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"Why are you in Michigan?"
"I ran. Last place anyone would ever look for me. Last place I'd ever look for anything."
Sergei Konchevsky and Amy Bendix[src]

Michigan is a state located in the midwestern and Great Lakes regions of the United States of America.


Searching for Escapees

East Lansing, Michigan was the location of a possible case that may be related to the escapees of the Fridge after HYDRA raided the compound. Skye and Eric Koenig investigated those cases and this was one of the cases mentioned on the computer display.[1]

Raid of the GT Facility

"I want you to go there."
"Is that where they manufacture the Exoskeleton hardware?"
"That's not the technology we are interested in."
Hive and Giyera[src]

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Frank Castle's Stop

"So, Michigan?"
"Just passing through."
"Where to?"
"Next place I'll be passing through."
Beth Quinn and Frank Castle[src]

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Chase of Amy Bendix

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