"It's hard to remember details from that night, but three things stand out clearly... fire, falling... and Agent Johnson saving my life."
―Michelle Caldwell[src]

Michelle Caldwell is a citizen of Sunbury, Pennsylvania whose life was saved by Daisy Johnson during an attack orchestrated by the Watchdogs.


Saved by Quake

"My son still has his mother, thanks to Agent Johnson"
―Michelle Caldwell[src]

Michelle Caldwell was present when the Watchdogs attacked the Edison Bridge in Pennsylvania. The bridge collapsed and took fire while Caldwell was going home. Fortunately for Caldwell, Quake saved her and everyone else, enabling Caldwell to reunite with her son.[1]

Another Attack

"Sniper! Get down!"
Daisy Johnson to Michelle Caldwell[src]

Michelle Caldwell was invited to publicly express her gratitude towards Daisy Johnson during a ceremony during which Jeffrey Mace fully endorsed Johnson as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Caldwell spoke right after Mace, telling the crowd how she remembered the bridge taking fire and collapsing before Johnson saved her. At the end of her speech, she hugged Johnson with great emotion. However, things quickly went wrong when a Watchdog sniper attempted to assassinate Mace. Johnson spotted him in time and shielded Caldwell while the sniper shot at them. Fortunately, Mace managed to protect both of them. Caldwell was immediately evacuated with the other civilians.[1]



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