"Don't worry what other people think. You are meant to fight. Stop pretending to be someone that you're not."
―Michael Carter to Peggy Carter[src]

Captain Michael Carter is an officer of the British Armed Forces and the brother of Peggy Carter. His supposed death during World War II inspired Peggy to join the war as a field agent. However, Carter had faked his death and became involved in illicit activities. Following his sister Peggy and the Strategic Scientific Reserve's investigations into Isodyne Energy and the Council of Nine proved troublesome, Carter shot SSR agent Jack Thompson before retrieving a file on his sister.


Early Life

Childhood with Peggy

"Michael, give it back!"
"Here it is, come on, take it!"
Peggy Carter and Michael Carter[src]
Michael Carter

Michael as a boy playing with Peggy

Michael Carter was born to Harrison and Amanda Carter, and in 1921 he gained a younger sister named Margaret. From an early age, Michael saw that his sister had a great thirst for adventure, which he nurtured. The siblings would often play games of make-believe and would play-fight, ignoring the gender rules which their more traditional mother would attempt to enforce on Peggy.

Amanda Michael Peggy

Michael and Peggy are told off by their mother

One day, Michael interrupted Peggy while she was pretending to be a knight slaying a dragon; he took her fictional sword and told her to retrieve it. The two played and tussled until their mother stopped the game, yelling at Peggy for not acting as a young lady should.[2]

World War II

Advice to Peggy Carter

"I know you better than anyone else alive, and this isn't what you want."
"What is it you think I want?"
"Same thing you've wanted since you were a little girl, a life of adventure."
―Michael Carter and Peggy Carter[src]
In the outbreak of World War II, Michael joined the British Armed Forces while Peggy worked as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park. In 1940, Michael recommended his sister for a position with the Special Operations Executive as he believed she was always meant to be a fighter and this was her chance to live a life of adventure. To his disappointment, Peggy turned down the offer.

Carter speaks to his sister

Michael attended his sister's engagement party where he was finally introduced to her fiancé Fred Wells. Michael was unimpressed by Wells, who worked at the Home Office. Michael disliked that Wells seemed to have no intention of fighting in the war, and was particularly irritated to learn that it was Wells who convinced Peggy to turn down the S.O.E position. Once Wells left to get more drinks, Michael attempted to convince his sister that the life Wells was offering was not right for her, as she wanted adventure her whole life. Peggy, however, was insulted and stormed away from Michael.

Returning to Europe to continue fighting on the front lines, Michael was supposedly killed just weeks before Peggy and Wells' wedding. Although his death devastated his sister, it did inspire Peggy to listen to his words; she left Wells and accepted the position at S.O.E, soon becoming an agent with the Strategic Scientific Reserve.[2]

Faking His Death

However, in reality, Michael had faked his death, having joined an illicit organization during the war. After Isodyne Energy and the Council of Nine were impeded by the SSR, especially Peggy, Michael attacked SSR agent Jack Thompson, leaving him wounded while stealing a special file on M. Carter.[1]


Michael is very supportive of his sister's adventurous spirit, rejecting his mother's disapproval of Peggy's non-effeminate behavior. He could tell his sister would not be happy married to a man as dull as Fred Wells.

However, Michael has a dark side, as he shot Jack Thompson and left him for dead.


  • Expert Marksman: Michael's military service enables him to effectively handle firearms. He shot Agent Jack Thompson in his center mass, leaving him for dead.






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Behind the Scenes

  • According to the writers of Agent Carter, Michael Carter had survived and was the one who attempted to assassinate Jack Thompson, and had a third season been made, would have focused on him being involved in a villainous plot.[1]


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