"I'm trying not to curse. What's the point of me getting out of here in 18 months with a degree in psychology, top of my class, if I still swear like a goddamn sailor?"
―Michael Kemp to Matt Murdock[src]

Michael Kemp is a criminal who was arrested and incarcerated in Ryker's Island. With the help of Nelson and Murdock law firm, Kemp got a reduced sentence.


"Saint Matthew."
"No, come on, I'm no saint."
"You and Foggy got 16 years knocked off my sentence. If that's not divine intervention, huh?"
―Michael Kemp and Matt Murdock[src]

Michael Kemp was a low-level criminal based in New York City who briefly worked with the Albanian Syndicate, usually doing small chores. Eventually, Kemp was arrested and imprisoned in Ryker's Island. Nelson and Murdock were assigned as his lawyers, as their juridical assistance allowed Kemp to reduce his sentence for 16 years. Kemp decided to quietly serve his sentence, earning a degree in psychology.

Matt talking with Michael Kemp

Kemp is talking with Matt Murdock

Kemp was informed that his lawyers requested for meeting with him. Cheerful, Kemp met Matt Murdock at the meeting room, embracing his lawyer and asking where is Foggy Nelson. Murdock told him that Nelson and Murdock is over and they are not working together anymore. He then asked Kemp for help, keeping it a secret from anyone, even Nelson. Kemp agreed and Murdock questioned him about his work with the Albanians, to Kemp's anxiety, as he asked for an introduction to Vic Jusufi.

However, Kemp noted that no one is allowed to speak with Jusufi, and they talk can cost an extra two years for him. Murdock wanted to find information about the Albanians' connection with Wilson Fisk, but Jusufi avoided his questions, asking him to let this go. Kemp was frightened that Albanians will kill him if he says anything about Jusufi. Suddenly, Kemp punched Murdock in the face, causing prison guards to take him away from the room. Before leaving, Kemp swore to Albanian inmates that he did not tell anything about them.[1]


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  • In the comics, Michael Kemp is a three-time felon who was arrested after trying to kill Karen Page.


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