"Hey, it's Mickey. Yeah, anyone else make it? Oh, shit, I'm the only one left? No, I'm good. I'm good. Yeah, about to board. Tell Dublin to get ready for a big party. I'm on my way."
―Mickey O'Hare[src]

Mickey O'Hare was a member of the Kitchen Irish, and the last one alive after the Punisher took his revenge on the gang for their part in the death of his family. The Punisher caught him at JFK International Airport and killed him in a bathroom stall.


Kitchen Irish

Found by the Punisher

"I got a family of my own."
"I don't."
"For God's sake, man, killing me is not gonna bring yours back! What does it change if I'm dead?"
―Mickey O'Hare and Punisher[src]

Mickey O'Hare was a member of the Kitchen Irish. As the Punisher took his revenge on the gang following their part in the deaths of his family, Mickey booked a flight from JFK International Airport to Dublin, Ireland in order to escape. While waiting for his flight, Mickey entered one of the airport's bathrooms and made a telephone call. During the call, he found out that he was the last member of the Kitchen Irish alive.

Finishing the telephone call, Mickey was surprised when the Punisher kicked in the door to the stall and entered. Mickey begged for his life, telling the Punisher he had a family. Unmoved because of the Kitchen Irish's part in the loss of his own family, the Punisher strangled Mickey with his own tie and left his body in the stall.[1]






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