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Michelle Raymond is the wife to John Raymond and mother to Lexi Raymond. She turns to Jessica Jones to search for her husband, whom she and her daughter heavily worry about since accepting an architecture contract to construct Midland Circle.


Hiring Alias Investigations

When she discovered her husband had disappeared, Mrs. Raymond and her daughter waited for Jessica Jones outside her apartment-office. She had begged for Jones to figure out what has happened to Mr. Raymond, going on to add that he was a bright husband and a charm before working on a project. Hopeless, she soon turned and left before Jones wished her good luck in finding him.[1]

Raymond was visited by Jones two days later to break the news of her husband's death. Weeping tears, she became distort on what to do; after Jones mentions continuing to investigate his death, she was visited by relatives whom comfort her.[2]

Awakened by a knock at the door, Raymond answered to find a midly-drunk Jones. She was told that her initial suspicions were true and that the circumstances around his disappearance and death continued to become weirder. When Jones commented on providing the family with protection, Raymond thought a parked SUV across the street was their "protection." Growing scared, she followed Jones' plead to lock the doors and windows and to be with her daughter.[3]