he found himself cornered at a balcony above the river, with Wolf ordering Lieberman to surrender.

Lieberman tries to surrender himself to Carson Wolf

With nowhere left to go, Lieberman put his hands up as he insisted that they were making a mistake, noting that he was an NSA analyst and not a criminal, only for Wolf to respond by firing a warning shot and demanding that Lieberman get onto the ground. With Lieberman still not getting on the ground, Wolf had told the other agents that he had a weapon which Lieberman still denied. To his horror, Lieberman then realized that Sarah had gotten out of the car and followed him there, as Lieberman demanded that she go back to their car in order to be safe, while Wolf's agents aimed their guns at both of them.

Lieberman survives a shot from Carson Wolf

Wolf then fired a bullet at Lieberman's chest, which struck the phone that he had put into his shirt pocket, as this phone had stopped that shot being fatal, although the force from the shot knocked Lieberman off the balcony and into the river below. Surviving, Lieberman hid at the abandoned location, while Homeland deemed his as a traitor who resisted arrest.[4] Lieberman made a computer network in his hideout and learned about Frank Castle who was involved in conspiracy what had him killed. Lieberman visited his former house and had left a disk with footage of Ahmad Zubair's murder into his military platoon.[2]

Seeking Justice

Interacting with Castle

Micro discovering Frank Castle on camera

"You know, let's not waste time. You're Frank Castle, right? Frank Castle, the dead man?"
"Makes two of us now."
"You're more right than you know. You're not the only ghost in this town, Frank."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

For several months, Lieberman hacked various agencies, companies and police departments, to extract any useful information regarding the conspiracy that had resulted in his assassination attempt by Carson Wolf. Micro had then also continued to try and locate Frank Castle, who had gone off the grid, by searching for crime scenes that Castle could be linked to. When Micro learned of a massacre involving the Gnucci Crime Family, he pulled up the security footage from outside Linello's as he soon managed to confirm that Castle was involved, as he delighted in finding Castle.[8]

Micro speaks to Frank Castle on the phone

Managing to keep track of Castle, Micro had waited atop Graniteville Diner and phoned up Castle through the landline, as the phone was picked up by the Waitress, as Micro asked to speak to Castle. Once Castle was on the phone, he claimed that Micro had the wrong guy, to which Micro had used Castle's real name and noted that he was seemingly a dead man following the explosion at the Blacksmith's ship, while Castle had then warned that Micro had just made himself the dead man by calling him. Micro noted that Castle was more right than he realized, noting that he was not the only ghost in town.

Micro signaling Frank Castle to call him

Micro then questioned if Castle ever found the disk that he had left in his home, which Castle confirmed while Micro then questioned if he watched it. Instead of answering, Castle questioned if Micro was his name, which he confirmed as Castle suggested that they speak face to face. However, Micro said that he felt this would be dangerous and had suggested that Castle needed to learn what had really happened first. Micro then hung up and watched Castle run towards his set up location, where a phone was waiting, while Castle realized that Micro just tricked him when he saw Micro stood on the Diner's roof.[3]

Watching his Family

Micro closely watching his family's daily life

"You know something, David? Your wife, she's real cut up about your death."
"They have nothing to do with this."
"Bullshit. You know what? You're an asshole. You're a man who put his family in danger and you didn't do it once, you did it again."
Frank Castle and Micro[src]

While sat inside his hideout with a cup of coffee, Micro had then still continued to closely watch over his family home through the cameras he had secretly installed. While one of his computers confirmed that it had not found any search results, Micro ignored all this and watched as Sarah had argued with Zach about him going out with a friend to go see a movie. When Zach became frustrated, he noted that his father would have allowed him to go, only for Sarah to note that his father had been dead for a year.

Micro continues watching his family's life

Micro then watched on as Zach became upset when his mother had then accused him of using his father's death as a bargaining chip in the argument, with Leo still desperately trying to maintain the peace. Micro had watched closely as Sarah managed to calm the situation by noting that she just needed to know where her children were and what they were doing. Sarah then promised to consider letting Zach go out with his friends while Leo told her mother that she loved her, with Micro commenting that he loved them all too. Micro saw Sarah looking directly at the picture where he had installed a camera.

Micro noticing Frank Castle with his wife

However, when Micro came to view all the video feeds at his family home later on, he was shocked to see that Frank Castle was there, having faked an incident of Sarah accidentally striking him with her car, which had then caused Sarah to help him and invite him into the house. Witnessing Castle walking into his home where his children were, Micro had reacted in complete horror at seeing this, cursing at Castle for somehow finding and then going after his family, as Micro then grabbed the gun that he kept hidden under his computers, and jumping in his car in order to stop Castle from harming his family.

Micro surveilling on Frank Castle from afar

Pulling up outside of his former home, Micro debated going inside to keep Castle from doing them harm, which would expose his survival and put them into danger from the government who had tried to kill him. Micro continued to try and ring Castle, who did not pick up his phone, much to Micro's frustration. Just as Micro began to get out of his car with his gun to then confront Castle, he saw Castle and Sarah stepping out of the house, as Castle had not done her or the children any harm. Micro kept himself hidden from view while Castle spoke to Sarah and offered to fix her garage door which was now jammed.

Micro zooms in to see Frank Castle's moves

Fearing that Sarah might see him, Micro was forced to return into his hideout, where he watched all the CCTV footage of Castle fixing the garage door so that Sarah could then drive her car inside, with Micro confirming that Castle had not done anything to hurt his family and was purely trying to get inside Micro's head in order to prove that he knew who Micro really was and could target his family if he needed to. Micro then remained by his computers and scanned the city, as he kept his close watch over Castle's Apartment, failing to notice that Castle had shaved his head and beard and left the apartment.[3]

Chasing down Frank Castle

Micro calling up Frank Castle inside a diner

"Here's what we're gonna do..."
"No, no, you stop talking. I'm sick of hearing you talk. I'm calling the shots now. I'm going offline. In exactly one hour, call me with a cell phone number I can reach you on. You got that?"
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

Having failed to track down Frank Castle with his computer systems, Micro had then called him on his phone the following day, as Castle finally answered, questioning if Micro was watching him from outside where it was raining. Micro immediately traced their call and commented that he knew that Castle was at Pete's Diner and Grill in Sunnyside. Micro then noted that he had given Castle that phone so that he could contact him easily, although Castle had simply noted that he knew this but still never intended to leave it on all of the time.

Micro listening to Frank Castle's statements

Castle then noted how he had shaved and gained a limp, which had messed up Micro's computer tracking but had questioned how Micro knew where to look for him, to which Micro noted how he had simply waited until Tony Gnucci and his people were murdered and simply checked nearby, commenting that he had wiped that CCTV footage after he saw it. Collecting his gun, Micro questioned why Castle had gone to his family home, as Castle noted how Sarah Lieberman was still in mourning over his apparent death, commenting on how Micro had put them in danger before and was now doing it all over again.

Micro is given his mission from Frank Castle

Although Micro insisted that he would make this right, noting that his family would only be safe if they all believed that he was dead, Castle insisted that he had brought this situation on himself. Castle revealed that Carson Wolf had just told him everything that Micro had done, as he confirmed that he had killed him. When Micro confirmed that he still wanted to talk, Castle insisted that they do it on his terms, telling Micro to stop talking, as he ordered him to call him on that phone in exactly one hour, when Castle would give him instructions on where to meet, which a now frustrated Micro had reluctantly agreed to.

Micro visiting his gravestone at a cemetery

Following Castle's instructions, Micro called him back an hour later and was then told to go to the Pulaski Bridge within twenty minutes, promising that if he realized that Micro was having somebody follow him then he would end all the communication. With no other choice, Micro then left his hideout and drove under the bridge, only to see no sign of Castle, who called Micro back and ordered him to head to the docks on forty first street. Once he arrived there, Micro was ordered to go to Greenpoint Terminal, and then Mount Zion Cemetery, much to Micro's annoyance as he then quietly called Castle an asshole.

Micro getting told to give up by Curtis Hoyle

Getting out of his car, Micro headed to where he knew Castle wanted him to go, his grave, where he began searching for Castle. However, to Micro's shock, he was instead greeted by Curtis Hoyle, as Micro drew his gun, only for Hoyle to calmly put his hands up, and explain that Castle had him in his crosshairs at that very moment and would kill him if he dared to hurt Hoyle. Hoyle told Micro that Castle did not like what he was selling and had left, noting that if Micro tried to find him again, then he would go after Sarah, as Hoyle then walked away, ignoring a desperate Micro who insisted that Castle needed him.

Micro realizes Frank Castle has found him

Feeling completely defeated by Castle, Micro then returned back to his hideout, locking the doors behind him while he desperately tried to think of what he should do next, now that Castle had refused to assist him. Putting his gun away, Micro grabbed a bottle of whiskey while thinking aloud. However, to his shock, Micro then witnessed Castle stepping out of the trunk of his car, having used Hoyle as his distraction to allow Micro to then drive him straight into his hideout. Coming face to face with Castle, Micro could not help but burst out laughing, before Castle knocked him unconscious with a punch.[3]

Punisher's Interrogation

Micro waking up from being unconscious

"Guys like us paranoia is second nature. I get it. You're wondering if I'm some kind of a decoy to lure you out. I'm not. It's safe here. So no need for any of this Marathon Man stuff. It's definitely safe, okay? You don't need to interrogate a man that's waited months just to talk to you."
―Micro to Frank Castle[src]

Having been knocked unconscious, Micro was woken up with a start when Frank Castle threw a bucket of freezing cold water at him while he was tied naked onto a chair. Micro found Castle watching him, as Micro claimed that he understood that they both understood paranoia, noting Castle was paranoid that he could be the decoy to lure him out, which Micro denied was the case. Micro assured Castle that his hideout was safe and that there was no need for violence.

Micro getting interrogated by Frank Castle

With Castle not saying a word, Micro insisted that he did not need to interrogate him as he had been waiting months just to meet Castle. Micro became even more nervous as Castle walked over to him with a can and a knife, only for Castle to use the knife to open the can, as Micro laughed due to relief. While Castle then wiped off the blade on Micro's arm, Micro noted that he understood that Castle was simply trying to intimidate him, only for Castle to then question if he always talked this much, to which Micro claimed that he talked whenever he was nervous, as Castle made it clear that Micro should be nervous.

Micro warning Frank Castle about the alarm

While Castle had continued eating from the can, Micro overheard the countdown alarm going off on his computer systems, as Castle then questioned what it was. With Castle drawing his gun and searching for danger, Micro had claimed that the entire hideout was rigged with explosives and that he needed to type a code into the central control to stop it from exploding. However, Castle did not believe Micro, only for Micro to insist that he was not lying. When Castle demanded to know the password, Micro claimed it needed a retinal scan, although Castle had responded by sitting opposite Micro and just waiting.

Micro is confronted about his hidden gun

With the countdown still going on, Micro then cursed at Castle before desperately attempting on bounce the chair he was tied to towards the controls. Finally believing him, Castle then dragged Micro's chair to his control room, only to notice the gun hidden under Micro's desk moments before he untied him, as Castle grabbed Micro's hair and demanded to know if he was going to try and shoot him, while Micro insisted that he had simply forgotten that it was there. With only thirty seconds left, Castle then untied Micro and allowed him to type in his password and do a retinal scan, finally shutting off all the alarms.

Micro stopping the alarms with an eye scan

Although Castle had demanded that he shut off these systems, Micro claimed that they were all hardwired into the mainframe. Castle then began to tie Micro back onto the chair, as Micro cursed him for doing this, only for Castle to punch him in the gut. Micro then claimed that the same people who tried to kill Castle had killed him, as Castle had demanded answers, while Micro simply requested pants and offered to make tea. Castle responded by hitting Micro, as he commented on how the body could get used to pain if it had a routine, noting that it was only when a routine was taken away, that people break down.

Micro talks to Frank Castle about his career

Castle continued to mock Micro by threatening to take away his food and water before noting that Micro knew what was happening to him and he would not be able to rationalize it. Castle also claimed that torture was not pain, but time, as the person being tortured realized that their life is over and they only had the nightmare. Broken by this, Micro then told Castle that he was an NSA analyst who was ordered to looked over Afghanistan intelligence, noting that while most of it was useless due to people paying others to make up stories, until he eventually received footage that he considered to be interesting.

Micro talking about his past to Frank Castle

Micro told Castle how he was given footage of Ahmad Zubair getting tortured and executed by Cerberus Squad and had then responded by sending that to Dinah Madani, to try and get to the bottom of the conspiracy, only for him to be attacked by Carson Wolf who shot him in the chest, only for the phone in his pocket to save his life, allowing Micro to go into hiding while his family thought he was dead. Castle noted how Sarah Lieberman had thought he was brave but stupid, which Micro did not deny was the truth, before Castle then sat down and had also refused Micro's request to be given a glass of water.[4]

Discussing their Orders

Micro is awakened again by Frank Castle

"You followed orders, I did my job. You tell me what's the difference."
"There's a difference."
"Yeah? What's the difference? Let me ask you something. How many times was Zubair beaten? How many times was this innocent man tortured? He was a good man! He was an honorable father."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

Micro was left naked on the chair for several hours, as Frank Castle read through his collection of books, until Micro began to fall asleep. Having seen this, Castle responded by throwing more cold water at Micro to wake up him, before Castle calmly demanded to know who was coming to aid Micro, although Micro denied that anyone was on the way, although Castle still did not believe him, questioning how Micro could have survived in there on his own for so long.

Micro tells Frank Castle that he is wrong

However, Micro insisted that he had survived because he was good at staying alive, comparing himself to Castle. Micro then noted that he knew that it was easier for Castle if he believed that Micro was his enemy, but he insisted that he was actually the only friend that Castle had, although Castle simply ignored him and instead filled the water bucket. Eventually, the alarms began ringing through the hideout yet again, as Micro had convinced Castle to drag him back to the main computer network to switch it off again. However, Castle insisted that there were no bombs in the hideout as he would have found them.

Micro gives Frank Castle a difficult choice

Castle had noted how Micro had continued asking him to believe his stories while he was lying, as Micro finally confessed that there were no explosives, but had asked to be turned around so he could show Castle something on the computers. Getting untied, Micro revealed that Castle was being recorded and the countdown would cause the footage to be sent to multiple media outlets, which would reveal that Castle was still alive, noting that it was there to ensure that if he was ever found, his murderers could be broadcast to the world and would show his family that he was not the traitor he had been painted as.

Micro and Castle discussing Ahmad Zubair

Once the countdown was turned off, Micro noted that if he died he would lose his final chance to see his family again. Castle noted his own wife and two children were gone because of the footage that Micro had sent to him, although Micro commented that Castle still had a part in that, as Castle responded by striking him across the face and ordering Micro to be quiet. Micro went on to questioned how long Ahmad Zubair was tortured for, noting that Zubair was an innocent man. Castle responded by grabbing Micro's throat, while Micro remained confident that Castle would still not kill him.[4]

Regaining his Control

Micro talks to Frank Castle about his needs

"You and I both thought that we were serving our country. We both thought that."
"Type the code."
"And now if I go home, I get my family killed. You know, you and I together, we could change that."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

Micro continued to watch Frank Castle while Castle fell asleep in his chair, until he awoke from his bad dream, with Micro noting the date and wishing him a Happy Birthday, making it clear that he now knew everything about him. Micro then jokingly suggested that if Castle set him free, then he would go out and buy Castle a birthday cake, as he had continued asking while also noting that Castle would have to give him something to eat or drink eventually, or just kill him.

Micro ranting about Frank Castle's actions

The pair were then interrupted as Micro's alarms restarted, as Castle dragged him back into the mainframe while noting that Micro never should have come after him. However, Micro insisted that he did not have a choice, as their families were taken away from them, although Castle insisted that Micro's family was still alive while his own was gone, claiming that Micro just thrown his family away. Micro noted that he and Castle had thought that they were serving their country, but if he returned home his entire family would get killed, noting that they could change that before shutting off the computer's alarms.

Micro drugged Frank Castle for his attitude

However, this time when Castle went to retie Micro to the chair, Micro used a hidden needle in his pen to then stab Castle in the arm with a secret drug. When the alarmed Castle tried to attack Micro, he simply responded by stabbing Castle in the other arm with the needle again. The drugs quickly took hold of Castle, who had stumbled backwards before collapsing on the floor and losing consciousness. Once Castle fell asleep onto his floor, Micro leaned down as he apologized to him. As Castle was out, Micro had then gotten free from his chair, put on his clothes and took Castle to a bed, waiting for him to wake up.[4]

Recruiting the Punisher

Micro calming Frank Castle after his sleep

"I don't care if we trust each other or not. I don't wanna be blood brothers. That stuff is for kids in treehouses. But you and me, we want the same thing right now. So work with me."
"One condition. They die. Every single one of them. No trials. No bullshit. They die."
"Yeah, I can live with that."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

Micro had waited for Frank Castle to wake up for quite some time, as Castle had then eventually tried to get out of the bed, only to fall onto the floor due to the drugs taking all of his strength as Micro came to help him. Micro offered Castle a cup of coffee, as Castle questioned why Micro did not kill him, with Micro becoming frustrated that Castle had not been listening to him. Castle then questioned if Micro needed to turn off the computer's alarms, to which Micro explained that he had just turned those off.

Micro tells Frank Castle about his betrayals

Micro commented on how Castle had been right about how routines could lull people into a false sense of security, which was how Micro had been able to get the drop on him, as Castle then called Micro an asshole. Micro noted that the people who had tried to kill them also had patterns which did not involve them. Castle noted that he did not want a partner, although Micro told him to get over himself as there was no place for emotion, noting that they both had done things that they wished they could take back but they could not, and now they had scores to settle with the people who had destroyed their lives.

Micro and Frank Castle discussing revenge

As Castle recalled how he had encountered Agent Orange during his service in Afghanistan and almost killed him after one failed mission, Micro then noted that he could have ended it that night, but failed to, resulting in his wife and two children being murdered. Micro noted how Castle was waring a war against both the United States Armed Forces and CIA, but he had been taken down by a man zip-tied to an office chair, while insisting that they needed each other to get their revenge, promising that he had spent months hacking into agencies to prepare for this mission and calling Castle a blunt instrument.

Micro finally gets Frank Castle to help him

When Castle continued to struggle to stand up, Micro brought over the chair for him to sit in so that he could show Castle something on his computers, which Castle reluctantly agreed to. Micro explained that Ray Schoonover had been using heroin sales to fund Operation Cerberus, before proving Cerberus was wiped from the records, and was never approved by the United States Congress, explaining that Agent Orange had turned Castle into a private hitman. Micro finally convinced Castle to work with him, under the agreement that Castle was allowed to kill every single person involved in his conspiracy.[4]

Micro and Punisher

Resupplying the Weaponry

Micro watches his family during the night

"We should have just got the guns on the street."
"Yeah, is that what we should have done, Lieberman? You wanna put money into those animals' hands? That's not happening, all right? Not on my watch."
"I keep forgetting about your thing, Frank. Only do unto bad guys, rob Badass Peter so you can kill Psycho Paul."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

While Frank Castle went on a mission to steal Turk Barrett's supply of guns, Micro had remained inside the hideout, where he had continued to watch all the video feeds of his family, observing Sarah snuggling on the sofa with Leo, before sending their daughter to bed while she stayed on the sofa. Watching his wife trying to relax, Micro had gently touched the computer screen, wishing that he could be back with his family and able to comfort them, before hearing Castle returning to the hideout after his mission.

Micro being told to find Frank Castle's guns

However, Castle explained that Micro's intelligence had been off, as Barrett did not have any of those guns that had been described, as those had been shipped off elsewhere, as Micro noted that the New York City Police Department were not aware of that as he had been checking their email reports. Although Micro insisted that Castle had to believe him, Castle expressed his anger at the failure as he held up the pink toy sniper rifle with no ammo, questioning if they should go against Agent Orange with that. Castle had slammed the pink gun on Micro's desk as he then demanded that he locate that gun supply.

Micro listening to Frank Castle's statements

Micro spent the next few hours going through the various intelligence agencies information in order to locate those guns, taking a break to do some stretches, before noticing that Castle was cleaning the gun that he kept hidden under his desk. As Micro claimed that it was kind of low to take his partner's gun, Castle questioned if he believed they were actually partners. Micro listened as Castle made a long winded point about if Zach Lieberman had asked for a dog and failed to take care of it until their dog became sick, as Micro had then insisted that he would not simply shoot the dog or the kid in that circumstance.

Micro finishes his stretches before working

Castle made it clear that Micro was the kid in this metaphor and he was teaching him how to look after the gun which was the dog in the metaphor, noting that he would only do it once as he gave Micro his gun back. Micro claimed that he knew how to clean the gun but had never used it, only having it for show, which Castle scoffed at, noting that this weapon was the difference between life and death. Sitting back down, Micro commented that they should have simply bought the guns from off the streets, although Castle insisted that he would not help to fund gun runners, as Micro mocked his moral code.

Micro talking about Frank Castle's motives

Micro began comparing Castle to Robin Hood, before they were then interrupted once Castle got a phone call, revealing that it was Micro's wife. Micro questioned how Sarah had Castle's number, to which he explained that he had also gotten hers for leverage on Micro, which made Micro extremely uncomfortable. When Micro questioned what she wanted, Castle handed him the phone and allowed him to listen to Sarah's voicemail, where she had explained that she needed him to sign a statement for her insurance to get her car fixed. Micro then told Castle that his wife still had nothing to do with the situation.

Micro watching Frank Castle and Sarah talk

Micro requested that Castle sort out Sarah's insurance in exchange for Micro finding the guns, promising not to find them before Castle helped out his wife. While Castle had then gone into the Lieberman Residence, Micro watched the hidden cameras closely, witnessing his wife noting that Zach was becoming an asshole, as Castle subtly compared him to Micro, much to his annoyance. Micro had watched Castle help Leo fix the family's garbage disposal, while Sarah noted how her husband never got his hands dirty, before noting how much she missed him while Castle had also offered to fix her headlight.[9]

Locating the Guns

Micro finally locating Frank Castle's guns

"There's a dead man in a wheelbarrow out there."
"Yeah. I didn't do that."
"You do this?"
"Yeah, I did this 'cause they did that."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

Once Frank Castle had helped out Sarah Lieberman like he asked him to, Micro had continued searching for the guns, managing to hack into Homeland Security's database using an admin account. During Micro's hacking, Castle used his guitar, complaining that it was poorly tuned, as Micro explained that he had bought this at a pawnshop to help pass the time, but had soon discovered that he was terrible at the guitar, although Castle insisted that all it took was some dedication, as Micro asked if he would discuss the dog again.

Micro and Frank Castle formulate next plans

Eventually, Micro then discovered that Homeland Security had been attempting to buy the guns from the Greek Mob, noting that the New York City Police Department and ATF had been warned to keep their distance, as Homeland intended to arrest the Greeks when they had arrived. Micro then pulled up the tactical plans that had been written up by Dinah Madani and Sam Stein, showing that Homeland planned to surround the area with their snipers and hidden agents ready for a ambush. Seeing the scale of Homeland's operation, Castle then told Micro that they would need to get their hands on a new vehicle.

Micro comments on Frank Castle's shootout

Micro joined Castle on a mission to the garage owned by Mazur, who was in the process of torturing a tied up Wilcox, having just used his blowtorch to murder Joe. Micro had kept himself out of the way while Castle murdered Gabi before confronting Mazur and the rest of those men, using the fake grenade which he had taken from Turk Barrett to scare Mazur before engaging in the brief shootout, resulting with the death of Mazur and his men. Micro stepped out and commented on finding Joe's corpse in a wheelbarrow, as Castle insisted that he did not kill Joe but did admit to killing everyone else for killing Joe.

Micro is told to pick a car from the garage

Not being used to being around corpses, Micro struggled to cope in the situation, while Castle demanded that he not throw up to ensure that he did not leave his DNA for the police to find, which Micro just insisted that he would not as he requested a moment to get a hold of himself. Micro commented that the dead men smelled more than he was expecting, as Castle insisted that he would get used to it in the end, although Micro would prefer not to. Micro and Castle then left Wilcox tied up as Micro took the van while Castle took an American sports car and they then drove out of Mazur's garage together.[9]

Robbery of the Greek's Guns

Micro somberly contemplates the mission

"What did you do?"
"What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? I got my hands I got my hands dirty, you piece of shit!"
Frank Castle and Micro[src]

As they made the final preparations for the mission, Frank Castle had loaded up their cars while Micro sat in his hideout, as he looked at his gun while considering what was about to happen. When Castle told him it was time to go, Micro claimed that he could not do it, insisting that he used computers and could not be involved with the mission, although Castle insisted that he needed another man. However, when Castle noted that Sarah Lieberman claimed that he never got his hands dirty, this motivated Micro to get up and rejoin him.

Micro hacking Homeland Security's system

Driving his car just in range of the area the gun exchange, Micro was able to hack into Homeland Security's systems, as he then watched Homeland's agents follow the van filled with the Greek Mob's guns and, once they came into position, Micro then looped the video feed before replacing Homeland's radios with a loud song, allowing Castle to get on top of the truck while Homeland was unable to see or hear this happening. Once Agents Bowers and Sinclair tried to investigate what was happening to the truck, Castle had already taken the guns and forced them to retreat, before Micro had then rejoined him.

Micro discovers Dinah Madani chasing him

Micro then drove the truck away from the area while Castle followed behind in their car, with both of them trying not to draw any attention to themselves during their escape. However, before long Micro then noticed they were being followed by Dinah Madani, who had worked out what was happening, as Castle ordered Micro to head towards the highway, while he stayed behind and cut off Madani. Micro then saw Castle slam on the breaks of his car and force Madani to chase him across Red Hook Pier, as he ordered Micro to keep driving and not follow him, although Micro eventually decided to head back.

Micro purposely crashes Dinah Madani's car

As Micro rejoined the chase, he then found Castle and Madani were charging straight at one another at full speed. In response, Micro had smashed the truck into the side of Madani's car, which sent it rolling across the road onto it's back while a small fire started. While Micro was in a state of shock, Castle furiously questioned what he just did, to which the shaken Micro claimed that he had gotten his hands dirty like his wife had wanted. Castle then demanded that Micro drive the truck to their hideout, while Castle took the barely conscious Madani out of the wreak of her car and laid her on the side of the road.[9]

Confronting Frank Castle

Micro working on his drone after his mission

"If Homeland Security enters your name in the system, let me ask you, how long before Agent Orange knows that?"
"Maybe you should've stuck to the plan."
"Frank, you were driving right at her. That was this stupid, bullshit, macho game of chicken part of the plan?"
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

In the wake of the robbery of the Greek Mob's entire arsenal of guns, Micro and Frank Castle had returned into their hideout, where Micro continued to claim that it was unnecessary for Castle to have risked being exposed by pulling Dinah Madani out from her wreaked car, noting that a trained Homeland agent should have been able to get herself out of the car without needing any help, regardless of the situation. While Castle continued laying out the guns, he complained that Micro was still talking about all this, while Micro insisted that he needed to hear everything he had to say.

Micro yells at Frank Castle for his actions

While Micro continued working on his drone, Castle claimed that he thought he was always correct, to which Micro questioned if Madani knowing he was alive was an issue or not, leading to their discussion about whether Madani was actually unconscious. Micro insisted that things had become much more complicated, noting that if Homeland Security entered Castle's name into their systems, then it would not be long until Agent Orange discovered that as well. When Castle had insisted that Micro should have stuck to their plan, Micro noted that he was being stupid by driving directly towards Madani's vehicle.

Micro talking about possibly being caught

Calling out Castle for his macho attitude, Micro insisted that if he was caught by Homeland Security, then he would never be able to see his family again, which was why Micro made that decision to crash into Madani's car. However, Castle claimed that what Micro wanted was for him to get his problems sorted but relentless nagged him about it, questioning if he had treated Sarah Lieberman this way. When Castle then questioned if he wife really wanted him back, Micro had laughed this off, before Castle explained that he was leaving to go speak with his wife, while Micro had noted that Castle was trying to be hurtful.

Micro watches his family's activities again

While Castle was back at the Lieberman Residence, Micro watched his security cameras as Sarah had spoken with Leo Lieberman about inviting Castle to dinner once he had fixed the light on their car. As he watched, Castle joined Sarah and Leo and politely rejected their offer for dinner, while Leo showed off her copy of The Life of Pi. During the conversation, Zach Lieberman had showed his displeasure at having another man at their house in the aftermath of his father's seeming death, as Castle then accepted the offer for dinner, much to the clear displeasure of Micro who continued watching all the video feeds.[10]

Tracking Gunner Henderson

Micro mentioning the video to Frank Castle

"Only thing in the system is the deed to his family's land and the cabin on it. Point being, this is a man who is, you know, hiding from the world."
"Maybe he just doesn't like it."
"What's he gonna say when you show up? Is he gonna welcome you with open arms?"
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

While he waited for Frank Castle to return, Micro had rewatched the footage of Ahmad Zubair being executed by Cerberus Squad, until Castle came back and commented on how much Zach Lieberman had reminded him of Micro, calling Zach a wall to wall asshole. Micro showed Castle the footage of Zubair's execution, only for Castle to then turn it off, noting that he was there and did not need to see it, as Micro noted that someone for the Squad had risked their life by filming this, having known it was wrong.

Micro asks Frank Castle about a witness

As he had rewatched the footage of Agent Orange tormenting Zubair, Castle told Micro that Gunner Henderson was the one who recorded the footage, as Micro asked about him. Castle explained that he had never actually met Henderson before they had all been recruited into Operation Cerberus, noting that he knew he was from Kentucky and liked to quote their Bibles, before he commented that Henderson had always disagreed with what they were doing, since he knew that this was wrong. Micro had then commented that if Henderson knew what they did was wrong, then he might know who Agent Orange was.

Micro talking about Gunner Henderson

While Micro began searching through various Armed Forces records to track down Henderson's whereabouts so they could ask what he knew about Agent Orange, he had noticed that Karen Page had left her flowers on her window ledge, the signal that she wanted to speak to Castle. Micro questioned how Page fit into the situation but Castle refused to explain which Micro accepted, but requested Castle buy some more groceries. Having done several hours of research, Micro discovered that Henderson was living completely off the grid without any internet, electricity or phones, without even any running water.

Micro tells Frank Castle he will assist him

Micro had explained everything he had learned about Henderson for Castle, who was busy loading up their van with everything that they would need for the mission, while Micro questioned how Henderson could be living without running water, to which Castle suggested that he might have a well. While Micro noted that the fact that Henderson was living in his cabin in Kentucky meant that he was hiding from the world, he questioned what Henderson's reaction would be once they turned up, suggesting that Henderson would not welcome them with open arms, although Castle just insisted Micro give him a address.

Micro promises Frank Castle he'll watch him

However, when Micro insisted that he was coming on the mission as well, Castle merely scoffed at the idea and told him to forget about it, while Micro then claimed that Castle was still annoyed at the incident with Dinah Madani because he knew that Micro was right. Castle had then insisted that Henderson was a serious soldier and he would not have time to try and look after Micro if Henderson proved that he did not want them there, although Micro insisted that he would not even know he was there and promised to help with the driving, as Castle had then reluctantly agreed to let Micro come on their mission.

Micro talking about Frank Castle's operation

During the drive from New York City up to Kentucky, Micro had then discussed Cerberus' operation in Kandahar, commenting on how it was named after the Hellhound that guarded the underworld in Greek Mythology, as well as the Greek word that had translated as spotted. Micro had then joked that Hades named his hellhound Spot, before Castle and Henderson were part of Operation Spot, while Castle tried to ignore him. Micro then handed Castle a bagged meal, before then getting out his own sandwich which he made earlier, while Castle had taken offense that Micro did not bother to make him a sandwich.[10]

Attack on Gunner Henderson

Micro gives a radio to Frank Castle for help

"I'm assuming you and your buddy are the two hiding behind the tree? The closest two are behind you at your five and seven. Now they are gonna come up behind you from either side of the tree and then you got ten seconds till the next pair comes at you from the front making it a crossfire."
―Micro to Punisher[src]

Upon arriving into Kentucky, Micro and Frank Castle looked over the area, as Castle ordered Micro to get their van off the road and to stay hidden while he went to find Gunner Henderson. Before he left, Micro handed Castle a radio, noting that having it with him could not hurt, although Castle had insisted that he did not want to hear from Micro unless he spoke to him first. Castle then made his way to Henderson's cabin, telling Micro not to get his hands dirty this time.

Micro sending his drone to find Frank Castle

While he waited for any updates from Castle, Micro had kept himself entertained by reading The Life of Pi, as Leo Lieberman had recently recommended this to Castle. However, after he waited for some time, Micro overheard helicopters arriving at the area, as he realized that a team of mercenaries had arrived to attack Henderson, as Micro then grabbed the radio and warning Castle that he had company. Wanting to do something to assist Castle and Henderson, Micro went into the van and collected his drone, which he had then launched into the air to scan the woods and provide key intel to Castle about where these mercenaries were coming from so he was ready for any attacks.

Micro ordering Frank Castle from above

Watching from his drone's cameras, Micro had soon spotted Castle and Henderson, who were now hiding behind a tree stump and were clearly wounded and quickly running out of ammunition to continue the fight. Micro gave Castle a heads up on two mercenaries coming up behind them, allowing them to swiftly take them down before they continued to run. Micro directed Castle and Henderson on where to go and hide to avoid being seen, until they had managed to get the drop on all of the mercenaries and killed them all, sending a warning to whoever had sent them that Castle would be coming for them.

Micro drives Frank Castle from the woods

When the day turned into night, Micro continued to search for Castle and Henderson, who had just become to wounded to keep running. Eventually, Micro was forced to run into the woods himself, where he finally managed to find Castle, who had collapsed in the middle of the woods from his wounds. Having also found Henderson, who had bled out and died from his wounds, Micro was forced to drag Castle back to the van and set up an IV drip for him, before he drove as fast as he could back into New York City to try and get Castle medical aid before Castle could bleed out and die from all the various injuries.[10]

Recruiting Curtis Hoyle

Micro asks Curtis Hoyle to help Frank Castle

"Does he need blood? I'm a universal donor."
"Blood's not the problem. His temperature is 104. He's septic."
"I've been giving him fluids and antibiotics."
"None of that's gonna do any good until we get that arrow out of him. It's a foreign object filled with bacteria. The body's trying to fight it but can't."
―Micro and Curtis Hoyle[src]

Having driven back to New York City from Kentucky, Micro had then realized that Frank Castle would soon die from his wounds unless he got medical attention quickly. However, knowing that Castle would undoubtedly be arrested for his murders if he was taken to Metro-General Hospital, Micro was forced to think of somebody else who could assist him. With no other choice, Micro went into Curtis Hoyle's Apartment and banged on the door until Hoyle answered. Micro told Hoyle that Castle was dying, as Hoyle had immediately agreed to help to save his friend before it was too late.

Micro asks Curtis Hoyle about the situation

Getting Castle back to their hideout, Micro and Hoyle laid him on the table, as Hoyle assessed the situation while Micro offered to donate his blood as he was a universal donor. While Micro explained that he had been supplying Castle with fluids, Hoyle noted that they first had to remove the arrow that Gunner Henderson had shot into Castle's shoulder, as it was poisoning his body, resulting in all the antibiotics fighting a losing battle. Micro had questioned if Hoyle would pull the arrow out, to which Hoyle explained it would cause more damage to Castle if he did as he asked if Micro was okay with the situation.

Micro helps Curtis Hoyle remove the arrow

Micro was then asked to hold Castle still as they turned him onto his side so Hoyle to get access to the arrow in his shoulder, watching in disgust as Hoyle cut through the other side of Castle's shoulder so he could pull it through the other way. Micro was ordered to remain calm so they did not risk killing Castle during the procedure, although he continued to look away and hold back his complete disgust as the arrow was pulled out. Once the arrow was out, Micro stopped all the blood while Hoyle poured some whiskey on the wound to clean it, as he used a staple gun to close the wound, finishing up the surgery.

Micro listens to Curtis Hoyle's statements

As Hoyle cauterized the wound, he gave Micro a drink before Micro offered to make some coffee. Hoyle questioned why Micro had gone after him, which Micro mistook to mean going after Henderson, but Hoyle explained that he wanted to know why Micro had first targeted Castle, noting that it was Micro's fault that Castle was in this state. As Hoyle then questioned if he believed that any of this would make a difference in the long run, Micro explained that he had to believe it would, although Hoyle noted that this would actually only help Micro, questioning what effect this mission it would have upon Castle.[11]

Frank Castle's Recovery

Micro practicing playing guitar while waiting

"I have been monitoring the radio chatter, just in case we hear something about us or one of our targets. Mostly it's just been random shit, you know, dead air. You know what this is?"
"Yeah. I'm Raven."
"Who is that?"
"It's Billy Russo. We served together. He's a friend."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

While waiting for Frank Castle to wake up after his surgery, Micro had kept himself amused by sitting in his hideout and attempting to learn to play the guitar. Eventually, some of Micro's alarms went off, telling him that it was time to change Castle's I.V. drips as Curtis Hoyle had instructed. However, this time as Micro then gave Castle some fluids to help with his recovery, Castle woke up with a start, as he then immediately began questioning where Gunner Henderson was now, noting that Henderson was still out in those woods while Micro attempting to get Castle to calm down.

Micro ordering Frank Castle to calm himself

Micro then insisted that Castle had to lie down onto the bed, before explaining that he had already found Henderson in Kentucky and he had been killed by those mercenaries who had been sent after them. Upon learning that Henderson had been killed in the fight, Castle was distraught, noting that he had left him behind, which was something he had vowed never to do to a fellow soldier from their United States Marine Corps, as he demanded that Micro let him find Henderson's body, although Micro explained that he had already taken care of it, which finally allowed Castle to then relax and get some more rest.

Micro watches his son lash at his family

While Castle was resting, Micro watched the videos of the Lieberman Residence, where Sarah and Leo were discussing her last maths test which she had excelled at. As Leo noted that Zach was outside on a skateboard, Sarah invited him inside as she questioned where he got the skateboard from. When Sarah then accused Zach of stealing the skateboard from Dinesh, Zach had responded by punching his sister, leading to a massive argument as Micro watched in horror. Zach then screamed that they were a family of snitches and traitors, before then smashing a family picture and storming away, devastating Micro.

Micro helps arrange Frank Castle's bandage

Micro later assisted Castle by placing a bandage on a wound on his side, as Castle thanked him. However, the pair were then interrupted by a radio transmission coming in, where a voice was calling out to Raven from Blackbird, as Micro had explained that it sounded like a recording but was coming in from all frequencies, noting that he had been listening to the radios in case he heard any talk about them or one of their targets. Castle then explained that he knew what it meant as he was Raven and Blackbird was Billy Russo, who he had served with in the Marine Corps and who he considered to be a friend.

Micro asking Frank Castle about Billy Russo

Micro expressed his concerns, as he questioned if Russo knew that Castle was still alive, which Castle denied, although Micro noted that all these radio messages appeared to indicate that Russo did know he was alive after all. When Micro questioned if they needed to worry about Russo, Castle then insisted that they did not as Russo was his life or death kind of a friend. Despite all Castle's reassurances, Micro had insisted that this was a serious development as Russo was now broadcasting his name all over their radio, although Castle continued to insist Russo was a friend and so they did not need to worry.[11]

Billy Russo's Persistence

Micro and Frank Castle eat a meal together

"So, your friend, Billy. He's serious, Frank. He's a private military contractor now. Connected. Government contracts overseas. This guy is I got the impression that this is not a man that's gonna reach out to you unless he knows that you're alive."
"No, he doesn't know. He might suspect it, but he doesn't know."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

With Frank Castle now out of bed, Micro made dinner for them both, as he offered Castle his choice of a meal with Castle taking a turkey meal. While they ate together, Castle had asked Micro if he or Sarah Lieberman cooked for most thanksgiving dinners at the Lieberman Residence, as Micro explained that they shared responsibility, noting that they would often have a lot of people, including their extended family and friends come to their home for thanksgiving.

Micro listens to Frank Castle's backstory

Castle explained that Maria Castle did all of the cooking in the Castle Residence, noting that it was always filled with as much meat as was possible, while Micro and Castle shared a laugh over the memories. Micro listened while Castle explained how he could easily remember his wife while she was either standing in their kitchen, talking on the phone or dancing to music, as Castle then noted that they were not perfect but he could now only remember their relationship fondly, commenting on how he always could remember Maria's smile, which Micro understood as he remembered his own wife back at home.

Micro talks about Billy Russo's interference

Changing the subject, Micro had told Castle that Billy Russo become a businessman upon leaving the Marine Corps, founding Anvil as he gained Government contracts. Micro explained that Russo would not reach out unless he was sure that Castle was alive, although Castle insisted that he only suspected this. Micro asked if Castle planned to call Russo, as Castle noted a Marine could handle disappointments, before Micro contemplated that somebody else might know that he was still alive. As Micro went on about this, Castle had explained that Russo was family to him, making it clear that he trusted Russo.

Micro listens to Curtis Hoyle speak to Castle

However, Micro and Castle were later joined at their hideout by Curtis Hoyle, who then explained that Russo had just come into St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church and told him of Castle's survival, having been told about it by Dinah Madani. While Hoyle had then expressed his annoyance at having to lie for Castle once again, Micro stayed at the side while Russo's voice came back onto the radio, as Micro had noted that Russo was coming on every hour. Although Hoyle noted that Russo had said that he wanted to help Castle and he could help him, Castle insisted that the less people who knew he was alive, the better it would be, although Hoyle noted that Castle was not safe.

Micro tells Frank Castle to visit Billy Russo

Hoyle also noted that Castle had almost gotten himself killed while he tried to protect Gunner Henderson on his own, questioning what it had all been for. When Micro tried to offer an opinion, Hoyle told him to be quiet, insisting that he was not allowed to have an opinion in a conversation between Marines, which Micro accepted as he stepped back. Hoyle questioned if he would have to keep lying for Castle, to which Castle advised him to do what he thought was right. As Hoyle walked out of their hideout, Micro told him not to talk about it, before he recommended Castle meet with Russo if he really trusted him.

Micro walking around his Hideout alone

Following Micro's advice, Castle went to meet with Russo to discuss possibly getting safe passage out of New York City before Homeland Security caught up with him. While Castle was gone, Micro walked through their hideout, looking over the guns they had stolen from the Greek Mob as well as the van they took from Mazur. However, when Micro went over to his main computer mainframe, he had witnessed Castle arriving into the Lieberman Residence and then being greeted by Sarah Lieberman, who was furious that Castle had failed to turn up for the dinner he had been invited into, as Castle had claimed that he had been involved with an accident that stopped him coming.

Micro watches Sarah talking to Frank Castle

Micro watched closely as Sarah told Castle that she trusted him but did not know why and offered him a glass of wine, which Castle had refused, before Sarah admitting that she was having a rough week with her family, noting that Zach had become a bully while Leo was punishing herself whenever she did not overachieve. Micro watched with sadness while Sarah admitted to not know how to help with her children's grief. Castle promised Sarah that things would get better for her, as Castle had noted that her children were why she would get through her grief. Castle told Sarah that he might have found his own coping method and promised things would get better for them.[11]

Finding Agent Orange

Target: Morty Bennett

Micro making food for him and Frank Castle

"I've accessed his credit cards, bank statements, phone records. I know where he gets his dry cleaning. I know what he got his own mother for her birthday. Colonel Bennett entertains at home every Saturday night, like clockwork. Trust me. He's gonna be tied up with company when you arrive."
"The sooner we find him, the sooner I get to put the guy down."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

While Micro made food for them both, he tried to ignore Frank Castle doing pull ups in the hideout, while he recommended that Castle not overdo his work out. While they ate dinner together, Micro and Castle looked over their plans to infiltration into Fort Bryon, where Castle had planned to go in and then confront Morty Bennett, one of the former leaders of Cerberus Squad, in order to then trick Bennett to inadvertently leading them into Agent Orange's location once he had panicked and tried to get some help.

Micro and Frank Castle plan out a mission

Micro and Castle then discussed how Castle would get into the Fort to confront Bennett, before making his way to their extraction point where Micro would be waiting in their van to drive them back to the hideout. Castle then noted that Agent Orange clearly knew that he was alive in the wake of the attack on Gunner Henderson and knew that he was coming for him, since Agent Orange was watching those video feeds carried by the mercenaries. Micro then commented that if Henderson was correct, then Bennett would know Agent Orange's name, as Castle made it clear that he was sure that Bennett knew.

Micro asks Frank Castle if he'll be able to kill

As they continued going over the plans, Castle insisted that the most important thing was that Bennett would have to be where Micro said he was, as Micro insisted that he was positive as he had accessed all of his credit cards, bank statements, and phone records, giving him a clear understanding of Bennett's routines, so he knew that Bennett would have his Mistress at the Fort in the evening. When Castle had noted that he planned to kill him, Micro questioned if Castle meant that he planned to kill Bennett or Agent Orange, since killing Bennett was not part of their plan, as Castle insisted he knew the plan.

Micro clarifies the point that he was making

Micro questioned if Castle became confused and would kill Bennett when he was standing opposite him and became angry. Castle then responded by mocking Micro, questioning what he knew about killing a man, as Micro then made it clear that he had never killed anybody. Castle suggested that Micro infiltrate the base while he waited in the car. Micro noted that he knew he could not do what Castle did and noted his appreciation for what he was doing. Castle then noted his concern that any young Armed Forces soldier attempted to stop him, questioning if he would have to kill that soldier for doing his job.[12]

Infiltration into Fort Bryon

Micro gives the Punisher some directions

"Tonight was a success, you were right. Agent Orange knew we would go after Bennett next, and they were waiting for us. They set a trap, but we saw it coming. They think they out-thought us. It's the other way around. You understand that? If he calls anyone or moves, we're gonna know it."
―Micro to Punisher[src]

As their plan went into action, Micro had remained inside the van just outside of Fort Bryon while Frank Castle snuck onto the base. Talking on the radios Micro noted that he could see Castle from his drone's camera. As Castle ran to their target, Micro had commented that he was clear to proceed, until he spotted two soldiers on patrol and told Castle wait before carrying on to Morty Bennett's quarters, where Bennett and his Mistress were engaging in sexual power play.

Micro hacking into Morty Bennett's phone

Once Castle got into the room with Bennett, Micro was able to hack into Bennett's phone so that they would be able to track it wherever Bennett went next, in the hope that he would then lead them straight to Agent Orange. However, while Bennett was begging for his life and claiming that it was Agent Orange and Ray Schoonover who forced to him commit the crimes during Operation Cerberus, Micro noticed a team of mercenaries had arrived and were storming into Bennett's room. Castle was then forced to remain in the room while they were hacking into Bennett's phone, as he filled the room with smoke.

Micro finally being rejoined by the Punisher

Micro could then do nothing else but wait for the hack into Bennett's phone to be completed, as Castle kept himself out of sight inside the smoke filled room, taking out the team of mercenaries one at a time. Finally, the hack was completed just as Castle shot the leader of the mercenaries in his Bulletproof Vest and made his escape. Micro had then continued to watch Castle from their drone as he made his way through the base, avoiding any soldiers who were searching for him, until Castle made his way into a tunnel, which he used to get back to the van, commenting that it was easier when he could kill people.

Micro and the Punisher discuss the mission

While they had waited for Bennett's next move, Micro had listened to Castle complain that he should have killed Bennett when he had the chance due to the crimes Bennett had committed through Cerberus, although Micro noted that they would have learned nothing if he did that. Castle suggested that they were trying to be to smart, as Micro noted that he meant him which Castle confirmed. However, he then noted that the mission to confront Bennett had been a success, as Agent Orange had predicted the move but they had seen that trap coming, meaning that Agent Orange mistakenly believed that he had the upper hand which he did not, as they now just had to wait.

Micro listening about the Punisher's actions

Since Bennett still had not left the Fort, Castle questioned if he might have realized they were tracking his phone, although Micro had then noted that if he did then he would have just turned it off. Seeing that Castle looked to be uncomfortable, Micro asked what was wrong as Castle explained that he had been stopped by a younger soldier and he was forced to shoot him in the leg. Castle noted that the soldier made a choice to be a loyal soldier but was put under the command of Bennett who abused that loyalty. As Castle vowed to kill everyone involved in Cerberus, Micro saw that Bennett was on the move.

Micro talks about his family to Frank Castle

As they were driving towards Bennett's location, Micro commented on how he was dreaming of seeing his wife and two children again, and could not believe it might actually happen, noting that they had been living with his death for so long and he might just walk through the door of their Lieberman Residence, noting that they would need serious therapy. When Castle agreed that it would not be easy, Micro then jokingly noted that Castle was supposed to reassure him that it would be fine, acknowledging that he just wanted Castle to lie to him about how that reunion would go as they shared a laugh together.

Micro listens to the Punisher's secret advice

Micro then listened as Castle him about how his unit had done fifteen month rotations in Afghanistan, which would result with them coming home to find a child. However, Micro claimed that this situation was different as he had allowed his whole family to think he was dead and he was unsure if they would understand. Castle noted that Micro had not missed anything as he was watching the cameras, noting that he should keep that part quiet and just hug his family and never let them go. Micro then asked if Castle regretted not taking Billy Russo's offer, to which he claimed he could take it up once they were finished.

Micro finally arriving at the CIA Safe House

Micro and Castle eventually tracked Bennett's phone down to a CIA Safe House, as Castle noted that Bennett must have gone to Agent Orange for protection just as they assumed. Micro told Castle to be careful as Castle took his sniper rifle out of the back of their van and then took his position to assassinate Agent Orange once and for all. However, the mission quickly went wrong when Castle fired a shot at Agent Orange, only for it to hit bulletproof glass while also setting off multiple alarms across the safe house, forcing Castle to run back into the van while Agent Orange had remained completely unharmed.[12]

Naming Agent Orange

Micro finding William Rawlins in his computer

"They are the power behind the throne. They're old, old Virginia money. Plantations, shipping and industry, arms. Who knows what else they have their hands in."
"Sounds like you got a crush on the guy."
"He's the director of covert ops, Frank. I mean, for all I know he's been waiting for somebody to look for him."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

Although the assassinate attempt at the CIA's Safe House had been unsuccessful, Frank Castle's sniper rifle had still managed to record their images of Agent Orange's face, which Micro had then put into his computer database to try and find a match. Eventually, the computer matched Agent Orange's image to William Rawlins, as he explained to Castle that Rawlins was the director of covert operations at the CIA, as he noted that it made sense that it took a high ranking agent to create this massive conspiracy.

Micro talks to Frank Castle about the match

While Castle complained that Rawlins' records showed he had been blinded in one eye in the line of duty, when in reality that was Castle punching him in the eye socket, Micro explained that Rawlins' family always had connections, having built their money in plantations and the Rawlins Logistics Corp, which gave Rawlins connections with the heads of all of the major agencies. Micro had then began to fear that Rawlins had actually been waiting for someone to access these files and so he could have blown their cover, although Castle assured him that the CIA were not looking for them as there was no talk online.

Micro listening to Frank Castle's statements

Castle noted that Rawlins kept quiet to both their CIA and FBI about the incident with Gunner Henderson in Kentucky as well as their raid of Fort Bryon to kidnap Morty Bennett, although Micro did note that the New York Bulletin had written a piece about Bennett being found stabbed to death in a motel room, with Castle being unsurprised that Rawlins had Bennett killed to ensure he did not talk. Castle made it clear that the CIA were not coming after them, as Rawlins had even covered up their assassination attempt at the Safe House, so clearly Rawlins was considerably more scared of the situation than them.

Micro waiting for the cameras to turn on

While Castle went to make them some coffee, Micro turned around and noticed the cameras at the Lieberman Residence had been shut off, as he had immediately begun to panic that his family might be in danger. As he panicked, Micro demanded that Castle go straight to his house to ensure that his family was alright, fearing that Rawlins may have realized that it was Micro who was searching for him and targeted his family as a result. When Castle tried to get him to calm down, Micro lost his temper until Castle agreed to go, leaving Micro in the hideout waiting for a result about his family's current status.

Micro watching Frank Castle and Sarah

As he waited for the cameras to come back on at his family's house, Micro had then attempted to distract himself by making a sandwich, although he could not bring himself to eat it as he instead could only stare at the food, while checking his phone to see if Castle had tried to contact him, finding no updates from Castle. As he paced around the hideout, Micro cursed the lack of updates by smashing his phone onto the ground, only to then see that Castle had managed to get the cameras on, seeing Castle was drinking with Sarah Lieberman, as he closely watched the feed and saw Sarah was talking about him.

Micro looking at Sarah kissing Frank Castle

While Micro watched, Sarah told Castle about how he used to fill up her gas tank for her, before asking why Castle never talked about his own wife. When Castle called his wife a special woman who was now gone, as Sarah asked what they should do with the rest of their lives, questioning if she would find love again. When Sarah offered Castle some dinner, he went to leave the house as Sarah gave him some of the food to go before she then kissed him, with Castle quickly pulling away and leaving the home, while Sarah had blamed the sudden kiss on the wine, as Micro watched his wife kissing his ally in despair.[7]

Coping through Alcohol

Micro is visited by Frank Castle after drinking

"We give that to Madani, she arrests Rawlins, I go home. Boom! I make sweet love with my wife."
"Stop that shit. Stop that shit. Rawlins dies, remember?"
"Oh, that's right. Everybody dies. Your family's dead. Anyone that ever looked at you sideways, they're dead. And you just keep on going, huh? You just keep on going. You're a psychopath."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

Devastated from seeing Sarah Lieberman kissing Frank Castle, Micro then resorted to drinking his sorrows away, as Castle had eventually returned into the hideout and was appalled by the state Micro was in, as he found Micro passed out on his desk. Once he woke up, Micro questioned why Castle had gotten his wife flowers, to which Castle just noted that he had needed an excuse for going in there, commenting that those flowers were always Maria Castle's favorite, as Micro had then chuckled to himself.

Micro gets given some food from Frank Castle

Castle then gave Micro the food that Sarah had given him, as Micro insisted that he knew what the food was and poured himself another glass of the O'Harren's Scotch Whisky. Micro told Castle that he did not blame him for kissing his wife since she was a beautiful woman, commenting that he also did not blame her for kissing another man, since as far as she was aware she was a widow. Looking at Micro's continued drinking, Castle had questioned if this would be how they would deal with this awkward situation between them, which Micro confirmed as he chuckled and then finished the rest of his drink.

Micro and Frank Castle have a drink together

With Castle now drinking with him, Micro lay on a chair and played a guitar, while Castle explained that there was always a guitar available during his time in the Marine Corps. Castle went on to say that it was through playing the guitar that he had met his wife, explaining that he had been in the park practicing with the guitar when Maria then came by and mocked him, only for Castle to be immediately smitten by her, as Micro then jokingly questioned if he beat up all Maria's friends for laughing at him. Micro called this story sweet, as he sat up and was then asked by Castle about exactly how he had first met Sarah.

Micro talking about how he first met his wife

Micro told Castle about how he had met Sarah in junior year while he was studying History of the French Novel, joking that he was a player in those days. Micro explained that during a costume party he had seen Sarah and spoke to her there, as Castle then teased him about talking to her while she was drunk, before Micro explained that they went back to her place and neither of them had the nerve to make a move for hours, until Sarah kissed him at five in the morning. Once Micro had finished his story, Castle noted that when they knew they met the right woman they just knew, as they cheered to that.

Micro and Frank Castle continuing to drink

Micro had asked Castle if he ever missed having sex with his wife, as he had acknowledged that he did, while jokingly claiming that he was well endowed which Castle laughed at before Micro had dropped his trousers to try and show Castle his penis while they both laughed at the situation. Micro had then claimed that he was just showing Castle that it would not be so easy for him to steal his wife, although Castle insisted that this was all in Micro's head. While Micro then drunkenly asked Castle his thoughts on asses, he again noted that Castle had kissed his wife, which begun to annoy Castle as Micro insisted that it was okay and he was glad that it was Castle who she had kissed.

Micro deciding to go meet with Dinah Madani

While Micro went to go to the bathroom, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and told Castle that Dinah Madani would be the key to fixing the situation with William Rawlins. Micro argued that they should not be hiding from Madani as she wanted the same things that they did as he had the video of Rawlins killing Ahmad Zubair and Castle could be the eye witness which could result in Homeland Security arresting Rawlins and allowing Micro to go home to his family. However, Castle still insisted that Rawlins had to die to complete their mission, much to Micro's frustration as Castle was blocking his way back home.

Micro being quickly stopped by Frank Castle

Losing his temper, Micro had then noted that in Castle's worldviews, everybody had to die, which Castle agreed with, as Micro noted that Castle's wife and two children were dead and now anybody else who looked at Castle sideways would have to die. As Micro went on, he called Castle a psychopath with nothing but a war inside of him, with Castle responding by furiously kicking over a table. When Micro then went to his computers in order to contact Madani, Castle demanded he put the phone down, as Micro had tried to throw a punch, only for Castle to immediately knock him unconscious with minimal effort.[7]

Family Falling Apart

Micro wakes up from his intoxicated sleep

"He needs me, Frank."
"Get the hell out of here. Listen to me. You wanna get him killed? Is that what you wanna do?"
"He's a little baby. He needs me."
"Want me to go to Madani, I'll go. I'll do whatever it takes. But you gotta go. They'll kill him. David, they will kill him. Go."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

Having been left unconscious to sleep off all the alcohol, Micro had eventually woken up by the sound of Frank Castle banging plates together, as Micro found the noise unbearable while Castle gave him the food and demanded that he eat it. Micro then requested that Castle forget everything that he said that night before, except for calling Dinah Madani to help to arrest William Rawlins, although Castle still insisted that they would not be going to Madani for help and had instead insisted that he eat some food.

Micro and Frank Castle discussing Sarah Lieberman

Once Micro joined Castle at the table, he questioned if Castle had hit him, while Castle confirmed that he did. Castle then got a phone call, noting that it was from Sarah Lieberman, as he then asked Micro if he could answer it, as Micro jokingly claimed that Sarah was Castle's girlfriend. Annoyed by this, Castle then noted that he was with Maria Castle for three months before she got pregnant with Lisa and so he had immediately asked her to marry him, making it clear that he had no interest in Sarah. Listening to the voice message, Micro heard his wife claim that Zach Lieberman might be planning to hurt someone.

Micro watches Frank Castle with his son

In response to this, Castle immediately went over into the Lieberman Residence, while Micro then watched the video feeds and saw Sarah showing Castle a knife she found in Zach's backpack, asking Castle to speak to him. Micro had continued to watch from their hideout as Castle sat down with Zach and talked to him about bringing the knife to school, with Castle discussing his own experience with the blade in the Marine Corps. However, Micro was horrified when Castle held the blade to Zach's throat, until Zach finally broke down as he asked Castle to kill him, confessing that he was just scared and lonely.

Micro tries to justify on meeting his own son

Although the interaction with Castle helped Zach get his feelings out into the open, Micro felt a responsibility to help his son, as he drove to the Lieberman Residence and contemplated revealing his survival. Finding Castle and Zach playing football in the street, Micro kept just out of sight until Castle spotted him. Throwing the ball so far so that Zach had to go run after it, Castle confronted Micro who claimed that his son needed him, as Castle insisted that he would only succeed in getting his family killed if he simply revealed himself now. Despite him wanting to help, Micro finally agreed and returned to the hideout.[7]

Bombings of New York City

Micro and the Punisher spy on Dinah Madani

"Listen, Frank, are you sure that this is the same guy?"
"I'm goddamn sure. Just... Come on, David, just find him."
"Okay, what happens when I find him?"
"What do you think happens? This piece of shit's going after Karen."
―Micro and Punisher[src]

As they had agreed to consider talking with Dinah Madani about their situation, Micro and Frank Castle stationed themselves outside of the Madani Residence, as they had then witnessed Madani simply lying in her bed for hours, in grief over the recent death of her partner, Sam Stein during their last mission. While Castle watched with a sniper scope, Micro noted that it appeared that Madani was devastated and had nothing to do with Stein's death, while Castle had claimed that Madani was either a dirty Homeland Security agent, or just a magnet for these extremely bad situations.

Micro witnesses several explosions in the city

Micro suggested that they send Madani an encrypted email to set up their meeting, although Castle then noted that the last time Micro had sent her an email about Ahmad Zubair's death, he wound up getting shot by Carson Wolf. As they discussed the plan, Castle insisted that they would only have one chance to speak with Madani so they had to do it right, claiming that they needed to treat Madani as their high value target. As Micro went to urinate, they were then interrupted as an explosion went off into the middle of New York City, before several more explosives were detonated in the city, much to their shock.

Micro and Frank Castle listening to the news

Returning to their hideout, Micro and Castle then watched Spectrum News' reports on all these bombings, as Castle complained about his hatred for bombs, while seeing footage of ATF workers getting killed by the blast, noting that this bomber had wanted to scare people into doing what he wanted, but would only succeed in bringing New York together. Micro then noted that if Homeland Security brought Madani back into work to deal with this terrorist threat then they might have a chance to speak with her, only for Castle to insist that they could not target a Homeland Agent during this crisis without being caught.

Micro comments on Karen Page on the radio

While they waited for an update on the situation, Micro then listened to Castle reading Karen Page's response to the bomber's manifesto, which had been sent directly to the New York Bulletin, as Page had condemned the actions of the bomber and personally insulted him. As Castle questioned why Page was attacking the bomber like this, Micro noted that they would soon find out as Page was about to go onto the Ricky Langtry Show to discuss their situations involving this bomber along with Senator Stan Ori, as Castle then rejoined Micro to listen to the radio show to hear Page's reaction to the bomber.

Micro further listens to Ricky Langtry's Show

Micro and Castle listened as Ricky Langtry introduced his guests as he asked Page if she had any sympathy with this bomber, which she immediately denied, which Ori called that bomber a hypocrite by his use violence to defend their Second Amendment, although Langtry argued that any local hero could kill the bomber if given access to a gun, which was what Ori was arguing against. When Ori asked Page if she believed ordinary people needed guns, Castle noted that this was the wrong person to ask as Page then argued that sometimes a gun was the only thing to keep them from being killed themselves.

Micro notices something off with the show

As the debate brought up Castle's past campaign of violence, Micro glanced over to him and was shocked to learn that Castle had been charged with the murders of thirty seven criminals, although Castle claimed that these were just the ones that they knew about. As they took brief break on the show, Langtry then returned claiming that the bomber had called up and wanted to speak to Page, as Micro and Castle listened closely to the voice of the bomber. They listened to Page call the bomber a coward when he tried to argue that Ori was cannibalizing their entire country by taking away all their guns.

Micro listening to Frank Castle's description

As Page had insulted the bomber once again, he quoted the phrase "sic semper tyrannis" and then ended the call. As they turned off the radio, Castle claimed that he had heard that quote before, although Micro dismissed this as something from school. However, Castle still insisted that he had heard this recently before realizing that a veteran called Lewis said that at Curtis Hoyle's group therapy session. While he insisted that he was right and had tried to remember exactly what Hoyle had told him about Lewis, Castle then asked Micro to find him on his database, noting that Lewis drove a cab in New York City.

Micro calming Frank Castle down a moment

However, Micro claimed that knowing Lewis' name and his job was not enough to go on, as Castle began to lose his temper and noted that Lewis was a United States Army veteran, white and under thirty years old, although Micro questioned if this was really the bomber. Micro then questioned what would happen once he found Lewis, to which Castle made it clear that he planned to kill him for targeting Page, comparing Page to Sarah Lieberman. When Micro noted that Sarah was his family, Castle lost his temper as he insisted that Page was his family, while he demanded that Micro find the bomber.

Micro and Frank Castle locating their bomber

Having spent some time searching, Micro had eventually found their bomber and identified him as Lewis Wilson, with Castle confirming it was him, as Micro gave Castle the location of the Wilson Residence. As he witnessed Castle taking his gun and then preparing to go after Wilson, Micro had suggested that they just call an anonymous tip line and leave their New York City Police Department to deal with Wilson, or they could call Hoyle to help them, which Castle refused. However, Castle went to the van and claimed Hoyle would just try to fix Wilson, and they needed to do it his way, much to Micro's displeasure.

Micro decides to go meet with Dinah Madani

While Castle was gone, Micro had considered going behind his back to talk to Madani about William Rawlins. Micro called Castle's phone, who claimed to be outside the Wilson Residence and had not seen either Wilson or his father, before Micro claimed that he had thought about it and decided that Castle was right that he had to do what he had to about Wilson, noting that he had to do whatever was needed in order to take care of the people he loved. Micro told Castle that Wilson's phone was at a different address, which Hoyle was also at, as Castle then furiously drove to the new address to find Wilson.[13]

Meeting Dinah Madani

Micro meets up with Dinah Madani at a bar

"I can give you the names of everyone involved in Kandahar. The CIA operation was off their books. That was totally illegal. The heroin was funding. Your guy Zubair, he caught wind of it, and they painted him as a terrorist, pulled him from his house, executed him."
"Have you got a name?"
"William Rawlins. He was the interrogator. He ran it."
―Micro and Dinah Madani[src]

While Frank Castle was still out dealing with Lewis Wilson, Micro had finally left his hideout as he went into the bar where he found Dinah Madani, who was attempting to build up the courage to attend the funeral of Sam Stein. Sitting down next to her, Micro offered to buy Madani a drink, which she rejected by claiming to not be in the mood as she had then prepared to leave the bar. Micro had then asked if this was because of Stein's death, before revealing that he had a gun, as Madani questioned who he was.

Micro talks to Dinah Madani about Punisher

When Micro told her his codename, Madani realized that he was who sent her the video of Ahmad Zubair's assassination, as Micro noted that a lot of people had died because he did that. Madani questioned if Micro thought that she had something to do with all of these recent deaths, which he confirmed as Madani noted that Castle had turned up alive and now Micro was sat opposite her, questioning if this was a coincidence. Madani questioned if Micro and Castle were partners and if Micro was there to kill her, Micro became annoyed as he noted that he was there because he hoped that he was right about her.

Micro listening to Dinah Madani's statements

As Madani then told Micro to shoot her if that was what he intended, making it clear that she would rather not attend Stein's funeral, Micro explained that he could give Madani the names of everyone involved with Kandahar. Hearing this, Madani sat back down as Micro went on to explain that Operation Cerberus was an illegal operation from the CIA which was funded by their sale of heroin, noting that Zubair had uncovered this and was assassinated as a result. Madani then asked for a name, as Micro had told her that William Rawlins who was their interrogator and was the man who had created and run Cerberus.

Micro watches the Punisher in the news report

When Madani then questioned if Micro could prove this, he explained that he still had all the original videos, but claimed that Madani would also need the assistance of Castle, telling her that Castle had been a member from Cerberus Squad and was in the room when Zubair was killed, as Madani then realized that Castle did not actually know that Micro was talking to her. While they were talking, Micro and Madani then saw Spectrum News' reports on Castle's survival, after he was seen on the police cameras, going on the run following an encounter with Lewis Wilson, while Micro and Madani cursed at seeing this.[13]

Angering the Punisher

Micro looking over all of Frank Castle's injuries

"I can't imagine how you must feel knowing that Billy betrayed you. He's gotta pay for that. And he will. But we gotta be smart here, all right? You gotta be smart. In reality, nothing's really changed."
"Everything's changed."
"Yeah, how's that? You and me, we're still a team. What happens to you, happens to me."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

While Frank Castle had been dealing with Lewis Wilson's attempted assassination of Senator Stan Ori, Micro had remained in his hideout. As he awaited Castle's return, Micro also watched WHiH World News and saw Billy Russo, condemning Castle's recent actions, promising that he would be assisting with the search and attempted arrest of Castle. Eventually, Castle returned, covered in blood from a fight with Wilson, just in time to watch Russo's interview, as he made it clear that Russo had betrayed him.

Micro and Punisher discuss what happened

As Castle limped into the bathroom and removed his shirt, Micro had followed him and saw him attempting to remove a piece of metal that was now embedded in his arm following an explosion. Questioning if Castle would talk with him, Micro commented on everything that had happened since they last saw each other, as the world knew that he was alive and thought he had been working with Wilson, questioning if Russo had been working with William Rawlins all along, as Castle said nothing and ripped the metal shard out of his arm. Seeing Castle struggling to patch himself up, Micro had then offered to help him.

Micro talks to Frank Castle about his actions

Although Castle still attempted to patch up his own wounds, Micro began washing up his hands as he questioned if Castle planned on going after Russo next, noting that their entire New York City Police Department was looking for him now while he had compared Castle to a one man Wild Bunch. With Castle still struggling, Micro finally convinced him to let him patch up his wounds for him, commenting that when he was younger he had wanted to become a veterinarian as he had used to stitch up all of the injured birds and squirrels in the neighborhood before he discovered his skills with computers.

Micro stitching up Frank Castle's head wound

While Micro then began stitching up a wound on Castle's head, he commented on how it must feel to know that Russo had betrayed him, promising that Russo would pay for it eventually but they first had to be smart about how they acted next. When Micro noted that nothing had actually changed about their situation, Castle made it clear that he believed that everything had changed due to Russo's betrayal. As Micro commented that they were a team, Castle made it clear that he felt that Micro betrayed him, as he realized that Castle was referencing Dinah Madani who Micro had just spoken with.

Micro talking about ending the fight for good

Although Micro tried to argue that they had agreed to go to Madani, Castle noted that they had agreed to go together, although Micro had commented that this was before Castle simply left to go after Wilson. Micro explained that he had done what they agreed and told Madani about Rawlins and how Castle was the witness she needed to finally expose those crimes of Operation Cerberus which would allow her to arrest Rawlins. As Micro insisted he had done it so that their mission could end, Castle made it clear that by going to Madani, Micro ended their partnership for good, before then storming out of the room.[6]

Family Reunion

Kidnapping of the Liebermans

Micro watches Frank Castle preparing to leave

"What am I supposed to do? I'm supposed to go over and say 'Hey, baby, I've been living in a basement for a year. I'm not dead. Let's get some cocoa?'"
"Hey, look at me. You're her father, right? You go to your little girl, okay? You meet me at the Greenpoint Terminal. If I don't show up by midnight, go to Madani."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

Micro remained sat on a step and watched while Frank Castle spray-painted a skull on his Bulletproof Vest, as Micro then noted that this symbol was not subtle and would also allow his enemies to see him coming, as Castle insisted that he wanted them to see him coming. While Castle continued to pack up his weapons, Micro claimed that the symbol on the skull would be his own death, not his enemies if he was to continue his mission alone, although Castle claimed that the Punisher was who he was, and who he was always meant to be, which had greatly frustrated Micro.

Micro talking with Frank Castle about his path

Micro had asked if Castle would rather be dead than feel anything, as he asked if Castle was really going on a suicide mission because his feelings had been hurt, to which Castle simply claimed that he would not miss hearing Micro's voice. Blocking his path, Micro told Castle that the skull on his vest was his Memento Mori, which was meant to be a reminder that he would die, as Micro then explained that Roman Generals would have their slaves remind them of their own mortality after victories so they would not become blinded by all their victories, however, Castle just ignored this and told Micro to move aside.

Micro witnessing his family being kidnapped

While Castle loaded his bags into his van, Micro then called out and asked what was going to happen with Zach and Leo Lieberman now, claiming that when they had started their missions, it was not about their dead but about the living. However, Castle looked behind Micro at all his computer screens and noticed something at the Lieberman Residence, as he pointed out some blood on the kitchen floor. Micro then rewinded the hidden cameras and discovered that Anvil agents, led by Jack, had posed as New York City Police Department officers and kidnapped Sarah and Zach, as Micro watched this in horror.

Micro being told to think about their situation

As Micro panicked over this footage, Castle demanded to know how long ago this had happened as he had then finally confirmed that it had been less than an hour earlier. When Micro had then attempted to leave their hideout to do something, Castle just demanded that he stop as he insisted that he had to think clearly first. Castle then noted that William Rawlins and Billy Russo were coming there, noting that Sarah had his phone number which Rawlins could use to track their location, claiming that as the world still believed he was the terrorist, Sarah would likely not object to handing over all his information.

Micro tracking down Leo to meet at a location

While Castle was saying this, Micro suddenly realized that he did not know where Leo was since she was not taken by Anvil, as Micro then looked back at the other cameras and noticed that Leo had managed to sneak out of the window and escape while her mother and brother were taken. Castle then told Micro to call Leo's phone, only for him to question how he could do that since she still believed that he was dead. Micro then stood by as Castle called Leo and assured her that he would help her, with Micro tracking the location of Leo's phone so that they could get her to safety while Castle gave her instructions.

Micro is told to finally reunite with Leo directly

Micro advised Castle on where to send Leo, as he promised that he would come and meet her. Once he had hung up the call, Castle then told Micro to go to his daughter, much to Micro's surprise as Castle had promised that he would be the one to greet her. Micro noted that Leo still believed he was dead, as he questioned if he was meant to just greet his daughter like nothing had happened, only for Castle to reassure him that it would be okay, as he was her father. Castle then ordered Micro to meet him at Greenpoint Terminal and to go to Dinah Madani for her protection if he failed to turn back up by midnight.

Micro agrees to meet Leo and leave the room

Agreeing to their plan despite all his concerns about how Leo would react to seeing him, Micro had then questioned what Castle planned to do while he was saving Leo, to which Castle simply claimed that he would remain at the hideout until the Anvil agents had eventually showed up once Rawlins had tracked down his phone. Castle then promised Micro that once the Russo's Anvil agents had arrived, he would force them to tell him where Sarah and Leo had been taken, before he would then slaughter them all, which Micro did not object to as he prepared to leave and be reunited with his daughter.[6]

Reunion with Daughter

Micro waiting to be reunited with his daughter

"Hey, Leo? I know you're expecting Frank, Pete, but he sent me. Leo, listen to my voice! It's Dad! Leo? Hey. Look at me. I promise I'm gonna explain everything, okay? But right now, we gotta go, 'cause it's not safe here. Okay?."
―Micro to Leo Lieberman[src]

As agreed, Micro then left his hideout and went to the park where he told Leo Lieberman to meet him in order to keep her safe from the danger, as Micro then began calling out to his daughter, commenting that Leo expected Frank Castle to turn up, but he was there instead, asking her to listen to his voice and realize it was her father. Eventually, Leo stepped out of her hiding place and walked towards her father, clearly in a state of shock at seeing him still alive, as they both had struggled to hold back their tears.

Micro finally being reunited with his daughter

Having looked at him for a moment, Leo burst into tears and hugged her father, who also began to cry as he held his beloved daughter in his arms for the first time in over a year. Micro had then promised Leo that he would explain everything that was going on, but first insisted that they had to get away from the area as it was not safe, which Leo agreed to. Leo then asked where Castle was, to which Micro simply promised they would see Castle soon, not explaining that Castle was fighting against Anvil agents back at the hideout. Micro then took Leo to his van in order to wait for Castle to return with more information.

Micro and his daughter wait for Frank Castle

While they then continued to wait for Castle to return, Micro and his daughter had sat in the van in awkward silence until midnight, when Leo had questioned if Castle was okay as he was supposed to have returned by then, as she asked if they were in the right place which Micro confirmed that they were. As they waited, Micro turned on the engine to make sure Leo did not get too cold, turning off their radio before Leo told him that she liked the song that was playing, so he turned it back on. Micro listened as Leo told him about a dance she and her friends made up to a stupid but fun dance to that song.

Micro complimenting his daughter's dancing

As Micro insisted that Leo was an amazing dancer, she questioned how he could know that, as she had only recently taken up dance, to which Micro claimed that he had never stopped thinking about them. Micro was then interrupted as Dinah Madani had tapped on the van's window, as he questioned what she was doing there, as Castle then stepped forward and explained that he had called Madani. As Micro asked how long he had been out there as they were getting worried about him, Castle explained he needed to ensure that Madani came alone, with Micro expressing his surprise that Castle called her.

Micro comes back into contact with the group

Castle then claimed that if Micro trusted Madani, that meant he did as well, before going to the other side of their van to speak with Leo, who was clearly still nervous after learning that Castle was actually the Punisher. Leo asked if Castle knew that her father was alive that entire time, which he apologized for, before telling Leo that she could call him Frank from this point onwards, as Leo had noted that Frank was scarier to her now. Micro, Castle, and Madani had then agreed to work together to save Sarah and Zach Lieberman from Billy Russo as well as William Rawlins, while keeping Leo safe from danger.[6]

Micro's Official Testimony

Micro sitting back down beside his daughter

"My priority is my family. My wife. My son. You help me get them back, I'll give you what you want."
"Yeah, what do I want?"
"You want evidence proving William Rawlins killed Ahmad Zubair, you want a video, a video I already sent you, which you carelessly managed to lose. A video that already got me killed once."
―Micro and Dinah Madani[src]

As part of their protection, Micro and Leo Lieberman were taken into the Homeland Security Headquarters. While he waited for the chance to give testimony on their situation, Micro waited with his daughter who he noticed was struggling to cope with everything that happened, as Micro simply promised that she was safe. When Leo questioned if Sarah and Zach Lieberman would also be safe, Micro then insisted that they were working on it and that it would be okay, promising he would make sure of it personally.

Micro talking with daughter about their family

Leo then finally asked her father what exactly had happened to him in the wake of being shot at by Carson Wolf, as they believed he was dead and they had a funeral for him, while he was dubbed as a traitor to their United States of America, which Micro acknowledged. Micro explained that he had been trying to protect his family, accepting that it likely did not seem like this was true, promising that he would make everything alright for her and the rest of his family. Leo asked if Micro and Frank Castle would be going away yet again to do something to save Sarah and Zach, as Leo insisted she did not want him to go.

Micro being brought up to be in an interview

Micro was then invited to give a testimony to Dinah Madani, who told him to state his name on camera, only for Micro to stop her and insist that this would not be a by-the-books question and answer session, acknowledging that they wanted the same thing, but his priority was ensuring that his family were safe. As Madani asked him to reconfirm what she wanted, Micro explained that she wanted evidence which proved that William Rawlins had killed Ahmad Zubair, noting that he had already sent her the proof with that video that she had managed to lose, which had also resulted in his attempted assassination.

Micro tells Dinah Madani about finding justice

When Madani continued to ask who tried to kill him, Micro went on to note that Madani wanted the video of Cerberus Squad so that Castle could point out both himself and Rawlins within the video and simply confirm that Rawlins was the man who killed Zubair. Micro noted that Madani wanted this so that she could bring Rawlins to justice, while he commented that she simply had not figured out that there was no such thing, noting that he used to believe in justice and their system, pointing to Madani as the sort of person he believed in, but had since learned differently as these organisations could become corrupted.

Micro talks about keeping his own family safe

As Madani noted that good men had died in their attempts to expose the Rawlins Conspiracy as they had believed in justice, Micro made it clear that he believed that the only way to stop these criminals was to become like them. Although Madani still insisted that she did not believe what Micro was saying, he claimed that she would eventually. Micro once again insisted that he only wanted to ensure that his own family would be safe, promising that if Homeland Security helped him to take his wife and son away from Rawlins and Billy Russo, then he would give them whatever they needed to take down Rawlins.[5]

Faking his Demise

Micro and Frank Castle wait for the exchange

"You don't have to do this."
"I'm not gonna let anything happen to your wife and son. I'm just not, so whatever happens here, we stick to the plan, okay? We stick to the plan. Yeah?"
"Yeah. Just, I gotta tell you, Frank, I know I can be difficult. What you're doing for my family, I'm not gonna forget that."
―Micro and Punisher[src]

Micro had then made a new deal with Homeland Security to make an exchange for his wife and son's safety, which Homeland Security agents would then interrupt, allowing Anvil to then capture Frank Castle, which would then lead them to William Rawlins, while they would fake Micro's death, allowing him and his family to be safe from any future harm. While they were waiting to make their exchange for the Liebermans, Micro commented that they were late, although Castle insisted that they were being watched.

Micro talking to Frank Castle about their plan

Micro asked Castle why they did not just kill them now, fearing that they might have already killed Sarah and Zach, to which Castle had insisted that Rawlins would have already killed them if they wanted them dead, noting that they were clearly scared about the computers in hideout that were on an unknown countdown. As Micro made his nervousness clear, Castle insisted that he could not have any second thoughts about the plan, ordering him to quiet his mind. Micro then noted that Castle did not have to do this for him, although Castle had vowed to not allow anything to happen to either Sarah or Zach.

Micro watches Anvil release his wife and son

Micro then acknowledged that he knew he had been difficult to work with, but made it clear that he would never forget what Castle was doing for his family. However, they were then interrupted as the Anvil agents arrived on the scene, with Castle ordering Micro to stay calm when he saw his wife and son. As Sarah and Zach were taken out of the van with bags over their head, Micro was reminded to stay calm as he watched their masks being removed, as Sarah and Zach then looked at him for the first time in over a year, shocked to see he was still alive, as Micro and Zach had exchanged an awkward wave.

Micro telling his wife to keep moving foward

Micro was forced to watch in horror as the Anvil agents stabbed cans of petrol that they strapped to Sarah and Zach's backs, threatening to burn them with their flares if anything went wrong. While Micro had watched his family, Castle answered Billy Russo's phone call, giving instructions on what to do next. Following Russo's clear instructions, Micro and Castle then walked forward, while they passed Sarah and Zach, with Micro remaining focused despite Sarah looking straight at him and attempting to touch his hand, as Micro told his wife and son to simply continue walking, as they approached the Anvil agents.

Micro quickly stops the fire from the standoff

However, the exchange was then interrupted as a team of Homeland Security agents, led by Dinah Madani, then arrived on the scene and began shooting at the Anvil agents. During all the chaos, Castle was knocked unconscious and dragged into Anvil's van, before the petrol attached to Sarah and Zach's back were lit on fire. Witnessing this, Micro immediately ordered his wife and son to run away, as fast as they could, while he had removed his jacket and began desperately attempting to put out those flames before they could reach the petrol cans, allowing them to get to Madani where they were protected.

Micro faking his demise for the second time

Once these flames had been put out, Micro was then grabbed by two of the Anvil agents, who had attempted to drag him back to their van in order for them to force him to turn off the computer systems back at his hideout. However, as he was being taken away, Micro was then shot in the back by Homeland Security, being saved by a Bulletproof Vest that was supplied to him and with blood bags creating the effect of that fatal wound. As Micro fell to the ground and played dead, the Anvil agents who grabbed him were shot and killed, while Castle was taken away, as Micro's wife and son screamed over his death.[5]

Reunited with his Family

Micro waking up inside of the Headquarters

"I was just reacting, you know? Trying to survive. Trying to get back home. Trying to win. I know that doesn't make up for… I am so sorry. I've been in my bathrobe in a basement for a year."
"You look like it. Where is Frank?"
"Where is he? He's where he wants to be."
―Micro and Sarah Lieberman[src]

Having managed to convince Billy Russo that he had been shot and killed during their exchange, Micro was placed inside a bodybag and taken back to the Homeland Security Headquarters, where Dinah Madani greeted him, as Micro complained that the bodybag might not have been necessary. Getting to his feet, Micro then asked about his wife and son, being assured that they were both alright, despite having seemingly just watched him getting killed for a second time.

Micro demands to go and see his family again

As Micro removed the Bulletproof Vest and the blood packs that had been used to fake his death, Madani had then reminded him that this had been his plan in the first place, as she also noted that Homeland Security had explained their situation to Sarah and Zach as soon as they were out of harms way from Anvil. Getting up on his feet, Micro insisted that he needed to go and see his family as soon as possible, to which Madani promised that she would take him to them, but she had then also recommended that he change his clothes and clean off all of the fake blood first, which the jittery Micro had agreed to do.

Micro being reunited back with his furious wife

Once he had cleaned himself up, Micro then stepped into the waiting room where Sarah was sitting with Zach and Leo Lieberman. Once he had greeted his family, Micro stood awkwardly as Sarah got to her feet and walked over to him, before then hitting him in the chest and cursing him. Calling him a bastard, Sarah continued to hit Micro, as she reminded him of how they all saw Carson Wolf seemingly killing him, as she demanded to know where he had been for the year, while Micro allowed her to hit him repeatedly and Leo had told her mother to stop hitting him, until Micro had managed to embrace his wife.

Micro gives a huge hug to his family members

Holding his wife in his arms, Micro comforted her as she continued to weep out of several emotions following his return. While Sarah wept, Leo then got up and walked over to her parents, hugging them both while Micro apologized for everything that he had put them through due to his own actions, promising that he would explain everything. Having taken a little longer to decide how he felt about their current situation, Zach had finally also gotten out of his seat and embraced his family, as the Liebermans were finally reunited after over the year, as they all had then emotionally held each other within their arms.

Micro tells his wife about where he was living

While Zach and Leo were taken out of the room, Micro sat down with his wife, while he promised that he could explain everything to her in time while insisting that there was a reason for everything that he had done. Micro went on to claim that he had just been reacting to all his situations and trying to survive so that he could return home and win the fight. Apologizing once again for everything he had put his family through, Micro then commented on how he had been living inside of the basement while wearing his bathrobe for an entire year, to which Sarah then jokingly commented that he looked like he had been.

Micro talking about Frank Castle to his wife

Changing the subject, Sarah asked where Frank Castle was, to which Micro claimed he was where he wanted to be. As Sarah questioned what exactly Micro meant by this comment, he simply told her that he let Castle do something extremely stupid, explaining that he gave Castle his promise that he would allow him to sacrifice his life to save the Lieberman family, having allowed Anvil to recapture him, while he would refuse to give them what they wanted and attempt to kill them all. Sarah questioned if Russo and his Anvil team would kill Castle, to which Micro had claimed that Castle would attempt to kill them first.

Micro is brought in to talk with Dinah Madani

Micro and Sarah were then interrupted by the arrival of Madani, who noted that it was more likely that Castle was being tortured to death, rather than killing his captors, and they could not save him as Micro was refusing to hand over the location of his hideout where Russo's team would have taken Castle. Stepping in her office, Micro listened as Madani explained that they had found the tracker that Castle was meant to wear to lead them to William Rawlins, which Castle took off. Noting that Homeland kept their end of their deal, Madani demanded to know why Castle had screwed her over by removing the tracker.

Micro telling Dinah Madani about the hideout

While Micro tried to dismiss Madani by claiming that the tracker may have fallen off Castle when he was taken, Madani questioned if Micro knew about this before hand, to which he just noted that Castle did not play well with others. As Madani called him a lousy liar, Micro had noted that Madani had what she wanted against Rawlins, allowing them to link Ahmad Zubair's death to Operation Cerberus, insisting that he owed a debt to Castle, not Madani. When Madani noted that Castle killed Zubair, she called it murder, although Micro had insisted this haunted Castle, but still refused to tell Madani where he was.[5]

Rescue of Frank Castle

Micro contemplating on saving Frank Castle

"We set up the whole thing. We made sure there was only one place they could take us. But with me dead, Frank's their only option."
"This is all recording?"
"Frank figured that if he couldn't kill them, at least you'd have enough evidence on Rawlins and Russo, all the evidence you'd ever need."
―Micro and Dinah Madani[src]

While still inside the Homeland Security Headquarters, Micro had sat beside his wife and two children while they then got some rest. While he was sat by his family, Micro had then begun to think about everything that Frank Castle was sacrificing for his family, knowing that it was highly likely that Castle would not get his revenge and would die his slow and painful death. Knowing that he owed Castle a debt, Micro had finally decided that he could not allow Castle to die.

Micro and Dinah Madani try to find Punisher

Leaving his family behind, Micro went to Dinah Madani's office where he insisted that while he had made a promise to Castle, he needed to do something, while Madani had questioned what Micro was talking about. Micro then insisted that he needed to access her computers, with Madani becoming annoyed once she saw that Micro knew these passwords. Micro then claimed that he and Castle did not completely screw her operation over, while hacking into his Hideout's computer system as he explained that Castle lived only for revenge, so they set up their situation they could control for Castle to kill his enemies.

Micro witnessing the Punisher being tortured

Hacking into the cameras, Micro showed Madani the live feed to the Hideout, as William Rawlins and Billy Russo were currently beating Castle to death, as Micro then looked at the footage in horror. While Madani watched Rawlins repeatedly punching Castle in the gut, she demanded to know where the hideout was, while Micro insisted that they had to do something to save Castle before it was too late. Micro revealed that the footage was being recorded, so even if he died as a result of their plan, there would still be more than enough evidence to ensure that Rawlins and Russo faced justice for all of their crimes.

Micro attempting to call out for Frank Castle

Micro joined Madani and a team of Homeland Security agents in the raid of his former hideout where they attempted to take down Russo, who managed to escape, before coming across Castle who was now unconscious, lying beside the brutalized corpse of Rawlins, who had his eyes gouged out. Micro immediately rushed to Castle's aid, as he begged him to open up his eyes, while insisting that Madani not take him to the hospital as Castle would be arrested for his crimes, noting that Castle was currently dying for Madani's justice, as he demanded that Madani honor that by giving Castle the justice he deserved.

Micro celebrates Frank Castle's awakening

With Castle still not waking up, Micro got in his face and cried out to him, confessing that he had betrayed his trust by bringing Homeland Security into the hideout, begging Castle to call him an asshole or a son of a bitch for doing this. As Micro began to cry since he realized that Castle was dying, Castle suddenly opened his eyes and gasped for air, with Micro loudly celebrating his revival, before glancing over at Madani to try and ensure that she agreed not to send Castle to a hospital. As Micro held Castle in his arms, Castle struggled to catch his breath, before saying a single word in a state of panic, home.[5]

Micro and Dinah Madani carrying the Punisher

With Castle still on the brink of death, Micro convinced Madani not to take him into Metro-General Hospital, as they instead dragged him to the Madani Residence, as they called out to Hamid Madani to come and help them, while they dragged Castle onto the bed. As they put him down, Hamid questioned how Castle gained these injuries, while Micro explaining he was beaten and tortured by Rawlins. Micro then assisted Hamid with saving Castle's life, as they were forced to inject into his lung as Castle began choking on his own blood, with Farah Madani expressing her own displeasure at the current situation.

Micro listening to Dinah Madani's statements

Micro had then continued to assist Hamid with saving Castle into the morning, as he donated his blood to him to help with his recovery, as Hamid had confirmed that Castle was now in a secure state thanks to both Micro and Madani's efforts, with his breathing also improved. Eventually, Castle woke up in the bed, as he had immediately asked Madani about Russo's status, questioning if Homeland Security had also managed to arrest him, only for Madani to then inform him that Russo had managed to escape during the rescue and they had been unable to locate him, while Micro remained by Castle's bedside.

Micro sarcastically compliments Frank Castle

Since Castle was struggling to move due to his injuries, Micro helped him put on his new clothes, noting that the purple shirt he was being given suited him, which Castle chuckled at. Micro had then handed Castle an envelope, while claiming that it contained his thank you for everything that Castle had done for his family, as Castle saw that this contained a new passport and money for him, with Micro explaining that he had gained this through the internet. As Micro noted that the money was taken from criminals, Castle questioned why they lived in the hideout when he could have paid for a better living situation.

Micro gives Frank Castle money for his service

Although Micro had then suggested that Castle use the money to live peacefully, Castle had insisted that he had to finish the fight by killing Russo, with Castle noting that they should not discuss it any further. While Micro and Castle discussed the van, they were then joined by Madani, as Castle apologized for their current situation while Madani recommended that he take Micro's gift and leave New York City. With Castle still refusing to stop, he said a quiet goodbye to Micro before leaving in order to find and kill Russo once and for all, as Madani had threatened to arrest Castle if they encountered each other again.[14]

Reconnecting with Family

Micro meeting his wife at the Safe House

"I'm back, you know, and... It's okay."
"Is it?"
"It's gonna be, like, a readjustment period, obviously, but in a couple days."
"How's Frank?"
"He's alive. He's gone."
―Micro and Dinah Madani[src]

With his mission complete, Micro then went to Homeland Security's Safe House where his family were being kept for their own safety, as Micro had found Zach and Leo were asleep while Sarah Lieberman was nervously waiting for him. With Sarah sarcastically calling the safe house their home, she questioned where Micro had been over the last few hours, as she had been worried for his safety, with Micro dismissing all these concerns by insisting that he was now back and their current situation was actually okay.

Micro talks to wife about readjusting their lives

However, Sarah had questioned if their situation was actually okay, to which Micro claimed that it would simply be a readjustment for them, which they would be able to deal with. Micro and his wife then stood in their awkward silence, unsure how to reconnect after such a long time apart. Micro then looked out over New York City without saying a word, as Sarah asked how Frank Castle was doing, with Micro then confirming that Castle was still alive but explaining that he was gone and was unlikely to ever return, with the Micro and Sarah still unsure of what to say to each other following everything that happened.

Micro and his children play a game of cards

While they were still in the Homeland Security Safe House, Micro had kept himself entertained by playing a game of Go Fish with Zach and Leo, while Sarah read a magazine. While they were playing the game, Micro asked his children if they knew of anybody else who had been kept in a Safe House, with Leo questioning who else would want to. Zach had asked his father if they would have to stay in there for long, which Micro could not answer but had jokingly called it a shit house, which made them all chuckle. Before the game continued, Sarah had then asked to speak with Micro, telling the children to play alone.

Micro passionately kissing his wife in private

Micro then followed Sarah into the bathroom, where he expected her to have an argument with him about their current situation, only to be surprised when Sarah then passionately kissed him instead. Clearly unable to wait any longer to be back with her husband again after not seeing him for over the year, Sarah immediately pulled down Micro's pants as he then also undressed her, with them both attempting to remain quiet so that their children did not hear them. As the pair then began having passionate but quiet sex, Micro could not hold on, and climaxed early, as the couple had laughed and held one another.[14]

Goodbye to Frank Castle

Lieberman being driven home by Frank Castle

"Three days of depositions and testimony and walking Homeland through all of that stuff, and I'm just thinking about this moment, right? Now, I'm nervous. Am I being an asshole here?"
―David Lieberman and Frank Castle[src]

Lieberman then spent the next three days giving his depositions and testimony for Homeland Security about their Rawlins Conspiracy, all while Frank Castle and Dinah Madani were recovering from their final encounter with Billy Russo, which had resulted with Madani being shot in the head, and Russo being horrifically disfigured. Once Castle had been given his freedom back by Rafael Hernandez and Marion James, he agreed to drive Lieberman back his former home where his family were now preparing the dinner to welcome him back.

Lieberman bidding farewell to Frank Castle

As they waited outside the house in their van, Lieberman and Castle sat awkwardly, with Lieberman noting that he had been thinking all about this moment throughout all of those meetings with Homeland Security, but now he had just become nervous at actually returning home, while he questioned if he was being an asshole, which Castle jokingly confirmed. Lieberman then finally built up the courage to go inside, as he invited Castle to join him, only for Castle to insist that he could not come in the house and be a part of their family, noting that Lieberman knew why he could not, which Lieberman had accepted.

Lieberman being reunited back with his family

Walking up to the house, Lieberman took a final look back at Castle, who then restarted the van and drove away, leaving Lieberman to live the happy family life again. Knocking onto the front door, Lieberman was immediately greeted by the excited Zach and Leo, who excitedly hugged him, while Sarah Lieberman gave him her tender kiss. Sarah had then asked where Castle was as she was expecting him to join them, as Lieberman did not answer the question, making it clear that Castle would not be joining them, and instead inviting everyone to go in for dinner, closing the door behind him to live with his family.[14]


"You know, everything that we teach them about being good human beings that's what this comes down to. This is why I took this job. This is why we are here and I'm not writing apps in Silicon Valley. How am I supposed to look these guys in the eye, knowing that I didn't have the guts to do the right thing?"
―David Lieberman to Sarah Lieberman[src]

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  • Master Hacker: Micro is a highly skilled hacker and one of the members of the Rising Tide hacktivist group. He was able to aid Frank Castle throughout their respective endeavors in clearing their identities and has kept surveillance over his family in his Micro's Hideout.
  • Expert Tactician: Micro has used his hacking ability as well as his knowledge of some technological gadgets to strategize thought-out plans while working alongside Frank Castle. He has also constructed and executed a "fake-death" plan with Dinah Madani so that he could be reunited with his family. Micro is intelligent enough to fake his death successfully twice.
  • Expert Engineer: Micro is a skilled engineer. He can create multiple drones that can be useful and helpful for missions.
  • Multilingualism: Micro is capable of fluently speaking his native English, and he knows some Greek and Latin.



"This is for show, okay? I never use this."
"It's for show, huh? You know, where I'm from, that weapon, that's the difference between life or death. You pull it out, you better be ready to use it."
―Micro and Frank Castle[src]

Lieberman inspecting his personal sidearm

  • SIG-Sauer P320 Compact: Lieberman had kept this handgun in his hideout in order to protect himself, and began to carry it while trying to contact with Frank Castle. Lieberman pulled the gun when Curtis Hoyle startled him, but returned to the hideout as Castle had planned, and placed the handgun in its hidden holster before Castle revealed himself. Castle subsequently took it from there but returned it when both of them became partners, noting that the gun had not been properly maintained. Lieberman subsequently carried it whenever he left the hideout and believed he should need, especially when he went to meet Dinah Madani behind Castle's back, intimidating her with the gun in order to make her listen to him.

Other Equipment

  • Micro's Drone: During their search for Gunner Henderson, Micro made use of a multi-spectrum aerial drone to survey the wooded areas where he and Frank Castle were located, especially when soldiers were confronting them. He would later use this same drone to aid Castle into infiltrating and escaping Fort Bryon.
  • Bulletproof Vest: During the exchange of Anvil giving up his wife and son, Micro wore this, as he constructed and executed a "fake-death" plan with Dinah Madani and Homeland Security to shoot him through the back so that he could be reunited with his family later. Then had another one on to rescue Castle at his Hideout and bring him to the Madani Residence for medical attention.
  • Cellphone: Micro tends to utilize the use of cellular devices to communicate with Frank Castle.


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  • Lieberman Residence: Lieberman lived in his family house in New York City suburb, together with his wife and two children. However, he had to abandon his previous life and go underground, so he set up some hidden cameras in the house to keep an eye on his family. As Frank Castle helped him to take down William Rawlins, Lieberman was able to return to his house and live with his family again.
  • Micro's Hideout: Having survived the attempted attack, David swam the Hudson River and managed to reach an old building near the bridge. There, he decided to hide and operate under the alias "Micro" and gather surveillance equipment to keep tabs on his family as well as having access over every digital camera in New York. Then after building a partnership with the Punisher, both of them lived there together to plan out strategies and tactics when going up against enemies.
  • Homeland Security Headquarters: In the deal of revealing everything with Madani, Liberman was under witness protection in Homeland Security headquarters. Once faking his second demise, Mirco was escorted back to the headquarters to reunite with his family.
  • Homeland Security Safe House: During the aftermath, the whole Liberman family were placed under protective custody at a hotel with two Homeland security guards watching over them.






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  • In the comics, David "Microchip" Lieberman was the hacker and armorer of the Punisher, who eventually became his enemy.
  • Lieberman's password for his computer is "Zach@ndLeo," the names of his children.
  • Lieberman's blood type is O-, as he claimed to be a "universal donor."

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